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Mar 29 2013

Obamunist Transparency Shrouds Ammo Binge

Curious as to why Janet Napolitano thinks she needs 1.6 billion mostly hollow point rounds of ammo for domestic use? So is Congress, which is responsible for taking the money from us and giving it to her to buy the bullets. But Big Sis isn’t talking:

Janet Napolitano has ignored a letter written by New Jersey Congressman Leonard Lance calling for the Department of Homeland Security chief to attend a congressional briefing and provide an explanation as to why the DHS has committed to purchasing more than 1.6 billion rounds of ammunition over the last year.

Lance, who first promised to investigate the matter during a Tea Party event on March 15, sent a letter five days later noting how there was “growing public concern surrounding the Department’s procurement of ammunition.”

“He is not asking for Napolitano to testify but to give us a congressional briefing because Congress wasn’t aware of it. It deserves an answer,” Lance spokesman Todd Mitchell told the Daily Record.

Over a week after the letter was sent, Lance’s office has still not received a response, similar to how 15 other members of Congress were stonewalled by the DHS when they demanded to know if the huge bullet purchases were an attempt by the federal agency to restrict ammunition supplies.

If that is the purpose, it is working. I would be embarrassed to admit how much I coughed up recently for a box of measly .22LR. But why the need for extra-lethal hollow points?


WND has uncovered plans by the FBI to spend up to $100 million over five years on millions of rounds for its machine guns and pistols.

The FBI is not part of Big Sis’s DHS.

On and on the spending goes. Where it ends nobody knows.

janet napolitano
Not talking.

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19 Responses to “Obamunist Transparency Shrouds Ammo Binge”

  1. Ghost of FA Hayek says:

    Unless they have short term plans to use all that ammunition, all they are doing is creating market distortions which will inevitably lead to oversupply and falling prices.
    Unless this Marxist truly believes the market will grow tired of making money and call it quits.

  2. WingMann says:

    It is a government manufactured ammo shortage. A sort of “back door” form of gun control. Their hope is that they can buy so much ammo that it will be virtually unavailable to the public until much stricter gun control laws are on the books. That probably means until the 2014 elections, when the Liberals/Progressives/Marxists hope to take control of the House of Representatives. If that happens, and they keep the Senate, expect gun and ammo restrictions that are unimaginable at the present time. An attempt to repeal the 2nd Amendment should not be dismissed.

  3. oldguy says:

    The big question as I see it is Congress relevant to the US government? If not, then is the US government legitimate?

  4. Another Bob says:

    We can’t lose the House and need to win the Senate. If we don’t Obama is not leaving the White House and I think you know what that means.

  5. Xavier says:

    I’m going off the reservation on this one. First, there’s no way DHS purchases of .40 & .45 cal. etc have tripled .22LR prices. The ammo manufacturers have sold more than normal because of gungrabitis, and they’re now in a financial position to restrict supply and drive up the prices. Ammo will become available again slowly but the 2x-3x costs are here to stay. Plus, if the government doesn’t give a shit about $16T in debt, why should they care about paying more for hollow points used for target practice? Hell, I’m surprised the DHS isn’t having gold-plated bullets custom made with Uncle Nappy’s likeness engraved on them.

    Second, by not denying rumors about the DHS purchases, the administration is setting up pro-gun Conservatives using the same tactic they used to ridicule the Birther Movement: Give ’em enough rope. The midterm elections are coming up, and since a lot of Centrist Dems and Independents support gun rights, liberals need to separate Conservatives from that crowd or we could pick up their votes. Labeling us as paranoid believers in a DHS takeover conspiracy is exactly what they need to convince Independents to stay away from Conservatism.

    If anyone here can provide accurate details to the ammo and assault vehicle purchases – not from a blog, but a reliable news service – I’m willing to listen. I’d really like to see a FOIR for the purchases, which would settle this once and for all, one way or the other. Until some actual facts are circulated, I’m a skeptic to this DHS takeover idea.

    Course, there’s still plenty of other reasons to be prepared, like the highly probable upcoming economic collapse. Just for the record, at this moment I can reach out one arm and touch several times more weapons than the national average for gun owners – so I’m not anti-gun or anti-hoarding; I’m just worried about how the liberal propaganda machine is going to manipulate the election this time. Keep your powder dry.

