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May 03 2012

Open Thread


Compliments of Sean.

58 Responses to “Open Thread”

  1. AC says:

    Update from Alabama:

    While the family of Saint Skittles is giving speeches and attending marches, new information has emerged in the fatal shooting of a 13 year old armed robber

    Predictably, his mother insists he’s a good kid, despite the local media uncovering Facebook evidence of his gang affiliations, and pictures of him posing with guns and flashing gang signs

    If Saint Skittles had a younger brother, he’d look just like Ja’Quares (WTF is up with these names?).

  2. AC says:

    The moonbat media and government schools haven’t turned every kid that age into a rotten bastard. Here’s one who wasn’t: Cody Green, honorary Marine, RIP

    Sgt. Mark Dolfini’s actions showed a level of class quite rare in today’s culture.

  3. Jettie says:

    I am very concerned about voter fraud being addressed before the Nov election. I am also concerned about a Spainish owned company tabulating the results. Lastly I believe Zimmerman has grounds for a libel suit do to the fact that his life was endangered (bounty) by false reporting…

  4. AC says:

    Dead Teamster’s backpack contained $180k in unexplained cash, past of ties to the mob and cocaine traffickers

  5. Spider says:


    Yes, forward. That’s the new slogan the Marxist-in-Chief is using for his re-election campaign. Apparently, they’re ashamed to use “hope and change” again, since it’s quite clear to everyone, even many liberals, that there isn’t much hope for the country under Obummer’s tyranny. As for change, well, the only change most of us have seen is a change from a free country, to some Venezuela-style Marxist state.

    It seems the word forward has become a symbol of political correctness and of the Left. You may have noticed that most progressives, especially the talking-heads of the MSM, can’t seem to get through a sentence without somehow inserting that word somewhere, often for no other reason that wanting to identify themselves as progressives. In fact, the notoriously Left-wing MSNBC has recently changed it’s slogan to, “Leaning Forward”. And yes, this includes the totally PC’ized clowns at Fox. I’m not sure who’s idea it was to use the word forward. Whomever it was apparently didn’t do their homework, (or maybe they did? ) else they would have noticed the historical connections this word has.

    Or, could it be that with nothing to lose, comrade Obummer and his Obamunist followers are “coming out”, as it were and don’t care who knows what they really are? Do they perhaps feel that our country has been pushed so far to the left that their outright Marxism would be ignored, if not welcomed, by the nation? Hmmm…

  6. AC says:

    Feel good story of the day: 7-time felon killed during armed home invasion

    Contrast the happy ending with the moonbatty victim attitude of the neighbor, who “doesn’t know what [she] would do” if an armed felon invaded her home. She does admit that she’d probably call 911 and try to block the door.

    Don’t be like that neighbor.

  7. Scott says:

    Muslims psychologically likelier to be violent, criminal

    Shrink tells us what we already know – their philosophy colours their thinking, aggression and displays of strength are respected, negotiation and kowtowing are weakness.

  8. geeknerd says:

    AC, the weird names black women give their children are due to evil white racists working in maternaty wards, who demand that black women name and spell the name of their children while in labor or under the influence of some drug. That way black folks can be identified by name on forms when they apply for work, or loans, or apartments.

    Its a more diabolical white racist plot than convincing black school children that doing well in school is really “acting white.” If they all believe that, they’ll stay ignorante and easily controlled.

    Remember, the Democrat Party is the party of slavery, and spreading slavery in territories as they become states, of secession after abolishionists got their candidate elected president, of segregation, of Jim Crow, of dixiecrats, and of keeping blacks on the plantation now they’ve got them convinced to vote Democrat.

  9. Sam says:

    @AC and others….if you look at the nauseating photo of the deceased, you’ll notice a June 1997 birth date to go along with that April 2012 room temperature date.

    Apparently, blonde DWL reporters must not have to take math classes in j-school. The departed is closer to 15 than the 13 they’re portraying him to be.

  10. AC says:

    His mother said this:

    “Even if he did this, someone had to put him up to it. Why else would 16- and 17-year-olds want to hang out with a 13-year-old boy?”

    13 is the right age.

    The tribute photo likely came from one of his homies, who would be a non-graduate of an inner city union math class.

  11. Screwy Puppy says:

    Climate Potpourri
    -Global Warming means more Home Runs in Baseball
    -Heat Study Results (OMG)
    —Trees like the heat
    —Trees like CO2
    —Air Pollution is a Fertilizer ( no kidding )
    -Climate Scientist argues for other side about unknown, no winner, yes?, no?

