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Nov 10 2017

Open Thread

Man is a rational animal. He can think up a reason for anything he wants to believe. - Anatole France

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  1. Feet2Fire says:

    Good quote, Dave.

    For MB readers, please share this info with any Vets in your family/circle:


    Click link below to find a restaurant near you that will provide free meals/etc. for Veterans’ Day.

    Now updated for Veterans Day 2017!

    Here is your guide to all the great Veterans Day free meals! We thank you for your service. Below are all the popular restaurants and other retailers that are giving away free meals, discounts, and other freebies to veterans on Veterans Day (Saturday, November 11, 2017).

    If you’re not seeing your favorite restaurant from last year, they may still be participating but haven’t gotten back to me with their 2017 information. This list is updated many times a day, so keep checking back for more information.

  2. Bodhisattva says:

    Ed Henry on Moore accusations: I’m not buying it

    State Rep. Ed Henry lashed out at Roy Moore’s accusers and Republicans who said the U.S. Senate candidate should back out of the special election in an interview Thursday evening with The Times.

    Henry, R-Hartselle, who represents a portion of Cullman County, said he suspects the timing of the stories told by five women about Moore’s alleged sexual advancements 40 years ago, as told to The Washington Post, are politically motivated as the Dec. 12 special election nears. Moore will face Democrat Doug Jones, a former U.S. attorney.

    “The idea that accusations like this would stop his campaign is ludicrous. If this was a habit, like you’ve read with Bill Cosby and millions of dollars paid to settle cases and years of witnesses, that would be one thing,” Henry said. “You cannot tell me there hasn’t been an opportunity through the years to make these accusations with as many times as he’s (Moore) run (for office) and been in the news.

    Henry said he believes legal action should be considered against Moore’s accusers, finding their story unbelievable.

    “If they believe this man is predatory, they are guilty of allowing him to exist for 40 years. I think someone should prosecute and go after them. You can’t be a victim 40 years later, in my opinion,” Henry said.

    The Alabama lawmaker said Moore is a threat to “establishment” lawmakers on the national level, including in the Republican Party.

    “(Senate Majority Leader Mitch) McConnell and (Arizona Sen.) John McCain, what they said about Moore ending his campaign just really gets to me. They are two of the biggest goobers we have in Washington D.C.,” Henry said. “Even (U.S. Sen. Richard) Shelby was a coward with his comments. He’s not going to like Roy Moore because Shelby was a Democrat for a long time. Everyone close to the establishment is going to love this.”

    Henry said he believes Moore’s accusers have been stoked by the Democratic Party and may be paid money eventually for their actions.

    “I’m not buying it,” Henry said. “It’s too easy for someone to make these accusations. It’s foolish to go down that road, it’s like what if a frog had wings, he wouldn’t bump his ass every time he jumps.”

  3. Bodhisattva says:

    L.A. Writer Says Richard Dreyfuss Sexually Harassed and Exposed Himself to Her in the 1980s

    My response: TOUGH LUCK, should have spoken up then.

    And not only that – Tia Carerra is claiming it was “sexual harassment” when Steven Segal met with her about a part and told her nudity would be required for the role, she declined, and that was that. How is that “sexual harassment”?

  4. Bodhisattva says:

    OK, the question here is who paid for it?

    It wasn’t “antifa” – those dirtbag fascists hardly have two quarters to rub together.

    And this seems like a great time to take the NYT down for colluding with a group who’s intent was to bring down the duly elected government of the U.S.

    Aren’t there some pretty serious laws against doing that?

  5. Bodhisattva says:

    Strange account – overdose by casual contact, apparently:–law/fairborn-paramedic-overdoses-driving-patient-hospital/7c4RC1Orm0h6gsx9ouyvrJ/

    Fairborn paramedic overdoses driving OD patient to hospital

    The full details of what happened at Soin remain unclear, including an apparent incident involving the hospital’s staff.

    Reichert said once fire department personnel arrived at the hospital “it was determined that we needed to ramp up our decontamination process” after he said an additional six firefighters had to be decontaminated using showers.

