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Feb 09 2012

Obama’s Persistently Peculiar Habit

Among the many reasons responsible people do not indulge in cocaine, as our Historic First Adolescent President has boasted of doing, is that it can cause you to develop rhinorrhea and a neurotic obsession with your nose:

Compliments of Granny Jan.

19 Responses to “Obama’s Persistently Peculiar Habit”

  1. 762x51 says:

    I don’t think this is from snorting coke. It looks more like he is catching a whiff of his steaming pile administration. Communism carries the stench of death.

  2. John S. says:

    Looks like Bathhouse Barry was snorting too much coke off Donald Young’s ass.

  3. Pete says:

    Gay and a coke addict. And a major puppet, we all say “Obama” out of convenience, he gets his marching orders from someone higher than him. His much more virile pretend-wife is probably higher in the hierarchy.

  4. assiwipee says:

    liar or cokehead? or both?

    just sayin…touching the nose whilst speaking usually indicates that the speaker doesn’t like what they are saying…

    or, his nose is burning from snorting to get “up” for the latest “concert” (“speech-ifing”, as in reading the telepromptor).

  5. a reader says:

    Sign of L Y I N G, more likely.
    “• Hands touching their face, throat & mouth. Touching or scratching the nose or behind their ear.”

  6. a reader says:

    RNC might want to do an ad – DUPED.

  7. Granny Jan says:

    @ a reader, if it were a sign of lying we would never be able to see his face.

    I found the 1995 and 1999 nose rubbing clips recently. I’ve been told it’s exactly what a coke addict does. They feel as if their nose is running. Is it an old “habit” that lingered on after he stopped using coke? Only his pusher knows for sure.

  8. Bloodless Coup says:


    Why wasn’t Obama in contempt of court?

  9. nobody says:

    You Rock Granny and Hababa Cat!

    Is it too much coke or a really bad booger problem? We want to know!

  10. Michelle is Obamas beard says:

    Awesome Granny, I sent this to Drudge

  11. TED says:

    Coke and the stench of having his nose up Soros’s ass all the time…

  12. Moonbat says:

    I did coke a few times in my twenties. I did it maybe 5 or 6 times, and I actually remember touching my nose a lot. I probably touched my nose 100 times or more each night that I did coke. I remember thinking “wow, I’m messing with my nose a lot”.

    Here we have footage of Obama touching his nose 13 times (yes, I counted) over a period of 12 years.

    Holy crap, that’s more than once a year! Maybe it’s because the President is a low-life druggie degenerate. Or maybe—and this is just a crazy theory—but maybe it’s because he’s a human, and humans sometimes touch their noses.

    It’s just a theory.

    What really impresses me, though, is this: Somebody actually had to sit there and watch hours and hours of news footage of Obama making speeches, just so they could catalog each time he touched his nose.

    That’s kind of amazing. That must have been an enormous undertaking. Imagine having to listen to some politician—a politician whom you despise—go on for hours and hours, while watching him like a hawk to see if he touches his nose. That must have been pure hell.

    Not only that, but, then—after getting a whole 13 clips—they went through the process of piecing it together into a single video, and then putting it up on the internet.

    Hats off to you, Granny! You’re certainly “Movin’ On Up”. Maybe now your intelligent, insightful little blog will start getting more than 0.5 comments per post.

    (You guys really should check her little blog out, she tries so hard!)

  13. Granny Jan says:

    @Moonbat, my blog is just a place where I store some of my You Tube videos. It’s not an actual blog. I never look at the numbers @the blog so belittling it doesn’t bother me.

    I’m a visual, observant person. I learn a lot about Barry from still photos. I never went looking for Barry’s “habit”. I just found it.

    I watch most of his videos to make my videos on many subjects. It’s just a job. I have many other nose touching clips that I didn’t use here and for everyone I’ve caught there are probably 10 more I haven’t.

    If I’ve caught them you don’t think intel organization haven’t caught them, too? They must have a very intersting dossier on him.

  14. creeper says:

    Of course, the thousands of views Granny Jan has on YouTube mean absolutely nothing.

    Nice try, Moonbat. But epic fail.

  15. wth says:

    Well, Moonbat… then maybe he’s just trying to keep what’s left of his brain from dribbling out.

  16. V says:

    He’s checking to see if his nose is growing

  17. Noelegy says:

    People keep accusing GW Bush of having been a coke-head, but I’ve never seen him harass his own nose the way Obama does.

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