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May 22 2012

Open Thread


Compliments of Zappatrust.

53 Responses to “Open Thread”

  1. Bob Roberts says:

    Judicial Watch has released hundreds of Defense Department and CIA communications that reveal the Obama administration leaked classified information to filmmakers on the raid that killed Osama bin Laden.
    Judicial Watch claims the secrets were provided for a film on the bin Laden raid that was first scheduled to be released Oct. 12, just in time to boost the president’s image shortly before the November elections. Sony Pictures has since pushed the release back to December.
    According to the documents, the filmmakers were granted access to a Navy SEAL captain who was the “planner, operator and commander of SEAL Team Six,” which killed bin Laden. In one memo one of the filmmakers says he had a “good meeting with Brennan and McDonough” and says “they were forward leaning, sharing their point of view on command and control.”
    John Brennan is the president’s chief counterterrorism adviser, and Denis McDonough is deputy national security adviser.
    In putting the filmmakers together with the SEAL Team Six commander on the raid, Under Secretary of Defense for Intelligence Michael Vickers writes in one document, “The only thing I ask is that you not reveal his name in any way … because he shouldn’t be talking out of school.”

    Tried to post the link – it won’t post for some reason.

  2. Bob Roberts says:

    I wonder if MSNBC links are the subject of an embargo… will try to find another link.

    Ah, here’s one… FOX:

  3. Bob Roberts says:

    After torturing him all night, they decided maybe he wasn’t guilty after all…

    My brother used to live in Magna, UT. Emphasis on USED TO! Years ago.

  4. Bob Roberts says:

    I got your “arab spring” right here.

    Parts of the ring road encircling this capital are dangerous no man’s lands, unsafe to drive on, by day or night. Kidnappings and bank robberies are common around the city. And women report sexual assaults by taxi drivers, even in broad daylight. Across Egypt, carjackers have grown so bold that they steal their victims’ cellphones and tell them to call to negotiate the return of the cars. And in Sharqiya, a rural province in the Nile Delta, villagers have taken the law into their own hands, mutilating and burning the bodies of accused thugs and hanging them from lampposts.


  5. Smorfia48 says:

    Bob Roberts says:

    But in all fairness, the courts in Egypt are too busy concentrating on prosecuting the really serious crimes. Such as Copts who defend themselves against Muslim aggression:,-eight-Muslims-acquitted-24821.html

    Meanwhile, Muslims work hard to prove to their superiors that they fully get the ‘democracy’ concept and aren’t in any way a comically backwards gaggle of Dark Age savages:

  6. Screwy Puppy says:

    Remember the little girl that had her lunch packed by mom taken away and forced a government lunch? Remember how she hardley ate anything and went hungry?

    How good is the school lunch?

    A Scottish student is blogging about her school lunches with photos. It has pushed the school to improve their lunches. Her reviews include a hair count in her meals. 😀

  7. nobody says:

    Shout out to everybody from nobody!

  8. Bloodless Coup says:


    Margaret Thatcher adviser talks Obama eligibility

    Lord Monckton to appear at Arizona tea-party event

  9. Divide, Conquer & Destroy: NLRB Region Unleashes Micro-Unit On Retailer

    “NLRB now allows small, distinct groups of employees to unionize within a workplace, even if the vast majority of employees working around the small group don’t want to unionize.”

  10. born in 76 says:

    ‘There were about 20 young black guys all with their hoods up armed with sticks and bats and knives. They just ran in the pub and started trying to attack people.

    ‘It was really frightening. But it should not have happened to Luke, it shouldn’t have happened to anyone, but he was a complete innocent.’

    ‘There was a lot of confusion. They got Luke and dragged him outside. They were pulling him up the road.

    ‘His dad was running after them. But by the time he got to Luke he was already on the floor. Bernie threw himself on top of Luke. He was trying to protect him, but it was too late.”

    Tess Fitzpatrick, Bernard’s sister, said: ‘The men who came for Luke were like a pack of wolves. My brother ran after them as they were dragging Luke up the street.

    ‘He covered him with his body, but they had already stabbed Luke all over.’

  11. Man Loses $22,000 In New ‘Policing For Profit’ Case

    “In this latest case, a Monterey police officer took $22,000 off the driver — even though he had committed no crime.”

    “But it’s not illegal to carry cash,” we noted.

    “And he couldn’t prove it was legitimate,” Bates insisted.

  12. born in 76 says:

    “I witnessed this young lady throwing trash out of her car and all I said was that it wasn’t cool,” Shannon said.

