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Feb 28 2012

Occucommie Brownshirts Silence Jan Brewer

When Arizona Governor Jan Brewer attempted to speak at American University on the invitation of AU College Republicans, she was shouted down by Occucommie Brownshirts and forced to flee the room. If this doesn’t make you sick, you just might be a moonbat:

Maybe they should change the name to Anti-American University. America was a place where freedom of speech was honored. Thuggish scum like that seen in this video would have been universally reviled.

You would think a pricey university could afford security to maintain order. But of course, university administrators have sided with lawless left-wing goons at least since armed black supremacists took over Cornell’s Willard Straight Hall in 1969.

Our country has been coercively transformed into something that would put a vulture off his lunch. It would have been easier to resist at the beginning, but it’s not too late to take it back.

On a tip from IslandLifer.

29 Responses to “Occucommie Brownshirts Silence Jan Brewer”

  1. Sickofobama says:

    Don’t know a thing about that crappy school but hope AZ is not funding it in anyway.

    If it is and I were Brewer I would announce tomorrow that the funding will end.

    And let the scumballs have something to really squeal about.

  2. J says:

    They only shouted her down out of their belief in freedom of expression.

  3. TED says:

    J says: February 28, 2012 at 7:41 pm

    J has had a BIG shot of FOOL-AID today I see. 😎

  4. kiplingsburdens says:

    Why is Atlas Shrugged imagery of all the productive people leaving society in the form of a great TEA Party exodus coming to mind as a completely rational strategy?

    Going to college in NY I remember seeing things like these rallies and thinking how they were just a bunch of lunatics who would fall by the wayside. I had no idea that people like me would be the ones falling by the wayside… I specifically remember a fruit dressing in his mother’s clothes and wearing make-up in the quad screaming “Pataki is Wacky!” all day in the mid-1990’s as a “protest” to “cuts”.

    Never understood what crossdressing had to do with a budget, but realized it was a disturbed homosexual looking for attention. It now seems the disturbed are running the show and the colleges.

    American University runs $45,914 a year for tuition… Where are these filthy Communists getting the $180,000 for an Undergraduate Degree in Community organizing??

    Spoiled fucking brats deserving of several years in the real world, where because of the demands of brats and radical community organizers, those who have to work are made to suffer because of policies and programs that these children and their enablers force upon us. A good beating by real Fascists would also do wonders.

  5. Jay B. says:

    Liberalism sure came a long way from “sharing ideas freely” to “totalitarian ideology that doesn’t tolerate any dissent”. Hey leftists, I got a great idea for free electricity. Attach a turbine to Adam Smith’s grave, it should be spinning fast enough to power a city now.

  6. Eco says:

    This woman is fully supported by the silenced majority in Arizona, but is being viciously attacked by the 24/7 troll machines deployed by the Phoenix New Times and the Arizona Republic. Appalling disrespect for a Governor who is in fact doing the job she was elected to do by a stubborn majority.

    Go look at those horrific comment boards, but have the Maalox at hand. It is absolute assassination at the lowest level.

  7. Eco says:

    FYI, ALL conservative women are viciously libeled and stalked by Arizona left wing radicals, myself included. It’s a war zone here.

  8. TrickleUpPolitics says:

    The thing that makes me the maddest is the trolls shouting in Spanish.

  9. IslandLifer says:

    It’s time for some stealth mode vigilant bare-knuckled skull cracks.

  10. chuck in st paul says:

    I heartily recommend carrying cattle prods or at least stun guns to every meet up. If five or six normal folks got up, walked over, and zapped a half dozen of these jerkwads then pretty soon this sort of thing would go away. They do it BECAUSE THEY CAN.

  11. Beef says:

    They won’t stop until they have broken the nation and put problematic white people in concentraiton camps.

    Or when civilization is protected by force.

  12. Bob Roberts says:

    TED says: February 28, 2012 at 7:52 pm
    “J” (perhaps another lao sock puppet?) was either being sarcastic or hoping to prove what an idiot he is.

