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Nov 03 2012

Open Thread


Via IMAO, on a tip from Stormfax.

77 Responses to “Open Thread”

  1. Jim says:

    Hell yeah!

  2. Anon-Y-Mouse says:

    It just never occurs to (most) of the left WHY their leaders are so anti-gun.

    Luckily, they are on the cusp of being irrelevant in a mere three days, so let them believe what they want.

    If they get unruly after such a bitter defeat, those of us who stood up for the 2nd amendment will give them an object lesson in constitutional rights…even the ones they DON’T like.

  3. Jimbo says:

    The Second Amendment assures the First Amendment. Only a target would disagree.

  4. St. Gilbert says:

    PP, elevating human intellect and providing ‘progress’ for America and the world since 1916.!

    PP demands sexual rights for kids — sexual pleasure is for everyone, no matter what age.

  5. Oiao says:

    AMEN, and pass the ammuniton!

  6. Oiao says:

    Hey. TIME TO DONATE TO DAVE (he did not put me up to this) This is just my twisted self.

    There is a PayPal link on the right side of this blog page.

    Dave, Kiss my, um, sweet smelling butt.O

    Huggs and Kisses, and Semper Fi,


  7. Bob Roberts says:

    Oiao says: November 3, 2012 at 11:55 pm
    AMEN, and pass the ammuniton!

    Just a sec… I’ll have to bitterly set down my Bible then reach for it.

  8. Bob Roberts says:

    Remember when Obama promised to stop the seas from rising?

    He also promised to halve the deficit and get control of government spending. Didn’t keep those promises…

    Obama lied about sea levels too!

    They continue to rise at a linear rate as they have since well before this fuss about “global warming”, then “climate change” once it was clear to everyone there is no statistically significant warming occurring, began. In fact sea levels were rising at the same rate back when the big fuss was over the coming global cooling, ice age and snowball Earth.

    Sea levels are rising as they have been for a long, long time, at a rate of about 3.1 +/- .4 mm per year. That’s about how fast your hair and fingernails grow.

    Still scared? Oh, wait, that’s right. You’re sane and never were. It was only liberals who were scared.

    This map hints at the truth, which is that local sea level changes are dominated not by climate change, but rather by tectonic forces. They go up in some places and down in others

    And despite the fact real scientists stated the recent east coast superstorm had nothing to do with CO2 or “climate change”, here’s what I was talking about with the chicken little liberals:

    New York’s problems this week were due largely to higher sea levels — sea levels that are already higher than they once were thanks to climate change, and due to grow higher still.

    As usual they mix lies with truth. New York’s problems were not due to rising sea levels. They were due to the fact that humans like an ocean view and will pay dearly, including by taking risks they shouldn’t, to get it.

    They’re right about sea levels growing (at mm/yr rates, as noted above) and that there is no sign of them stopping. They’re also correct, in a general sense, that this is because of the fact we’re in an interglacial period, i.e. yes, climate change is the cause.

    But this climate change is 100% natural, started something like 16,000 (plus or minus a thousand or so perhaps) years ago and has nothing to do with humans or their CO2 or other emissions.

    I was walking up at Torrey Pines one day and this guy who claimed to be a “scientist” was talking about how much land we here in San Diego have lost due to “climate change” and the resulting “sea level increase”. My family goes back generations here. Plus even from historic photos two things are clear. The beaches are the same place they were over 100 years ago – in fact going on 200 years. There has been no discernable loss of land, anywhere, due to sea level increase or climate change. What has been happening is the normal, natural changes that occur at the land/sea interface, particularly where tectonic forces have created sea cliffs, which are in a state of perpetual change as the wave cut terraces as their bases do what wave cut terraces always do – advance until they reach an equilibrium point.

    Read the section on sea cliff erosion

  9. Ummah Gummah says:


    Coming to a city near YOU when the won loses the election?

    Seems that the won is no stranger when it comes to supporting mob violence and extortion.

    What’s a few dead Christians in the larger scale of things, right, Obama?


  10. Bob Roberts says:

    Moonbats get a little taste of Carter in runup to election

    New Jersey will move to an odd-even gas rationing system in 12 counties as part of a “limited state of energy emergency.”

