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Feb 10 2018

Open Thread

America is not fighting to win a war. We are fighting to give an application to an old Greek proverb, which is that the purpose of war is not to annihilate an enemy but to get him to mend his ways. And we are confident we can get the enemy to mend his. - Arthur Goldberg

38 Responses to “Open Thread”

  1. Angel says:

    Half of America wants to destroy itself and become Venezuela, How can this be considered sane?

  2. MAS says:

    Beans, bullets, bandaids, and now butt wipes. Check…

  3. Bodhisattva says:

    America is not fighting to win a war – has not fought to win a war since World War II, which is why we’re losing globally, slowly but surely.

  4. Bodhisattva says:

    Even with (if I heard right) the largest contingent of Olympic participants to ever go to a winter games, after one day the U.S. has… well the headline said ZERO medals, but the board shows we did get a gold, probably after the story went to print:

    And no doubt that link will probably update and show more medals by the time many of you click it, assuming any do.

    I’m not that surprised when I see Norway, Germany and Canada beating us in winter sports… but the Netherlands? They’re number 1 – right now, anyway. I guess it gets cold enough there.

  5. Bodhisattva says:

    Flu Is Causing 1 in 10 American Deaths and Climbing
    Along with the pneumonia it spawns, this year’s epidemic may be killing 4,000 people every week.

    I got my flu shot, was exposed to flu several times, felt it try to get me, brushed it off…

    Until I went to Texas and the Texas killer flu did get me. Oh, not so bad, it’s more like a nagging minor cold in my case. You should see the people I saw there. Some of them might not be with us any longer.

    The amount of influenza ravaging the U.S. this year rivals levels normally seen when an altogether new virus emerges, decimating a vulnerable population that hasn’t had a chance to develop any defenses.

    It’s an unexpected phenomenon that public health experts are still trying to decode.

    The levels of influenza-like illnesses being reported now are as high as the peak of the swine flu epidemic in 2009, and exceed the last severe seasonal flu outbreak in 2003 when a new strain started circulating, said Anne Schuchat, the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s acting director. Swine flu, which swept the globe in 2009 and 2010, sickened 60.8 million Americans, hospitalized 274,304 and killed 12,469, according to CDC data. Deaths from the current outbreak will likely far outstrip those of the 2009-2010 season.

    No doubt due to some yet to be revealed Putin/Trump collusion, right?

  6. Bodhisattva says:

    Hey, they’re finally figuring this out!

    DACA Recipient Slams Dems Using ‘Dreamers’ As ‘Pawns’


    “Dreamer” Hilario Yanez praised President Donald Trump’s leadership on immigration and slammed Democrats for using DACA recipients as “pawns” during a Saturday interview on Fox News.

    Well what do you know about that!

    Pinch me someone – I’m dreaming.

    Don’t think so? Read on:

    “At the end of the day, here’s a guy who wants to provide a pathway to citizenship for myself and, you know, really make a difference in my life,” Yanez said of President Trump. “I’m for that. Also, I believe we need to have border security so this doesn’t happen again.”

    “And if a wall is necessary to provide another layer for border security to do their job in a safe and responsible manner, then, you know, I think it’s necessary to fund it,” he continued. “The diversity lottery — I think it’s outdated, I think it’s time for people who want to come to the United States to focus on skills so they can contribute to the American economy.”

    This guy is channeling me in some ways, though I did think one part was interesting:

    I believe we need to have border security so this doesn’t happen again.

    True, but interesting he doesn’t want others to get the opportunity he did, so he is admitting it was unfair and not necessarily the best for the country. And wrong.

    Ultimately, Yanez said he is proud to be in the United States and would “do anything to serve this country, to die for this country.”

    “All I need is a chance,” he concluded.

    And you got one, Yanez – as long as you haven’t made yourself ineligible, you can serve in our military and become a citizen that way:

  7. Bodhisattva says:

    The party’s over.

    Oklahoma Pulling up Red Carpet Offered to Wind Industry
    Amid budget crunch, Oklahoma pulls up red carpet offered to wind industry, now considering new taxes.

  8. Bodhisattva says:

    There’s an article over at the New York Times detailing how MSLSD’s Joy Reid became a hero of the resistance.

    It’s behind a pay wall, so I won’t link it, but I will summarize it for you:

    She lied.



