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Nov 28 2011

Open Thread


Compliments of Walter.

54 Responses to “Open Thread”

  1. TED says:

    I’m sure the dog pissing on the tree is nothing compared to what the Obama’s have done to the People’s House! You think it had to be disenfected after the Clinton’s wait until we throw his ass out next year!

  2. OBAMA LIST OF FIRSTS — you can’t watch this without flash, but it is worth if you can see it

  3. Fiberal says:

    Creationists had a hell of a time objecting to evolution, so they all piled in their VW one day and went to court to try and impose their phony science on impressionable kids in the classroom.

    They lost, ignominiously.

    But now, Creationists need not to continue pouting; take heart.

    Muslims have hated the concept of evolution all along —- even before baseball-playing fish climbed out of the water to retrieve their ball.

    Muslims are finally starting to get on the “death to the Australiopithicine infidel” bandwagon, (since evolution violates the Koran…or something..)

    In contrast to the Creationists however, I doubt muslims will be going through the courts.

    They will, I imagine, by using their superior intellect and broad history of scientific contributions (somewhere), target biologists for jihad.

    I can see it now….thousands of muslims chanting in unison “we are not monkeys” …

    …Burning effigies of Cheeta.

    Cursing Mendel and for his unclean pea plants.

    Beheading Drosophila melanogasters
    (real little razor blades)

    Universities all over America, in a vain attempt to keep from going up in flames, will require all science professors to publicly disavow natural selection in bacteria and viruses and to forever disown the peppered moth.

    All you sinning biologists with your filthy test tubes, calculators and non-Sharia fossils, beware. Take thy posteriors to a prayer rug and cover your adulterous wives.

    You have heard it here first.

  4. IslandLifer says:

    Cornel West- Entitlements will be fought for in the streets by OWS

  5. Bob Roberts says:

    Richmond City Mayor/Administration commit “Color of Law” Civil Rights violation. Along with abusing their power to persecute groups against which they hold opposing political views.
    The Mayor not only allowed the Occupiers to break the law, but he visited them in the city-owned park. “Jones said that as a ‘child of civil rights’ and protests, he had allowed the group to remain in the park but understands his mayoral responsibility to uphold laws of the city,” reported the Richmond Times Dispatch.
    Apparently his mayoral duties included preferential treatment for a group he sympathizes with ideologically at the expense of the taxpayers.

    Another perfect example of what’s wrong with letting government run things they’re not competent to run.
    In a new plan to deal with beach erosion and prepare for sea-level rise, the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service proposed changes that the mayor, the chamber of commerce and homeowners say would eventually drive away summer tourism and drive down the economy that depends on it. Some of those changes would involve closing the beach and its parking lot, then opening a beach with parking farther away and shuttling tourists.
    NOTE: Sea levels, if they are really rising at all, are rising at a rate no faster than fingernails grow. Basically in my entire life, the life of my father and the life of his father there has been no discernable sea level increase here in San Diego such that any land that was formerly beach or other use became inundated.
    Now that’s not to say there aren’t places where there has been a measurable change in sea level – but in fact if you study this issue, most of the signficant changes were tectonic in nature and had to do with changes in the Earth’s crust and subsequent changes in the ocean/land interface.
    Feelings are running high, as Beth Hanback learned after she helped shuttle tourists to the public beach after Hurricane Irene washed out the parking lot.
    Approached in a grocery store by a little old lady who asked whether she helped with that shuttle, Hanback thought she was about to get a sweet, neighborly “attagirl.”
    Not quite. “She sort of cleared her throat and spit at me,” Hanback said. “She said, ‘You’re going to kill this town with your [darn] shuttle.’ ”

    Obama “Campaigning On Taxpayer Dime”
    “President Obama seems to travel to battleground states more so than any other president before him. Am I’m wondering if you could respond to this. It looks like the president is campaigning on the taxpayer dime,” Tapper said at today’s White House briefing.
    If there’s not a law against this, Congress needs to pass one ASAP. Of course the Obama justice department will A) Not enforce it, except against their opponents and B) Will probably file a suit against it in court.

    Another rat leaves the sinking ship – and this one is one of the biggest, ugliest ones yet!
    I note BLOUNT already dedicated a thread to this – be sure and stop by there and share your thoughts and feelings!