    A few choice words later, Shannon thought the argument was over.

    “All of a sudden I was being attacked,” Shannon said.

    Two women jumped out of the car in front of her.

    “She was right in my window just punching me in my face, pulling my hair,” Shannon said. “She started biting on my hands so severely. I thought she was gonna bite ’em off, actually.”

    Then a man jumped out of the car and threw a soda through her window.

    “He said, ‘This is for you, you white b—-. This is a grape soda.’ And then they took off,” Shannon said.

  13. Jodie says:

    It’s no surprise that Obama hates NASCAR and wishes its demise. In keeping with his evil agenda, Obama is now attempting to replace the military sponsorship of NASCAR – which is a very successful recruting tool – with sponsorship by the EPA – which is disgusting, overbearing, and nauseating.

    President Obama’s eco-friendly EPA inked a green partnership deal with high-octane NASCAR Monday to promote recycling and environmentally-friendly products to the sport’s millions of fans.

    According to the Environmental Protection Agency, NASCAR will encourage fans to buy “sustainable concessions” at races, expand the use of “safer chemical products,” conserve water, reduce waste, promote recycling, push products approved by the EPA that have a small enviro footprint and encourage suppliers to get an “E3 tuneup” aimed at promoting sustainable manufacturing.

    Missing: any talk of greening races or race cars that consume about two million gallons of gas a year and average five miles per gallon.

    “Yes, the focus is on suppliers and programs, not green cars,” said an EPA spokesman.

    On Thursday, May 17, 2012, an amendment was adopted in the United States House Appropriations Committee that would prohibit the Department of Defense from spending funds on sports sponsorship. Advocates of the amendment argued that more than $135 million was being spent on sports sponsorship, which brings in approximately 150,000 potential new recruits. This could be a huge problem for NASCAR. Of that money, approximately $80 million went to NASCAR. This is not the first time that the amendment has been offered, but it is the first time that the amendment was adopted.

    Currently, Dale Earnhardt Jr. and Ryan Newman are sponsored for part of the season by the military. Earnhardt is sponsored by the National Guard for 18 races. Newman is sponsored by the U.S. Army for 12 races in the 2012 season. The U.S. Army has been working with NASCAR for more than a decade. This includes not just driver sponsorship, but also recruitment and other advertising. The partnership also has NASCAR drivers making appearances to help bolster recruitment. It was estimated that NASCAR brought in approximately 50,000 potential new recruits.–nascar.html

  14. Bob Roberts says:

    Reaganite Republican says: May 23, 2012 at 4:26 am
    The link is bad but you can click on the one at “Reaganite Republican” and get there that way…

  15. Bob Roberts says:

    Bloodless Coup says: May 23, 2012 at 3:22 am
    What nonsense. Glenn Beck is one of the most potent forces AGAINST Obama that has surfaced. This sounds more like a disinformation campaign by Obama friends than anything.

    As I said, the birth issue, as Constitutionally critical is it is, has about ZERO power to affect the election, unfortunately, because TOO MANY PEOPLE EITHER DON’T CARE OR ARE CONVINCED IT’S GROUNDLESS.

    Obama is much weaker on many other fronts and issues. He welcomes people who make the birth issue their primary fight because he knows it’s one that, sadly, can’t hurt him.

  16. Bob Roberts says:

    Just a word, I actually don’t have a problem with your posts that include “walls of text” quoted from the link, but some here do.

    born in 76 says: May 23, 2012 at 5:57 am
    TheWrightWing says: May 23, 2012 at 6:02 am
    born in 76 says: May 23, 2012 at 6:10 am
    Jodie says: May 23, 2012 at 7:43 am

    I actually like to get at least SOME info about what is behind the link and one way to do it is to provide a few key C&P’s. Yeah, I’ve gone overboard now and then, I know, but it was because there was so much that I felt should be shared.

    In any case, post the way you like to post is what I say. If someone doesn’t like “walls of text” they can skip over your posts, just like they can skip over mine when I do that.

    As far as I know the owner of these spaces doesn’t have a significant problem with the way anyone is posting these days – at least I haven’t heard him speak up about it. I assume he has our e-mail addy’s and can let us know privately, also, if he doesn’t like something we’re doing.

    Of course we also don’t want to chase people away, but I suspect nobody will be departing just because of lengthy posts – rather they can just skip over those, as mentioned.

