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Apr 05 2012

Open Thread


Via The Looking Spoon, on a tip from TED.

38 Responses to “Open Thread”

  1. TonyD95B says:

    You forgot Joe Biden……

  2. Spider says:

    Or, maybe i just hate anti-American scumbags.

  3. Screwy Puppy says:

    So … I hate to even post this. But for pure amusement you might want to see it.

    *** sigh ***

    Trayvon was selected for organ harvesting so that Cheney could have a new heart.


    I don’t care what …

    … I mean …

    … ! …

    People suck. Forget race or religion. We need to holster …

    … mmm …

    … if you don’t drink whik(e)y we’ll shoot ya’.

    I think that is a good start.

  4. TonyD95B says:

    RE: Screwy Puppy at April 5, 2012 at 9:57 pm:

    Jesus H* Christ, that is some messed-up s#it……

    *NOT Hussein

  5. TonyD95B says:

    I meant the videos – not your post, SP….

  6. Bob Roberts says:

    Could be!

  7. Bob Roberts says:

    Truly unprecedented indeed.

    Not what the court MIGHT do, but what Obama DID!

    According to Lucas A. Powe Jr., a constitutional law professor and court historian at the University of Texas, no president has publicly warned the court about a case in progress in the way Obama did.

    “Never,” Powe said. “Never while a case was sub judice.”

    Powe clerked for Justice William O. Douglas in the early 1970s, and recently wrote a book called The Supreme Court and the American Elite, which argues that the court mostly conforms to the opinions of the political elite at any given time. He wrote a previous book on the politics surrounding the Warren Court.

    “I can think of no instance where a president came out with a public pronouncement about how the court should decide a case after it’s argued,” he said. “And normally they don’t have to because the president’s brief tells you what the president thinks.”

    “The closest you can get is Roosevelt,” he said.

    But even that comparison wasn’t all that close. In 1934 and early in 1935, Roosevelt grudgingly praised decisions that struck down fundamental parts of his New Deal, until May 27, 1935, when the court unanimously ruled against Roosevelt in three key cases, including Schechter Poultry Company v. United States, which invalidated the entire National Industrial Recovery Act.

    “After Black Monday, he savaged Schecter Poultry,” Powe said. “And then in 1936 he didn’t say a word. So Roosevelt’s comments, the only ones that were hostile prior to the court-packing plan, that were public, were after the decisions on Black Monday, specifically Schecter Poultry.”

    After his silence in 1936, Roosevelt famously proposed a court-packing plan that would have added one justice to the bench for each elderly member, which was then followed by a string of more favorable decisions.

  8. berlet98 says:

    Twisted Tributes to Trayvon

    Hysterical black congresswomen haven’t been heard from in a few days after venting their rage at the man who shot and killed Trayvon Martin in Sanford, Florida but agitators such as Rev. Jesse Jackson, the New Black Panther Party, and Rev. Al Sharpton haven’t skipped a beat in their vitriolic abuse of George Zimmerman.

    Jackson absurdly said Wednesday morning that, ”If a white kills a black we revolt, if a black kills a white it’s jail time, we kill each other it’s Miller time. It’s as if somebody has the right to kill us,” the NBPP reiterated its million dollar bounty on Zimmerman’s head, and Sharpton has been invited to the White House for Easter.

    As the city of Sanford nervously awaits the ruling by the special prosecutor assigned to investigate the shooting, Angela Corey, it’s preparing for the worst.

    After all the baseless, inflammatory rhetoric that has been spewed, Sanford officials are expecting social upheavals that could rival the aftermath of the Rodney King riots of twenty years ago.

    Sanford’s emergency management team has met frequently with Attorney General Holder’s Department of Justice, extra police and fire department officers are on standby, and neighboring towns have been asked to be at the ready.

    Considering the extremist and violent threats already made in the matter, Florida’s National Guard could be called out should the special prosecutor find that Zimmerman was justified in shooting Martin and that his jailing would be a miscarriage of justice.

    Can’t we all just get along, at least until the investigation is complete and justice served?

    Apparently not, based on recent events in Florida and elsewhere.

    . To show their solidarity with Trayvon, dozens of students from North Miami Beach Senior High School followed a protest demonstration at the school a week ago by marching through the streets of North Miami and ransacking a Walgreens to the tune of $1100.