    Solving the illegal alien problem one illegal alien at a time.
    This should be a potent message to those who would have us just ignore that so many have been allowed to come here illegally and stay indefinitely.
    Just so we’re clear, I AM NOT AGAINST IMMIGRANTS and I HAVE NO ISSUE WITH MEXICANS/HISPANICS. I know some will go there, they ALWAYS DO, and it’s a lie.
    But when someone does something like this, sorry, call me a man with no compassion (not true), but I really have no sympathy for someone like this:

    An illegal-immigrant student in Texas who committed suicide the day after Thanksgiving left letters saying he felt trapped by his lack of opportunities and, according to his family, he “decided to sacrifice himself for the cause.”
    High school senior Joaquin Luna, 18, dressed in a suit, kissed family members, went into the bathroom and shot himself, according to his brother, Diyer Mendoza. In the letters he said he had lost hope in the chances for the Dream Act, which is legislation that would have legalized illegal-immigrant students and young adults but which was blocked in Congress last year.


    The appropriate response to this, of course, would be to ramp up efforts to identify and deport other illegal aliens before they make the foolish mistake of doing similar things “for the cause”.
    Of course, the left tries to use this to justify doing the WRONG thing:

    The case highlights the hundreds of thousands of illegal-immigrant students who are caught between a decision their parents made when they were young and the situation with U.S. law.
    The parents screwed up their kids lives by deliberately and continuously breaking our laws and somehow it’s our fault for expecting our laws to be enforced and expecting our government NOT to provide further incentives to those who break them?
    This is one place where Newt and I (and other Republican candidates too, unfortunately) differ – for I am against ANY rewards for those who chose to break our laws. Newt says, essentially, “If they’ve been good citizens for 25 years… if their mistake was something they did 25 years ago…” but there are two problems with that.

    First, and most important, they didn’t just make a mistake some number of years ago. They made the same mistake every day, every hour, every minute, every second that they chose to stay here illegally. They are, basically, repeat offenders.
    Second, if you do go ahead and draw a line and say, “OK, you’ve been here X years, you’ve ‘earned’ the right to stay”, well A) No, you haven’t, see 1, above. And B), if we go ahead and let people who’ve been here for, say, 25 years illegally go ahead and stay, that will be used as a solid precedent to let those who’ve stayed here illegally for 20 years go ahead and stay legally now also. And of course the same is true for 15, 10, 5, 1 and less than one – because you can’t draw arbitrary lines. This is an all or nothing prospect. Any attorney would have a field day if some politician picked an arbitrary number of years and said those on one side of the line could now stay but those on the other had to go.

    Oh, one other point. Newt framed this around “not breaking up families”. I agree, don’t break them up – SEND THE WHOLE FAMILY AWAY. Send the message that if you break our laws there will be consequences. No other message is appropriate.

    L.A. and Philadelphia prove they’re castrated. Both cities issued “ultimatums” to the ‘OCCU-ZOMBIES’. Both backed down, sending the signal that it’s OK to break the law wantonly in these cities without fear of any consequence. I hear my own local ‘OCCU-ZOMBIES’ were announcing they were going to defy police and set back up in the Civic Center Plaza again. I wonder if our city will be gutless, too, or will hold the line against illegal occupations/protests.

    Another large explosion at a key Iranian nuclear site – though Iran is denying it.

    Here’s the other site – actually a missile site that was developing the delivery vehicles for Iran’s nuclear weapons program – that had unexplained explosions.

    I’m wondering just what’s up… interesting to find out exactly what’s happening at these Iranian sites, though it likely won’t happen until there’s a change in Iranian leadership, I’m thinking.

  6. Granny Jan says:

    The Grinch Who Re-Distributed Christmas

    Well done

  7. Blarge says:

    Hey look!… one of your people over there in England saying all the things y’all would like to say but can’t because then people will know y’all wear white pointed hoods in private.

  8. Blarge says:

    “This individual’s going to accuse me of an affair for an extended period of time. I don’t want to specify because I don’t know what’s in the story,” Cain said. “Through my attorney, we will respond to every detail and every allegation.”

    I don’t know… I’m beginning to question the assertion that your blacks are better than our blacks.

  9. Bendere Dondat says:

    Blarge says: “…saying all the things y’all would like to say but can’t because then people will know y’all wear white pointed hoods in private.”

    Interesting – you think most posters here tend to be Democrats – I find your newsletter fascinating and would like to subscribe.

  10. Bendere Dondat says:

    Blarge says:

    “I don’t know… I’m beginning to question the assertion that your blacks are better than our blacks.”

    Well, your side is very klannish, so I can see your manifest confusion.

  11. Festivus says:

    Blarge is that Martijn poster (however, you spell that) methinks.

  12. Berlet98 says:

    NYT Outs Obama’s Class-Race Warfare

    Sometimes the mainstream media merely substantiate common knowledge and sometimes the New York Times demonstrates a degree of journalistic ethics by publishing that common knowledge instead of always slanting the truth.

