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Dec 06 2012

Open Thread


Via Hope n’ Change, on a tip from TED.

34 Responses to “Open Thread”

  1. Bob Roberts says:

    AHA didn’t see the new open thread!

    Socrates once replied to a question posed by one of his followers who asked:
    ( paraphrased ) What is the meaning and purpose of Life?

    Socrates answered: “If there is one thing that I know… it is that I know nothing.”

    I would have said something more along the lines of “If there is one thing I know, it is how little I actually know.”

    We all know SOMETHING. Much of what some of us (moonbats) know simply isn’t true (yeah, Reagan said it) but we all know SOMETHING.

  2. Bob Roberts says:

    This year we put up 54 Christmas trees… to poke environmentalists in the eye and prove we really don’t believe in all that “climate change is caused by people” crap…

  3. Bob Roberts says:

    NOTE BOTH SIDES GAINED, unfortunately the wrong side started from a superior position and stayed ahead.


    I suspect that audience bias was a primary factor here. I have not watched the debates so I don’t know if the wrong side simply also did better at making their ridiculous, obviously false arguments or what.

  4. Bob Roberts says:

    Online voting also 3-2 the wrong way. Yeah, the moonbats are winning. Brave new world? I hope so, because if they’re not brave they’re going to be in a world of hurt and pain.

  5. Clingtomyguns says:

    Moonbats vote to remove the one word that aptly describes themselves from federal law.

    “The word, derived from the Latin word from moon, arises from ancient beliefs that people could become “moonstruck” by lunar movements.”

    If that isn’t a fitting diagnosis for our moonbat politicians, nothing is.

    Love this:

    The lone “no” vote was cast by Representative Louie Gohmert, Republican of Texas, who said in a statement that “not only should we not eliminate the word ‘lunatic’ from federal law when the most pressing issue of the day is saving our country from bankruptcy, we should use the word to describe the people who want to continue with business as usual in Washington.”

  6. Bob Roberts says:

    OK I’ve waited long enough. If you haven’t posted yours yet, get in line.

    Rand Paul: We Should Let Dems Raise Taxes And Then Let Them Own It!

    Problem is they’ll find a way to blame conservatives and liberals will eat it up. Then we’ll have higher taxes AND the blame on conservatives.

    I love it when moonbats attack… EACH OTHER!

    Gore attacks Obama.

    The Democrat/liberal failed experiment that is Detroit is also – get this – the most dangerous city for gays.

    You would think they would be right at home there!

    Zimmerman sues NBC – correctly asserts they made him a racist to help turn around their sagging ratings.

    USAF removes images that objectify women.

    Buddy of mine in the USAF had a nudie calendar his wife gave him on the back of his office door. He would NEVER close it when the wrong person was in the office, only when he was alone (what was he doing in there?) or when with others he could trust (again, what was he doing in there?).

    Anyway, remember a while back I posted a link about a story published in Science Daily (originally in the European Journal of Social Psychology) about how, apparently, women objectify women more or less the same way men do?

    What if they’re “born that way”?

    What if they “can’t help it”?

    Wouldn’t that be a sticky wicket!

    I believe I posted recently about new “water fees” (i.e. TAXES) LA is talking about imposing. Well they’re not alone.

    Way to destroy businesses!

    HINT: Get a smaller meter! Possible?

  7. F.D.R. in Hell says:

    Not Moslem?

  8. Bob Roberts says:

    F.D.R. in Hell says: December 6, 2012 at 11:23 pm
    Not Moslem?
    Not fooling anyone but themselves…

  9. St. Gilbert says:

    Disabled girl dies 12 hours after state forcibly removes her from home. Death by bureaucratic callousness and medical neglect.

  10. apostle53 says:

    I see Michelle is now eyeing the Illinois Senate seat. If Clintons only knew that Obama might get that third term like him through his wife.They might have endorsed Romney.

  11. forest says:

    I thought they were putting up all those trees to convince people that aren’t atheists. I’m not buying it.