    You may remember Jimmy Carter doing the same thing and it having no real effect on gas lines, because not only was there no real enforcement, but there was still too little gas and too many who needed it – much like right now in Jersey.

    Obama’s thought process: Maybe if I pretend I didn’t hear the question the issue will just go away.

    President Obama this morning ignored a reporter’s question about the mounting frustration victims of Hurricane Sandy are having with the response to the storm, refusing to let a question from the press interrupt a FEMA photo op in which he was on display taking action.

    The reporter hasn’t figured Obama out yet. He shows up for photos, not to actually get anything done. He’s an organizer, not one who actually accomplishes anything.

    No doubt aware of the political perils – and potential benefits – of the fallout from the hurricane, Obama arrived at FEMA with multiple members of his Cabinet in tow in a massive display of presidential concern. Even Cabinet secretaries you wouldn’t expect to be involved in hurricane relief – such as the Secretary of Labor and the Small Business Administration Administrator – have been enlisted and were at this morning’s meeting.

    Moonbats wishing they’d supported the Second Amendment when they had the chance!

    Jacinto Gonzalez, 42, picked up a baseball bat and stood guard outside his two-story rowhouse on West 27th Street near Neptune Avenue with his family.

    Another Coney Island resident, Roberto Aviles, brandishing a rusty 3-foot machete.

    Never bring a baseball bat or an old, rusty machete to a gun fight! Thanks to gun laws the bad guys are almost assured, in most cases, to have the better weapons.

    They mention a sign: “Looters will be shot by local vet”, it said. I hope to see signs like it as the polls close and Romney’s victory is announced, though I expect it will be “rioters” not “looters”.

  11. Bob Roberts says:

    What happens when you have too much gun control and not enough freedom:

    ‘It’s like the Wild West’: Lawlessness and fear take over the outer boroughs as millions in misery endure a sixth day without power

    Hey, they made it their priority to support Obama and his “green agenda”/pro union/pro gay/pro abortion stances over energy independence, less regulation, less taxation and bigger government. How’s that big government working for them now?

    Residents claim they are the ‘forgotten victims’ of Sandy
    Also say that lack of power and law enforcement means more looting and violent crime
    Those in stricken areas stockpiling weapons like kitchen knives, machetes, and bats to protect themselves
    Coney Island residents say they are forced to ‘scavenge for food like animals’
    Power unlikely to be returned to Brooklyn, Queen’s and Staten Island until sometime next week

    With little police presence on the storm-ravaged streets, many residents of the peninsula have been forced to take their protection into their own hands, arming themselves with guns, baseball bats and even bows and arrows to ward off thugs seeking to loot their homes.
    It has been reported that crooks have been disguising themselves as Long Island Power Authority workers and coming by homes on the peninsula in the middle of the night while real utility workers were nowhere to be found.

    Residents feel isolated and some use baseball bats, booby traps — even a bow and arrow — to defend themselves.

  12. Bob Roberts says:

    Things are looking good. Obama recently had four Ohio events where the combined attendance did not equal the draw at a single Romney event in Denver.

    Obama/Biden don’t dare book the large venues Romney/Ryan are packing because they would have mostly empty seats, making them look bad and showing how wrong the polls that suggest this is still close really are.

    Even in states where he’s supposedly ahead these days Obama doesn’t dare book large venues in all but the deepest blue urban areas.

    And it’s come down to this in the last few days:

    Romney/Ryan: Vote for your love of country.

    Obama: REVENGE!

    Yeah, but the scene linked above isn’t quite right, is it?

    After all it’s Obama who doesn’t realize he’s already stuck in concrete who’s saying “REVENGE” and it’s Romney/Ryan that’s in the process of steamrolling right over him!

    Revenge indeed!

    Thank GOD Obama hasn’t learned NOT to stray from the teleprompter, eh? I wonder what gems he’ll let loose in the next 2 days?

  13. Bob Roberts says:


    This is rich – I hope they catch the person who made the threats. Either way it is bad news for Democrats.

    If they’re white, why then that shows white Democrats are the racists.

    If they’re black, then that shows how blacks will even go after “their own” to ensure political victory.

  14. Bob Roberts says:

    Wow, Jimmy Carter can actually say something that makes sense: When pressed on whether he would be “comfortable” with a Romney presidency, Carter responded, “I would be comfortable.”