    Such is the case with Thomas B. Edsall’s piece, “The Future of the Obama Coalition” which appeared in the Times‘ Sunday “Opinion Pages.”

    Summarized, that future involves Obama abandoning hopes of again winning anything approaching the 43% of all white votes he won in 2008 “in favor of cementing a center-left coalition.”

    According to Edsall, that coalition consists of people generally considered professionals, including everyone from professors to teachers to therapists plus “a substantial constituency of lower-income voters who are disproportionately African-American and Hispanic,” in other words, a coalition composed of two very disparate groups, the highly-educated and the largely uneducated poor.

    What Edsall does not incorporate in his article is a recognition that all but Obama’s MSM idolators and those they influenced to vote for him were aware long before the last general election that Barack Hussein Obama was a radical, socialist racist for whom divisiveness and class warfare were tactics he and the Democrat Party would employ when the 2008 coalitions disintegrated.

    Oddly, or not so oddly considering Edsall was writing for the Times, he omits any reference to the president’s support for the latest exemplars of socialistic class warmongers, the Occupy Wall Street nutzos.

    Three years ago, candidate Obama succeeded in cashing in on white guilt, the oft-denied sentiment which motivated millions of white voters to cast their ballots for him as a form of reparations paid to African-Americans, to demonstrate they were not bigots, to show they were sorry for the national sin of slavery even though none of them had ever owned a slave.

    By virtue of that sentiment, the half-black Obama managed to gain 2% more of the white electorate than did John Kerry in 2004. Those voters have witnessed Obama in action for three years now and the president’s handlers realize many of them, hopefully millions of them, refuse to fall for Obama’s charade again.

    They have seen his incompetence, his lack of leadership, his rigid, leftist ideology but most of all they have seen through his pretenses of creating a new era of racial harmony. Beneath Obama’s mellifluous, telepromptered words, they have finally seen the black racism that both he and his wife proudly admitted years ago.

    In her 1985 Princeton senior thesis, Michelle LaVaughn Robinson expressed her racial attitudes in numerous ways . . .
    (

  13. Bob Roberts says:

    Blarge says: November 28, 2011 at 10:51 pm
    Hey look!… one of your people over there in England saying all the things y’all would like to say but can’t because then people will know y’all wear white pointed hoods in private.


    Not sure who you think you’re talking to – she sounds a lot like Democrats/leftists do when the mikes and cameras aren’t around. She’s not one of “our people” because

    a) She’s obviously British
    b) She’s obviously racist/bigoted, going on about race/ethnicity, just like the left always does
    c) She’s obviously clueless – a MOONBAT.

    So she’s not one of “our” people. Unless you were directing that comment at moonbats!

  14. FrankW says:

    Poor blargie,
    Not so aware that the pointy hats (dunce and KKK) are largely leftist in origin (and usage). And for the record although Cain is in my top three at the moment (still undecided on his guilt/innocence on behavioral issues) his race has absolutely nothing to do with it. As long as I can expect him to walk the walk as well as the talk he is still a damn site better than bammy.

  15. Smorfia48 says:

    Hey look! Fez is now calling himself Blarge and his attempts at trolling are just as pathetically feeble as always.

    Seriously, how is it even possible to fail at trolling? This guy has turned being a loser into an art form.

  16. hiram says:

    “Blarge” has got to be a parody. Check out the top definition at Urban Dictionary:

    “It’s when two basketball referees fuck up. One official calls a block foul and another official calls a charge foul on the same play at the same time.
    bl (block) arge (charge) = blarge”

    Hmmmm… trying to assert that two obviously contradictory things are both true… yep, sounds like a leftist to me!

  17. hiram says:

    Crap like the “blarge” rules are also one of the multitude of reasons I don’t watch basketball.

  18. hiram says:

    Hey FrankW? I’ve got a 4-year-old, half-eaten jar of funky pickle relish in the back of my fridge that would be better than ‘bammy.

  19. Adam says:

    Blarge= Fez aka Martijn the pedophile (He also briefly referred to himself as “The opposition” in one thread). Pretty soon, he’ll have more sockpuppets than Goonturd! Whatever sockpuppet form he takes, though, his idiocy still shines through.

