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Sep 14 2011

Obama’s Phony Social Security Number Flunks E-Verify

Comrade Obama’s treasonous decree preventing the deportation of illegal aliens begins to make sense in light of this interesting investigation:

It’s not the end of the world if the Indonesian Barry Soetoro isn’t qualified to work in this country. He spends little enough time working anyway.


On tips from James Flynn, Rick, and Len.

15 Responses to “Obama’s Phony Social Security Number Flunks E-Verify”

  1. Turbo says:

    Lol. Sadly, no surprise there really. Throw this j*rk out, asap.

    Now suddenly it will start passing, joila!

  2. southernsue says:

    this is simply amazing to me! however, if we, on the blog, know of this how come our congress and senate people don’t know this.

    this has been the mystery to me.

  3. LarryG says:

    I found some information on another site yesterday but didn’t save it, so I went to Google and found some information related to what I saw and I’m still dazed by it. I haven’t been able to digest it all. The point here is this SSN issue is part of a much larger problem. I will offer what links I found on Obama’s background and family as relates to the CIA:

    Obama CIA

  4. Cameraman says:

    “How the hell can the Man with the Codes for War with Weapons of Mass Destruction., can”t even pick Lettuce? WTF!..All of Congress especially the Dems, never vetted this Poser! People should be Storming the WH..Pitchforks
    and torches..People we are screwed…..

  5. RICH says:

    What “special indicator” are they talking about?

  6. Bill T says:

    Here is another article on barrys E-Verify problems with several screen shots from the SSA and Selective Service records.

    Obama’s CIA Connections, Part I and II

  7. Fiberal says:

    SS numbers are racist.

    Even so, this fraud perpetuated on the U.S. will eventually surface and at some point, congress will have to investigate the democrat’s best attempt at a president.

    If true and the RINOs in the house let the investigation go through in time, BO will be impeached and all bills with his retard, upside-down 4th grade signature will have to be retracted.

  8. Jimbo says:

    F**k the liberal’s “president”.
    The little girlie-man is as stupid as he is illegal.

    He is not my president and never will be. He is an insult to the once great office.

  9. Grunt says:

    Unfortunately, even if this were to come to pass, the matter remains that the damage he’s done is pretty extensive.

    Not to mention, the money he’s rewarded “colleagues” and cohorts with, all those pricey vacations…

    Ah, MooseToe will be “ashamed of America” again…but truthfully, it is America that is ashamed to be burdened with her.

    I’m not sure how it works…does a President who is impeached still get the monetary benefits for his remaining natural year (or retirement)? I don’t/shouldn’t think so…

    Anyway, it would be amazing if every cent he paid off his pals with were to be restored from his own pocket, that would be fantastic.

  10. NMS says:

    Flagged with a special indicator saying…stop putting the President’s SSN into E-Verify. Everyone knows he is Un-American, but how many other millions of the citizens of this country fit that mold? We really don’t need to believe this kind of stuff to toss him out on his keester. We also don’t need to feel bad about doing it, I’m sure he will find a position at some other kleptocratic orginization like the UN.

  11. Hail The Amberlamps! says:

    A housewife runs the President’s SSN through the federal system (E-Verify) and it returns a “mismatch.” No authority or credentialed media follows the story to investigate.

    Really stunning or we’re missing a key piece of information.

  12. Dr. 9 says:


  13. Barrocky road says:

    That’s not nice! I am reporting that racist E-Verify to AttackWatch!!!!!!

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