    Obama/EPA pushes gas blend that should not be used

    Ethanol 15
    -Govy grants & loans to get E15 pumps out in public
    -It burns hotter
    -Get lower mileage
    -Small engine lawn equipment could catch fire
    -Corrodes engines

    and much, much more!

  12. Jester says:


  13. Bob Roberts says:

    Scott says: May 3, 2012 at 9:41 pm
    Muslims psychologically likelier to be violent, criminal
    Sounds, to me anyway, as if it would justify a certain amount of “profiling”.

    Sam says: May 3, 2012 at 10:16 pm
    Indeed unless someone who made that annotation screwed up, he was 14 turning 15 next month on the 11th. And only in the 7th grade? Why is that? Shouldn’t he have been at least in the 8th by my calculation?

    The times they are a-changin’

    SENIOR Eurocrats are secretly plotting to create a super-powerful EU president to realise their dream of abolishing ­Britain and other nation states, the Daily Express can reveal.
    A covert group of EU foreign ministers has drawn up plans for merging the jobs currently done by Herman Van Rompuy, president of the European Council, and Jose Manuel Barroso, president of the European Commission.
    The new bureaucrat, who would not be directly elected by voters, is set to get sweeping control over the entire EU and force member countries into ever-greater political and economic union. Tellingly, the UK has been excluded from the confidential discussions within the shady “Berlin Group” of Europhile politicians, spearheaded by German foreign minister Guido Westerwelle.
    Opponents fear the plan could create a modern-day equivalent of the European emperor envisaged by Napoleon Bonaparte or a return to the Holy Roman Empire of Charlemagne that dominated Europe in the Dark Ages. They are concerned that David Cameron’s coalition Government is doing nothing to prevent the sinister plot. The secret talks were uncovered by Independent Labour peer Lord Stoddart of Swindon.

    The only problem is that Britain would never stand for it.

    Meet the newest member of “the 1%”.

    How do you “like” him now?

    Arrest made in black-mob attack on whites. Apparently he was just out for skittles and tea.

    Man Wrongly ‘Outed’ After Trip To Best Buy

    A Green Valley Ranch man went to Best Buy to exchange a cellphone and left feeling outraged after he said an employee wrongly outed him on Facebook.
    “It’s totally not a joke,” said Rich Dewberry. “I feel like I’ve been humiliated.”
    Dewberry’s trouble began last April when he went to an Aurora Best Buy to get his cellphone fixed. When a technician couldn’t fix the phone, Dewberry was given a new device. He left the store just before closing. Not even 30 minutes later, a posting from his old Android phone appeared on his Facebook account. The status message read “I am gay. I’m coming out.” Dewberry didn’t write the posting, nor is he gay.

    Israel gets 4th nuke-capable German submarine. Doomsday option.

    Panetta: Climate change a national security threat.

    So who is Obamacare REALLY designed to provide health care for?

    L.A. program offers healthcare for illegal restaurant workers
    A restaurant workers’ group and an L.A. clinic have partnered in a program to provide inexpensive healthcare coverage for illegal immigrants and other uninsured food service workers.

    They’re supposedly excluded from federal coverage. Just like federal funds were never supposed to be used to pay for abortions, here or abroad.

    Bring out your dead!

    Water Bottle Leads to Suspect in Biggest Drug Heist in History.

    Mouth spray — that gets you drunk in seconds!

  14. Bob Roberts says:

    Obama under fire over collapse of Chen deal

    High quality global journalism requires investment. Please share this article with others using the link below, do not cut & paste the article. See our Ts&Cs and Copyright Policy for more detail. Email to buy additional rights.

    The Obama administration was forced into damage limitation after Mr Chen said he had changed his mind and now wanted to leave China, one day after the state department announced a deal with the Chinese authorities to allow him to reunite with his family and attend law school.

    Clooney’s Obama Fundraiser Expected to Collect Record $12 Million

    “The 1%” is being pretty good to Obama. Are the occu-tards paying attention?

    The path to victory!

    Journalists being killed at `astonishing pace’

    On World Press Freedom Day, Reporters Without Borders condemned the “astonishing pace” at which journalists are being attacked and murdered – 67 killed in 2011 and 22 more deaths since the beginning of the year.

    U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon called the attacks “outrageous” and urged all countries to prevent and prosecute violence against the media and take action to ensure the safety of journalists and freedom of the press.

  15. Sam says:

    I guess the deceased is 13. Whoever wrote that tribute misspelled “meant” and closed with “now you gone.”

    So that person is as incompetent at grammar as they are at math.

  16. Bob Roberts says:

    LOL they embed that text in the cut & pastes at FT.