    . Just east of Sanford, two black men, Julius Ricardo Bender and Yahaziel Isaac Israel, have been charged with attempted first-degree murder, . . . (Read more at

  9. Sam Adams says:

    I”m just thinking here. Back on the campaign trail, Obama promised to go through each line of a bill or budget to look for waste, fraud, etc.

    So a few years back, an oil well in the Gulf exploded, and the Minerals Management Service was accepting gifts and viewing porn rather than actually providing oversight of the oil drilling in the gulf. So the MMS was both ineffective and wasting taxpayer money; the kind of activity that candidate Obama presumably would ferret out and stop.

    Well, a couple years have passed, and now we have a GSA convention in Las Vegas. The General Services Administration spent $875,000 on 300 people. That’s almost $3000 per person. A guy made a video, bragging about all the money that was being spent. GSA representatives told the Hotel/Casino that if they gave them the rooms as government rates, they would make up for it on food and drink.

    One would think that this was the kind of example that wouldn’t have happened under the watchful eye of Team Obama.

    (And of Obama wants to claim this is simply a hold over culture from Bush, and other predecessors, then doesn’t that actually make the case for a smaller, leaner, more frugal government?)

  10. Michelle says:

    What difference does it make…… Are we gonna march, protest, riot, anything…. NOPE!

    Mittens, and the rest of our rulers have decided. The discussion is over, what is truly sad is all of us were soundly asleep about 80 years ago when all this was decided and discussed. Mittens will lose, duh messiah will win, that’s the way it is. The decision has already been made and all of this is just a silly show to entertain the rest of us peasants.

    Dumbocare is the law now, it wont ever be overturned, and anyone dumb enough to cling to the ridiculous hope that it will be is beyond mentally deficient. Gun and ammo sales are at record levels…. so what…. not a single one of them will do more than collect dust until they are confiscated by some as of yet created new rule enforcement agency.

    Oh but the police you say…. LMAO…. But the Army….. Seriously??

    They will turn on the general public as soon as they are told to, and the rest of us will just stand on the corner and watch while people get rounded up. Any of them dumb enough to even question the order will just end up with the rest of us…. They know it and so do you… Not you…. Oh no…. not you….. Uh huh… Sure thing champ… You keep telling yourself that.

    Do tell me…. all about these riots after Waco! A sitting “American” president and his leader of the Department of “justice” ordered the execution of entire families with NO due process, NO miranda warning, NO legal representation, NO trial by jury, NO appeals process….. Nada, Zippo, Nothing! Feel free to name a single cop or soldier that said NO or refused to follow orders! Who knows how many people after Katrina had their weapons confiscated “just because” and what happened?? Again a whole lot of nothing! Not even a slight whimper…..

    Lemonade stands shut down, seat belt laws, tickets for not using a turn signal, basketball hoops confiscated, marines in court for flying the flag, no smoking laws, being felt up at airports, toys removed from happy meals, no plastic bags, illegals getting free school and welfare, no salt, sack lunches confiscated, kids kicked out of school for flag shirts….. Have ya ever paid “court costs” after getting a ticket? Doesn’t the 75% you pay now in taxes pay for that already?

    Do I really need to go on?? Sure I do…. You are still in unwilling to accept reality….

    A million plus people show up on the capitol mall…. Not once but TWICE…. What came out of that?? Golly gee…. Zilch again…. No a single person there had the courage to march into the building THEY paid for and put an end to our current rulers idiocy. Call them liberals, moderates, commies, republicans, tyrants, deceptacons…. It doesn’t really matter. YOU are a subject, a peasant, a vassal, and very little more and each and every single one of them knows it with certitude. They know not a one of us will do a thing, even in a massive group we didn’t do jack!!

    The last “election” in what was America was a long time ago…. There are no elections anymore, and there wont ever be again. Take a look at any “congressional district” if you are foolish enough to actually believe there still are, and then take a wild guess who created all the election “laws” and those districts. Welcome to reality peasant…..

    The only difference is that the internet has given us an easier way to cry about our gruel and beg for more like Oliver Twist…. Woo Hoo!

    Go ahead…. Don’t pay your taxes this year and see how far you get. Don’t pay a ticket, ignore a city ordinance, smoke in a bar…. Have a garage sale without OSHA approval and let me know how hard you fought the cops when the swat team showed up. They do that now, especially when you don’t pay your student loans, with the added bonus of getting to execute the offender. Fee free to give me the link to the video of that fancy congressional investigation, I’m sure it’s cued up right behind the cowboy poetry funding hearing.

