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Nov 11 2012

Obamunist Class on Display

Show me a good loser and I’ll show you a loser. Show me a good winner and I will not be showing you a Democrat. From Manhattan Beach, California:

A dead pig wrapped in a Mitt Romney t-shirt was found dumped at the South Bay Republican Party campaign office Thursday.

The carcass was found Thursday morning in the 3900 block of Highland Avenue, the Los Angeles Times reported.

The pig reportedly also had barbed wire wrapped around its head, the Times said.

Crown of thorns, get it? They really showed those outnumbered christofascists.

This is the caliber of the people who rule us.

On a tip from TonyD95B.

17 Responses to “Obamunist Class on Display”

  1. Henry says:

    Should have regifted that to the nearest mosque.

  2. Drury says:

    Guess we can rule out the mooselimbs as suspects in this one….

  3. Spider says:

    “This is the caliber of the people who rule us…”

    No, this is the caliber of people “we allow” to rule us. This is just part of the price we’re going to pay for standing with a political party, (republicans) and it’s “Mr. Nice Guy” nominee, that is now nothing more than a symbol of weakness and impotency. You don’t send a nice guy to a dog fight!

  4. Ghost of FA Hayek says:

    See my post in the Open thread for my explanation on what the Dems have done to this country in exchange for ruling it.

  5. jc14 says:

    Time to arm-up, if you haven’t already. Four long, long years of thuggery and attitude; you can bow down, or you can shoot back . . .
    Your choice.

  6. Highway Hospital Student says:

    The frenetically-active left never stops. Never sleeps.

    However, the right has ….wait a minute.

    yep, look here!!


    Texans at Bears
    Cowboys at Eagles
    Lions at Vikings
    Chargers at Buccaneers

    TV today!!!

    Yeah man!! screw politics. Halleluja!…Let’s do what the right does best and let’s get back to where we are now!!

    I think I figured out why all of you thought that pursuing BO’s forged birth certificate was a distraction. It was. Only the distraction would have been from everyone’s favorite television pastime.

    And we certainly couldn’t have afforded that.

    I have to tell you guys that the ostrich with its head in the sand is actually watching football.

    And before you all start reciting how many boxes of ammunition you have stored, I will remind you that the right even couldn’t muster enough energy to get out as many votes for Romney as they did for John RINO McCain in 2008.

    So what do you think the right does while the left works? Sit around discussing Feynman diagrams?


    This should be the RNC’s theme song:

    “I don’t know what you expect, staring into a TV set..”
    —-David Byrne

    (guy must have been a commie)

  7. Ummah Gummah says:


    Where’s the media decrying this obvious HATE CRIME??!!

    //sarc off


  8. St. Gilbert says:

    HHS (Sounds familiar) —

    “…while the left works?”?? Without the 47% of non-working, television-watching, dumbed-down Lefties voting for “progress” and being thoroughly manipulated like sheep for their votes, giving up any chance for self-reliance or recovering anything like human dignity, the entire Progressive/Liberal/Democrat worldview would be held down to 4% of the voting population consisting of over-educated academic aristocrats and plutocratic oligarchs. Kudos to that 4%, though. They know how to achieve power, and they’ve been wildly successful in doing so — even if at the cost of other people’s self-worth and buying off their very souls for a clever lie.

    The bigger point, though, is that politics has been elevated to a level of importance in our lives that it does not deserve. Our lives should not be constantly consumed with what is going on in politics, especially in national or international politics. But we cannot escape politics. It is all-consuming and hovering over our heads at all times. This is not how mankind is meant to live. It is a sure sign of real insanity and an overriding falsehood in the world. In a truly free country, one is concerned about the small things, the day-to-day, seemingly mundane but very important tasks like educating one’s children, family unity, worship, and yes, even watching sports on TV. But in our insane world, unless we are constantly up-to-the-second on every political move at the highest positions of power, we are considered uninvolved, unenlightened, and unworthy of input into the system at any level. In a normal world, the normal person does normal things. In our insane world, insane people do insane things like manipulate and dumb-down 47% of the population in order to gain power and control and advance a false and destructive agenda that ultimately ruins the very thing they think they are saving. Liberalism is that falsehood. That it is succeeding is a sure sign of a pervasive insanity. Recovering sanity means, therefore, exposing the 4% of the ruling class for the evil they are inflicting on the world, and relegating them back to the tiny minority that they actually are.

  9. Jodie says:

    Highway Hospital Student says:
    November 11, 2012 at 10:52 am

    “I think I figured out why all of you thought that pursuing BO’s forged birth certificate was a distraction.”