    Reichert also referenced something that “happened with Soin Hospital and Soin Hospital staff,” but neither he nor other city officials would elaborate.

    Ohio Attorney Gen. Mike DeWine feared just such an incident in July 2016 and issued two bulletins within a week warning agencies to take precautions against coming into contact with drugs, including foregoing field testing of evidence.

    One of DeWine’s alerts was for the drug carfentanil, used to sedate elephants and other large animals. A small quantity of these powerful drugs absorbed through the skin or inhaled by a human can lead to overdose and death.

    An eastern Ohio police officer overdosed in May and was revived with four doses of Narcan after he came into contact with suspected fentanyl during a traffic stop.

    “None of our guys and gals think when they come to work that they may die of a drug overdose,” Reichert said.

  6. Bodhisattva says:

    Did you hear what “global warming” has gone and caused now?

    According to the Washington Post’s Capital Weather Gang blog, there’s a chance that some record low temperatures could be set or tied on Friday night. For example, if National Airport reaches 26 degrees or lower Saturday morning, “it would rank among the top 10 coldest temperatures so early in the season in recorded history.”

    The Arctic blast is likely to trigger lake effect snow squalls across the Great Lakes, as cold, dry air blows across comparatively mild waters, picking up moisture along the way and dumping it in the form of narrow bands of heavy snow across parts of upstate New York, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Michigan, among other areas.

  7. Bodhisattva says:

    The quote on this thread ties in so nicely with the Roy Moore FAKE CHARGES of sexual harassment and involvement with underage girls that supposedly happened 40 years ago.

    So many people want to believe such nonsense, which is why these FAKE CHARGES were concocted in the first place.

  8. Bodhisattva says:

    What if the video is a fake and the person doing the abuse is a PETA plant? What if he (and his cohorts in this) got hired there with the specific plan of making this video to adversely affect the particular dairy and the industry as a whole?

    An undercover video that purports to show workers kicking cows in the head and hitting them with metal rods has prompted authorities to open a criminal investigation at one of Florida’s largest dairy farms.

  9. Bodhisattva says:

    It looks like Russia scandals are at least being investigated with respect to John and Tony Podesta – about time! Now on to the Clintons, the DNC and even Emperor Obama himself.

  10. Bodhisattva says:

    In a sense it’s good to see liberals self-destructing while being exposed of hypocrisy, but it’s sad this sort of thing was allowed, BY LIBERALS, to go on for too long:

    3 More Women Accuse ‘Atomic Blonde’ Producer David Guillod of Rape: ‘I Was Covered in Blood’

  11. Bodhisattva says:

    If you’re thinking of heading to Europe in the next short while, might want to reconsider:

    They say “Russia” but apparently, or at least early reports say, it might be one of the former soviet states, Kazakhstan, not Russia.

    Nuke fallout ALERT as Russian RADIOACTIVE LEAK sweeps across Europe
    A NUCLEAR disaster in Russia has sent a radioactive cloud across Europe, experts have warned.

    The pollution recorded indicates that an accident happened in a nuclear facility in Russia, or just over the border in Kazakhstan, in the last week of September.

    This comes just a week after the UK was struck by “radiation fog” with the Met Office issuing an alert.

    Nuclear radiation fears are also being caused by North Korea with their testing of the hydrogen bomb and missiles.

    French nuclear safety institute IRSN made the terrifying warning yesterday.

    Also if it is Kazakhstan there’s this:

    Muslim 70.2%

  12. Bodhisattva says:

    This Writer Says Rolling Stone Founder Jann Wenner Offered Him Work In Exchange For Sex
    Ben Ryan says the offer was made in the publisher’s Upper West Side townhouse on Aug. 11, 2005. “There was that moment where it’s like time stood still,” he recalled. “But that’s not me. I would never do that.”

    When Ben Ryan, a 27-year-old writer for a little-known magazine, was contacted by Jann Wenner, one of the most powerful figures in magazine publishing, the young man leapt at the chance to come in and pitch some freelance stories.