  9. Bodhisattva says:


    Dog meat soup for sale in shadow of Olympic stadium

    Wow… just imagine (as someone else already pointed out) what would happen if there were a country that worshiped cows… or for that matter, monkeys…

  10. Sheila says:

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  11. Bodhisattva says:

    As Russia Develops 100-Megaton Tidal Wave Robot Bombs And Super EMP’s, Holdovers From Obama, Politically-Correct Pseudo-Scientists, Are Derelict In Duty

    In truth, our “nuclear weapon” national labs don’t deserve the name. They haven’t designed a new nuclear weapon in over 30 years. Many have embraced the anti-nuclear bias of the Clinton and Obama administrations, quietly content with highly-paid sinecures, watching silently as Western Civilization is threatened even by North Korea.

    Former Director of the U.S. Defense Nuclear Agency, Vice Admiral Robert Monroe, writes in The Hill: “Today, America has lost the capability to fight nuclear war. DOE’s scientists, designers, engineers, testers, and production managers have no experience in their professions. Our nation’s policies have denied them the scientific practice needed in this exacting business. With testing denied, the leaders have been unable to teach and newcomers have been unable to learn. Their collective judgment is simply not to be trusted.”

    A damning and true indictment from chief of what was the premier agency for U.S. nuclear weapons performance and effects. Unfortunately, in 1998 President Bill Clinton replaced the Defense Nuclear Agency with the Defense Threat Reduction Agency, which lost its focus on nuclear weapons in favor of more “politically correct” threats — including climate change.

    Anti-nuclear “political correctness” got even worse under President Obama.

    The Obama Administration’s ideologically driven fantasies of achieving “a world without nuclear weapons,” their grossly irresponsible Iran nuclear deal, their denial of North Korea fast becoming a nuclear weapons state, their underfunding National Missile Defense and the U.S. nuclear deterrent — all moved the Obama Administration to ignore, deny, and underestimate nuclear threats from all quarters.

    In particular, the Obama Administration did not want to protect the electric grid and other civilian critical infrastructures from attack by nuclear electromagnetic pulse (EMP), as recommended by the Congressional EMP Commission, by Congress, and by Obama’s own Department of Homeland Security and Government Accountability Office.

  12. Bodhisattva says:

    President Trump: ‘We Caught Them’ – Senate Memo Drops The Biggest Bombshells While All Eyes Were On The House Memo
    – The Brilliant And Ultimate Bait And Switch

  13. Bodhisattva says:

    Time To Spring The Trap And #ReleaseTheDocuments Behind FISA Abuse Memo – Veteran FBI Special Agent Warns Much Worse To Come

  14. KirklesWorth says:

    The USA is placing diversity over excellence. And moonbats like Lindsey Vonn make me care little about it.

  15. KirklesWorth says:

    Sounds like you are summarizing the effect of liberalism on our country.

  16. Mr. Freemarket says:

    Red Gerard, a 17-year-old from Colorado received a gold medal in Snowboard slopestyle.

    The Netherlands is dominant in speedskating.

    BTW, many of the commentators are having an orgasm over north and south Korea marching together in the opening ceremonies. They are convinced this will heal the divide with North Korea.

  17. Mr. Freemarket says:

    What? Is this guy suggesting that Trump isn’t the anti-Christ who drinks the blood of liberals for breakfast???

  18. Mr. Freemarket says:

    The simple truths are that politicians believe:
    1. After nuclear weapons reach a certain size, making them bigger has few benefits.
    2. A nuclear exchange isn’t possible to survive (if you aren’t a politician) so let’s do nothing about it.
    3. A republican proposed a nuclear defense, so let’s ignore that as much as possible.


    Life in LA promises to get even better.. and Mad Maxine assures she will “assume the position of Speaker of the House” in November!

  20. KirklesWorth says:

    He went to represent our country…but won’t represent our country. Cretin.

    ESPN” Shani Davis skips opening ceremony after losing coin toss

    Speedskater Shani Davis didn’t attend the opening ceremony of the Pyeongchang Olympics after losing a coin flip to carry the U.S. flag and lead American athletes into the stadium. A U.S. Speedskating spokesman said Saturday that Davis originally planned to skip Friday night’s festivities because of his training schedule but briefly reconsidered when he was nominated by his teammates to be the flag-bearer. Davis and luger Erin Hamlin tied 4-4 in voting by fellow athletes to carry the flag. Hamlin won the honor in a coin toss, a process the 35-year-old speedskater said was executed “dishonorably” in a post on his Twitter account.