    Lighten up. Not “all of you”. I made many comments about Obama’s phony birth certificate – and I made a comment in great support of one of yours and YOU attacked me. I didn’t know why, but after that, I was afraid to do it again. (It was when you were commenting under your old name.)

  10. Highway Hospital Student says:

    St. Gilbert,

    I totally agree. The Founding Fathers never intended for government to be even an important part of our lives. At least nowhere to the extent it is now.

    Coolidge and Reagan understood that, implemented small government policies and it worked. The best quote Romney had in my view was: “It doesn’t have to be like this.” From one who knows.

    The country had a choice between malevolence and goodness and chose BO.

    Unfortunately, that is where we are due to the racial and white liberal neurotic interests (excuse me…”tribal” interests) that hate and envy have promulgated as a consequence of the unfettered freedoms offered in America.

    Blount is absolutely right: qualifications mean nothing. But everything today in politics is rooted in race. And race will continue to dominate in politics as long as looting is permitted.


    So the right put its head in the sand at a watershed moment for the country. And they did this knowing what kind of scum will vote for BO.

    The right has no one to blame but itself. I can hardly believe that I am hearing the same same same line of rhetoric from Rush and Sean and seeing business as usual from blogs.

    I think that even if the right turned off the TV set today, decided not to drive somewhere watch cars drive around an ellipse, and quit all the “I’m shootin’ my way outta here, Clem!” phoniness, and started to get involved in politics, it would still be too late for the right and for the country.

    $16 Trillion in debt is in the air and coming down on the U.S. like a giant leaf-bag of refried beans.

    And the combination between the brokest country in the world and the strongest military in the world, does not suggest that better times are yet ahead.

    The right has done it to themselves and to the country they pretend to love through disinterest, indolence, lack of backbone and denial.

    All for the sake of cheap entertainment.

    And they will continue that way until extinction.

  11. Highway Hospital Student says:


    Don’t take it so personally. I didn’t single you out in my rant.

    And if I attacked you, you may have invited it.

    Fact is, posters here have all but ignored the BC issue; and not because they became exhausted in dealing with the many criminal activities of the BO administration, but bc they thought it was strategic to do so.

    They also have exhibited about the same level of disinterest in BO’s nominees for the SCOTUS. Meanwhile I ranted and raved about the enormity of Kagen’s rear end and about the disgusting eating habits of Sotomayor.

    But to no avail.

    And if you assume that the level of interest or awareness of a particular subject on Moonbattery is just slightly above that of the majority of conservatives in general, it’s a frightening thought. Particularly when it comes to ignoring the criminality of the president, —when those criminal acts are in violation of the constitution. Or when that same criminal puts corpulent retards on the SCOTUS to rule over us for 30-40 years.


    I know you try and make friends here and are typically cordial so I try not to yell at you too much. And you know I do everything in my power to hold my tongue when it comes to Christians.

    But quite frankly Jodie, I have not had a good day since Tuesday.

  12. KHarn says:

    It’s been said that you don’t interupt your enemy while he’s commiting suicide. The neo-commies are in charge while America and the world are falling apart and even the United States can’t make socialism work. Then again, those idiots will see all the failior and say that they just needed MORE socialism!

    The commies are commiting suicide and we should do all we can to help them. The pity is that they will take us with them, but I’m willing to suffer and die for a good cause.

  13. Highway Hospital Student says:


    Spoken like a man.

    But when a stock starts a downward spiral, you get out.

    Otherwise you may get a lot of “attaboys” on the way down, but once it hits the bottom, you ain’t going nowhere.

  14. Wayne says:

    “jc14 says:
    November 11, 2012 at 10:25 am

    Time to arm-up, if you haven’t already. Four long, long years of thuggery and attitude; you can bow down, or you can shoot back . . .
    Your choice.”

    People need to just stop with this phony bravado. None of you are ever going to “shoot back” and you know it. Instead what 99% of you are going to do is withdraw into some hobby or other ultimately irrelevant pursuits until the day you die. That’s reality.

  15. Highway Hospital Student says:



    Man, its lonely here when everyone’s watching football….




  16. grayjohn says:

    They’re just begging for a piss mohammed, or maybe a piss obama? Or maybe both?

  17. justme says:

    Soon it won’t be dead pigs wrapped in Romney t-shirts and barbed wire, but dead white men wrapped in Romney t-shirts and barbed wire. That is the progression of “Progressives”.

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