    It felt like his big break — “the beginning of the end of waiting for something to happen professionally,” he remembers telling his father.

    “I felt like this was the beginning of me making it,” Ryan said. “That’s how naïve I was at the time.”

    That was 2005. Ryan, now 39, says he’s not naïve any more: The invitation that started with such high expectations ended, he told BuzzFeed News, with an offer of career advancement in exchange for sex.

    Sitting in Wenner’s corner office, Ryan did his best “to seem incredibly knowledgeable and professional,” while Wenner leaned back with his feet on the table. Ryan left with an assignment for Men’s Journal.

    Ryan said Wenner called now and then to check in, then again one evening with an invitation to his Upper West Side townhouse.

    The publisher greeted his guest, fixed him a drink — “like a sidecar; one of those old, fancy, mid-century lowball glasses,” Ryan recently recalled — and sat with him on a couch. Wenner had been out as gay for 10 years by that point, and Ryan said he was aware that he might have expectations, but the young writer figured he could hold the line. Then suddenly, said Ryan, his host pounced.

    “I had Jann Wenner’s tongue in my mouth,” Ryan said. “I went along for a second but then said something to the effect of ‘Oh please, I’m not that kind of girl.’”

    Feeling “totally grossed out,” he said, he remarked that his psychiatrist had predicted that would happen.

    At the suggestion that anyone else might know about their encounter, Ryan said, “It was like the entire temperature of the room changed in a flash.” Wenner “got very upset and was pseudo-threatening of how bad it could be if this got out.”

    Ryan recalls feeling terrified. “All of a sudden I was the bad guy and I felt like I was in the hot seat and being grilled.”

    He got up to leave. He was in the foyer, he said, when Wenner made him an offer: Stay, and I’ll give you a writing contract.

    He keeps longhand journals in blue chemistry notebooks with numbered pages. His entry from that night, written in blue ink, reads:

    Thursday, August 11, 2005. Last night Jann Wenner asked me to come to his townhouse for a drink at 10:30 p.m. I knew this would happen sooner or later, I just didn’t think he’d take such a direct approach. It was the most pure form of sexual harassment: he pawed and groped and I insisted no but he persisted promising me a “25 article contract” in the most disingenuous voice. “Preferential treatment.” I was forced to kiss him. His mouth was dry and he was a serpent-like kisser, lashing with his tongue. After 90 minutes I left dignity relatively intact.
    Ryan’s boyfriend at the time, James Harris, lived near Wenner’s townhouse, and Ryan went right over. Harris confirmed to BuzzFeed News that Ryan told him Wenner had made a pass and offered a contract in exchange for sex. Three other people said Ryan told them the same thing — including a childhood friend whom he told at around the time of the incident, and two other longtime friends, one in Seattle and one in New York, whom he told in subsequent years.

    In a short statement to BuzzFeed News, Wenner acknowledged the encounter but described it differently: “I met him twelve years ago and did flirt with him. There was no quid pro quo. He refused my advances, but still went on to have his assignment from Men’s Journal published.”

  13. Bodhisattva says:

    Yes, this is being hyped like you wouldn’t believe… but people are in fact dying, just not at the rates it seems the articles are suggesting:

    New country on alert as plague outbreak threatens to SPREAD
    MALAWI has been put on high alert as the devastating plague outbreak in Madagascar continues to escalate.

    As others have pointed out there’s a simple treatment that can help with this – it’s just it is not available globally.

    Well at least the moonbats are getting their way – the carbon footprint of the human race is being reduced – one plague victim at a time!

  14. Bodhisattva says:

    Yes, this is being hyped like you wouldn’t believe… but people are in fact dying, just not at the rates it seems the articles are suggesting:

    New country on alert as plague outbreak threatens to SPREAD
    MALAWI has been put on high alert as the devastating plague outbreak in Madagascar continues to escalate.

    Nine surrounding African countries were previously told to brace for the disease.

    They include South Africa, Mozambique, Tanzania Kenya, Ethiopia, Comoros, the Seychelles, Mauritius and Reunion.

