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Nov 22 2017

Open Thread

Thanksgiving is a typically American holiday...The lavish meal is a symbol of the fact that abundant consumption is the result and reward of production. - Ayn Rand

30 Responses to “Open Thread”

  1. Bodhisattva says:

    The “lavish meal” is a reminder of how fortunate we are and how our hard work and dedication produce results.

    Happy Thanksgiving everyone.

  2. Bodhisattva says:

    Sign “the big one” is imminent? Or could it be that the small quakes are releasing the energy that WOULD have caused it?

    Is California about to be hit by the ‘Big One’? Fears of a massive earthquake rise after 134 mini-tremors rattle the San Andreas fault in just one week
    The earthquakes hammered a 3-mile stretch of the San Andreas fault
    Seventeen were stronger than 2.5 magnitude and six were stronger than 3.0
    It follows a string of ten tremors that struck Monterey County last week
    The largest, a 4.6-magnitude quake, was felt in San Francisco 90 miles away

    I don’t wish ill on anyone, but if indeed a big quake is about to hit there you know those primarily affected will be the moonbats who vote for the nonsense that is wrecking both this state and the nation.

    That’s an observation, not a hope.

  3. Bodhisattva says:

    US southwest sizzles as experts predict record Thanksgiving

    The southwestern United States was gripped by a heat wave on Wednesday as experts warned of temperatures that would smash century-old records over the Thanksgiving weekend.

    And the northeast reported record cold.

    Weather, not climate, though the world is (hopefully) warming – without humans contributing substantially to that warming – because the alternative is cooling. You see, contrary to what moobats believe, there is no “balance”. Climate is the result of a state of constant UNBALANCE. Climate always changes. You can’t stop climate change. It’s inevitable. And accept it or not, extreme cold is worse than extreme warmth.

  4. Bodhisattva says:

    Seattle’s income tax on the wealthy is illegal, judge rules

    As are most of the dumb ideas moobats dream up.

  5. Bodhisattva says:

    The predictable result of Obama’s policy of importing illegal alien unaccompanied juveniles:

    As many as 10 members of the gang MS-13 stabbed a man more than 100 times in a Maryland park, ripped out his heart and buried him, officials say.

    Lopez-Abrego helped dig a grave for the victim and used a walkie-talkie to tell the other gang members when the victim had arrived, the informant told police.
    Then, the gang members choked him, stabbed him more than 100 times, decapitated him and dismembered him, the informant said. They ripped his heart from his chest and threw it into the grave they dug for him.

  6. Angel says:

    I’m ready for a big Thanksgiving dinner. This year, the theme is “Southern cooking”. I am really getting to be a fan of collard greens.

  7. Bodhisattva says:

    Will the same standard be applied to Franken as is being applied to Moore?

    Two More Women Accuse Sen. Al Franken Of Inappropriate Touching
    One woman told HuffPost that Franken had grabbed her backside at an event honoring women.

  8. Bodhisattva says:

    Did he also say he’d bet on Hillary winning?

    Jamie Dimon says he would bet on Trump being a one-term president

    Typical of the nonsense you hear with MSNBC.

  9. Bodhisattva says:

    ‘American mercenaries are torturing’ Saudi elite rounded up by new crown prince – and billionaire Prince Alwaleed was hung upside down ‘just to send a message’
    Source in Saudi Arabia says American private security contractors are carrying out’interrogations’ on princes and billionaires arrested in crackdown
    Detained members of Saudi elite have been hung by their feet and beaten by interrogates, source says
    Among those hung upside down are Prince Alwaleed bin Talal, an investor worth at least $7 billion who is being held at Riyadh’s Ritz Carlton
    Arrests were ordered three weeks ago by Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman
    Source claims mercenaries are from ‘Blackwater’, a claim also made by Lebanese president
    But its successor firm denies it has any operations in Saudi Arabia whatsoever and says its staff abide by U.S. law
    Americans who commit torture abroad can be jailed for up to 20 years

  10. Bodhisattva says:

    All because some decided to disrespect our flag and anthem due to false claims of racism:

    The NFL ratings slump is getting worse

    The NFL is banned from my house… and I don’t know when, or if, I will change that.

  11. Bodhisattva says:

    And was his apartment government subsidized?

    Police in Massachusetts have arrested two men they say ran a prostitution ring out of an apartment at a senior living facility.

    Authorities say Lambach recruited drug addicts from Pittsfield, took photos of them, and posted ads on adult websites. Police say he scheduled and drove them to and from meetings with men, kept most of the proceeds, and paid the women in drugs.

    Police say Van Wert used his apartment at a senior living facility as a place to conduct the prostitution.

  12. Bodhisattva says:

    What’s taking so long?

    Pressure mounts to unmask Hill harassers
    Lawmakers in both parties say members of Congress shouldn’t be allowed to use taxpayer money to settle harassment claims without being named.

    I’ll go further than that. Any member of Congress, or for that matter anyone in any government job, who uses their position to take advantage of someone else should be fired/kicked out of office and be ineligible for any government position, elected or not.

  13. Bodhisattva says:

    FYI Vice media is a moonbat operation.

    As allegations of sexual misconduct pile up in the worlds of media, entertainment and politics, the Brooklyn-based company — a multimedia juggernaut eying an IPO — appears to be staring down an inevitable reckoning.
    Last week may have offered a preview of what’s to come. A piece published by the Daily Beast examined Vice’s “sexual-harassment culture,” and implicated a high-profile producer at the company.

