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Feb 26 2013

Obama’s Price for Pay to Play

With a Chicago-style federal government, anyone can pay to play, but seats at the table don’t come cheap:

Organizing for Action (OFA), a group “closely affiliated” with liberal heavyweights such as billionaire philanthropist George Soros, is offering donors access to President Obama in exchange for $500,000, according to a recent New York Times report.

Half a $million for a little face time is only a sensible investment when the government is corrupt enough to funnel massive amounts of money your way. As Solyndra demonstrated so appallingly, that is the point of green energy.

Jay Carney explains how this isn’t naked corruption:

In case you couldn’t make it through Corny’s performance, let me transcribe:

“Quack quack quack obfuscate quack it’s the Republicans fault quack quack quack obfuscate deny quack quack quack gibber obfuscate quack quack brazenly lie quack quack quack I’m outta here.”

Our rulers are criminals.

On tips from Varla and Sam Adams.

12 Responses to “Obama’s Price for Pay to Play”

  1. Henry says:

    “Our rulers are criminals.”

    With a weasel as a mouthpiece.

  2. Ghost of FA Hayek says:

    But Immelda Moooooochelle Obama needs new shoes

  3. Comrade J says:

    If one wanted to be very technical, Bambi is modeling his admin more after Nazis than Commies. Minus the racial Aryan idiocy of course.

  4. Sweep the leg says:

    Ok, Carney had a pre-written answer to a spontaneous question?? This country is so over it’s almost funny.

    But, hey! Did you watch the Oscars?? Too kewl, dude!

  5. Sweep the leg says:

    Lol. Made it through 2:22 this time. This is unbelievable! It doesn’t even inspire anger anymore.

  6. Flu-Bird says:

    500:000 pasaquas to see DER FUHRER frankly GEORGE SOROS needs to be run out of america along with his fellow leftists

  7. Jay B. says:

    Hussein’s administration is so currupt to the core they don’t even consider a 500k$ ticket to sit with the flylord to be bribery. It’s just a perfectly normal way to conduct business for them.

  8. Jay B. says:

    Please also note it begs another question : What will they do with that money? Does it go towards paying the deficit? Does Hussein puts it in his pockets?

  9. Gunny G says:

    The entire Obama Cartel needs to go on trial. Baghdad Bob Carney is nothing but Goebbels in a civilian suit.

  10. Dr. 9 says:

    I wonder if anyone has looked into whether selling the presidency is illegal. Of course, if we had a 2nd political party in this country, i’m sure they would do it.

  11. rex freeway says:

    OMG! Why is this man still in power? This is unreal. This has to be illegal.

  12. Flu-Bird says:

    Watch them eat their peas with their knives

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