    As others have pointed out there’s a simple treatment that can help with this – it’s just it is not available globally.

    Well at least the moonbats are getting their way – the carbon footprint of the human race is being reduced – one plague victim at a time! And look! It’s a politically preferred pigmentation! Jolly good of them to step up and help Obama achieve his goals!

    And gee, thank GOD Obama isn’t in office or he’d be importing them here as he did when there was an outbreak of EBOLA in Africa.

    Here’s a map of AFRICA showing the affected areas , more or less filled in BLACK, for BLACK DEATH – generally eastern Africa and islands nearby.

  15. Bodhisattva says:

    Does anyone know what the “27 club” is and why it might just as well be named the “25 club” or the “32 club”?

  16. Feet2Fire says:

    Was just reading yesterday about that microbiologist KILLER (Wyndham Lathem) in Chicago and his connection to the Black Death in Africa. Gives one cause for pause, to think that psychos like him are messing around with deadly viruses!

    Read more here:

    Photo of the psycho(s):×394

    There are videos on youtube of Lathem giving lectures about the Plague disease; he had recently “visited” afflicted areas in Africa…

  17. KirklesWorth says:

    I never heard of it before. Wikipedia says it is a “notional roll of remembrance, celebrating popular musicians who died at the age of twenty-seven”. Sounds like age discrimination to me…

  18. KirklesWorth says:

    It’s getting to the point where you need a scorecard for these sex scandals. Ironic when the liberal Independent publishes several of these scandals and then complains:

    Independent: Thanks to Roy Moore and other scandals, Donald Trump is no longer the focus of attention in Asia


    Independent: ER star Anthony Edwards accuses producer Gary Goddard of sexually abusing him ‘for years’ as a child
    The Blaze: Former male model accuses actor and LGBT advocate, George Takei, of sexual misconduct
    Independent: Don’t think this is the end of Kevin Spacey – if history teaches us anything, it’s that Hollywood forgives
    Independent: Mad Men creator Matthew Weiner accused of sexual harassment by Emmy award-winning co-writer
    Independent: Edie Campbell slams fashion industry for model abuse in open letter
    Gateway Pundit: Hell Freezes Over=> MSNBC Host Calls Out Bill Clinton For His Sexual Assault Allegations
    Independent: Hope Solo accuses Sepp Blatter of sexual assault at Ballon d’Or awards ceremony
    Independent: Ellen Page accuses Brett Ratner of ‘homophobic and abusive behaviour’ on X-Men set
    Time: FX Cuts Ties With Louis C.K. Following Sexual Misconduct Admission
    Federalist: Mary Katharine Ham: Media Covered Up Sexual Assault To Score Points For The Left
    CNN: Aly Raisman: I was sexually abused
    USA Today: Days after his son’s sexual assault reveal, Richard Dreyfuss denies harassing L.A. writer
    Daily Caller: Rolling Stone Publisher Accused Of Homosexual Harassment
    The Blaze: Another Olympic gold medalist comes forward alleging sexual abuse by national team’s doctor
    Daily Caller: Jenny McCarthy Resurfaces Sexual Harassment Claims Against Steven Seagal
    Fox News: Corey Haim’s mother tells Dr. Oz Charlie Sheen didn’t abuse her son
    New York Post: Corey Feldman returning to ‘Dr. Oz’ to reveal more abuse details

  19. Eddie_Valiant says:

    The antifa types at the world’s favorite search engine, Google, actually gave some honor to our veterans in their daily doodle

    Even Youtube (a Google property) got into it

  20. physicsnut says:

    SWAMP and JOURN-O-LISTS colluding for dirty tricks

    hope voters see thru it – it will be a GREAT DEFEAT FOR THE SWAMP
    look – everybody knew about WEINSTEIN and CLINTON
    Even the Bimbo Eruption squad could not hide it.
    But there is no ‘everybody knew’ regarding Roy Moore.
    What we DO know is his standing for the Ten Commandments
    which proves that he has principles

    — who ever heard of running 17 articles re Moore, this friday morning ??? smells FISHY.
    — MediaIte hates the Ten Commandments . THE SWAMP GETS ASSISTANCE FROM THE HARD LEFT
    — WNYC keeps insinuating moral equivalence with weinstein – typical lib tactic

    — gee – mediamatters has only 5 ???


