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Oct 31 2011

Open Thread


On a tip from TED.

34 Responses to “Open Thread”

  1. Goldenfoxx says:

    I support Trader Joe’s at least 2 times a week. Best product they sell is their wine – Two Buck Chuck can’t beat the price or the buzz. I also like their sprouted breads – nothing like capitalism to keep you coming back for more. Marx is rolling over in his grave. LOL!

  2. RKae says:

    I believe that Marx was right…

    …if it’s Harpo Marx we’re talking about.

  3. MissAnthropy says:

    “Marx was right. Capitalism is failing. If you want to survive then you will have to change. Capitalism will not feed and shelter the world.”

    Considering how the USSR, Cuba, and North Korea were all dependent on the import of grain I’d say your admonition falls flat.

  4. Air2air says:

    Tonite I was in Berkeley visiting my wife’s family and thought about taking some pics for MB. My battery died though.

    Went past the Occupy Berkeley camp and there wasn’t much to see, maybe a dozen tents and a bunch of Oakland residents – both Crips and Bloods – chillin in the park by them, as they probably do anyway. Couldn’t see any hippies unless they were in the tents.

    I wanted to go by the Oakland riot location but wasn’t sure where it was and we were short on time.

    But after we visited my in-laws we went up to Shattuck Ave for dinner and lo and behold walked past a prime contingent of protesters. It was a couple dozen people standing in the crosswalk, just having a good old time; couldn’t tell how organized, if that word even applies. Here are the bullet points:

    1. Clearly lifetime Berkeley residents; white, elderly, ugly in various odd ways. And rich.
    2. Women all grayhaired with two hairstyles; either butched to half an inch in length or a gigantic pile that had been growing for a few decades.
    3. Smug smiles standing in the middle of the street while they waved to passing cars and each other. Real self-satisfied and smiley, as if in a religious ecstacy.
    4. Most cars honked. One guy waved a “Need not Greed” poster across the inside of his Prius windshield which effectively blocked his forward view. A couple protesters in the crosswalk scattered out of his way.
    5. These were well-heeled retired UC Berkeley professor types, not your smelly hippies. There were wine glasses on the curb.
    6. Signs were nothing interesting, just the normal anticapitalist phrases. Nothing intricate like you would expect from a Zombie photoessay.

    Shortly it was time to go home and they disbanded, congratulating each other with a smile as if they had to go and interview a new groom for their quarterhorse stable.

    One couple left in a new $50K Lexus, another in a new Volvo turbo wagon.

  5. AC says:

    The border disorder just went up another notch. A Texas sheriff’s deputy was shot three times by Gulf Cartel operatives.

    Sheriff confirms deputy was shot in ‘spillover’ violence incident

    Hidalgo sheriff says shooting ‘spillover’ from drug war

    Last month there was a CDG related fatal shootout on a McAllen expressway.

    The nephew of the former lords of the Gulf Cartel was recently busted by Texas law enforcement. The system must be working, right? Wrong. He got in the country, and law enforcement probably didn’t have a clue about him until the cartel’s leader turned him in. STRATFOR Global Intelligence explains.

    This strife and violence will fuel another cycle of spillover violence.

    A South Carolina sheriff just said something Texans should heed as well – It’s time for citizens to arm themselves

  6. AC says:

    Saudi Arabia shows us the peacefulness and justice of the Sharia by beheading a “sorcerer” in a parking lot.

  7. AC says:

    ‘Massive’ smuggling ring dismantled in Arizona

    $2 billion over five years from this one cell alone.

  8. Dr. Dave says:

    This bums me out. My GF has been bringing home frozen sea scallops from Trader Joe’s recently. Damn! Seared sea scallops are right up there with Alaskan King Crab legs.

  9. IslandLifer says:

    “Before you diagnose yourself with depression or low self-esteem, first make sure that you are not, in fact, just surrounded by assholes.”

    William Gibson

  10. Berlet98 says:

    Tebowing, a PC No-No

    “Tebowing” in the National Football League is unrelated to elbowing, kicking, or tackling. It’s an odd phenomenon inspired by the much-disparaged, much-admired, newly-designated starting Denver Bronco quarterback, Tim Tebow.

    It seems Tim has a rare quirk for an NFL player. He feels he should publicly kneel on one knee in prayer to thank God when he accomplishes great things. Other, growing, phenomena are Tebow fans who have taken to emulating his quirk and media criticism by people disturbed by his overt Christian religiosity.

    Tim Tebow may be a fan fave but he isn’t exactly a big favorite in the politically-correct community mainstream media which seem very uncomfortable with the facts he’s an unreconstructed evangelical Christian who isn’t embarrassed to admit it and because he doesn’t fit the MSM mold.

    From his glory days as a Florida Gator, there was just something about the 2007 Heisman Award winner that many in the PC sports media couldn’t quite articulate. Well, they could but doing so would out them as anti-Christian bigots and they couldn’t very well admit that. Beginning with complaints over his evangelizing habit of posting biblical verses in eye black, they adopted various subterfuges to ridicule him instead.

    The Denver Post took an oblique swipe at the wildly popular Tebow in an article not devoted to the quarterback as much as to what it called, “Tebow Inc.,” the successful family enterprise which markets a variety of products from a Christian perspective but which, according to the Post, revolves around “All Tim, all the time.”