    The Declaration of Independence: IN CONGRESS, July 4, 1776.—–That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government—-

    Yeah….. The Tea Party vote sure “altered it” huh?

    I don’t really like being a peasant AND a dupe like the rest of you, believe me it makes me truly sick, but that is the way it is. We lost a long time ago and the sad part is none of us noticed until now……

  11. Judge Dredd says:

    Oh, sure! We’re not going to do anything when that POS Kenyan Muslim Commie calls martial law and wants all the guns! We,re not going to kill any cops stupid enough to try it, and we,re not going to set fire to any of those phony Jews!
    No! It’s gonna be business as usual, with about 535 corpses meeting in the Potomac River and black messiahs waving in the breeze under the cherry blossom trees!
    Yep, no changes at all, bub!

    Go Ahead, Make My Millenium!

    When there is No Constitution, I AM THE LAW!

  12. Robert S. Pierre says:

    Some black guy in hollywood blames he was pulled over because he was black, not because he broke the law.

  13. Smorfia48 says:

    Trayvon Martin’s isn’t the only fake hate crime that’s currently unravelling.

    CAIR and their submissive leftist bootlickers have been wetting themselves with excitement over Shaima Alawadi’s murder for days. But after the candlelit vigils, Facebook campaigns and scores mawkish Youtube tributes, guess who turns out to be the main suspect of this ‘hate crime’? Here’s a clue: “Phone calls to the El Cajon police department about the family’s plans to return to the U.S. [from their native Iraq] were not immediately returned.”

  14. Bloodless Coup says:

    There is a New Sheriff in town.

    NJ Sheriff Calls for Roundup of Obama’s Records

  15. Sam Adams says:

    New jobless report:

    Unemployment rate down to 8.2%!!


    Except for the fact that the government dropped another 160,000 people off the roles of working people. In other words, the jobless rate didn’t really go down.

    Analysts were hoping for 200,000+ new jobs. Instead there were l20,000 created.

    Fine job, dear leader.

  16. Bob Roberts says:

    Same as it ever was, Obama edition Apparently Obama is stuck in a rut, or his teleprompter is skipping.

  17. Bob Roberts says:

    Robert S. Pierre says: April 6, 2012 at 1:01 am

    The incident occurred in Atlanta, not Hollywood.

  18. Bob Roberts says:

    NOW Chavez gets religion. His Cancer treatments in that beacon of socialist medical care, Cuba, apparently failed. Will he come here for treatment, or is it too late even for that?

    A socialist appealing to God to spare him. I think we have a new definition for irony.

    The obamunists try to spin 8.2% unemployment as a good thing. I really cannot believe how little these people think of their base, but their base eats stuff like this up and begs for more. Here’s a hint: If Obama gets re-elected he won’t have to worry about it again and if you think the job killing things he did during the first term were bad, just wait until he unleashes round 2!

    What needs to be done for the long term recovery is what Obama and his ilk will NOT do. Less regulation. Spending and tax reform, leading to less of each. Less interference in the free markets, personal choices and lives of the people.

    Bigotry is apparently OK as long as you’re a Democrat.

    “Jewbags”… the “Jew Cash Money Team”.

    Defense Secretary Leon Panetta has commuted on military aircraft to his home in northern California more than two dozen times since he took over the Pentagon in July, paying about $630 per trip for a roundtrip flight that costs the Pentagon about $32,000.
    The totals detailed by defense officials lay out his reimbursements for the first time, showing he paid the Treasury about $17,000 for the 27 personal trips. Based on fuel and other operating expenses for his Air Force plane, those same trips cost the government as much as $860,000.

  19. Bob Roberts says:

    Climate REALISM!

    Carbon dioxide is emitted by human activities as well as a host of natural processes. The satellite record, in concert with instrumental observations, is now long enough to have collected a population of climate perturbations, wherein the Earth-atmosphere system was disturbed from equilibrium. Introduced naturally, those perturbations reveal that net global emission of CO2 (combined from all sources, human and natural) is controlled by properties of the general circulation – properties internal to the climate system that regulate emission from natural sources. The strong dependence on internal properties indicates that emission of CO2 from natural sources, which accounts for 96 per cent of its overall emission, plays a major role in observed changes of CO2. Independent of human emission, this contribution to atmospheric carbon dioxide is only marginally predictable and not controllable.