  21. Anonymous says:

    Ah, the Leftists’ “narrative”… especially if they buy it themselves:

  22. Taters says:

    “I smell a Rat and something is really fishy”!

    Mark Levin asked his audience how WaPo knew there were four women and how to contact them. A WaPo reporter happens to be in Alabama talking to Roy Moore supporters, happens to hear something no one has reported in 38 years even while Moore was running for office – he was dating teen girls, underage girls? Four of them. ?? ( Please read the article)……. .

  23. Bodhisattva says:

    Every time I hear some moonbat demanding civility I recall one of the many instances of them being anything but civil, like this one – and the irony here is he said this to FELLOW MOONBATS:

    California Gov. Jerry Brown to protesters during climate speech: ‘Let’s put you in the ground’.

    Let’s put you in the ground so we can get on with the show here,” Brown, a Democrat, responded to protesters Saturday yelling as they chanted about fighting pollution and keeping oil in the ground.

    Brown was speaking at the U.S. Climate Action Pavilion on behalf of “America’s Pledge,” which brings together leaders from both the private and public sector to ensure America remains dedicated to the climate goals of the Paris Agreement.

  24. Bodhisattva says:

    OH MY!

    George Takei Accused of Sexually Assaulting Former Model in 1981

    A former model and actor is accusing Star Trek icon George Takei of sexual assault in 1981. The accuser, Scott R. Brunton, who was 23 at the time of the alleged incident, claims that Takei took advantage of him when he was most vulnerable.

    “This happened a long time ago, but I have never forgotten it,” Brunton tells The Hollywood Reporter in an interview. “It is one of those stories you tell with a group of people when people are recounting bizarre instances in their lives, this always comes up. I have been telling it for years, but I am suddenly very nervous telling it.”

    Brunton says he was living in Hollywood in 1981, working as a waiter and beginning a career as a commercial actor and model when he met a 43- or 44-year-old Takei one evening at Greg’s Blue Dot bar. The men exchanged numbers and would call one another from time to time as well as run into each other at clubs, Brunton says. When Brunton broke up with his then-boyfriend, he spoke with Takei. “He said, ‘Let me know what your new number is’ and I did. And not long after we broke up and I moved out, George called me,” Brunton recalls.

    Takei, as Brunton tells it, invited him to dinner and the theater. “He was very good at consoling me and understanding that I was upset and still in love with my boyfriend,” Brunton says. “He was a great ear. He was very good about me spilling my heart on my sleeve.”

    The two men went back to the actor’s condo for a drink the same night. “We have the drink and he asks if I would like another,” Brunton recalls. “And I said sure. So, I have the second one, and then all of a sudden, I begin feeling very disoriented and dizzy, and I thought I was going to pass out. I said I need to sit down and he said sit over here and he had the giant yellow beanbag chair. So I sat down in that and leaned my head back and I must have passed out.”

  25. Bodhisattva says:


    Arctic Cold Setting Dozens of Daily Records in the Northeast, Midwest Through Veterans Day

    An arctic blast will leave its biggest mark on the Northeast and Midwest through Veterans Day.
    Many cities in the Midwest and Northeast are experiencing the coldest temperatures so far this season.
    Dozens of daily record lows have already been tied or set.

  26. Bodhisattva says:

    Not a good time to go to Disneyland:

    Disneyland shuts down 2 cooling towers after Legionnaires’ disease sickens park visitors

    Disneyland has shut down two bacteria-contaminated cooling towers after Orange County health officials discovered several cases of Legionnaires’ disease in people who had visited the Anaheim theme park, authorities said.

    The 12 cases of the bacteria-caused illness were discovered about three weeks ago among people who had spent time in Anaheim and included nine people who had visited Disneyland Park in September before developing the illness, according to the Orange County Health Care Agency. Their ages ranged from 52 to 94.