  17. Bob Roberts says:

    One of many issues that has a lot more traction than the birth issue:

    Stories from the Obama economy.

    As Constitutionally critical as the birth issue is, what people confront every day is the train wreck of an economy, the huge burden the deliberately high energy prices. These are the issues where Obama is weak and will be beaten.


    Susan Vass, Former Person of Pallor, having remembered that her sister has naturally curly hair and that she and her brother both have an excellent sense of rhythm, is pleased to announce her application to become the second Womyn of Color at Harvard Law.

    “My color is Fish-Belly White,” explained Mrs. Vass, “but my family lore has always included the belief that we have some African blood. Way back on my great-great-great-grandma Mee-Maw’s side. Mee-Maw’s great-grandparents were from Mississippi. Or Minnesota. One of the ‘M’ states. And she was darker than the rest of the relatives. Almost beige,
    actually. At least in the summer.”

    She added, “A few years ago, I went ahead and volunteered some old traditional African family recipes to the Mau Mau Cookbook: Lobster Newburgh on Toast Points and Duckling L’Orange with Cherries Jubilee. Sure, they are similar to ones found in Julia Child’s cookbook, okay, EXACTLY the same, but that good old family lore said Mee-Maw’s great-grandma loved them.”

    Mrs. Vass continued, “I’m hoping to get invited to lunch. Not just by other Africans like me. Pretty much by anybody.”

    (from POWERLINE)

  18. Bob Roberts says:

    The International Criminal Court claims authority over Americans for actions that the United States does not define as “crimes.” In short, the Twenty-First Century is witnessing an epic struggle between the forces of global governance and American constitutional democracy.

    Restoring the Constitution

    Against the Globalistas – A review of Sovereignty or Submission: Will Americans Rule Themselves or be Ruled by Others?

    Strange those who are against “globalization” when it comes to corporations that give us products we want and need are all for it when it comes to governments who’s only function is to interfere with and take from us.


    So far, Obama has had weak showings in Louisiana (76-24) and North Carolina (79-21), and squeakers in Oklahoma (57-43), West Virginia (59-41), Arkansas (59-41) and Kentucky (58-42). And Barack Obama had no credible opposition in any of these races. In some instances, his only opponent was an incarcerated felon! It appears obvious that many Democrats are trying to convey a message that the liberal media is unwilling to hear.

    In the Democratic primaries, that is–and what it is, is pretty clear. Democrats across the country are expressing revulsion at the prospect of Barack Obama continuing to lead their party.

    Maybe they figured out he was half white and decided he’s not such a good candidate after all? It can’t be that they are against his economic actions, what with all the jobs he’s “saved or created”.

    NOTE: Winston Churchill’s grandmother was one-quarter Iroquois indian, which makes Winston one-sixteenth native American – twice as much as Elizabeth Warren supposedly is. Maybe, realizing this, Obama will feel comfortable putting the Churchill bust back in the Oval Office?

    Dead heat on economy, if you believe the source I suspect on election day the results will be significantly different, with Romney way ahead on this issue.

    Despite the fact EVERY TIME PEOPLE ARE ALLOWED TO VOTE ON IT, ATTEMPTS TO DESTROY TRADITIONAL MARRIAGE LOSE BY FAR, the left still lies and claims sentiment is shifting towards destroying traditional marriage

    At the WaPo the best they can do for Obama is claim he’s ahead of Romney by a statistically insignificant 3%.

    It looks like Obama is strong in states with high illegal alien populations and states where no voter ID requirements exist/states where it’s easy to vote early and often/states where the dead are still allowed to vote.

  19. Jodie says:

    Bob Roberts,

    To me, it’s not so much about how to post a comment, I think it’s more about monopolizing the conversation. You post a link to everything and then want credit for it. Give others a chance.

  20. Bob Roberts says:

    If you don’t want people to see you doing it, THEN DON’T DO IT!

    As in the case of the gay guy who jumped off a bridge after a webcam was used to record him making out with another guy in his shared room, here we have another case of people being ashamed of what they did and complaining when others find out about it.

    But this case is even stranger, because this person did what he did in full view of everyone else at a public event.

    Look, if you are going to be embarrassed about something you did or are planning to do, perhaps it’s a sign you know or knew you shouldn’t be doing it?

  21. Bob Roberts says:

    Jodie says: May 23, 2012 at 8:57 am
    You post a link to everything and then want credit for it. Give others a chance.

    Get a clue.

    I’ve already posted here, more than once, that I don’t care if I EVER see a credit for posting a link.