  13. Bob Roberts says:


    It is not racist to enforce immigration laws.

    And, since hispanics are considered to be Caucasian, it’s not racist doubly.

  14. Dr. 9 says:

    Eco says: February 28, 2012 at 8:16 pm
    “This woman is fully supported by the silenced majority in Arizona…”

    Being silent will not get the job done. Playing by the rules will cause Republicans and Conservatives to lose, as usual. For those out there who still don’t get it, in the next election we’ll be playing for all the marbles. Meaning: the future of our country, which will not survive another four years of Mullah Obummer.

  15. Bob Roberts says:

    Where is a case of pepper spray when you need it?

  16. LibertyHawk says:

    Should we be able to send our jihadi loving, commie dictator wanna-be home … time for the democrats to pay back for all of Obama’s spending. Federal funds went to democratic supporters and voting blocks. Cut the budget the same way – including “entitlement” spending – AND student loans. Send the parasites home to their mammas and let them discover what the real world is like.

  17. Sam says:

    The soapbox? The left takes that away from us with their shoutdowns and hate speech screeches.

    The ballot box? The left takes that away from us with voter fraud.

    The jury box? The left takes that away from us with corrupt judges and appeals courts.

    We’re about out of options left.

  18. Ummah Gummah says:


    Here’s something that will make any Patriotic American sick:

    Wait till we vote this traitor out of office if you want to see his presidential pardons list.

    A taste of things to come..


  19. Laurie says:

    Location: “American University in Washington, D.C.”

    Notice that this incident didn’t happen in Arizona. And it won’t, either, because we have a Sheriff who doesn’t tolerate that kind of crap. These rowdy kiddies would be whisked away to an all-expenses-paid visit to tent city where they would get the liberals’ dream: free food, free housing, and free medical care.

  20. Michael Teuber says:

    What makes you think the Republicans are playing to win? The Tea Party candidates (Ayotte, Haley, Brewer, O’Donnell) have all endorsed the candidate who can help them (and hurt them) the most, win or lose. Not one had the character to take an politically risky stand.

    Winning isn’t hard, you just have to be willing. A room full of conservatives shouted down and drove out the occutards ‘mike checking’ Sarah Palin. If you aren’t afraid of confrontation you can win, its easy.

  21. soulpile says:

    Not surprising. This happens all the time at Arizona State University to conservative or even Republican speakers. Back in 2001, I attended an event where David Horowitz was subjected to the same kind of treatment and was unable to finish his talk due to these people. I’m sure they’ve continued this behavior and even intensified it since then.

    They don’t give up and they just make as much noise as possible.

    G-d forbid anyone have a differing viewpoint from the vaunted liberal elite. After all, they’re going to college, so they’re better than everyone else. Oh and hey, why aren’t they’re fellow students conforming? Shame on them! /s

  22. Pineybill says:

    Just checked the AU website, and “the people” as these little brownshirts like to call themselves are paying $38,000 per year of mommy’s, daddy’s, or maybe their two mommies and two daddies money for tuition. That’s well above the average American’s annual wage now. what a bunch of spoiled little fascist brats.

  23. Clink says:

    The majority of the moonbats in the video are there for the sole purpose of getting laid by one of the other moonbats because they’re “so politically aware”.

  24. jabbernaught says:

    The problem is that these idiots are using “tactics” which deny other the right to free speech. The dumb asses don’t even realize that they are stupid puppets, being directed by aholes who are just evil bastards. These stupid offspring of couch potatoes and insipid morons who are just consumers think we are going to cave into their childish behavior?

    The time will come when push will come to shove, then you immature little bastards will get yours.

  25. czuch says:

    Push,shove, They arent ready for that at all.
    They are thinking they are “protected” by the 1st amendment upon which they rely so heavily.

  26. Cameraman says:

    I could only stand it up to Hey ,Hey, Ho,Ho, Then I had to Go! What a Bunch of Anarchist, Time to give them a “Wooden Shampoo”

  27. Sinister66 says:

    Maybe they could get H.R. 347 tp apply to these people.

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