  12. IslandLifer says:

    Australian raghead calls for fighting the infidels militarily

  13. IslandLifer says:

    Whoops, posted in wrong thread. Van Jones the commie scum:

  14. IslandLifer says:

    And Obongo looking to bypass Congress for ban on assault rifles

  15. Steve says:

    December 7th, 1941 – A Date which will Live In Infamy. Pearl Harbor Attack Remembered…

  16. Ghost of FA Hayek says:

    A sample of the rot inside the Republican party

  17. Ghost of FA Hayek says:

    Problem is they’ll find a way to blame conservatives and liberals will eat it up. Then we’ll have higher taxes AND the blame on conservatives.
    Bob Roberts
    Maybe stage a big walkout and protest outside during the Democrapt/ Boehner RINO vote.
    However, I really wonder whether Dems or Rino’s would actually pull the trigger without conservatives signing off on this impending economic calamity themselves.
    A cave in by Repubs will effectively take any meaningful spending cuts off the table….. for good.
    Those cuts RINO’s are talking about ? Merely cuts to the increases over the span of a decade or more.
    Dems are going to need both income tax and payroll deduction increases on the middle class.
    Not to mention carbon taxes, national sales taxes, sin taxes, and whatever else it can get their grubby hands on
    Two scenarios for 2014:
    Republicans: Democrapts raised your taxes
    Democrapts: The Tea party raised your taxes
    The protest I suggested may not be very meaningful when it’s just the rich, but it will ignite a powderkeg when the middle class is getting it’s ox gored.
    People love Socialism with it’s endless promises of free sh**, but not when they must pay for it themselves.
    The Tea Party must take it’s lumps now, but in time they will find themselves on the right side of history.
    The powers that be want Euro style Socialism. This can only happen in a vacuum where all parties in power defer to the state.

  18. Doug says:


    Drudge the headline:

    Rotting Whale Casts Foul Stench in Malibu

    Complete with photo of Barbara Streisand!

  19. Thought Crimes; The Purging:

    Lord Monckton Evicted from UN Climate Summit After Challenging Global Warming

    We are the USSR now: Russian Paper Compares Obama’s Fools to Stalin’s Fools

    Obama’s Soviet Mistake:

  20. Jimbo says:

    Racial rioting in the liberal utopia of Hawaii? Oh, you bet! A high school on the big island is shut down today after race riots this week – it seems the natives are dissing the Micronesians. “Aloha Spirit”? That’s a ruse for tourists.

    A very noticeable thing – most of the local news outlets are NOT reporting the brawls as racial in nature. You really have to dig to get the real story. After all; racial discourse just can’t happen in a liberal socialist society. *snicker*

  21. Bob Roberts says:

    Posted this in the recent thread about all the money being slipped to the U.N. to support the nonsense of human induced climate change but thought it deserved visibility here, too, so more would see it:

    Attempting to further support the myth of anthropogenically driven global warming, MSNBC destroys it.

    Climate fraudsters continually deny that single events, days or months are valid examples of what weather and climate are doing when those events do not support the narrative of their fantasies. However, those same single events are “proof” when they DO support the narrative.

    I say one rule – either single events DO or DO NOT support one’s position. Since this article is trying to claim (likely falsely, but that’s for another post another time) that 2012 is “the hottest year ever”, which is actually meaningless as far as long term climate is concerned, just as the super El Nino a while back was also not “proof” of anything, in trying to establish their fraud they let something slip:

    “For 2012 not to be record warm, December would have to be unprecedented,” Jake Crouch, a scientist at the National Climatic Data Center, told NBC News. “December temperatures would need to be more than 1 degree F colder than the coldest December on record, which occurred in 1983.”

    The COLDEST DECEMBER ON RECORD occurred in 1983. Right in the middle of all that supposed human caused warming.

  22. Bob Roberts says:

    Proof guns aren’t the problem.

    USA Today reports that 3/4 of NFL players are responsible gun owners, for all the right reasons, apparently.