  17. Antisocialist says:

    Occupy Angels

    What it is with Leftards and being extremely ugly?

  18. Smorfia48 says:

    German leftists march with Muslims against anti Muslim demo. Muslims beat the utter shit out of the dumbassed dhimmis:

    Clueless stupidity: thy name is leftism.

  19. FrankW says:

    It seems this administration reaches new depths each day. And keeps digging.
    It looks like they were chatting and said “You know, everybody on the right keeps calling BHO a socialist or a communist, lets just own it”.

  20. FrankW says:

    AC, when Cody reached Heaven’s scene he indeed found the streets guarded by United States Marines. Good story.

  21. FrankW says:

    idk Bob, I have a 15 yo. She is a Freshman in high school (turned 15 during the year). The fact that the kid is in 7th grade (likely with ADHD, ADD, or some other learning disorder formerly cured by “Nun with ruler”) just reinforces the thought he was a dumb thug. Social advancement at work.

  22. FrankW says:

    The name thing was explained to me once by a liberal professor. This is the explanation she gave, not mine. (From notes in a social sciences class I was forced to take for a MIS degree).
    When blacks were slaves they were given names by their owners, these names were usually simple and not descriptive of the child (or in some case adult), John Smith, James White, etc. When blacks gained their freedom many most continued with the same naming styles their former masters used. Eventually that was viewed as having a slave mindset. So during the 60’s (when the black conscience arose) names were often chosen from Africanized naming conventions. This evolved into the modern day naming styles. They just want to own their names.
    Is this correct? I have no clue, it seems weird that anybody can assume the thought process behind an entire group. I have noticed that the people with the weirdest (comparatively) names tend to result from the less educated end of the spectrum (and that applies to whites also, hence Bubba, and the multiple first names types). There are a few exceptions, but the black doctors and lawyers I have met tend to have more mainstream names (as do their kids). My wife picked a less than mainstream name (for a kid she had before we were married), her decision was to have her kid have a unique name.

  23. Bloodless Coup says:

    Guest: Doug Hagmann

    Topic: Private investigator Doug Hagmann reveals some disturbing inside information and recent moves that indicate martial law may possibly be implemented before the year is finished

  24. Sam Adams says:

    FrankW says:
    May 4, 2012 at 3:16 am

    My wife picked a less than mainstream name (for a kid she had before we were married), her decision was to have her kid have a unique name.

    I think that is the basis for most “weird” names. Of course many women don’t understand that a kids name will significantly influence some opportunities when they go to get a job.

  25. Red Dawn says:

    The “Forward” slogan traces all the way back to Thomas Muntzer, the very first “community organizer” who used it in 1525 to sow the seeds of havoc and mayhem.

  26. SR says:

    Lol!!Hannity Destroys Occupy Organizer In Fiery Segment About Movement’s Violence

  27. Sam Adams says:

    522,000 drop out of the workforce in April

    The government decided that there are 522,000 fewer people in the workforce in April.

    As a result, the unemployment rate dropped to 8.1 percent.

    Anyone want to guess when the unemployment rate will drop to 8.0%?

  28. Winston Smith says:

    Even 9 month old white babies are racist. This study likley paid for with taxpayer bucks.

    “Adults have more difficulty recognizing faces that belong to people of another race, and this deficit appears to start early.”

  29. Bob Roberts says:


    April jobless rate 8.1%. Probably will be revised upward once the spotlight is off, as usual.

    +115,000; Sluggishness. Need to reverse the burdens placed on the economy by the obamunists for this to change.

    Labor Force Participation Lowest Since 1981. No wonder, since the Democrats are so busy trying to buy votes with extended unemployment.

    Disability applications soar. Most are likely questionable.

    Judges barred from using Internet, FACEBOOK when investigating claims. They might find out the person is lying and that would make them ineligible for Obama’s vote buying program.

    29.7M unemployed. A bad sign.


  30. Obama assembling de facto propaganda ministry
    Administration reveals plans to buy media broadcasts

  31. buck says:


  32. Bob Roberts says:


    The obamunists have once again shot themselves in the foot pushing the “war on women” meme. Once again it winds up obamunism hurts women more than it helps them.

  33. AC says:

    I just went through that campy “Life of Julia” slideshow, and I have one question: why is Obama president when Julia is 3 and still president when Julia is 67?

  34. Path says:


  35. Bob Roberts says:

    House probing drug makers deals with Obama. The next big scandal?

    Just one person – OBAMA – stands in the way of tens of thousands of American jobs.