    I’m stunned. Haven’t heard him do that in decades! Seriously, this is the first sane thing I’ve heard come from Carter in 30-40 years.

  15. Ummah Gummah says:

    Ghost of FA Hayek says:
    November 3, 2012 at 6:51 pm
    I somehow suspect these two poll questions will most accurately predict the election

    Let’s not forget that most people eventually grow up.. although this is alarming as a long-term trend and must be countered, best through teaching accurate World History.

    Which brings me back to something I posted previously, that we can’t elect Mittens and think everything’s gonna be fine, now we can sit back, relax and go on with life as usual.. the enemy’s been burrowing deep within the very fabric of this Nation.

    Pressure must be bought to bear re. SCOTUS nominations. I want OUR choices to go thru like Sotomayor and Kagan did when THEY had the White House.

    I don’t want them to be allowed to Bork OUR Candidates and get away with it.

    We have to hold OUR reps’ and senators’ feet to the fire and if need be, kick them in the seats of their pants if that’s what is needed to get them to fight!

    We need to pay attention to school and college curricula and staffing, especially at University level.

    We need to attend school board and PTA meetings.

    We need to ask questions of our children and pay attention to what they are “learning” in school.

    Electing Mitt Romney isn’t the end of all our problems, it is merely the much-needed band-aid on the dyke. It’s just the first small step in saving the Nation. The real work is still ahead.

    If somehow by hook and by crook the socialist / moslem side wins, might as well go Galt.


  16. Ummah Gummah says:


    Last-minute Pre-election Moonbattery:

    Liberals Descend On Capitol Hill To Protest Mitt Romney… Dressed As Muppets

    Something [is] seriously wrong with these people.


  17. Ummah Gummah says:


    BREAKING: NAACP Takes Over Houston Polling Station, Advocates for President Obama

    “After handing out water and advocating for President Obama, the NAACP members started handpicking and moving people to the front of a long voting line inside the polling place according to the incident report. After multiple complaints from voters about the line cutting, Rockford received a phone call from downtown telling her to “stand down.”


  18. Ummah Gummah says:


    Everyone should read the WHAT’S REALLY GOING ON IN THE OUTER BOROUGHS OF NEW YORK thread Bob Roberts posted above:

    Plenty of things there you won’t see in the media until Wednesday…


  19. Moonbat says:

    Hey, guys.

    I know I don’t come around much these days, and I apologize for that. It’s not that I don’t enjoy reading crazy right-wing blogs (I actually LOVE them, they’re so funny!), but I’ve just been busy, what with collecting welfare, smoking drugs, and performing abortions on white girls. I barely have enough time to destroy Christmas, much less keep up with my favorite gang of wingnuts.

    You guys do realize you’re going to lose, right? Yes, I’m afraid your guy, Romney, is about to get F’d in the A, and that’s really going to suck for you. I almost feel sorry for Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, and Mark Levin, et al.

    On the other hand, it will be nourishing to drink their tears. Mmmm… those warm, tastey tears.

    See you on Tuesday, dickheads.


  20. Ghost of FA Hayek says:

    The reason Socialism is so popular to the young is that it is sold as a short cut to prosperity for them.
    Any guilt they may pick up along the way is remedied with envy, and self entitlement by convincing them that wealth is static, that it is a resource they are entitled to, like air and water, or birth control.
    Look at the general response to all the cronyism that is going on now. Any outrage can easily be redirected by the left toward those who are actually earning their wealth by making the half the taxman does not take now (in their public educated minds) a subsidy in and of itself.
    I am sure we could fight this by informing them that the subsidies, tax credits, loans ect thrown down the Solyndra, GM, and Warren Buffet rat holes is that much less for them, but to what end would this serve ?
    For example:
    Where are the protests around ethanol plants ?
    Their shareholders are getting rich while soaking in massive amounts of subsidies,loans, grants and government forcing their product into the supply chain through mandates, which is in turn driving gasoline and food prices higher.
    The Lightworker would tell you straight out that he “believes in capitalism” and that his selections in solar companies for taxpayer largess is an effort to “help” capitalism make the proper choices.
    Socialism and crony capitalism are a package deal. Crony capitalism is a side-effect of socialism.
    Under socialism, those who are considered “poor” lobby the government for special favors, or have the lobbying done on their behalf. Under crony capitalism, it is the wealthy and well connected who do the same. Unfortunately for the poor, it is easier for the wealthy and well connected to siphon favors from the government than it is for the poor. And once a government becomes powerful enough to “spread the wealth around” in the name of the poor, then it also becomes powerful enough to “spread the wealth around” in favor of the few and wealthy.