    I post for one reason: To share information. I don’t need affirmation.

    Several times I’ve been the first to post a link, days before anyone else, then didn’t get credit AND I DO NOT CARE! I think Mr. Blount goes out of his way to give people credit, even to the point of mentioning my name WHEN I WAS THE LAST TO POST A LINK and, frankly, didn’t deserve it.

    I do post a lot of links because I think they’re important to share. Anyone who thinks I post too much is welcome to skip over my posts.

  22. Bob Roberts says:

    Oh, and Jodie, in case you missed it, I was ENCOURAGING you to post the way you were posting, just letting you know OTHERS seem to have a problem with that style of posting.

    Stabbed woman drives, hits attacker’s child; both dead

    Care to guess the race/ethnicity of the women and children involved?

    The last bit of the link:

    The arrest occurred in an impoverished neighborhood a half block away from the location of the now-demolished house where the remains of 11 murdered women were found in 2009. The killer, Anthony Sowell, is appealing his murder conviction and death sentence.

    Woman pimps for her teen & 7 y/o daughters.

    Mom charged with helping daughter beat teen

    Again, one guess as to the mom’s race/ethnicity.

  23. Screwy Puppy says:


    Maintaining a blog can be a bit of work. Thanking for the tips can slip through the cracks easily.

  24. J says:


  25. Sam Adams says:

    Sarah Palin endorses Orrin Hatch

    Hatch has been in office 6 terms. He has been forced into a primary in June and isn’t happy about it at all. Hatch is busy explaining to everyone how conservative he is.

    Sorry; I don’t think Hatch did a good job keeping the wise latina off the Supreme Court, let alone that other woman…..

    He’s hoping Palin’s support will help.

  26. born in 76 says:

    Five Thugs Murder Pizza Delivery Man For Fun and Pizza in St. Louis

    A group of five black males murdered a white twenty year old pizza delivery man in what the race censoring media calls an “attempted robbery”. However, no money was taken.

  27. born in 76 says:

    Where’s the national media out cry?

    3 Blacks shoot 17 year old white teen in the neck for no apparent(well the trend seems to be, he was white and in the wrong place at the wrong time) reason.

    “”Kannapolis Police have obtained a murder warrant in a shooting on Snow Street Monday afternoon, sources say. Police are searching for 19-year-old Darius Jamal Smotherson, believed to be one of three suspects involved in the shooting death of Daniel Lee Cooper. Cooper, 17, of Florida Avenue, died of his injuries while at Carolinas Medical Center-NorthEast.””

  28. Bob Roberts says:

    Obama continues to disappoint & undersell:

    According to today’s White House pooler, the New York Times’s Peter Baker, “The crowd was obviously supportive and glad to see him, though the room at times felt a little flat and Potus seemed a little tired after a long day that’s not even close to being over.”

    Moreover, the campaign announced that the president “[would] headline a reception for 700 at the Hyatt Regency Denver at the Colorado Convention Center.

    The campaign now says, according to the pooler, that only 550 people showed up.


    Phillip Phillips, a bluesy Georgia guitar man, was crowned the new “American Idol” on Wednesday after defeating teenager Jessica Sanchez in record viewer voting. He was the fifth male “Idol” winner in a row.

    Edward Klein’s new book about President Obama, The Amateur, has already made some news, particularly with regard to allegations that an ally of Obama’s offered the odious Reverend Jeremiah Wright a $150,000 bribe to keep his mouth shut during the 2008 presidential campaign. And the title of the book is a quote from Bill Clinton, who was said to be urging his wife to challenge Obama for the Democrat nomination in 2012.

    That’s pretty sensational stuff, but the media has been studiously ignoring Klein’s book. It looks like the public hasn’t been ignoring Klein’s book, however, because Regnery Publishing (around whose metaphorical water cooler we Human Events writers gather) announced today that The Amateur will debut at Number One on the New York Times nonfiction and e-book bestseller lists for June 03.

    Obama avoids false climate alarmism entirely this year. Could it be his position is “evolving”?

  29. Bob Roberts says:

    Bill Clinton throws “worst party ever”. Guests say waiting in line to get in was the best part.

    This guy sounds like a typical moonbat liberal:

    Oliga Yusef, 80, coming out of a polling station in Cairo, said: “I cannot read or write. I asked the man inside what to do, and he said I should mark whoever I liked – so I ticked a box, but I have no idea who I voted for.”

    Those of you still wondering how Obama got elected? Now you know.

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