    “Most guys when they first come into the league is when they first start to realize they need protection,” Jones says. “Because money brings a lot of positive things. But most of the time, it brings more negative things. People don’t like you for what you have, for who you are. They don’t like you for what you represent. And people will go to any length to take what you have or harm you in some way just because they don’t have what you have. If you don’t have a firearm to protect you from situations and God forbid something happens to you, you wish you would have a firearm.” less than a week removed from the tragic shootings in Kansas City, NFL players aren’t ready to give any ground on their belief that carrying guns is not only a right but, in their world, a necessity. Indeed, numerous players told USA TODAY Sports that in their estimation, roughly three-quarters of NFL players owned guns, compared with 40% to 45% of households in the general population, according to the National Rifle Association. Wayne LaPierre, chief executive officer for the NRA, dismisses any notion that guns are to blame for the tragedy, or that NFL players are in some way different. “It’s not a culture of athletes,” he says. “It is particular behavior by particular individuals that is no different from the rest of society. We’ve got to stop making excuses. A murderer is a murderer.”

  23. Bob Roberts says:

    Fake tough guy gets wake up call from real tough guys.

    Members of “the culture” advocate any number of foolish and violent lifestyles in their “songs” but when people who actually walk the walk instead of just talking the talk weigh in, we see what they really are.

    In YouTube videos, gang members warn Ross, 36, that he will end up in a hearse unless he pays tribute for using Larry Hoover’s name in “B.M.F. (Blowing Money Fast).” Hoover, serving life in federal prison, co-founded the Gangster Disciples in Chicago in the late-1960s. The gang, which has grown to include chapters nationwide, has also accused Ross of coopting its Star of David logo on the cover of his new mixtape “The Black Bar Mitzvah.” Ross, of course, has a working familiarity with the penal system, having served previously as a corrections officer in Florida. The rapper (real name: William Leonard Roberts) initially denied working as a screw, but eventually fessed up when TSG published documents from his Department of Corrections personnel file. Ross–who has an encyclopedic knowledge of hoodlums of every stripe–copped his handle from notorious L.A. drug kingpin “Freeway” Ricky Ross, who earlier this year lost a lawsuit brought againt the performer for boosting his name and identity.

  24. Bob Roberts says:

    Shrillary vows to use “Obama Diplomacy” to thwart resurgent “Soviet Union”.

    She’s apparently got plan to kill them with kindness, to defeat them with talk.

    NOTE: Some time in the near future, when Republicans/conservatives start talking about this, Democrats/statists will deny it and deny they ever suggested it:

    The US is trying to prevent Russia from recreating a new version of the Soviet Union under the ruse of economic integration, Hillary Clinton warned on Thursday. “There is a move to re-Sovietise the region,” the US secretary of state told a news conference in Dublin hours before going into a meeting with her Russian counterpart, Sergei Lavrov.

    Under the cloud of socialist/statist gains thanks to Obama and Democrats, there are still signs of hope.

    The birthplace of the nation’s modern-day labor movement moved closer to becoming the nation’s 24th right-to-work state after bills Gov. Rick Snyder vowed to sign into law passed their first hurdles in the Republican-controlled Legislature on Thursday.

    The House and Senate each passed bills on the same day they were introduced that give private and public sector workers the right to avoid paying union dues in an organized workplace. Only police officers and firefighters would be exempt.

    The package can’t reach final completion until at least Tuesday because of procedural rules that require a five-day layover for two of the bills before they can be voted on in the other chamber.

    Thursday’s actions also come a month after voters defeated a statewide referendum that would have enshrined collective bargaining rights in the state constitution. Senate Minority Leader Gretchen Whitmer, D-East Lansing, denied the November vote was a mandate for right to work.

    Democrat chant in MI: “Heil Hitler! Heil Hitler!”

    S&W sales up 48%!

    Gun sales have surged since the reelection of Barack Obama, reaching an all-time single day record on Black Friday this year with 154,873 background checks completed by the FBI.

    Like Mother Like Daughter… Malia Obama’s Spring Break Vacation Cost U.S. Taxpayers $115,500

    Normally I try to stay away from comments about the First Family, as a general rule, but I’m going to break that rule this once out of sympathy for poor Malia. Take a look at the photo that accompanies this piece. Man, I hope she’s just going through a phase, because she’s pig dog UGLY. Maybe she’ll blossom later, one hopes, or become a lesbian perhaps.

