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Nov 30 2012

ObamaCare Testimonial

Let’s hear the other side of the argument. After all, some people must have good reasons for wanting the infamously inefficient federal government to seize control of the healthcare industry:


Via Grouchy Old Cripple, on a tip from TED.

6 Responses to “ObamaCare Testimonial”

  1. hhawk86 says:

    wait till the penalty (tax) comes due and she can’t afford to pay for her Obamacare.

  2. Youxia88 says:

    White people will die. Blacks and illegals will get free car that OUR co-pays pay for!

  3. Clingtomyguns says:

    Time for Republicans to back away and let Obama own the fiscal crisis and the one’s who voted for him fall off the “fiscal cliff,” and they will fall the hardest. It would put some of the poor back on the tax rolls or paying higher taxes, which could be the best thing for them:

    “With the expiration of the Bush tax cuts, an average married couple making $20,000 to $30,000 would sees their tax go up $1,423, from receiving a $15 refund to paying $1,408. Big factors include the loss of the Bush-era 10% bracket, the loss of relief from the so-called marriage penalty and reduction of the child credit. Average tax rate under the proposal: 5.5% Average federal tax change: Up $1,423, or 9,809%.”

    College students would face an increase of 37.9% and the highest tax increase would hit retirees making around $40,000 at a whopping 42.4%.

    Just this week, Warren Buffet argued that tax rates need to be more progressive. Many people don’t get that the Bush tax cuts already are. They created that beneficial 10% tax bracket for lower middle class earners and took a lot of poor Americans off the tax rolls altogether. The rich are paying more now than ever in taxes because they are making more, despite their rate being slightly lower.

    Just like in Greece, unless people are affected by the gluttonous spending in Washington in a personal way, they are unlikely to wake up and support any kind of real reform. Plus, the economy is likely to correct itself even in a recession. It’s often the actions taken to prevent a recession that can do the most damage rather than letting it happen.

    If a majority of the country elected Obama to four more years in the White House, then let them have it their way without GOP support.”

    Read more:

  4. fubar says:

    hey, some guy came in the other day and was saying how that ‘pre-existing condition’ thing they were saying?

    it only applies to the under 18 set. so all you putzes (and i know there aren’t here) who got smoked by that lie- thanks a lot, and have a nice F$%^in’ day. now we ALL suffer.

  5. Bo-Jangles says:

    I agree, The guttless republicans should stand their ground, for once, and just walk away and leave the mess to the Muslim-in-Chief and his fellow Demoncrats. The republicans have nothing to lose. Does anyone really think Obummer wants the ecomony to blow up on his watch with no one to blame?

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