    Socialism is in effect the preferred form of governance for the rich.
    Meanwhile capitalism quietly delivers these youth a real world lifestyle that the wealthy of a hundred years ago would be envious of.

  21. Ummah Gummah says:


    Ghost of FA Hayek

    All your points are valid. But I speak from my own personal experience when I say that experience is indeed a huge factor, even for those who don’t think things through. It is obvious that socialism doesn’t work when you think about it logically. Nor is economic wealth a zero-sum game, as socialists would like to have us believe, which you also pointed out. The further away we get from the Cold War, the less people are alive who actually saw or experienced socialist pogroms, forced resettlements, gulags, persecutions of all kinds, “verboten” speech, rationing of food and basic goods and services, and on and on. All while the Nomenklatura partied on in their dachas, of course.

    What I say is that this stuff MUST be taught in our schools and colleges, right up there with the Holocaust. That means including use of all pertinent materials, photos, movies, TV reports from the period.

    All they know now is that it you’re a leftard you get more pussy cause chicks will think you’re “cool”.

    And isn’t that exactly how cults draw people in?

    Free sex. Works anytime.


  22. Ummah Gummah says:


    PS. islam outdoes liberalism in that it promises wild virgin sex in the afterlife and gets dumbasses to suicide themselves in pursuit of that quest.


  23. silverfiddle says:

    Frank J is awesome! And he’s been blogging longer than almost any of us, since at least 2003…

  24. chuck in st paul says:

    “Those who beat their swords into plowshares will plow for those who didn’t.” – anon.

  25. AC says:

    Obama will lose in three days.

    There is still time to get the hell away from the spontaneous social justice block parties which are sure to erupt.

  26. Ummah Gummah says:


    Moonbats on WaPo still stick to the “video caused Benghazi terror attack” story:

    11/3/2012 7:12 PM GMT+0100
    And, actually, dukecola, it was all because of a youtube video, according to eyewitnesses. Why is that so hard to believe–what makes you think your sources are right and the official explanation is wrong? Just because you detest Barack Obama and would do anything to bring him down? Sorry, look elsewhere, this is not going to do it, sparky.
    LikeLiked by 2 readersReport

    – from the comments section



    There really is no cure for LIEberalism.


  27. Ummah Gummah says:

    AC says:
    November 4, 2012 at 7:47 am
    Obama will lose in three days.

    There is still time to get the hell away from the spontaneous social justice block parties which are sure to erupt.

    Check! ;-D


  28. Ummah Gummah says:


    AC says:
    November 4, 2012 at 7:47 am
    Obama will lose in three days.

    There is still time to get the hell away from the spontaneous social justice block parties which are sure to erupt.

    With the current occupant at AG of DOJ only SEIU / ACORN / “his people” thugs are allowed weapons, see NBP baton-wielding case.

    If anyone dares fight back, the wonderchild will bleat that the attacker “looks just like my son” and the media will give away address, phone number and location of said self-defender.

    Then they’ll get busy “editing” whatever footage or photos exist of the incident.

    So yeah, best to get out of the way and let nature take its course..


  29. AC says:

    Don’t mess around. Repelling a frenzied horde of stampers is not something to be taken lightly, should you live in an urban environment where such things are a problem.

  30. Ummah Gummah says:


    Ultra-liberal NY Daily News endorses Mitt Romney for President:

    Our choice for America’s future: The Daily News endorses Mitt Romney for president

    Read more:


    The rats are jumping of the sinking RAT ship..


  31. born in 76 says:

    Watching liberals heads explode with denial of about what’s to come put a grin on my face ear to ear.

    Even in my ultra liberal city that I live in the Romney signs are at least 6 to 1(my est). Which isn’t bad considering that there’s reports(local newspaper) of widespread vandalism to the property owners of republican supporters. People don’t care and are holding out at all costs.