  27. Bodhisattva says:

    Can you guess the politically preferred pigmentation of the guy who admits he made a pipe bomb to use against a neighbor to settle a dispute?

    An air traffic controller at Charlotte Douglas International Airport was one of two men arrested Friday after investigators alleged he was in possession of a weapon of mass destruction.

    According to the Federal Bureau of Investigation, 30-year-old Paul George Dandan was charged with possession of a weapon of mass destruction. He is currently being held in the Mecklenburg County Jail under a $45,000 bond. The FBI said they are assisting Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police with their investigation and that they don’t anticipate federal charges to be filed against Dandan at this time.

    Detectives learned that 39-year-old Derrick Fells build the explosive device. He admitted to detectives that he made the bomb in order to use it against a neighbor. Investigators allege that Fells changed his mind and gave away the bomb to Dandan. According to CMPD, Charlotte Douglas Airport said Dandan, who was an air traffic controller, only had access to the offsite air traffic control tower and could not access any restricted areas of the terminal or ramp.

  28. Bodhisattva says:

    The farce the Democrats continue to peddle is affecting millions adversely and could wind up resulting in a nuclear attack by North Korea on the U.S.:

    Putin DENIED meddling in the 2016 election and was ‘insulted’ by questions about ‘Democratic hit-job’ that’s stopping Russia from helping de-fang North Korea and affecting ‘millions of lives’
    The presidents held private talks on sidelines of economic summit in Vietnam
    Trump asked Putin if he meddled in the US election and Russian leader denied it
    US leader said: ‘He said he didn’t meddle. You can only ask so many times’

    Trump called questions about his campaign’s alleged collusion with Moscow an ‘artificial Democratic hit job’ that ‘gets in the way’ of international diplomacy and serves as a ‘artificial barrier’ to cooperation ‘put into place by the Democrats.’
    He said ‘people will die because of it’ as tense U.S.-Russia relations make it more difficult to cajole Putin into helping derail North Korea’s nuclear weapons ambitions.
    ‘I call it the “artificial Democrat barrier.” It gets in the way, which is a shame,’ he said.
    The presidents had ‘two or three very short conversations’ during the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation summit in Da Nang, Vietnam, Trump told reporters aboard Air Force One en route to Hanoi.
    Trump hinted that he thinks Putin was being sincere when he ‘very strongly’ denied the accusation.
    ‘Every time he sees me he says, “I didn’t do that,” and I believe, I really believe that when he tells me that, he means it,’ the president said. ‘But he says, “I didn’t do that.” I think he’s very insulted by it, if you want to know the truth.
    ‘Don’t forget, all he said is he never did that, he didn’t do that. I think he’s very insulted by it, which is not a good thing for our country,’ Trump added.

    The moonbats in our intelligence agencies may say otherwise, but I believe what the Obama administration said before they left office: Despite apparent attempts to probe our election systems that appeared to originate in Russia, the Russians had NO EFFECT on the outcome.

  29. Bodhisattva says:

    Apparently several people in artistic fields, not just music, tend to die around age 27… and also age 25 and 32. In fact throughout the 20s and 30s, but there are slight clusters at those three ages.

  30. Bodhisattva says:

    A Shadow Delegation of Moonbats, Living in an Alternate Reality, Stalks the Official U.S. Team at Climate Talks

    The office of the official American delegation at the international climate talks here is almost always closed. A sign taped to the door informs the curious that entry is for authorized staff members only.

    But there’s another group of Americans who are happy to be found. They are gathered in a nearly 27,000-square-foot inflatable tent adorned with American flags and red, white and blue signs proclaiming that states, cities and businesses are “still in” the Paris agreement, despite President Trump’s vow to leave it.

    The alternate American pavilion, with its free espresso truck, tins of themed M&M’s and wireless internet that tells new users “the U.S. has not gone dark on climate action,” has rapidly become a hub of activity at the United Nations global warming negotiations taking place this week. On Saturday, a line of people waited in the rain to hear Michael R. Bloomberg, the former mayor of New York, Gov. Jerry Brown of California and a handful of United States senators, all Democrats, declare that much of America remains committed to reducing planet-warming carbon dioxide emissions.