  14. Bodhisattva says:

    This is a real “WE TOLD YOU SO” moment.

    The Clinton White House doubled down on ‘abusive behavior’ and it’s fair to criticize Hillary Clinton

    s a wave of stories unfold about sexual harassment and assault by men in power, a senior Democratic leader says her party should reflect on how it handled such charges when they were leveled against former President Bill Clinton.

    “Not only did people look the other way, but they went after the women who came forward and accused him,” says Kathleen Sebelius, the former secretary of Health and Human Services and Kansas governor. “And so it doubled down on not only bad behavior but abusive behavior. And then people attacked the victims.”
    Sebelius extended her criticism to Hillary Clinton, and the Clinton White House for what she called a strategy of dismissing and besmirching the women who stepped forward—a pattern she said is being repeated today by alleged perpetrators of sexual assault—saying that the criticism of the former first lady and Secretary of State was “absolutely” fair. Sebelius noted that the Clinton Administration’s response was being imitated, adding that “you can watch that same pattern repeat, It needs to end. It needs to be over.”

  15. Bodhisattva says:

    Why we urgently need robust boost-phase nuclear deterrent:

    China unveils 19,030mph HYPERSONIC scattergun nuke to strike ‘ANYWHERE in world’
    CHINA has revealed its next generation of nuclear weapon capable of striking “anywhere in the world”, state media reports.

  16. Bodhisattva says:

    Clown Faces Sex Raps For Haunted House Groping

    Not really… but you thought, for a second… just maybe?

    The story is true, it’s just not Schumer.

  17. itsatax says:

    45 Harrisburg teachers quit due to violent students. Elementary teachers. I live in a town near Harrisburg, and it’s not much better. Our 2nd grader casually mentioned that the “cops” were in her classroom almost every day. Plenty of bad kids, but one student in particular would throw violent tantrums daily. The pregnant 4’11” teacher couldn’t handle him. They have two security guards on duty every day. Outsiders might think they’re for intruders, but they’re mostly for unruly “parents” and feral kids.

  18. Mack says:

    And that’s what The People, bless them, voted for. And now they complain that their actions – usually inactions – have consequences, and blame the teachers.

  19. itsatax says:

    Yeah, and the school board is angry that the teachers didn’t help them cover it up: “The school district responded by saying that it is ‘unfortunate that our
    teacher organization has chosen to engage in public discourse opposed
    to factual and substantive discussions.'”

    There’s a grammatical error in the district statement. lol.

  20. Frank says:

    Chuck Tumor: the perfect liberal male. Nasty Pelosi: the perfect liberal female! How fortunate America is to have them make laws for the rest of us!

  21. MAS says:

    Cracklins, pork belly breaded (flour salt and pepper) and deep fried! You can feel your heart strain while eating (preferably while still warm)…

  22. MAS says:

    Ahh Aztec style cultural enrichment…

  23. MAS says:

    Happy thanksgiving y’all from the MAS family at the coast. Leftists everywhere but crashing surf, beautiful 70 degree temps, and clear skies make up for the hippies…

  24. Spiny Norman says:

    Outsiders might think they’re for intruders, but they’re mostly for unruly “mothers” and feral kids.

    FIFY. There are obviously no fathers involved in the feral kids’ lives.

  25. Bodhisattva says:

    Yes, the sort of thing that moonbats tell me it’s not fair of me to expect them to give up their culture and values in favor of ours.

  26. Bodhisattva says:

    With signs of her dementia growing more and more obvious with every public appearance, California voters would have to be insane to re-elect her… but then again they proved they were insane by electing, then re-electing her already.

    What makes things clearer is that she represents California’s 12th congressional district – essentially San Francisco.

    A great example of the concept of entropy, this district was once represented by Richard Nixon. Back before he was a crook, anyway. (A joke based on his denial of being one.)

  27. Bodhisattva says:

    I love it when moonbats attack other moonbats – here’s an extreme case:

    Islamic State beheads 15 of its own fighters

    Keep that up and we can watch ISIS destroy itself.

  28. Bodhisattva says:

    Apparently having to live in a city full of mostly moonbats drives some people to ultimate acts:

    Woman takes fatal leap from 40th floor of Upper East Side building

    She was “movin’ on up… to the east side” but then she was “going down”.

  29. Bodhisattva says:

    Moonbats have, and like to encourage, a totally fictional view of the early American west:

    Please consider boycotting the movie “Hostiles” and encouraging others to do so as well.

    “Hostiles” dispenses with the whiskey-swigging prospectors, buxom, feathered bar girls and — to some extent — bloodthirsty savages of “Stagecoach,” “The Plainsman,” “Geronimo” and “Apache Uprising.”

    Instead it follows “Dances with Wolves,” “The Last of the Mohicans” and, more recently, “Django Unchained” and “Brokeback Mountain” in telling stories from a non-white, non-heterosexual or non-male perspective.

    While Cooper, the filmmaker, says he hopes this movie “sparks a conversation about how we all need to come together and understand each other a bit better”, its practical effect will be to ensure more moonbat hatred and unwillingness to accept reality. Propaganda films like this don’t help, they hurt.

  30. Area man says:

    Ya got that right!

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