    Even with a teleprompter he was FAILING consistently, so he abolished press conferences for the most part.

    President Obama has held just one full length, multi-topic, solo press conference in the last six months, effectively abolishing the most accessible venue for American citizens to observe the thinking and learn the views of their leader.

    It’s May, and the president has stood for only a single such news conference this year, a March 6 event in the briefing room. He’s had only three since last June, counting a November press conference in Hawaii that was supposed to be devoted to the just-held Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation summit but which veered off into other issues.

    Reporter Covering Obama Offers Relatives to Press for Interviews

    President Obama is currently speaking at Washington-Lee High School, a luxury school just outside Washington, D.C., about the high cost of education. Yet he fails to mention that the school has “a $95 million building with a vegetated ‘green’ roof, a 10-lane swimming pool and a cyber cafe,” according to the Washington Post.

    Who attends this school? “The 1%”? Is that why Obama visited it?

    Apparently race is still an issue for some reporters and media sources. It never was an issue for most of us.

    Not the right kind of hate, I guess.

    ‘We’re not really set up to cover the extreme Left’.

    Sounds like a personal problem.

    Al Qaeda memo praises ABC and CBS. Says MSNBC was ‘good and neutral’ until it fired Keith Olbermann.

    Gov’t seeks more than 1,700 secret warrants.

    Against who? Oh, it’s a secret!

    Someone call the SEC.

    No doubt, at this point, he’s abusing his position, using insider information.

  36. Bob Roberts says:

    AC says: May 4, 2012 at 9:20 am
    Simple, silly.

    He’s “President for Life”, just like they do it in Africa and South America!

  37. Bob Roberts says:

    (Actually that was a really great point you made!)

  38. Bob Roberts says:

    If you went through the “Julia” slideshow, you saw the Democrats and their claims.

    Now for some truth:

    Julia And The Obama Economy

    Julia is bummed. Her share of the national debt went up $16,345 under Obama.

    Julia, the college student, is paying record high tuition to attend college under Obama.

    Julia, about to graduate, can’t find a job in the Obama economy.

    Julia, recent college grad, has $25K in student loan debt, highest in history, under Obama.

    Julia the 23 year old has no choice but to move back in with her parents in the Obama economy.

    Julia has to pay double for gas from what she paid 4 years ago. Public transit costs have soared so high she can’t afford them under Obama.

    Julia has to pay more for health insurance despite ObamaCare’s promise to reduce premiums by $2500

    Julia in the future won’t have Social Security or Medicare/Medicaid thanks to Obama.

    Alas, Team Obama has omitted a few milestones from the life of Julia:

    Julia’s mother decides at the last moment to have a partial birth abortion. She decides to murder Julia with the help of Planned Parenthood and some doctors. Under Barack Obama, her right to do so is absolutely nonnegotiable.

    On to another Julia, because that one is dead:

    10 years: Trapped in a failing and dangerous public school, Julia is terrified and miserable. Under the Obama administration, protecting the government education monopoly from competition and accountability is almost as sacrosanct as abortion. School-choice programs are severely constrained or eliminated. Julia falls behind.

    21 years: After barely completing her high-school degree in her god-awful school, Julia goes looking for a job. There aren’t many, especially for people without college degrees. Julia kicks around the food-service and hospitality industries for a while, and ends up getting a job as a bartender. Even at her relatively low level of income, she pays a host of direct and indirect taxes to help subsidize Obama donors and supporters at politically connected businesses. She can’t quite figure out why President Obama’s pet millionaires and billionaires need her money more than she does.

    22 years: After working in the bar for a while, Julia decides she likes it and wants to open her own place. But she’ll need capital to get that done. Under Obama, there is little or no credit available to small entrepreneurs, because we never got around to fixing the problems in the banking system, instead choosing to futz around with things like the disclosures on credit-card offers and micromanaging swipe fees and grandstanding about bonuses. Julia does not open her new business, and she doesn’t hire any other Julias to build, decorate, supply, or staff it.

    23 years: Being a bartender, Julia works late at night. Under Obama, the federal government supports laws that make it difficult or impossible for a private citizen to own a gun in many places. Leaving her bar one night, the defenseless Julia is killed in the street. Ironically, the gun used to kill her was sold to a Mexican drug cartel under a program run by President Obama’s Department of Justice.

    And, since she’s white and the suspect is a “person of color”, the Obama administration declines to investigate or prosecute.