    The Post strongly implied “Team Tebow” serves to gratify Tim’s ego as well as charitable beneficiaries and suggested Kyle Orton became the Bronco backup to Tebow due mainly to “Tebow Mania” and not to any of his debatable skills on the field.

    Before the 2011 NFL season began,’s Gregg Doyel became especially exercised over Tebow’s innocuous remark that, “I’m relying as always on my faith.” A paraphrase of the comment might be that he simply meant he’s a religious guy who counts on his religion to guide and inspire him.

    Not so to Doyel, who contended he really liked Tebow personally and is himself a churchgoer and, without mentioning the kneeling prayer, interpreted that profession of faith as something that “baffles” him and clear evidence that Tebow was guilty of blasphemy, a contemptuous irreverence toward God.

    Without evincing any affection or Christian charity, Doyel did show he fails to understand the sin of blasphemy or the quarterback . . .
    (

  11. Grunt says:

    More reasons to love “Occupy Wall Street” Protests:

    Sex with a teen! (Unless, you’re the one getting BUSTED for Pimping the Teen!)

  12. ZEP says:

    You should listen to Crockett Keller’s Texas concealed carry training course advertisement. Pretty funny if I do say so myself.

  13. IslandLifer says:

    The official list of OWS backers/supporters/sympathizers

  14. IslandLifer says:

    8 Simple Rules Liberals Use For Arguments

    1. Blame Bush, Limbaugh, Palin etc.

    2. Change the subject.

    3. Attack the poster.

    4. Call the other person names.

    5. Log on using different names and have a bunch of fake people say you are right.

    6. Find something personal about the poster to claim he has no credibility (but ignore the point).

    7. Claim the source of the data is unreliable (again, ignore the point).

    8. Send you a personal email to try to intimidate you.

  15. Ludwig Van Beethoven says:

    Former New Jersey Governor Jon Corzine runs MF Global into the ground.

    After running New Jersey into the ground Jon Corzine became the CEO of MF Global in early 2010 when the value of the company’s common stock was above $10. It took Corzine a lttle more than a year to ruin the company and make the stock worth $1.20 now, and MF Global is now filing bankruptcy.

  16. Ludwig Van Beethoven says:

    Actually it should read that the common stock was trading around $7 a share when Corzine took over as CEO.

  17. Ghost of FA Hayak says:

    The LA times does a story about a food supply keeping up with the world’s population growth.
    While using a file photo of a bunch of Marxists at a May Day event,0,1817860.story
    Who keeps feeding these idiots ?

  18. born in 76 says:

    Largest unions pay leaders well, give extensively to Democrats

    …The Center for Public Integrity found compensation for leaders of the 10 largest unions ranged from $173,000 at the United Auto Workers to $618,000 at the Laborers’ International Union of North America, and almost $480,000 for the president of the American Federation of State, County & Municipal Employees. The latter is the target of GOP governors in Wisconsin, Indiana, Ohio, Tennessee and Kansas…

  19. Wilberforce says:

    “Here at Adbusters, we decided to tackle the issue head on and came up with a carefully researched list of who appear to be the 50 most influential neocons in the US (see above). Deciding who exactly is a neocon is difficult since some neocons reject the term while others embrace it. Some shape policy from within the White House, while others are more peripheral, exacting influence indirectly as journalists, academics and think tank policy wonks. What they all share is the view that the US is a benevolent hyper power that must protect itself by reshaping the rest of the world into its morally superior image. And half of them are Jewish.

    -February 23, 2004: Kalle Lasn, editor of AdBusters Magazine and one of the Occupy Wall Street movement founders.

  20. Bloodless Coup says:

    Trader Joe’s is a Capitalist Organization. They cater to the peons who can’t afford Whole Foods.

  21. Bloodless Coup says:

    Sheriff Joe’s Posse Wants to See Obama’s Original Birth Certificates on Paper and MicroFilm

  22. Louisiana Steve says:

    The sign should say, “Marx was Right, The World Is Filled With Idiots”.

  23. oldguy says:

    Send troops in to seize all property of the occupiers and then redistribute it equally among these occupiers. I thing it would be a great learning experience.

  24. Jim says:

    Added a flourish to the Marx Sign…

  25. whotothewhat says:

    OWS Protestors want global currency

  26. Hail The Amberlamps! says:

    AC says October 31, 2011 at 9:06 pm The border disorder just went up another notch. A Texas sheriff’s deputy was shot three times by Gulf Cartel operatives.

    A milestone is reached when the cartels fight to the death with Texas law enforcement. We have arrived at a “tipping point.”

    FYI, the cartels are trying to replicate Mexican grow operations in counties around Dallas and Houston, even tapping into the grid to set up shop. Brazen and stupid. Maybe too stupid as in distraction from something else.

  27. chuck in st paul says:

    “Marx was right”
    Yeah, I always did like Groucho and his brothers.

    “I could dance with you until the cows come home. On second thought I’d rather dance with the cows until you come home.” – Groucho Marx

  28. Bloodless Coup says:

    Sheriff Joe’s Posse Says It Needs to See Original Birth Certificate

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