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Nov 18 2012

Oklahoma Doctors Versus ObamaCare

There’s a simple solution to the skyrocketing cost of healthcare: get the government out of it — and except for catastrophic coverage, insurance companies too.

Coercion is the only problem the combination of human ingenuity and the free market can’t solve. If the government would just leave us alone, we could easily work things out for ourselves.

On a tip from Katie H.

14 Responses to “Oklahoma Doctors Versus ObamaCare”

  1. rrpjr says:

    Could someone please provide a link to this video. Thanks.

  2. rrpjr says:

    Cancel that request — I found it. Thanks.

  3. Dadof3 says:

    Best video I have seen to show an example of conservative priciples.

    This should be viral.

    Saved for posterity in case it “disappears” mysteriously.

  4. Dadof3 says:

    Oops. “principles in action.”

    There, fixed it for me. 🙂

  5. Henry says:

    Oh yeah. My HDHP and HSA are toast if ObrownMaoCare is fully implemented. I’ve been paying cash for healthcare for decades – always 30%-50% discount over insurance billing rates. Had a CT scan done a few months ago (sialoliths) – $289 cash, and the billing lady openly admitted they would have billed insurance $780!! A 68% discount!!

    On another note, saw my new doctor this past Tuesday (new doctor because old doctor retired the day after ObrownMaoCare passed), and when asked, he informed me that if there is full implementation of ObrownMaoCare, he will also retire – only 15 years out of med school!

    I hate you, ObrownMao.

  6. IslandLifer says:

    Remember when insurance was required to gain admission to the ER? Then the Feds jumped in and made it a law that nobody could be turned away and that is when it all started going to shit. Now our hospitals have turned into housing for the homeless (SNF) and the ER’s a doctors office. This new govt healthcare is going to bring the entire system to its knees. Everytime the government injects itself into anything, it poisons it.

  7. bobdog says:

    But…but…it’s for your OWN GOOD! We’re just looking out for the voters, since they’re too freaking stupid to live their lives without our help. And besides, we need your votes.

  8. Wilberforce says:

    Excellent post, Dave!

  9. Gary C. says:

    We don’t have a healthcare problem. We have a government problem and an insurance company problem. Our corrupt, so-called representatives are to blame for destroying the best healthcare in the world. This healthcare “problem” can be solved in three easy steps:

    1. Tort reform to limit the amount the leeches can receive in “damages.”

    2. Stop giving services to illegal aliens.

    3. Return to a pay-as-you-go system and carry insurance on for catastrophic illnesses and injuries.

  10. rinardman says:

    Wow, real logic.

    It’ll never catch on.

  11. Alan says:

    Everybody forgets there is one medical procedure that gets better, cheaper, easier and more common every year in America. Because most people pay cash for it.

    Cosmetic surgery.

    Who remembers when getting a nose job or boob job or ears pulled back was only for rich Hollywood people? Because most insurance doesn’t cover nose jobs – yet – people ask around, shop around (leave the state if necessary), and ask for the cost up front before getting the procedure done. Capitalism wins.
    (Oh there is another procedure that’s also cash-and-carry, and God forbid the government get involved in THAT, because THAT procedure is a constitutional right, blah blah, and yet the same principles apply.)

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  13. Ghost of FA Hayek says:

    There was a time before insurance when people paid cash for medical services.
    The FIL saved his cash receipts for the hospital maternity stays for his offspring.
    All 13 of them .
    It started getting expensive around the time people decided insurance should pay for maternity care.

  14. IslandLifer says:

    And there was no doctor nor an epidural for the pangs. Midwives, mothers, MIL’s, and neighbors did an outstanding job. Some may laugh at that but some hospitals are opening birthing clinics where the traditional delivery is offered. Sure beats a C section which they push nowadays.

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