    Just one of many reports…

    “”Vandal disses Mitt Romney
    ROYAL OAK — A woman told police Monday that someone wrote “Mitt Romney hates America” and “Romney hates America” in permanent marker on her garage door in the 3800 block of Hillside Court.””

  32. Rodri says:

    This is going to break your heart but I am going to say it anyway…
    Obama is going to win next week. You are going to live through another 4 years of liberalism.

    Deal with it

  33. AC says:

    If Obama wins next week, we’ll live through many decades of liberalism, after the currency hyperinflates and the economy collapses at the hands of the Cloward-Pivenists.

  34. Ummah Gummah says:


    We’re the children of Obama
    Brainwashed thru and thru
    Manipulated by our teachers
    Who are more liberal than you.

    We don’t use our own minds
    As long as we are cool
    And most of all not racist
    It’s what we learn in school.


  35. Ummah Gummah says:

    AC says:
    November 4, 2012 at 8:13 am
    If Obama wins next week, we’ll live through many decades of liberalism, after the currency hyperinflates and the economy collapses at the hands of the Cloward-Pivenists.

    The only way that will happen is MASSIVE FRAUD.

    Next, the stock market will plunge.

    The dollar will plunge.

    Finally, Capital Flight of unprecedented proportions which will make the Boston Tea Party look like a picnic.


  36. Ummah Gummah says:


    I for one, predict that what Sandy did to New Jersey and New York, the American People will do to the won on Tuesday.


  37. Jodie says:

    If Obama wins, it will be through cheating, trickery, deceit, and fraud. We’ve already heard lots of accounts of fraud and intimidation at the polls. He may win, but even if he loses, it is likely that the country will be in chaos and he may not leave office.

    The important thing is that everyone at least votes for Romney! The bottom line is that a vote for Romney is a vote for God to lead our country and a vote for Obama is a vote for Satan to lead our country. If I can use Rush’s words, “Don’t doubt me.”

    We can see that to the libs, good is evil and evil is good. There are millions of examples of this. To us, good is good and evil is evil.

    If you know God, you know that He always gives us a choice to do the right thing – he doesn’t try to trick us. It’s obvious that Romney has lived his life obeying God’s commands. He has done the things that God has asked all of us to and he is extremely blessed. On the other hand, Obama has lived a life of lies, cheating, stealing, destroying, committing adultery (gay sex), and blasphemy.

    The choice is very clear.

  38. Ghost of FA Hayek says:

    It would be great if we could teach that stuff in the schools.
    The problem is those public school teachers work under a whole different set of work rules and standards than is necessary under capitalism.
    Holding them accountable is faux pas
    (see Chitcago teachers and their unions for a prime example of this)
    And as for the colleges, they are about to the point where new hires are required to chant and blood let over Carl Marx’s grave before being accepted.
    I still believe the best cure for socialism is a first paycheck.
    And I think even welfare disbursements should be taxed.
    April 15 should NOT be a payday for anyone.
    One advantage the libs have is the Repubs unwillingness to repeal Federal programs.
    So for now the best strategy may be simply to force them to dry up the funding and let calamity ensue.

  39. Rodri says:

    Nope Jodie,

    Obama is gonna win fair and square. Most Americans like him and dislike Mitt Romney.

    I am 100% certain Obama will be the winner on tuesday

  40. Ghost of FA Hayek says:

    Rodri says
    Deal with it.

    Actually, whether you realize it or not it is you libs that are getting let off the hook.
    You can’t vote yourselves that utopian paradise anymore.
    And your Lightworker has left you farther away from it than ever.
    In fact, the only people doing well are Wall Street bankers, his political donors
    And believe it or not, select health insurance companies, the pharmaceutical industry, and the hospital industry
    Every last one of these beneficiaries of hope and change have been been the target of Obama’s sour rhetoric in the past.
    Your tin god has literally left nothing for the Occutards to protest.
    He is in virtually everyone’s back pocket now
    Obama has taken YOU for the biggest ride
    Deal with it

  41. Ummah Gummah says:

    Jodie says:
    November 4, 2012 at 8:32 am
    If Obama wins, it will be through cheating, trickery, deceit, and fraud. We’ve already heard lots of accounts of fraud and intimidation at the polls. He may win, but even if he loses, it is likely that the country will be in chaos and he may not leave office.