    WH Petition Demands Obama Cancel Hawaii Vacation

    Hot new film reveals the shocking sex life of FDR

    FDR — whose bemused wife, Eleanor (Olivia Williams), seems to prefer the company of journalist Lorena Hickok — has to deal with a sticky, not-at-all-public romantic situation involving his spinster fifth cousin Margaret “Daisy” Suckley (a wonderful Laura Linney).

    She’s the latest in a harem of mistresses that, at this point, reportedly includes his private secretary, Missy LeHand (Elizabeth Marvel), and (the unseen but talked-about) Dorothy Schiff, at that time the married owner of the newspaper you’re reading.

    Daisy, a dowdy poor relation who was recruited by FDR’s mother (Elizabeth Wilson) to provide distractions from the burdens of the presidency during her son’s frequent visits to the family estate in upstate New York, had no idea what she was getting into.

  25. Bob Roberts says:

    Mixed feelings about this one.

    The highest grade in the class was a girl who had Obama swimming toward a bucket of chicken instead of his family.

  26. Bob Roberts says:

    Democrats love to fib about satistics

    Rick Santelli sees no signs of strength in the November jobs numbers and rejects arguments the economy wouldn’t be hurt by higher tax rates.

    They’re still claiming advances in the jobless rate, no doubt subject to later revision.


    Seventy-three percent of the new civilian jobs created in the United States over the last five months are in government, according to official data published by the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

    Going to ‘edge of the fiscal cliff’ is Obama’s ‘deliberate strategy’

    Read more:

    And he will no doubt blame it, likely successfully, on Republicans/conservatives.

    The Secret Service is the target of an investigation into an “immense breach” involving the loss of two backup computer tapes left on a Washington, D.C., Metro train that contained sensitive personal information about all agency employees, contacts and overseas informants, according to multiple law enforcement and congressional sources.

    A dead whale rotting near the Malibu homes of Barbra Streisand, Bob Dylan and other celebrities is causing a gigantic cleanup problem as authorities try to decide who’s responsible for getting rid of it.

    Someone else already posted the above – and noted it was paired with a picture of Babs. HILARIOUS!

    “It’s on a private beach” controlled by homeowners down to the high tide line and the state is responsible for the tidelands, Baker said.

    Pfizer Inc.’s medical research lab in St. Louis County is missing $700,000 worth of gold dust, and police are trying to determine if it was lost or stolen.

    Police Capt. Steven Lewis says no one is “sure if they just didn’t account for it and it was used naturally, or if it was stolen or misplaced.”

  27. Bob Roberts says:


    Dec. 7, 1941, a day that will live in infamy.

  28. dan says:

    The perfidy of politicians doesn’t mean a thing once you
    attack and provoke red blooded Americans….
    remember congress….where the infamy is in progress :

  29. Clingtomyguns says:

    It’s official, the Fed is not only monetizing our debt, but EUROPE’S AS WELL!!! — $209 billion and rising parabolically.

    Perhaps, with Europe supposedly “stable” due to the recent stability of its sovereign bond markets, it is time to ask the Helicopter Ben just how responsible the Fed has been in the past several months for said stability, courtesy of expanding its own balance sheet, since the ECB continues to play coy with the Spanish PM, but where the completely unused OMT is supposed to provide some mystical backstop to everything.

  30. born in 76 says:

    Piers Morgan ‏twitter exchange….

    PM: The 2nd amendment was devised with muskets in mind, not high-powered handguns & assault rifles. Fact.

    CR: It was devised 4 people 2b able 2 protect themselves w same type of weaponry used by those from whom they might need protection

    PM: Where exactly does it say that in the Constitution – must have missed it?

    CR: right next to the word “muskets”

  31. Ghost of FA Hayek says:

    Government school literature classes in China to be replaced by party line propaganda
    Oh wait, did I say China ?

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