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Sep 19 2012

Obama’s Undeniable Economic Success


No one can argue that Obama’s domestic policies aren’t working. For example, by illegally gutting the work requirements to the 1996 welfare reform law that enraged liberals by reducing poverty, Obama was able to double the number of moochers on food stamps:

In addition to the broader work requirement that has become a contentious issue in the presidential race, the 1996 welfare reform law included a separate rule encouraging able-bodied adults without dependents to work by limiting the amount of time they could receive food stamps. President Obama suspended that rule when he signed his economic stimulus legislation into law, and the number of these adults on food stamps doubled, from 1.9 million in 2008 to 3.9 million in 2010, according to [a Congressional Research Service report].

The intent is obvious. The more takers, the fewer makers, the less likely socialists are to lose elections.

When Romney privately touched on this alarming phenomenon, the “mainstream” media went ballistic, attempting to shoot him down with Marxist class warfare rhetoric. Liberal journalists will do anything to get Obama reelected, because they know we have almost reached the tipping point, where the majority of the public feeds parasitically off an enslaved minority via government.

At that point, democracy can no longer be equated with liberty; on the contrary, it becomes a tool for imposing tyranny.

There will be no brake to prevent the rewards of membership for the ruling parasite class and the punishment for belonging to the industrious slave class from becoming ever greater, until economically productive activity becomes totally pointless.

Once a majority of “Americans” are living off government checks backed by Ben Bernanke’s magic printing press, the collapse into Soviet-style communism will soon follow, as planned.


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11 Responses to “Obama’s Undeniable Economic Success”

  1. Momster says:

    Look in the mirror, folks. If you are working and paying taxes YOU are Obama’s “stash.”

  2. Sam Adams says:

    Currently the minority enslaves the majority in order to provide government entitlements. The democrat party has always been the party that favors enslavement.

    They haven’t changed. If you hope to experience the American dream, to have the opportunity to rise out of poverty, to have your kids even more successful than you are, then the democrat party isn’t your place. They have already enslaved your children (with help from progressive republicans).

  3. jackchrista says:

    Sam Adams says it all for me with the last sentence,
    “They have already enslaved your children (with help from progressive republicans).” j c

  4. Anon-Y-Mouse says:

    Let’s face it, Obama and the press are the children of the father of lies. TRUTH MAKES THEM CRAZY.

    Sorry media guys, I know it hurts, but once in a while it (truth) still slips through. Hang in there, your Master will make up for it.

    Now the rest of us just have to wait and find out if the infection of progressivism has spread to more than 50% of America.

  5. 762x51 says:

    Sam Adams says:
    September 19, 2012 at 9:28 am

    Currently the minority enslaves the majority in order to provide government entitlements. The democrat party has always been the party that favors enslavement.

    Sam – Exactly right. The Democrat party was the party that created and supported slavery in the old south. They continued to control and enslave with “Jim Crow” laws after the civil war(the first one), and were the origins and body of the KKK. Today they have what Col. Allen West has called the Democrat Plantation comprised of welfare, food stamps and social security thereby expanding the culture of dependency to whites and Hispanics. Their natural propensity is to enslave everyone around them, they have done it for centuries and always will.

    The coming civil war will be between the doers and the takers, pawns of the elite. While I have no problem eliminating the takers, the real defense of freedom and the Constitution will be in destroying the elites who have fomented all of this. Takers can be in large part be turned into producers by removing their free government check, elites however must be destroyed completely, lest their poison be reintroduced into the population at a later time.

  6. Jester says:

    Hahaha! That comic strip made my day! 😀

  7. AC says:

    762×51 says:

    Don’t expect all the stampers to peacefully and quietly transition to lives of productivity and self-improvement. Many areas may rapidly become no-go zones when the government cheese runs out. How do you expect a convicted felon or entitled youf to react when budgetary realities come between him and his next bag of drugs or pair of shoes?

  8. Kahlief says:

    HA, I non minorities to get off the gov’t teat and get off their asses and work for a living lolololololololol.

    I’m tired of paying for all of them to sit and watch Fox and live off my hard work.

  9. czekmark says:

    Romney has it exactly correct. Most of the free-loaders will vote for Obama.

    People that are on welfare should not be allowed to vote.

  10. KHarn says:

    The answer to the Hope And Change cartoon should be:
    “Right now, I hate YOU more than poor people and blacks.”.

  11. Your Inner Voice says:

    Hussein is one of the MOST successful politicians ever to slither into office in doing EXACTLY what he promised to do before getting elected…to fundamentally transform America, and he told Joe the Plumber what that meant and everyone got to hear it. We are overthrown, and I will be very surprised if we have an election on Nov 6.

    Commie revolutionaries’ violence(already well demonstrated with Occupy/TravonMartin/SEIU/NewBlack Panther voter suppression) will have to be met with armed enforcement and our RINO leadership has demonstrated they do not have the cajones to see the Constitution enforced. Hussein could be impeached TOMORROW on his felonious Connecticut Social Security number alone, but no one cares.

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