    I don’t think the military would go for that.. after everything they’ve done.. what do you think?


  42. Ummah Gummah says:


    If that snivelling little punk Rodri wants to put its money where its mouth is I’ve got $200 that says Romney will win. Defined as MORE DELEGATES than the wonderboy. This wager is not for the Total Votes.

    I am willing to send $200 in pre-election escrow to Dave Blount or someone trustworthy from the blog and Rodri will do the same.

    When it is confirmed that both parties have paid their $200 say by 11:59 PM Nov, 5th EST, escrow holder will confirm receipt to this very board.

    Payout of $350 to the winner and $50 to escrow holder after the result is officially allowed.

    What say you, Rodri?


  43. Ummah Gummah says:


    Sorry, ANNOUNCED, not allowed.


  44. Ummah Gummah says:

    AC says:
    November 4, 2012 at 7:58 am
    Don’t mess around. Repelling a frenzied horde of stampers is not something to be taken lightly, should you live in an urban environment where such things are a problem.

    That’s what they invented the street sweeper for. Frequently used in – daaas raaaaacist – Chicago.


  45. Jodie says:

    Rodri says:
    November 4, 2012 at 8:40 am

    I understand what you are saying, but it doesn’t negate anything I said. Anyone who would vote for Obama would do so because they believe his lies and they’ve fallen for his trickery.

    Ummah Gummah,

    I think that the Occupiers and Springers have been kept on hold waiting for this very moment. Obama has so many people fired up – the blacks, the illegals, the Arabs, the Chinese, etc. He has been campaigning to be the world leader from the start and many of the peoples of the world love him. It doesn’t seem like it will take much to light the fuse if he loses.

    The military does not have any choice but to follow the orders of their commander in chief. Obama has been getting rid of those who might oppose him and putting evil ones in charge for the past four years. Unfortunately, I have not seen any indication that the military will oppose him. I DO pray for that though!

  46. Ummah Gummah says:


    The won ceases to be Commander-in-Chief on Nov. 20th. Period. Rank-and-file are still uncompromised. I don’t think that all brass are willing to follow the won against the Constitution.

    I am not sure what procedures are in place should a sitting President refuse to transfer power in an orderly fashion, and I won’t research it until/unless this actually becomes an issue.

    Sorry, I am too busy with other pre-election stuff..


  47. Ummah Gummah says:

    . checking on the enemy, taxpayer-funded npr. And look what I found:

    They’re busy doing a little voter suppression of their own.. trying to make non-voters look “cool” in order to keep them from just that – voting.

    Won’t work.

    I’ve been talking about non-voters and how they’ve been ignored in the past. Only this time they WILL come out.

    In DROVES.

    Cya, bammy!


  48. Ghost of FA Hayek says:

    Rodri asked his mom for the money, but it may cut into his diaper fund

  49. Jodie says:

    Also, the military can’t help if they are not called upon. Take New York City for example. Bloomberg refused to let the National Guard come in to help. Instead, he said that his people could handle the situation. I’ve got news for him, the worst of it may not have happened yet. It’s 20 degrees there and many people have no electricity. They are going to be using a lot of candles and making fires to keep warm. There are sure to be building fires from this and with the first, second, and third responders being spread so thin, the fires could result in great devastation.

  50. Louie says:

    Ummah Gummah, November 4, 2012, 9:19 am

    Hey, I want a piece of that! Put me in for $200, too. Same terms and conditions.

    So Rodri, here’s your chance to collect on a “sure thing”. Let’s roll. . . .

  51. Henry says:

    The 2A is America’s First Freedom – it protects all the rest.


    You really want to see a troll shrivel up and go away? Challenge them with this: Romney wins, they never post on MB ever again; ObrownMao wins, you’ll never post on MB ever again.

    You’ll soon see the strength, or lack, of their convictions.

  52. Ummah Gummah says:



    Rodri.. ?



    loud and clear


  53. Ummah Gummah says:



    Too easy to come back with a sock.

    My way is better. And a good way to make some beer money if they’re really that stupid.


  54. Ummah Gummah says:



    LOL I was wondering if others were going to try and get in on the action.. hahaha!

    Would be nice to fleece a liberal for a [REAL] change!