    Granny Jan, pretty good video.
    It reminds me a bit of an idea I had for a kids- book parody, that would be called ‘Barack Claus’. In it, Obama barges into the North Pole and harasses Santa Claus for a “Discriminatory” policy in only giving presents to nice kids. He demands that Santa “Spread the toys around,” and “redistribute” some of the toys meant for nice kids to instead go to naughty kids. When Santa refuses, Obama has him arrested for committing a hate crime, appoints himself as the new Santa Claus, and begins to set about his plan in the name of “Social justice.”
    Meanwhile, a couple good kids learn of his plans and realize their presents and those of countless other good children all over the world are going to be taken from them and given to bad kids who don’t deserve them, so they team up with Mrs. Claus (Who had escaped from the North Pole when Obama took over) to try and foil Obama’s plan, restore the real Santa Claus, and save Christmas.
    I’d say that could make for a good story.

  20. Fiberal says:

    Great clip Reaganite.

  21. FrankW says:

    Government, fridges, and diapers need to be cleaned out often, and generally for the same reason.
    Apologies to José Maria de Eça de Queiroz for butchering his quote.

  22. Fiberal says:

    I imagine that this will effectively amount to a national liberal campaign against Newt:

    But on second thought, it will more likely be a national campaign —inasmuch as the liberal dirt bags will be joining the dumb-as-dirt GOP in tearing down Newt.

    Of course the focus will have to be on what Newt has (mistakenly) supported out of office rather than on what he actually did in office.

    You know. Moosh up his record between his strongly conservative policies and his one-off (dumb) opinions expressed.

    That’s the ticket.

    That tactic has already proven to be a darn good, effective way to confuse conservatives about Newt.

    Romney is toast.

    Hello BO. Well, hello, BO. Its 2012 and you’re back in.

  23. Blarge says:

    Wow… your people are really showing your inner special exceptionalness now (ho ho ho! indeed) …just look at this… even y’all will have to admit there is now officially mental illness in Dixieland…

    “The Scottsdale Gun Club is inviting families and their children to pose for pictures with Santa Claus – and a high-powered firearm. The photos are $5 for club members and $10 for non-members. Their website states “Santa’s Back With His Bag Of Goodies. Get Your Holiday Picture With Santa & His Machine Guns!”

  24. Blarge says:

    Yup, the Taliban got nothing on the Batshitcrazy patrol. Baby Jesus will be a smiling down upon Dixie, now that he sees his humans are far better than their humans.

  25. JT says:

    Scottsdale isn’t Dixie asswipe.

  26. Hail The Amberlamps! says:

    Wisconsin & Comintern in Mourning Today as Svetlana Alliluyeva Stalina Laid to Rest:

  27. StanInTexas says:

    Blarge/Fez, thank you for so clearly expressing your hatred for our Constitutionally protected freedoms.

    You may go now!

  28. Blarge says:

    I think of Dixie as a state of mind… or more accurately, a lack of a state of mind.

    So all you have to do is use the word Freedom and your chest swells with pride-y-ness… is that it? Or is your penis that stands at attention when you think about flags and patriotic stuff?

    Better be careful.. that kind of patriotism made Newt want to have sexual intercourse with women other than his wife. Remember that little bit of mental diarrhea from his first 15 minutes of fame a few months ago?

    God you people certainly do provide the entertainment…!!! Fortunately, the next generation is going to laugh y’all out of existence… they’re for the most part not buying your shit.

    ATLANTA march 9, 2011– Newt Gingrich says his passion for his country contributed to his marital infidelity

  29. StanInTexas says:

    Blarge, the only ‘state’ your mind is in, is firmly up your own ass.

    How many times do you have to get kicked off of this site before you get a clue? Do you think you are impressing us with your faux cleverness or the crap you spew?

    Be gone troll, and PLEASE let the door hit you on your way out!

  30. Sinister66 says:


    Dixie would refer to the southern democrats and confederacy of the Civil War era.

  31. Sinister66 says:

    And possibly the ex-confederate soldiers that founded the KKK.

  32. Adam says:

    Blarge aka Fez aka Martijn the pedophile,
    You have shown YOU are the one whose “State of mind” is to be questioned. Your routine is too predictable for words, and it’s all on display here.
    1. Accusing us of bigotry even as you yourself wallow in your own massive hatred and bigotry against conservatives, Christians, people who happen to live in certain parts of the country, and people who are proud of our own country and its freedoms (Incidentally, the mere fact that you are a troll is all the more proof that you are the one filled with bigotry and always engaging in “Hatesturbating,” as you like to call it, as trolls are by their very nature motivated by hatred).
    2. Spewing every single ignorant stereotype you can think of about us, usually trying to portray every single one of us as dumb rednecks even though you do not know any of us.
    3. Finding random cases of weird things happening that you think can be attributed to the American right and claiming that all conservatives everywhere agree with them.
    4. Making random, out of nowhere references to male genitalia. You certainly seem to be fixated on it.
    5. Pitiful attempts at sarcastic humor that are about as funny as a train wreck.
    You are easily one of the most predictable trolls I have ever come across on any site I’ve ever frequented. Please, leave, and do not return to darken this site with your ignorance again.

