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Aug 31 2011

Open Thread


On a tip from TED.

51 Responses to “Open Thread”

  1. citizenjane says:

    I’d buy that t-shirt.

  2. Bill T says:

    Obama’s illegal alien job thief guardian buys Canada-built car

    Obama Labor Boss Buys Canadian-Built Car
    Says purchase was to show support for American workers

  3. AC says:

    Belarus is a former Soviet state still operating on the Soviet socialist system. It is ruled by socialist dictator Alexander Lukashenko. It has been described as the last outpost of tyranny in Europe.

    How is Soviet socialism working out for them? Let’s check in and see what is happening:

    Hyperinflation. The food has run out, reconnecting its citizens with their meatless Soviet heritage.

    Belarus now qualifies for a second entry in the politics of hyperinflation chart.

    Don’t laugh too hard, our own Helicopter Ben Bernanke is working overtime correcting the inflation gap.

  4. AC says:

    From the DC swamp: HIV/AIDS group charged with diverting tax dollars to strip club

    Did I say swamp? Democrats are busy saving the wetlands, with help from strip club owners like Cornell Jones, the self-described former DC drug kingpin tied in with this odious expenditure.

  5. AC says:

    Belarus is not the only experiment in socialism gone horribly wrong. Let’s check in with Greece to see how socialism is working for them:

    In Greece, government debt now represents almost 160% of GDP and the average yield on Greek debt is around 15%. Thus, if Greece’s debt is rolled over without restructuring, its interest costs alone will amount to approximately 24% of GDP. In other words, if debt pardoning does not occur, nearly a quarter of Greece’s economic output will be gobbled up by interest repayments! Looking at this simple maths, it is obvious to us that unless the Germans or the French comes to its rescue, Greece will default within 2-3 years.

    “The trouble with socialism is that you eventually run out of other people’s money” – Margaret Thatcher

    Comrade Chairman has almost run out of our grandkids’ money, but not to worry, Ben Bernanke will ride to the rescue in his pale helicopter.

  6. AC says:

    Corrupt congresscritter Marxine Waters has figured out the solution to our own bank problem. She announced, “If they don’t come up with loan modifications and keep people in their homes that they’ve worked so hard for, we’re going to tax them out of business,”

    What a genius. If there are no banks, then there will be nobody to foreclose on deadbeat borrowers.

    Maybe she can take it one step further: if there are no capitalist butchers, then there will be nobody to overcharge the proletariat for their meat. I wonder how that is working out…..

  7. Marci says:

    Bub-bub blub bub. That sounds like him too.

  8. Berlet98 says:

    Out of School Tales of Nuns and Other Educators

    The nuns always warned us about telling tales out of school, tattling, gossiping but since I’ve long been out of school I feel I can do it although the following aren’t really tattle tales or gossip. They’re scary but true tales.

    Arne Duncan, who never taught a class or wrote a lesson plan in his life but did attend the elite University of Chicago Laboratory Schools and majored in sociology at Harvard, later presided over the disintegration of the Chicago public school system for almost 10years.

    Apparently because of that sociology degree and his outstanding Chicago failure, Duncan was tapped by President Obama in 2009 to be the nation’s Secretary of Education, the rough equivalent of hiring Yogi Berra to teach logic to baseball players.

    Secretary Duncan experienced a rare attack of honesty for a politician when he recently conceded, “And the best ideas, I’ve always said, in education are never going to come from me or frankly from anyone else in Washington,” despite the fact his cabinet-level department is primarily charged with establishing United States educational policy.

    Needless to say, Duncan qualified his admission of his own and Washington’s ineptitude by saying that the best ideas are “always going to come from great teachers, great principals at the local level” where people better understand their communities’ needs.

    Duncan was inadvertently raising the question of why a federal education department, created as the brainchild of Jimmy Carter, is needed at all and why its budget has almost tripled in a decade even as the nation’s educational system is rapidly approaching levels considered unacceptable in the Third World.

    He didn’t answer those unasked questions and didn’t have to. Teachers and their overbearing national union, the National Education Association and its affiliates, provide the answers every election cycle when they show up en masse to support Democrat candidates as payback for government, i.e. taxpayer, largesse.

    As a nitwitty teacher proudly said one Election Day in our faculty room years ago in response to a query as to how she planned to cast her vote, “I don’t know. I just vote for whoever the union tells me to.”

    Teachers and other Wisconsin public employees know full well whom not to vote for, newly-elected Republican governor of the Badger State, Scott Walker.

    The dastardly, union-busting, benefit-reducing Walker, the same governor who has put his state on a path to fiscal sanity and has actually added 43,400 jobs to Wisconsin’s payrolls according to the CES, the Current Employment Statistics survey, discovered once again the depths which unionistas can plumb when he visited the Messmer Catholic School in Milwaukee.