  55. Ghost of FA Hayek says:

    Reason TV on the folly of gas rationing

  56. born in 76 says:

    For Rodris sake hopefully Mr Blount has a card reader that accepts EBT.

  57. Anon-Y-Mouse says:

    Tsk tsk tsk…gambling? You should be ashamed.

    On the other hand, we’re talking betting on whether Obama will win. That’s not gambling…that’s throwing good money after bad (sort of like what Obama and Pelosi and Reid have been doing with our cash for four years).

    If there were any sucke…I mean takers…for that bet, you could put me down for two bills on Romney’s nose.

    November 6th, baby. Wanna bet?

  58. Tim form TK says:

    “Rodri says: November 4, 2012 at 8:40 am

    Most Americans like him and dislike Mitt Romney.”

    “Most Americans…” being defined as everyone else in his commune.

  59. Jimbo says:

    Rodri is delusional. Barry doesn’t even WANT to win. Barry misses the Chicago bathhouse scene. Barry is happiest when he’s getting pounded.

  60. Louie says:

    Rodri is easy money, should he ever respond.

  61. Ghost of FA Hayek says:

    Even the libs at the NY Slimes are figuring out it takes a whole lot of capitalism to implement a little socialism
    Already our government redistributes too much from the young to the old, from working families to retirees, from productive entrepreneurs to protected clients. To accede to this government’s permanent expansion is to walk, with eyes wide open, into the kind of economic and demographic trap that has ensnared the weaker economies of Europe today

  62. Ummah Gummah says:


    Vote Romney / Ryan and keep SCUM like this dog turd OUT of the White House:


  63. Ghost of FA Hayek says:

    When hurricane Sandy strikes, never fear.
    The government will be there to insure only contractors protected by their “license” racket remove the tree from your home, or nobody does.
    Now what was that bilge about the Lightworker and tubbo waving their magic wands to leave no red tape unlifted ?

  64. Bob Roberts says:

    Fauxcahontas claims she has proof, yet refuses to show it.

    Massachusetts Senate candidate Elizabeth Warren told a local TV news reporter she had “plenty of pictures” that reflect her claim to Native American heritage, but quickly added that she wouldn’t show them. “They’re not for you,” she says.

  65. Highway Hospital Student says:

    Here is Queen Big-Butt-Moose Obama affecting her best Hollywood-coached, voice-quivering argument as to why it is important to keep the tax money coming into the WH in order to fund another 4 years of non-stop vacations.

    ….For her and her similarly-flatulent entourage.!

  66. 762x51 says:

    Rodri says:
    November 4, 2012 at 8:08 am

    This is going to break your heart but I am going to say it anyway…
    Obama is going to win next week. You are going to live through another 4 years of liberalism.

    Deal with it

    Rodri – You better be careful what you wish for. There is no way we will submit to another four years of Marxist rule. If Obama wins, I promise you a war you will not believe, those Al Qaeda sissies aren’t even close to hating the US government as much as I do. My oath was to the Constitution not some leftist tin dictator. I stand ready to deploy, engage and destroy the enemies of the United States of America in close combat. The streets will run red with liberal blood.

    Ballots or bullets, liberalism will be destroyed.

  67. bobdog says:

    How’s the T-shirt read?

    If you had a million dollars, and I had a gun…

    I’d have a million dollars AND a gun.

  68. Cameraman says:

    I”ll Say whatever I damn well Please as I pull the Hammer Back on My 1911 Colt! How”s that for Freedom of Speech?
    Semper Fi!

  69. Rodri says:

    Hey Ghost of FA Hayek,

    Guess what ? I actually have a top position in a major pharmaceutical company !

    We have been making a killing since Obama has been in power.


  70. Louie says:

    Hey, Rodri – – – If you really “. . . .have a top position in a major pharmaceutical company. . . .”, then you can afford to lose the $400 betting on your nappy-haired boy. Yeah, right. I’m calling bullshit on your preposterous claim. So put up or shut up, dumbass.

  71. Rodri says:

    I am not making a bet with weirdo on the internet.. sorry !

    Oh a 762×51 ” The streets will run red with liberal blood” I’m shaking in my boots mr internet tough guy !
    I guess I am going to have to hide after we win the election tomorrow !

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