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Dec 31 2012

Obama’s Popularity Already Tanking Before Second Term Begins

If you thought W’s popularity collapsed spectacularly in his second term, just wait for Obama’s. According to Gallup, his disapproval rate has gone up 5% just since Christmas.

The wheels were already coming off the Moonbat Messiah’s absurd Affirmative Action presidency even before his appalling reelection. Even if America has entered the same Democrat Death Spiral that guarantees the Party of Government perpetual rule in the places it has destroyed (Detroit, California), nothing the media can do will prevent Americans from coming to loathe the personification of their country’s liberalism-induced demise.


On a tip from Bob Roberts.

10 Responses to “Obama’s Popularity Already Tanking Before Second Term Begins”

  1. For My Liberty says:

    The ONLY comfort I can take in this WHOLE EVIL mess is that we will SEE the IDIOTS that elected this POS, digging in trashcans for RATS to eat before they starve to death!

  2. jtm371 says:

    i am not sure it matters America has jumped the shark more people in the wagon then pulling the wagon.who cares if he has a neg rating he has 4 more years to push our freedoms over the cliff.i am glad i have 25 or 30 years left this country has gone beyond help just read about the Roman Empire we are on the same track.oh yeah happy new year!

  3. Logic_Mine says:

    Hmmm. Imagine that?! Falling popularity and yet, was still able to pull off votes to win the 2012 election.

    Its as almost as if this would be evidence of voter fraud! Nnnnnnnnnnnaaaaaaaaaaawwwwww,…not DEMOCRATS!

    They always tell the truth!…..(until they open thier mouths.)

  4. Ghost of FA Hayek says:

    The downfall of Socialism is that you can only prepare grasshoppers so many ways

  5. Highway Hospital Student says:

    BO’s popularity will get a lot worse.

    The 47,000,000 that voted for BO did not in fact, vote for BO. They voted for “free stuff”.

    However, in exactly the same way that most blacks continue to despise whites in America —regardless of the lives lost in a civil war, enormous economic and political investment in black fortunes, and regardless of the good will and obvious lack of national or institutional racism—- the recipients of BO’s “free stuff” will come to despise their benefactor.

    That inevitably happens once the fool convinces himself that his master is just another fool.

  6. Ghost of FA Hayek says:

    Most Obamazombies I run across now are still genuinely exited over the prospects that free sh** is on the way.
    They think “fiscal cliff” means O doing hand to hand combat with Repubs to literally “fill” government coffers to the rim with cash from the evil rich.

    I believe the only way out of this now is to turn the middle class on them with tax increases.
    Dems are now content in riding this economy hard, right over the wall into a flaming ball of ruin
    Boehner and repubs, by not demanding any meaningful cuts are more than happy to bend over and take the spanking over this

  7. Noovuss says:

    I call bullsh!t on this story!!!
    I read the same lame stories about Obungles popularity just before he won reelection. Bull, bull and more bull. The American people love Glorious Leader, because he gives them free stuff from his stash and he makes them feel safe from all those nasty gun owners. Enough with the bullcrap stories about bogus polls.

  8. Stan Back says:

    The dismal economy and unsustainable welfare state matter not to sobama cultists. That was a mistake republicans made running up to the election. Jim Jones style kool-aid drinkers don’t care how bad it gets as long as they have their cool rockstar messiah.

  9. Sam Adams says:

    Dear Leader’s approval ratings appear to have dropped because of Right Wing Controlled Media. Too many of Dear Leader’s words can’t get out to the masses because Right Wing Controlled Media will not give Dear Deader enough air time. Personally I observed probably 16 hours of programming before Dear Leader’s face could again be viewed on TV. With so much alternative programming on TV, how can people be expected to remember Dear Leader’s message.

    Down with right wing enemies of the People. We need a Dear Leader Channel that will provide clear access to Dear Leader 24/7. Watching that channel will be mandatory. We do not need any other channels.

  10. Marknlutz says:

    Oh please, I heard enough of that in the year running up to the election from hell. Who f*cking cares. The moonbat is President and our side isn’t much better.

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