  21. hoagie111 says:

    And she’s the required color and sex.

  22. A Croft says:

    Don’t forget a deck of cards and the Yahtzee cup.


    and appropriately low IQ..

  24. dad29 says:

    Clearly, Art Goldberg didn’t study the Peloponnesian wars.

    You persuade someone to ‘mend their ways’ ONLY when they have no alternatives–which usually means annihilating their war-making capacity: men and machines.

  25. TrojanMan says:

    When it comes to Islam there is no mending and it must be annihilated.

  26. Bodhisattva says:

    When affirmative action isn’t enough of an unfair boost – hack your professor!

    UGA student accused of hacking account to change grades

    A University of Georgia student is facing 80 felony counts for allegedly hacking into a professor’s computer to change his grades.

    Michael Lamon Williams, 21, was booked into the Clarke County Jail Wednesday on nine counts of computer trespass and 71 counts of computer forgery.

    Williams, a student of UGA’s Terry College of Business, was working for Enterprise Information Technology Services when he “abused his privileges as an employee and changed grades to benefit himself,” said Greg Trevor, UGA’s executive director for media communications.

    “The university is conducting a comprehensive review of its practices to make the necessary improvements to prevent this from reoccurring,” Trevor said

    The computer hack came to light Jan. 20 when it was reported by an assistant professor in the university’s Department of Management Information Systems, according to a UGA police report. The instructor told police that he’d been locked out of his UGA email account when he tried to log on two days earlier. He later discovered his password had been changed, according to the report.

    When the assistant professor notified officials about his computer problem he was told that it was the result of “a targeted and deliberate attack against his account and that his password had been changed on 12/17/17 through a VPN service,” the police report noted.

    An investigation determined that Williams was the alleged hacker and warrants for his arrest were obtained on Monday. The student’s attorney was notified of the warrants that same day, and Williams surrendered himself at the jail two days later.

  27. Bodhisattva says:

    A brawl at the mall – two stabbed – and you’ll never guess the race/ethnicity

    Two people were hospitalized after they were stabbed during a group fight at a New Jersey mall Saturday night, police say.

    Witnesses described a large crowd of people fighting at a JCPenney before running through Newport Centre Mall in Jersey City.

  28. Bodhisattva says:

    Large Group Attacks Homeless Man on Subway – New York, of course.

    About two dozen people attacked a homeless man on the subway and two teenagers were taken into custody, police said.

    The 29-year-old man was on a northbound A train around 9:30 p.m. Saturday when he was attacked as it approached the Columbus Circle station in Manhattan, the NYPD said. He was taken to a local hospital for treatment of minor facial injuries.


    SPOT ON. It’s them or us.



    Vice Airs Documentary On Black ‘Healing Retreats’ For People Who Need ‘A Break From White People’

    I’m sure they didn’t get there riding a camel, but rather on one of Whitey’s planes.

  31. Bodhisattva says:

    Apparently someone finally figured that out. Amazing, but true.

  32. Bodhisattva says:

    What, like it did the last time? Oh, it didn’t?

  33. Bodhisattva says:

    Yeah actually I posted a post about that a while back, as did others, and I think it actually got it’s own thread – as your encyclopedic reference would probably confirm.

  34. Bodhisattva says:

    Indeed – the attitude that it’s not fair of some people do better than others, so effort must be made to make sure that nobody does any better than the person doing the worst. Because that person might feel bad if anyone did any better.

    I saw a teleplay that dealt with that exact philosophy. The two who wound up excelling, by casting off the handicaps the government forced all citizens who might excel to have, so they wouldn’t, wound up being executed for it.

  35. StephaneDumas says:

    Muhiyidin d’Baha, a BLM supporter who had grabbed a Confederate Flag in February 2017 was shot a week ago by another black man.

    It’s hard to resist to turn it into a meme…
    [url=][img][/img][/url][url=]via Imgflip Meme Generator[/url]
    [url=][img][/img][/url][url=]via Imgflip Meme Generator[/url]
    [url=][img][/img][/url][url=]via Imgflip Meme Generator[/url]

  36. Tara says:

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