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Oct 26 2011

Occupy Infestations Begin to Degenerate Into Riots

It was inevitable, and no surprise that it began in Oakland, the riot-friendly fifth most liberal city in the USA behind Washington, DC — the Occupy infestations are degenerating into a total breakdown of public order. The hippies and communists illegally infesting Frank Ogawa Plaza were finally removed. When they tried to reclaim their extremely sordid squatter encampment, hell predictably broke loose. Zombie was on the scene producing numerous videos, including this one:

Tear gas, rubber bullets, flash-bang grenades — get used to it; the Age of Obama isn’t over by a long shot. Are we all united yet?

The forces of law and order are going to be sorry for asserting themselves, according to this menacing moonbat, who hilariously threatens to personally arrest the Oakland PD:

Look for more of the same when Bloomberg finally finds the cojones to clean this lawless scum out of Zuccotti Park.

50 Responses to “Occupy Infestations Begin to Degenerate Into Riots”

  1. marsha says:

    Excuse Me ??? you have what again? A “Pair” of handcuffs???? Hey goofball, I have a bee bee gun and I bet I can make you cry like a LITTLE girl before you can get me in handcuffs. Ha Ha Ha silly little man.

  2. kiplingsburdens says:

    Who is this wacko? I haven’t laughed so hard in weeks. He has handcuffs… lol.

    Try arresting all of Oakland PD… Come to NY where the NYPD officers have been doing more perp walks in the last months than OWS.. BUT, it’s the FBI finally taking on Bloomberg’s Criminal Army.

    I love how this dope flares his nostrils menacingly, surely he made a few dirty Marxist women have tingling feelings down their hairy legs.

  3. Shooter1001 says:

    “Come on upstairs, Leslie, honey. You can’t stay down in the basement forever. We won’t let those bad boys beat you up again. C’mon now, mommy made you your favorite cookies.”

  4. kiplingsburdens says:

    So this is America? Ah the Ayers Alinski Revolution is progressing well.

    Can someone ship a few hundred copies of the Anarchists Cookbook to the Zuccotti Park Marxists? It will be high entertainment seeing Bloomberg’s Army of Criminals square off against Marxists with proper Molotov’s Cocktails and tear gas being exchanged. Wipe out two despicable groups in one shot. Maybe Bloomberg could call in a Napalm strike and wipe the whole mess away…

    I love the smell of Napalm in the morning… smells like dead commies and roasting thugs in blue…


  5. All Hail The State.

  6. Henry says:

    Uh oh, he has handcuffs, AND he knows how to use them… OPD, you have been warned! LOL LOL LOL What a freaking idiot!

    Was that his mom, at the very end, telling him his Hot Pockets are ready?

  7. Son of Sam says:

    Is this guy stoned or stupid?

  8. Had it up to here :/ says:

    I wonder when the LSM will start ‘reporting’ injuries or deaths because of OWS lunacy. I will bet that if they don’t stop this crap that someone is going to get killed. The hugs and kisses crowd. Yeah, uh-huh.

  9. Henry says:

    I just checked the vid on YouTube, while it’s only got 300+ hits (we really need to get that vid going viral), you gotta see the comments… LOL

  10. Had it up to here :/ says:

    OOOoooooooooo, are all you oakland PD guys shakin’ in your boots yet? Did you meet his 24hr deadline? You better be ready because he can unleash a wrath more powerful than satan!

    Boy oh boy, this OWS stuff is really embolding some moondingbats, eh?

  11. Dr. 9 says:

    Call this one;


  12. Joe says:

    “I have a pair of handcuffs….and I know how to use them.” -Silly little douche.

  13. elgin says:

    thats got to be a joke, handcuff boy cant possibly be serious.

    but then hes not funny either.

  14. Fred C. Dobbs says:

    Son of Sam says: October 26, 2011 at 7:40 am

    Is this guy stoned or stupid?

    I would say… yes.

    This guy should totally run for office. Maybe he could take over Holder’s spot as attorney general. He seems to have at least as good a grasp of the law as Holder does.

    Really though, I’d pay good money to see this guy trying to “arrest” the Oakland PD. This guy is the perfect poster child for these OWS morons. Delusional young morons who think they’re bad asses because they’ve played Grand Theft Auto.