  33. StanInTexas says:

    Sinister66 says: November 29, 2011 at 10:08 am
    And possibly the ex-confederate soldiers that founded the KKK.

    Hey, looks like the Internet Tough-Guy is back.

    Who kicked over your rock, S?

  34. JT says:

    Blarge says: ”I think of Dixie as a state of mind… or more accurately, a lack of a state of mind”

    Look who’s talking about “state of mind” or “lack of” the tinfoil hat wearing schizoid. LOL

  35. lao says:

    Sheriff Arpaio endorses Perry.

    Other Republican candidates breathe sighs of relief.

  36. StanInTexas says:

    Sheriff Joe Arpaio – Director of Homeland Security in the Perry Administration.

    I hope Perry also make Willie Nelson Director of the IRS.

  37. JT says:

    Lao Director of Douchebaggery.

  38. Sinister66 says:


    Hey groupie.
    Left town for the holiday and had better things to do then play on the internet. Tell your mom I said hi.

  39. StanInTexas says:

    Naw, you’ve just been too much of a pussy to post here, Internet tough-guy.

    But you’ll run away soon enough!


  40. wingmann says:

    “Chaz is a misogynist. He is a trans man who seems to believe that his female-assignedness and his female socialization makes him immune from being a misogynist, and he is manifestly wrong,” writes Beatty, who describes himself as “a gay trans man for whom both identities are equally important, a white anti-racist, a feminist, and a poet.”

    It’s hard to believe that there could be so much sickness and perversion contained in just 2 short sentences…

    Is it me or is being transgender,going from female-to-male,misogynistic by default?

  41. wingmann says:

    It’s Official: Obama Is Now The Worst American President As His Approval Rating Plunges Far Below Carter’s

  42. wingmann says:

    ex-boyfriend tatts new obama logo on cheating girlfriends back.

  43. Bob Roberts says:

    Blarge is a lunatic who doesn’t even check his own links:

    Blarge says: November 29, 2011 at 6:20 am
    Yup, the Taliban got nothing on the Batshitcrazy patrol. Baby Jesus will be a smiling down upon Dixie, now that he sees his humans are far better than their humans.

    How does a news story from ENGLAND have anything to do with Dixie again?

    England has prejudiced people? That surprises you? Is that the link? Democrats are the most prejudiced people I know. And you, obsessed with race, ethnicity, fit right in with them!

  44. Bob Roberts says:

    Sheriff Arpaio endorses Perry.

    And lao thinks that will bring him down? Only in the twisted alternate universe where lao and his ilk spend most of their time.

  45. Bob Roberts says:

    Unfortunately, one thing that is undeniable is the sad state of several of the Republican candidates.

    I could almost get behind Ron Paul if it weren’t for his one or two fatal flaws, because in MOST areas he scores highly.

    Cain, though the first complaints were completely ridiculous and hilarious, now may be up against one that will get some traction. As with Bill Clinton, the left SHOULD be saying, “so what”, but of course, now it’s a claim against a black conservative, so suddenly two adults allegedly having an “illicit” relationship suddenly matters again. Cain had some other issues but the prospect of splitting the black vote was quite appealing and it’s too bad he may now be deciding it’s time to fold under the pressure. Time will tell.

    Perry… don’t really need to point out his flaws. He had good characteristics too.

    Romney, other than apparently being the media’s choice and that of the so-called ‘establishment’ Republicans, really was my last choice, behind Cain, Paul, Perry, Bachmann and even behind any other person who might have jumped in at a later date. I don’t know, maybe he was tied with the likes of Huntsman, Santorum and some of the other long-shot losers who figured Obama was weak enough to warrant testing the waters. Oh, and I left out Newt – not for any particular reason, but because I’m just disgusted that he might turn out to be the best the Right has to offer this year.

    Of course, lao will be as giddy as a little girl over me saying this because he misses the key point:

    As bad as this field of Republicans is, they’re light years better than anything the Democrats have to offer.

  46. Bob Roberts says:

    And don’t forget, barring some miracle, any one of the Republicans running should have a pretty easy time beating Barry O.

  47. Sinister66 says:

    StanInTexas says:
    November 29, 2011 at 1:39 pm

    “Naw, you’ve just been too much of a pussy to post here, Internet tough-guy.

    But you’ll run away soon enough!


    Whatever you need to tell yourself to sleep at night. But you have yourself a good afternoon little buddy and we will see whats new on here tomorrow.

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