  6. Ghost of FA Hayek says:

    I still put my faith in the private sector to overcome any government induced shortages
    However it is possible that they will attempt to place controls on private sales
    In fact, slowly but surely this case is being made as well

  7. Jeff says:

    When did it come to pass that the head of a government department was given the option of ignoring Congress and basicly telling Congress to f–k off? What Congress ought to do, is to immediately defund DHS, to include stopping the pay checks, until Big Sis is made to submit to Congress, and learn that she is NOT a law unto herself. But then again why should she, since Congress as a whole has no brains or balls.

  8. Son of Taz says:

    While the DHS purchase order for so many rounds is a major concern, the so-called government created ammo shortage is just not real.

    Hornady has issued a press release addressing the current shortage. The rapid growth of gun owners and media hysteria causes people to buy and horde ammo.

    This guy made a video where he offers his take and from what I can see, he may be right.

    I’ve heard of guys going to Wal-mart at 7am and cleaning out the ammo supply before 9am, even with the three box limit. Many probably are selling their ammo and making a quick buck.

  9. Ddwzyl says:

    Here’s an idea. Kill the funding, subpoena her for the info as well as fb eye folk, if thy don’t immediately give good answers send them to prison and follow the trail up as high as it goes and get all guilty parties. But we saw how weak that gets with Benghazi, fast and furious etc.

  10. Mr Evilwrench says:

    Turns out the 1.6 billion rounds is just a bid, not an order per se. They can yank supply when they want if it starts leaking out into the market, just by saying “send us 50 million more”, since the .gov gets priority according to the contract. The rest of the shortage, including the .22LR is due mostly to the frenzy, but resources (lead, copper, brass) are being diverted as well. They can’t quite kill ALL of us 5 times, but they have enough to push us around.

  11. Flu-Bird says:

    Preparing for martial law ending all elections and making himself DICTATOR for life HITLER,STALIN,MAO,CASTRO would love obama

  12. Sam Adams says:

    The government created shortages of all ammo, including 22lr not by buying up all different calibers but by threatening restrictions on both guns and ammo.

    People react to these threats and buy more ammo.

    The other factor is the fact that inflating the money supply is decreasing the value of your dollars. Everyone knows that the government could very well make the dollar worthless. Or they could follow the Cyprus lead and just start confiscating money out of bank accounts.

    If the dollar becomes worthless, what will you use for trade and barter? Gold? Maybe for big transactions. Silver? Or cigarettes, booze, or boxes of ammo? 50 rounds of 22lr ought to buy you a loaf of bread.

  13. Rainbow Utopia says:

    Congress should just disband and go home, in a post-constitutional republik of executive fiat they are no longer needed.

  14. Cameraman says:

    Although we are in a Panic Buying situation, the DHS has the Contracts in Place to disrupt Supplies. because they don”t yet have all the Trigger Pullers Hired Yet, don”t take your eye off the Ball..We are in deep Shyte either Way!

    Semper Fi

  15. Clingtomyguns says:

    Does anyone know who the other 14 Congressmen are who have stood like responsible adults and want answers about this from this lezbo and the Regime?

    My problem is why they’re are just 15 Congressmen demanding answers, and where the hell are the other members of the so-called Republican party on this. Let’s see a list and find out who’s not on it and then ask the others why the hell they too aren’t demanding answers.

    If Big Sis doesn’t start singing, maybe the Repubs. can bring in her better half, Mr. Spock to do the Vulcan mind meld.

    Separated from Big Sys at birth (no offense to Spock):

  16. ThisObamaNation says:

    Here is what I want to know…

    At what point did Janet Napolitano secure the CONSENT OF THE GOVERNED to make these massive purchases of ammunition?

    Also, if Congress can’t seem to gain the cooperation of DHS when making inquiries oN behalf of the GOVERNED, why don’t they simply defund DHS until they see the light of reason?

    Finally, shouldn’t government agencies such as DHS have to seek the approval of Congress, in order to make these highly questionable purchases with OUR TAX DOLLARS?

  17. jarhead says:

    Buy it all up!

  18. Woody Oaks says:

    Are the Obamunists purchasing the physical ammo right now or are they acquiring call-options which would allow them to clear the market of most of these calibers at some future date of their choosing? If the former then manufacturers can resupply the country even after these massive purchases, but if the latter then Barack Hussein could claim a legal excuse to confiscate all the outstanding inventories of and production capabilities for these important calibers at will should he percieve some challange to his imperium.

  19. Oiao says:


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