  15. Jay B. says:

    Natural order of things. Zero wants these riots badly. Who was the goddamn idiot earlier this week calling us paranoid when we doubted Hussein’s initiative to test the emergency broadcast on a switch? This is all happening in front of us. Two years ago, talking about paid bloggers to disrupt conversations, paid protesters by liberals with deep pockets, aggressive colonization by third world country illegals got people calling us paranoid. In two more years, when Zero will have tried declaring martial law, we will be called paranoid when we will say this jug eared turd wants to try his hand at dictatorship.

    Funny thing is, these clueless, dazed stoners don’t have the faintest clue they’re being used.

  16. A.E.I.O.U. says:

    I’ve been driving by the Occupy Little Rock movement every day on my way to and from work for the past two weeks and never even noticed it. Apparently about a dozen people have been camped out next to the Clinton Library (how apropos) and I heard on the news yesterday that the police moved them to another “park” – actually an abandoned playground in the middle of nowhere down by the Arkansas River. I have no idea whether or not we are still under siege by the occupation because, like most folks in Little Rock, I couldn’t care less.

  17. C. S. P. Schofield says:

    I have to wonder what the Oakland chapter of the Hells Angels are doing.

  18. Cameraman says:

    OMG the bearded avenger has spoken: Please Oakland PD run for your lives..he”ll Handcuff you..and then what?
    don”t let him near your Hiney!!!Stupid devil Troll!
    Time to get out the Fire Hoses and Plasticuffs..get this vermin off the street!!!

  19. Jeremiah Legacy says:

    If I were him, I’d be more concerned about an employer finding out about this. I mean, the cops won’t care; you see one rant of “we’re gonna come and get ya pigs”, you’ve seen them all. They probably have it bookmarked and watch it for laughs. But imagine interviewing someone for this job and finding out this person made this video; the person that wants to work for you really believes that he’s going to intimidate the entire police department with one pair of handcuffs and a semi-anynomous video.

  20. Die Commies Die says:

    Funny how it’s always the reichwing Teabaggers that defecate, urinate, rape little boys, assault innocent bystanders and squat for weeks in public places until the police have to come in like this and remove them.

    High, I’m leftard and I live in Opposite World.

  21. GoY says:

    Love the Time-Life operator headset. He makes me want to purchase a 25 Volume set of ‘The Vietnam Experience’

  22. rinardman says:

    Do. I. Make. Myself. Clear.

    Why, yes, you do pokesomi. Clearly, you’re an idiot.

    Go back to your video games, and leave real life to the adults.

  23. GoY says:

    Remember when the cops had to use tear gas and riot gear to clear out a Tea Party rally that was defying orders to vacate a public space and committing acts of vandalism?

    Neither do I.

  24. Jeff says:

    So he has a pair of handcuffs and knows how to use them. Awww how sweet. Sorry dude, but I am NOT into S/M homo sex. I’ll see your handcuffs and raise a 125 grain semi jacketed hollow point in size .357 magnum. As for the bikers, I wonder if one case of beer for each OWS ass stomped would be an agreable price.

  25. sunbat says:

    reminds me of the security team at Jonestown….

  26. C. S. P. Schofield says:

    When I was in high school, in the 1970’s one of the teachers told me a story about the 1968 Democrat Convention riots. According to the tale, the yippies approached the Black Panthers with a detailed plan of how they were going to “stick it to The Man” in Chicago. The Panthers are said to have answered “You honkeys are out of your goddamned minds. The Chicago PD is going to kick your scrawny asses, and then pound the rest of you into paste. And WE are not going to be anywhere close to you idiots when that happens.”

    I suppose it’s probably another ’60’s myth, but oohhhh! I hope it’s true.

  27. Beef says:

    That’s some funny stuff, hippies running screaming from exploding tear gas cannisters and little Josh’s Dr. Evil act.


  28. GoY says:

    Obama drops a load of crap on Occupy Vegas.

    And I don’t mean his student loan/mortgage bailout.

  29. wingmann says:


  30. Kevin R. says:

    Being in a clash like that is something those freaks have been living for. Now, to them, they’re like veterans of war. Very romantic, to the moonbat revolutionary mind.

  31. D. King says:

    A vicious splinter group of OWS, “Occupy My Mother’s Basement”
    Our demands are non-negotiable! Unlimited Totinos pizza rolls…Now mommy!