    Governor Walker and his state had already witnessed those depths last winter when union thugs caused millions of dollars in damages to the state Capitol building in Madison, ostensibly in protest of his fiscal proposals but also in protest of his fair and democratic election. . .
    (

  9. Mats says:

    “Hundreds complain to BBC over gay sex on Torchwood”

    “Hundreds”? IS this how bad the once Great Britain is?

  10. StanInTexas says:

    So we have the REAL reason that the Obama inJustice Department went after Gibson…

    Gibson CEO: Obama Administration Told Us Our Problems Would Go Away If We Used Madagascar Labor

    So all they need to do is to stop using American workers and their problems will vanish!

  11. SR says:

    “Crosshairs”….Islamist Killer Says Hollywood Film “Redacted” Motivated Him to Kill US Soldiers

  12. SR says:

    States/countries where Islam is the religion; conversion to Islam is encouraged, conversion from Islam is illegal.

    Iran – illegal (death penalty)
    Egypt – illegal (death penalty)
    Pakistan –illegal (death penalty since 2007)
    United Arab Emirates – illegal (death penalty)
    Somalia –illegal (death penalty)
    Afghanistan –illegal (death penalty)
    Saudi Arabia –illegal (death penalty)
    Sudan – illegal (death penalty)
    Qatar – illegal (death penalty)
    Yemen – illegal (death penalty)
    Kuwait – illegal (death penalty)
    Lebanon – illegal
    Bahrain – illegal
    Iraq – illegal (death penalty)
    Malaysia –illegal in five of 13 states (fine, imprisonment, and flogging)
    Mauritania –illegal (death penalty)
    Nigeria – illegal in twelve of 37 states (death penalty)
    Syria – illegal (death penalty)

  13. Zilla says:

    August 30, 2011 marked one year since I started the Zilla of the Resistance blog! Reflections about that here:
    My First Blogiversary!
    I have a new post, regarding the continuing holocaust of Christians at the bloody hands of islam that nobody freaking cares about and the fact that they SHOULD because it IS coming here soon – read about how the islamization is already well under way, learn how islam incrementally encroaches on the civilizations it devours. Like the proverbial frog in the slowly heated pot, people do not realize the danger until it is far too late. Read my post and fight against becoming islam’s version of frog soup!

    Not Safe to Pray in Church, Not Safe to Pray at Home – No Refuge from the Jihad

    There is a LOT of information there that you need to know, so grab a snack and come on over – ignorance will be our demise, so get educated while you still can. Class is in session.

  14. Uncle Joe Liberty says:

    Much we? MUCH WE? Yez we much!

    Nice grahic, TED.

  15. Fiberal says:

    The BO administration warned Juszkiewicz at Gibson Guitars that if they used Madagascar labor, that all their problems would go away.

    Somewhere there’s a Rezko-type deal going on with America’s Thug-In-Chief and someone in Madagascar.

  16. TonyD95B says:

    “Man Faces Life In Jail For Recording Police”

    I saw it on Drudge earlier. First I’m hearing about it.

    Anybody know any background on this?



  18. Dr. 9 says:

    That’s not Che.

  19. Jodie says:

    I didn’t have time to read the following article, but the video appears to show a group of apes at a zoo in Florida attacking the zookeepers:

  20. Sinister66 says:


    I believe that tarnished your halo.

  21. TheDarkEricDraven says:

    Why do you guys vote for her agai-oh, right, morons.

  22. Jodie says:


    The Bible tells us to love what is good and hate what is evil. That’s what I do!

  23. Sinister66 says:

    First off, Sinssister666, hope you didnt hurt youself coming up with that one.

    Didnt think you would be throwing the racial slurs but I guess I was mistaken. A good way to tell if its a slur or not would be to refer to an individual of a certain race as an “ape” face to face and see if you dont recieve an ass whoopin. By the way I use every racial and durogatory slur I know on a daily basis.

  24. Jodie says:

    Racial slur? They are NOT all black, but they are acting like animals.

  25. TheDarkEricDraven says:

    Jodie is a racist. Were we not clear on this? Is this new? I’m not surprised…

  26. StanInTexas says:

    Sinister and Eric, give your knee-jerk racist crap a rest. You are boring the rest of us.

  27. wingmann says:

    ‘NM officer having sex on car hood won’t be charged’

    Well of course he won’t…nor will he be fired…

  28. TheDarkEricDraven says:

    Why would he be?

  29. StanInTexas says:

    Sinister66 says: September 1, 2011 at 10:13 am
    A good way to tell if its a slur or not would be to refer to an individual of a certain race as an “ape” face to face and see if you dont recieve an ass whoopin.

    With your impotent internet tough-guy bluster pushed aside, that is an interesting comment.

    So you think it is racist to refer to a politician as a monkey?

  30. Graycat says:

    Moonbattery is global. It has no bounds. So boundless in fact that a 10 year-old sexually active girl getting pregnant and giving birth to a baby is shoulder shrug material for the girl’s mother.

