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Jun 20 2012

Obama’s Fast & Furious Confession

Obama’s desperate use of executive privilege to save Eric Withholder from having to turn over incriminating Fast & Furious documents doesn’t just remove the firewall between the Manchurian Moonbat and his skeevy Attorney General. It directly implicates Obama himself in the F&F gunrunning fiasco that has cost Americans their lives. From a Congressional Research Service Report for Congress entitled “Presidential Claims of Executive Privilege: History, Law, Practice and Recent Developments” [PDF]:

The Nixon and post-Watergate cases established the broad contours of the presidential communications privilege. Under those precedents, the privilege, which is constitutionally rooted, could be invoked by the President when asked to produce documents or other materials or information that reflect presidential decisionmaking and deliberations that he believes should remain confidential.

That is, Obama is effectively confessing that the gunrunning operation that deliberately armed extremely dangerous Mexican drug cartels, evidently to generate bad press for the Second Amendment, and that has resulted in the deaths of American agents Brian Terry and Jaime Zapata, was a result of his own “decisionmaking and deliberations.”

The media has its work cut out, being tasked with preventing the American people from hounding this punk out of office before his reelection can be engineered.

Compliments of Zappatrust.

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25 Responses to “Obama’s Fast & Furious Confession”

  1. F.D.R. in Hell says:

    Down here, we just got a big “Yesssssss” from Richard Nixon when he heard the news of Obama’s Executive Privilege.

    Between you and me, the big Dick thinks this is going to help improve his reputation in history. What a crock!
    As you see, mine just keeps getting worse and worse.

  2. Bloodless Coup says:

    “The only people who don’t want to disclose the truth are people with something to hide.”

    Barack Obama

  3. JamesJ says:

    No one died from Watergate

  4. justme says:

    Anyone else realize that Richard Nixon was forced to resign because of a cover-up and rejected claims of Executive Privilege? No one died during the Watergate break-in, the US Constitution was not repeatedly circumvented and no acts of treason were committed.
    Can anyone say the same of Barry?

    What Nixon was forced to resign for pales in comparison to what Barry does daily. If perjury can be dismissed as “just sex” and repeated acts of treason claimed as “executive privilege,” surely a bit of campaign dirty tricks would only be dismissed as “politics” today. Well only if it were a Democrat suffering with the charge.

  5. justme says:

    Haha JamesJ…. Great (or mediocre) minds think alike…

  6. Jay B. says:

    And this surprises absolutely no one. Once the light shines on them, the roaches are in panic mode. Holder is way over his head with this but Hussein won’t toss him under the bus, he knows too much and would squeal like a pig in a trial. Now that Hussein officially declared he was involved (once he’ll be done laughably claiming he knows nothing of the operation or what’s in the documents to be released), we’ll have a fun show, you’ll see.

    On the bright part, the guy just keeps giving Romney ammunition.

  7. Rides A Pale Horse says:

    Thank you for the mention of Jaime Zapata. It’s about time that someone remember this man and his connection to the Fast and Furious scandal.

    Someone correct me if I am wrong but it is ALLEGED that he was killed with a weapon tied to gunwalking but I can find no definitive story anywhere that states unequivocally that he was.

    That being said, I believe that it is safe to assume that he was, in fact murdered with a gun walked into Mexico since he was instrumental in interdicting a shipment of some 80 weapons, the majority of which WERE, in fact identified as being part of the illegal operation designed to put “assault weapons” into the hands of Mexican cartel members.

    “Zapata was murdered on Feb. 15, 2011. The Report of Investigation on the interdiction of the guns is from August of 2010, four months prior to Zapata’s death.”

    “Not only did Obama Administration officials claim no knowledge of such a connection but they went much further. DHS, ICE, and the DOJ went as far as to vehemently deny that there was any connection whatsoever between Zapata’s murder and Fast and Furious guns.”
    (From June 15 2012)

    Anyone with a modicum of common sense understands that Fast and Furious, which was ostensibly carried out to capture Mexican cartel members was, in fact, an attempt to subvert the Second Amendment by this, the admittedly most anti gun administration ever in our history.

    Since they knew that they couldn’t get an assault weapons ban passed in the light of day, they attempted to sway public opinion by other means and thus Operation Fast and Furious was born.