  32. Bloodless Coup says:

    Tick, tock, tick tock…

    Donald Trump: Obama Birth Certificate Issue Not Put To Rest; Very Important Issue;_Very_Important_Issue.html

  33. Ghost of FA Hayak says:

    Handcuffs ? Arrest the police ?
    You know the really pathetic part is he probably will STILL get charged with treatening a police officer, and his actual threat was an utter FAIL

  34. Bloodless Coup says:

    The OPD is use to dealing with some of the vilest scum on the face of the earth.

    I am quite sure they won’t be too intimidated by threats issued from the confines mommy’s basement.

    So bring it on Mary! Take your best shot.

    By the way have you ever had a pair of handcuffs shoved up your ass one cuff at a time?

    Imma Justa Sayin, maybe you should just stay home.

  35. Bloodless Coup says:


    Sheriff Joe Arpio Promises on Camera to Investigate Obama’s Social Security Number Fraud

  36. John Lewis says:

    Degenerate into riots? DEGENERATE into riots? The occupations are bloody well intended to spawn riots and then move on to organized insurrection. Is Glenn Beck the only conservative with any brains? With eyes to see? To quote him from Lee Stranahan’s column,
    “Capitalists, if you think that you can play footsie with these people, you are wrong. They will come for you and drag you into the streets and kill you. They will do it. They’re not messing around. Those in the media – and I am included in this – they will drag us out into the streets and kill us. If you’re wealthy, they will kill you for what you have. You cannot tolerate this kind of stuff. You certainly do not encourage it.”
    And a moonbat commented that Glenn Beck got what they are about.

  37. SR says:

    Yup. They’re just like the tea party.

  38. Joe says:

    OOOOOOOOOOOOO! Very scary, dude. You’re going to “personally” arrest every single officer involved? Can we sell tickets to this event. It’ll be great. Lots of people will pay to see you get your skinny faggot ass kicked while you cry like a two year old. Why is it you get so angry when the cops break the law (in YOUR opinion, of course) but when the OWS stinkballs break the law, that’s OK.

  39. Henry says:

    OK, if you’ve got 5 minutes to waste, you can check out another one of this loser’s vids:

    Keeping the universe safe from intergalactic, criminal television producers.

    I am particularly fond of the high-tech background employed in his “production”…

    WARNING TO PARAMOUNT EXECUTIVES: pokesomi has handcuffs, AND he knows how to use them.

  40. Henry says:

    GoY beat me to it. LOL LOL

  41. Joe says:

    LOL the wanker is a trekky too. How nice.

  42. Franz says:

    Ohhhh Sweeeetie!?! can you come upstairs a minute?
    Halloween has started early, your favourite,
    The Village People are here, so far only police
    costumes and a biker that says TWO Cases of beer need
    to be provided or he’s gonna kick your ass.
    They all want you to bring your handcuffs as they all wanna get arrested. HURRY, they are such wonderful

  43. Brute says:

    Rupert! Lower It!


    Rupert Pupkin’s Audition Tape:

  44. Davis says:

    Off his meds apparently.

  45. Angry Fletch says:

    Jeremiah Legacy says:
    October 26, 2011 at 8:38 am
    If I were him, I’d be more concerned about an employer finding out about this. I mean, the cops won’t care; you see one rant of “we’re gonna come and get ya pigs”, you’ve seen them all. They probably have it bookmarked and watch it for laughs. But imagine interviewing someone for this job and finding out this person made this video; the person that wants to work for you really believes that he’s going to intimidate the entire police department with one pair of handcuffs and a semi-anynomous video.

    F’n spot on, I’m a recruiter (graduate, experienced senior level scientist and executives) for research and development in the food and beverage industry.
    “THIS” sort of video would CRUSH any, i mean any, i mean ANY sort of chance of getting hired. No matter at what age you were when it was taken.
    or the guy is a fuckin’ genius…. funniest damn thing i’ve seen in awhile……. (but, I’ve got a grand I’ll put up ( I put up mine, “you” put up yours, Wyatts Torch holds the money)………………………………………
    The Bet…….after careful documentation, investigation, and, er, uh…wait a minute….have we crossed the line, and we’re bullying the retarded??? I will soooo protest you, and it will be soooo uncomfortable if we are at the same event… you insensitive bastad’s…….

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