    “We’re in,” said Mr. Bloomberg, who put more than $1 million toward funding the pavilion, according to his office. “Just because the federal government has chosen not to participate,” he added in an interview, “the American public represented by its elected officials at other levels, by corporations, by universities, we understand that there’s a problem and we have to help solve that problem if we’re going to have a future in this world.”

    Nearly everything they say about this IS A LIE OR A LOGICAL FALLACY. Here’s an example:

    “There’s a debate in the United States between the denialists who pooh-pooh any thought about climate change and the catastrophic dangers it portends, and those who agree with the scientific academies of every country in the world that we’re facing an existential threat and we have to do something about it,” Governor Brown said Saturday.

    First of all, those who have not fallen for the farce of AGW are not ‘denialists’, they’re climate realists. The denialists are those who deny the FACT that forces much greater than those humans are capable of producing are what control our weather, temperature and climate trends.

    Second, I don’t know of ANYONE who “denies” climate change is real AND inevitable. Plus they also admit we have to deal with it. But not by engaging in this foolishness about carbon, which has nothing to do with it.

    Third, the appeal to authority – the nonsense about “scientific academies” which are LOBBYING ORGANIZATIONS, POLITICAL ORGANIZATIONS, run by people who couldn’t cut it in real science, so they turned to politics instead. THEY DO ALL AGREE, because that’s the key to getting more attention, more power, more money.

    Fourth, the primary “existential threat” we face isn’t ‘climate change’, though that is a legitimate issue when you leave out the “anthropogenic” part. Our biggest potential existential threat is an impact event, the possibility of a strike by an asteroid or comet.

    The more we focus on carbon the less we will be ready to deal with an impact event and it’s aftermath.

  31. Bodhisattva says:

    Socialism in general has a record of failure so blatant that only an intellectual could ignore or evade it. Thomas Sowell

    Socialism finds comrades among US millennials

    While working as an electrician Lee Carter received a literal shock, through one hand and across the chest, that jolted him into politics and turned him on to what was a dirty word in America for nearly a century: socialism.

    His struggle to obtain compensation for the workplace injury inspired him to run for office, and this week Carter ousted a top Republican incumbent to nab a spot in Virginia’s House of Delegates, becoming one of over a dozen unabashed socialists newly elected to US state and municipal seats one year after Donald Trump took the White House.

    The 31-year-old former Marine is part of a growing cadre of Americans, particularly millennials, pledging their allegiance to the Democratic Socialists of America, the nation’s fastest growing leftist group that was originally founded in 1982 as a foothold for Marxists.

    Riding the wave of democratic socialist Bernie Sanders’s spirited White House bid against primary rival Hillary Clinton, the organization is helping propel socialism out of the shadows.

    In the years prior to the Sanders campaign, the DSA’s number of card-carrying members hovered around 6,500 — and has nearly quintupled since 2016’s presidential race to more than 30,000.

    Its median age has dropped from about 60 to 35, according to organizers, some of whom have playfully referred to the surge among youth as a “socialist baby boom.”

    Dismayed by Trump’s rise to power Jacquelyn Smith in January joined the DSA, which has chapters in nearly every US state. And at just 22 years old, she managed Carter’s victorious campaign.

    Organizing as a DSA member means “I am challenging the root of the problem and not the symptoms,” she told AFP, speaking at a recent convention of the organization’s local Washington branch.

    “I focus a lot less on challenging Trump and a lot more on challenging why he got there in the first place,” she said, citing forces including economic inequality and white supremacist movements.

    Today Smith said millennials — a generation that grew up during the 2008 financial crisis — are eager for socialism, to “embrace the ideology and really fight with it publicly.”

  32. Anonymous says:

    Da, comrade, Common Core is most effective at shaping Millennials, no?

  33. Frieda says:

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  35. Bodhisattva says:

    Common core… and the unfortunate fact teachers tend to be liberals. No wonder home schooling is becoming more popular every day.

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