    Countless innocents, Brian Terry and most likely, Jaime Zapata were victims of this unscrupulous action by an administration determined to disarm the American people at any cost.

    So far, the cost has been much too high. This administration has blood on its hands but unfortunately, in light of todays developments I doubt that there will be a just conclusion.

    I fear that these victims will not rest in peace.

    But they will be remembered.

  8. mojo says:

    Eric sez: “Look, Slick, either you save my ass or I take you down with me.”

  9. Clingtomyguns says:

    Bill T says:
    June 20, 2012 at 12:57 pm Sheila Jackson-Lee Blames Bush for ‘Fast and Furious’

    This is just unbelievably stupid for any thinking person. Ahhh yes, if its Boosh’s fault, why hide the evidence now behind exectutive privilege, by all means have Holder and Obama deliver the incriminating documents pointing the scandal to the evil Boosh to Issa in a gold Cadillac ……. Miz Jackson-Lee’s hair is wrapped so tight into a crown like she was the Queen of Sheeba it must be cutting off the blood to the shit she uses for a brain.

  10. Kevin R. says:

    This is going to go to a grand jury. Get ready for the lickspittle couriers of the press to start bashing grand juries.

  11. […] Moonbattery: Obama is effectively confessing that the gunrunning operation that deliberately armed extremely dangerous Mexican drug cartels, evidently to generate bad press for the Second Amendment, and that has resulted in the deaths of American agents Brian Terry and Jaime Zapata, was a result of his own “decisionmaking and deliberations.” […]

  12. Marian says:

    These wanna-be mob guys are more like the two stooges. They have stepped in it big time and we all know it was intended to undermine our 2nd Amendment rights.But law-abiding citizens have DIED because of this plot. We need to bombard our congressmen with emails and phone calls to make sure that their careers aren’t more important than the rule of law. Let the liberal hyenas call you names all day long; for once show REAL AMERICANS that you have the stones to enforce the law.

  13. LouieLouie says:

    In some ways I really don’t understand the common public opinion on F&F.

    If the F&F crew had sold 1,000 weapons to the Mexican drug cartels, but none were used to slay American Border Patrol agents, would nobody getting hurt then make it ok?

    At the least, don’t the weapons supplied make other weapons available for use in that fashion?

    Similarly, if only one weapon had been sold and it had been used on Brian Terry, would it then have been ok because it was only one gun, not a whole arsenal?

    In my mind, the sale of even one weapon to the Mexican drug cartels, even if not used, is aiding the enemy, and as such is a high crime for which a charge of treason should be levied.

  14. Sweep the leg says:

    They put two blacks in power who hate whites and America, and NOW everyone is waking up? They really, REALLY couldn’t see this coming?

    And still half the repukes don’t want to pursue this at all, because law in America is a…distraction??

    Arrest Holder. He is guilty, and he will sing like a black bird about Barry. Anything less is, well, exactly what will happen…

  15. Sweep the leg says:

    LouieLouie says:
    June 20, 2012 at 4:31 pm

    You need to step away from reality, and into America, 2012. Mexico is our FRIEND! Why, they loan us millions of hard working, patriotic, “citizens” every day! And what do they ask for? Just the chance to be there for us, so that the cost of lettuce doesn’t skyrocket to $100 a head.

    Try to remember that, the next time you demand we act on facts and law, and all of those outdated, silly, “American” notions.

    sarc/ off

  16. Sweep the leg says:

    In a sane world, this leads to Obama’s ousting, arrest, and conviction.

    However, being our very first “black” prez, nothing of the sort will take place. NOTHING meaningful will come of this. Nothing…

  17. LouieLouie says:

    Sweep the leg, June 20, 2012, 4:40 pm

    Sorry. My bad.

  18. Hedgehog says:

    This operation was political from its inception. This was a top down operation, and it was designed to disarm Americans. Of course these criminals don’t want anyone to know what they have done. Gangsters. Thugs. Criminals. Liars. Creeps. Communists.

  19. Brined1 says:

    If I had a son, he would look like Brian Terry.

  20. So What says:

    America and Eric Holder have forgot two words.Let me rermind all: RON BROWN
    You think Obama has?

  21. jazbo says:

    Brilliant analysis, a defacto confession is exactly what it is.

  22. chuck in st paul says:

    Boooosh did it!!

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