  20. Fiberal says:

    Just a personal note and related to the thread at Obama’s Occidental Transcript

    Scientific American published a scathing criticism of Murray and Hernstein’s “The Bell Curve”.

    I had previously read the book and while skeptical, was floored by SA’s criticism. The writers had almost nothing to say directly about the central thesis of the one chapter of M&H’s book that apparently offended them: viz, regardless of socio-economic status of blacks, their IQ scores did not rise commensurately – black IQ scores stayed a standard deviation below that of blacks even when their incomes elevated to that of whites. That is, environmental influences were held constant, suggesting a racial component to intelligence.

    But SA’s criticism seem to center around the evils of pointing out racial differences in IQ, and never really touched the H&M data other than to say that it was unreliable (for some unclear reason).

    This was an eye-opener for me in that I had thought that for the most part, modern-day scientific publications, even the secondary ones, did their best regardless of where the data took them.

    Yes, there had been frauds in the IQ arena (Sir Cyril Burt) and of course, many other scams had been perpetrated in other areas of science.

    But this was modern-day and we had all that history behind us to learn from!

    But no. SA had an agenda. And today it still does with respect to global warming.

    And many other scientists have relegated their integrity to political correctness, an absence of skepticism and money. (Even with Richard Feynman writing a book castigating such behavior.)

    SA was a disappointment but that on reflection, probably should not have come as such a sledge-hammer between the eyes.

  21. Alxandro says:

    I was told the same thing too.
    That’s a bunch of JackAssery!
    I hate them all equally.

  22. Bob Roberts says:

    Report gives at least two important points:

    1) Death rates due to extreme weather events are declining despite an erroneous assumption of an increase in such events which is really just an artifact of better reporting.

    2) It turns out cold is worse than warming as cold is responsible for more deaths.

  23. Zilla says:

    Now the hostile jackasses of the “tolerant left” are using identity theft in their campaign of personal destruction in an attempt to destroy the reputations and lives of people who don’t toe the prog line:

  24. Bob Roberts says:

    Jackasses who say things like this:

    Vote for me or your children will die horrible deaths.

  25. wingmann says:

    Michelle says:
    April 5, 2012 at 11:45 pm

    Please stay…that was SPOT ON!
    Thank You.

  26. wingmann says:

    To all my friends here at Moonbattery…Dave does some tremendous work here and provides a platform for us to vent…please help him where you can.Every little bit counts.Top right (of course) paypal.Ty.

  27. dan says:

    Michelle rocks….let’s go drinkin’ or somethin’….

  28. wingmann says:

    On this Good Friday, we remember and celebrate the life of a sinless man who died a criminal’s death, a man that took the burden of our sins to the grave, a man whose purpose was to die so that we might live.

    Happy Easter Everyone!!!

  29. Sam Adams says:

    wingmann says:
    April 6, 2012 at 10:14 am On this Good Friday, we remember and celebrate the life of a sinless man who died a criminal’s death, a man that took the burden of our sins to the grave, a man whose purpose was to die so that we might live.

    Happy Easter Everyone!!!


    And on the third day he rose from the grave.

    Christ lives today; he overcame both sin and death and made it possible for us to live with him again.

  30. Sam Adams says:

    BTW, Michelle, etc. can whine about how the Tea Party has been coopted by the establishment republicans, etc. I think not.

    The tea party has been working hard to try and reduce voter fraud. Unfortunate that strong conservatives either were knocked out of the presidential race, or simply didn’t show.

    That’s not a disaster. Many RINO republicans and democrats won’t make it back to congress due to the tea party’s efforts.

    The fat lady hasn’t sung,

  31. Bob Roberts says:

    Van Jones group plans American’s “Arab Spring” revolt

    I hope the authorities stop screwing around and simply close this crap down as soon as it starts this time.

  32. Festivus says:

    President Downgrade strikes again:

    Another Credit Agency Downgrades U.S.

    Good facepalm photo, too.

  33. Festivus says:

    Bob Roberts says:

    April 6, 2012 at 10:50 am

    Van Jones group plans American’s “Arab Spring” revolt

    I hope the authorities stop screwing around and simply close this crap down as soon as it starts this time.

    The “authorities” are in on it.

  34. BC says:

    Got Hate?

    This one made me snork my coffee 🙂

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