    57 years: Julia (different Julia, not one of the dead ones) has been paying very high taxes for most of her life, mainly to support three federal programs: Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid. In fact, the payroll tax diverts about 12 percent of her income — income she might have saved — into the entitlements. Under President Obama, stubborn refusal to reform these unsustainable entitlements means that the programs have to be radically cut or entirely eliminated, and Julia and her whole generation get hosed in spite of the fact that they have been taxed for decades under the phony promise that they were “paying into” the programs. The only alternative to massive cuts was an 88 percent increase in all federal taxes, which already have been rising to offset costs from Obamacare, which were wildly underestimated.

    88 years: Julia (different Julia) passes away in 2022. And she got out just in time: Policies adopted by the Obama administration sent the national debt to $71,000 per person and climbing.

    The Life of Julia by Yuval Levin

    I don’t think I have ever seen a cultural artifact that so desperately begs to be parodied and ridiculed, and is so ill-suited to the audience it is intended to reach, as the Obama campaign’s “Life of Julia.” If you haven’t seen it yet, you really need to.

    From the overarching narrative of drab dependency to the comically blunt and clumsy contrasts with Romney, the utterly unironic pseudo-edginess (“Julia starts her own web business”), the self-caricaturing lifestyle liberalism (“this allows her to volunteer at a community garden”), the un-self-conscious intermixing of the vocabularies of liberty and entitlement (“thanks to Obamacare, her health insurance is required to cover birth control”), the imagery of studied nonchalance, and the whole look and feel of the enterprise, it appears to have been created by people deeply immersed in the culture of overeducated twenty-something hipster self-effacement but unaware that it is all intended sarcastically. It’s like Portlandia earnestly offered up as a drama.

  39. Bob Roberts says:

    MEXICAN MASSACRE IN BORDER TOWN. Nine bodies hanged from bridge, dumped at city hall.

    14 headless bodies found.

    If the Democrats aren’t forced out of office, unless we can finally get our southern border locked down and more illegals deported, the above will be headlines we see here more and more often.

    Re-enacting “Any which way but loose”?

    Oh wait, they said monkey, not APE.

    And here’s our troll reacting to news Jason “J.T.” Ready was actually a Democrat.

    Maybe Blount can add, besides “OPEN THREAD”, a daily (or better, weekly, on Saturdays!) thread called “REDUNDANCY, IGNORANCE and MISINFORMATION” and restrict known trolls to posting there and there alone. That way anyone reading that thread would know that they’ll likely find nothing but nonsense from trolls there and can avoid it if desired. Any troll comments on any OTHER thread would be deleted when noticed if not wholly blocked from the start.

  40. Bob Roberts says:

    Yes, it’s clearly another example of the Democrats ongoing war on women: Obama “Julia” website creepy and demeaning.

    “It suggests that this woman can’t go anywhere in life without Barack Obama’s government-centered society. It’s kind of demeaning to her,” Ryan said during a constituent meeting in Wisconsin, the National Review reports. “She must have him and his big government to depend on to go anywhere in life. It doesn’t say much about his faith in Julia.”

    This is the quintessential Democrat philosophy – “Without us you are and can be nothing”.

    Along with that there’s this: “With us you can only be what we decide you will be. We will choose winners, we will choose losers. Your actual abilities and aspirations mean nothing.”

    You can just look at our troll for what results. A mindless drone, unable to engage in a civil, honest conversation, let alone do anything useful in the real world.

  41. Bob Roberts says:

    UN: USA should return stolen land to Indian tribes.

    Only problem with that theory is that “indian tribes” didn’t believe in land ownership and so had no land to be “stolen”.

  42. Bob Roberts says:


    Once a waiter brought Rielle Hunter Hunter a Reuben sandwich with the wrong dressing. She had a crisis and had to be talked through it by her “spiritual adviser”.

    Here’s an image of Rielle – have the eye bleach handy if you check it!

  43. Bob Roberts says:

    O’Reilly Decimates Unprepared Lib

    Reminds me of what happens to our troll here most every time he posts!

    The funniest thing is the he still doesn’t get it, after all this time & so many epic fails on his part!

  44. Bob Roberts says:

    Campaign determines Biden not welcome in top meetings. Probably because he’s so dumb that he’d leak their secret strategies about their ongoing war on women and other critical campaign secrets.
    Hopefully it’s too late for Obama to switch VP nominees – but actually it’s not. That could be a surprise at the upcoming convention.

    Biden recreates 911 call of woman who is defenseless because of anti-gun legislation idiots like him sponsored and enacted.

    If the woman wasn’t subject to anti Second Amendment laws she might have been able to defend herself.

  45. Bob Roberts says:

    Gloom builds for euro zone, United States. THANKS OBAMA! THANKS DEMOCRATS!

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