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Mar 19 2012

Open Thread


On a tip from TED.

46 Responses to “Open Thread”

  1. Uneducated Moonbat says:

    THAT’S RACIST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. AC says:

    Americans would rather face cartel violence than Obama’s gas prices

    It’s plainly obvious that an energy policy is a failure when drivers would go to a place where ten heads being cut off and left in the street is a regular occurrence, before they would fill up at home.

    Please, if any of you are thinking about gassing up in Nuevo Laredo, Reynosa, Matamoros, Juarez, Tijuana, or Mexicali, just stay home. It isn’t worth it.

  3. AC says:

    After running up trillions of dollars in debt on wasteful boondoggles and parochial pork projects, Comrade Chairman has finally found a way to save $12 million – by disarming the airline pilots.

  4. AC says:

    Chicago cop tells reporters: ‘Your First Amendment right can be terminated’

    After such a grievous assault on the Constitution, that cop’s job should be terminated, but we all know Chicago union rules would never allow it.

  5. Screwy Puppy says:

    The feminisation of men continues.

    Mantyhose : Pantyhose for men


    And then there is the masculization of women:

    Lesbian marriage proposal at a hockey game

  6. AC says:

    If you think ten heads being cut off and left in the street is bad, get a load of this: the cartel just gunned down twelve police investigating the beheadings

    Yet, when given a choice between facing soulless paramilitary killers and moonbat gas prices, Americans are choosing to risk the soulless paramilitary killers.

  7. Bob Roberts says:

    Looks a lot like the Johari Window which reminds me of what SedDef Rumsfeld said.

    Basically you can divide a square into four quadrants with the columns labeled “known to self” and “not known to self” and the rows being “known to others” and “not known to others”.

    For this application I would have labeled one subsquare “what liberals think of themselves” to really make the point of how utterly wrong they are about that, too.

  8. SR says:

    Another Day… Another Obama Vacation… Media Scrubs Malia Obama’s Trip to Mexico

  9. SR says:

    We all knew that the national debt has increased more in three years of Obama than eight years of Bush.

  10. Bob Roberts says:

    Obama/Democrats complained about Bush drone strikes. Obama so far has authorized/carried out 500% the number Bush did. Plus Obama promised transparency but has actually gone the opposite direction, becoming perhaps the most secretive President ever. Often in clumsy ways – to get around White House logs Obama was caught holding meetings in DC hotels so that no record would be kept of who was coming & going.

    Rahm Emanuel admits: Chicago has a unique gang problem In a stunning admission, Rahm Emanuel admits that politicians have ganged up to run Chicago into the ground.

    What do you expect when you let moonbats take over?

    Postman claims Ayers family put “foreigner” Obama through school. What next?

    This is next.

    Moonbat condo board hassles & fines woman for planting flowers – even though bylaws don’t expressly forbid planting flowers!

    Their excuse? They want every unit to look the same!


    Where will all this lib-tard nonsense end?

    No One Knows!

  11. Proud Kuffar says:

    It’s a proven fact, liberalism is a mental disorder. Dr. Lyle Rossiter is a board-certified psychiatrist with no history of involvement in right-wing activism.

  12. Bill T says:

    Anyone who doesn’t think we’re headed for a new Dark Ages should watch this.
    Are there any “GOOD” Muslim people protesting this despicable activity?

  13. AlphaMail says:

    I will say it now, I will say it again. And I’ve been saying it for years.

    Bill Ayers met Obama at Occidental College in 1980.

    Prove me wrong.

    Bill Ayers and Bernardine Dohrn were on the run in 1980 (she was on the FBI’s Most Wanted List), and OXY was the SDS West Coast hangout.

    Obama gave his first college speech at the behest of the OXY on-campus SDS in 1980. Everyone important in the SDS would have been there.

    I say Ayers attended and met Obama.

    Fast forward a couple of years.

    Ayers receives his MED (Early Childhood Education) from Bank Street College in NYC in 1984.

    Obama graduates from Columbia in Poly-Sci in 1983.

    Bank Street College and Columbia basically share (in New York City terms) the same parking lot.

    They lived in the same general area, they walked the same campus, and they undoubtedly attended the same like-minded political soirees, and sipped espresso at the same bourgeois jazz salons.

    After college, both ended back in Chicago in 1985 or so, moving into homes only three blocks apart in Morningside Heights.

    Within months Bernardine Dorhn (Ayer’s wife) joins the Chicago Sidley and Austin Law firm, whose board Tom Ayer’s (Bill’s dad) controls.

    Obama’s soon-to-be wife, Michelle Robinson, gets a job at Sidley at that time, and is tutored by Dohrn. Shortly thereafter, Obama begins a summer internmanship at Sidley and Austin.

    I could go on, and on, and f**king on, but the sheep sleep.

    It is a fantasy story to those Canadian cretins who mistake their little finger for their dick, and for the rest of the lie-berals who don’t trust anything more relevant than Oprah’s diet.

  14. Granny Jan says:

    Jack Cashill: Word to the AP: If you want to write a story about a sexually confused individual, you don’t have to go to Indonesia to find one.

  15. The Vetting: Bell’s Critical Race Theory Promoted in Public Schools

    The Seattle Schools defined “individualism” as a form of “cultural racism,” said that only whites can be racist and claimed that planning ahead (“future time orientation”) is a white characteristic that it is racist to expect minorities to exhibit.

  16. AC says:

    We could have added these to the photogallery of presidents in uniform:

    However, now we have to settle for nothing, as there is no corresponding image for Romney or Santorum.

  17. Graycat says:

    Obama didn’t have the brains to attend Accidental College, let alone Occidental College.

  18. J says:

    Top Obama Campaign Bundler Defects To Romney Over President’s Call For Israel To Retreat To 1967 Borders…

  19. J says:

    Dem Congressional Candidate Pulled Gun on Store Manager While Buying Campaign Posters – Threatened to “Cap Him” (Video)

  20. Doug says:

    I miss the lao/Stanwee pissing matches.

  21. StanInTexas says:

    Bite me, Doug!

  22. lao says:

    Doug, you can enjoy a delightful discussion on fishes and flies between stanwee and fibby in the Mar 18 Open Thread.

    Even fibby ends up laughing at stanwee’s attempts at coherency and logic.

  23. J says:

    Obama Donors To Benefit From Government Investments In Algae For “Green Energy” Scheme…

  24. son of a preacher man says:

    How is disparging anothers belief system in and of itself make your belief system true?

  25. Sinister66 says:

    Surprised there isnt a post justifying the neighborhood watch shooting in florida.

  26. StanInTexas says:

    Sinister, that may be becasue the investigation is not done and it would be irresponsible to assign blame first.

    By all indications, an out of control person shot an innocent young person. It sounds like a tragedy and a crime. But by throwing in the political and racial aspects of the incident, it is too confusing to call.

  27. wingmann says:

    They must have set this off in san francisco.
    “the gay bomb”,2933,281217,00.html

  28. A Veugle says:

    In Soviet Russia Bill Maher mocks ?

  29. A Veugle says:

    Anyone got the link to the chick who married herself?

  30. Momster says:

    Re: the photograph–

    “I want—I need—You can’t make me—You owe me—IT’S NOT FFFAAAIIIRRRRR!!!”

    There, that says it all.

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