    A 10 year-old Romainian girl living in Spain recently gave birth to a full term baby girl. The child’s father is a 13 year old boy. Apparently it’s no big deal as it’s part of the woman’s and her daughter’s and the boy’s Romainain cultural traditions. The girl’s mother is gushingly proud of her newborn granddaughter and the fact that her 10 year old daughter is a slut. Apparently, she was aware of her daughter’s sexual relationship with a 13 year-old boy as the story makes no mention shock, humiliation or shame on the part of the girl’s mother.

    Doctors, social workers and mental health professionals are concerned about the girl’s mental and physical health present and future. The girl’s mother can figure out what all the fuss is about.

    A story that is not for the squeamish. From Fox

  31. GoY says:

    Liberals finally find some regulations they’re opposed to:

    The regulations require Virginia’s 22 abortion clinics to meet strict new physical standards; pre-op rooms, for example, must measure at least 80 square feet, and operating rooms must measure 250 square feet. Hallways must be at least five feet wide. The requirements are based on the state’s 2010 guidelines for new outpatient surgical facilities.

    The president of Washington, D.C.’s Planned Parenthood chapter has already told the Washington Post that she doesn’t believe that a clinic in Falls Church, Virginia, will be able to meet all of those requirements. Keene said that many other clinics in the state won’t be able to meet them, either—which she thinks is exactly the reason the Department of Health wrote them that way.

    Regulations are bad for business. Who’d’ve thunk?

  32. TheDarkEricDraven says:

    Its a culture thing, Cat. Its a matter of alien morality you wouldn’t understand.

  33. TheDarkEricDraven says:

    And everyone on this thread is ignoring me today. Fine, I’m gone, I can tell when I’m unwanted.

  34. wingmann says:

    Alcoholism is classified as a disability under the Americans with Disabilities Act
    man,i know A LOT of people that could start getting their SS bennies early!!!

  35. Fiberal says:

    Just can’t leave it alone.

    Here’s Ann Coulter spewing idiocy about evolution:

    August 31, 2011

    Once again, critiques without substitution.

    This is bad. Coulters puts down out and out fabrications here.


    All designed to substitute religion for a branch of science.


  36. StanInTexas says:

    Eric, I responded to you above.

    Oh, sorry, I forgot, scrolling up a page is beyond your limited computer skills. Well, take my word, I really did.

    And if you could really tell when you are unwanted, you would have left weeks ago!

  37. Sinister66 says:


    Go call a black person an ape and see what happens.

    Another example of a racist/non racist statement.
    1. There are alot of blacks at this store. (NOT RACIST)
    2. There are alot of fuckin blacks at this store. (racist)

  38. Sinister66 says:

    What do you expect.
    she/he is a transgender.
    She/he has man hands and an adams apple.

  39. StanInTexas says:

    Not what I asked you Sinister. Pathetic dodge.

    And why would you think example #2 is racist. Might be a strip club or a brothel, where it would be accurate.

    How about portraying the President as a chimp. Would that be racist to you?

  40. Sinister66 says:

    President in general or just this one?
    Personally I dont care what you call anyone. But have the testicular fortitude to acknowlage when something is racist. Calling a Black person a monkey,monkey boy, ape, nig nog, jungle bunny,mao mao, nigger, spade, moon cricket,Antique Farm Equipment,Blue-Gummer, Bootlip, Boy, colored, coon, Cotton-Picker, darkie, eggplant, ghetto hamster, jackamammy, jigaboo, porch monkey, lawn jockey, moolie, mud duck(people), or any number of other racial terms is racist.

  41. TheDarkEricDraven says:

    …Eggplants are purple.

  42. Sinister66 says:

    If you still cant figure out if something is a racist slur this might help.

  43. Jodie says:

    Nice link Sinner. 🙂

    }Darky / darkey / darkie noun. Used as a term for a black person, which may cause offence.[60] Randall Kennedy’s Nigger: The Strange Career of a Troublesome Word notes that some judges have considered “darky” a “term of endearment.” See also Minstrel show. In South Africa, however, it is not considered either racist or offensive, but is quite acceptable [61]”

    Just as I suspected. “Dark” Eric is a racist./sarc

  44. Bill T says:

    JW Uncovers Documents from DHS Detailing Obama Plan to Impose DREAM Act by Suspending Illegal Alien Deportations

    Even Armed Robbers Shouldn’t Be Deported?

  45. Fiberal says:


    Wow! I had no idea there was a list like this!

    Excellent. Man, you made my day.

    You have no idea what a hit I’m going to be tomorrow night at my dinner party on my boat.

    Thanks man….I owe you big time, Dude!

  46. Spurwing Plover says:

    Che the leftists glorified murderer hero the blood of countless thousands used to make the ilk which those che T-Shirts are printed on

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