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Feb 13 2013

Obama’s Designs on the Internet

Does Obama have the same plans for the Internet that his Chuck Hagel nomination revealed for the Pentagon? We might come to miss current FCC Chairman Julius Genachowski. Seton Motley of Less Government sounds the alarm:

True enough, the Internet is a “free speech, free market Xanadu.” Consequently, there is no chance Obama will allow it to survive in its current form.

Expect the attack to come in the form of executive orders cloaked in rhetoric about either “fairness” or “cybersecurity.”

On a tip from Wiggins.

4 Responses to “Obama’s Designs on the Internet”

  1. Son of Taz says:

    One of the most popular techie blogs is It used to be populated by Silicon Valley types and, while it was always left leaning, in recent years, the rabid Obummer-ites dominate virtually every conversation.

    If the internet is controlled by the White House commies, it’ll be fun watching the young skullfulls of mush whine and cry when their internet is locked down and restricted.

  2. Jaynie59 says:

    The irony is that he’s right about the Left using the internet better than the Right does. I started using the internet seriously in 1999 and boy was it fun. I became a message board junkie and had a blast. It was a free-for-all of free speech and it was a lot of fun. I posted at the IMDb boards it was fast paced, with people from all over the world, and some great writers. This was back in the AOL dial up days and people actually took the time to write thoughtful posts in completely sentences using proper grammar. Very clever people. Both liberal and conservatives argued with reason and there was nothing more fun than a good, well written flame war. They were laugh out loud funny. I miss a good flame war.

    But then high speed internet and the advent of the blogs, which are really nothing more than private message boards, came along and conservatives started losing. This overriding need to be civil, and stop anyone else from being “rude”, except when attacking another person on the right, is just killing the conservative movement online. I read all the top ranked conservatives blogs and I can’t BELIEVE sometimes the stuff they write. They go so easy on liberals but have no problem attacking a conservative. They constantly link to idiots like David Frumm but never mention Rush unless it’s to trash him. I get so infuriated sometimes I could spit.

  3. Flu-Bird says:

    Hitler,stalin,mao and castro all got control of the AIRWAVES just like all tyrants do KING OBAMA the FINK is no diffrent

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