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Nov 08 2012

Open Thread


Via The Feral Irishman.

81 Responses to “Open Thread”

  1. Jester says:

    That’s me standing there next to the horse two years from now — the last conservative on earth.

  2. ed357 says:

    Dear Conservatives;

    We tried it Mitch and Boehner’s way since 2010. We blocked every insane thing that 0bama, Reid, and Pelosi came up with and saved the nation……for awhile. Then the 51% majority in the nation blamed the conservative Republicans and voted to keep 0bama and his policies.

    0bama never owned any of his pet legislation or a legacy……other than 0bamacare which hasn’t kicked in yet because of our blockage.

    I say let them have it……..everything they want……..the sooner the better. 0bama dreams it up and puts it in legislation……let 0bama and the Dem0crats vote it in…..have all the conservative Republicans abstain…..Let it all burn down to the ground……then we can rebuild.

    Ed Yates

  3. big-pete says:

    Taylor (aka Bright Eyes), fighting to stay sane & survive in a world gone mad discovers the cold hard truth – we have no one to blame but ourselves.

  4. AC says:

    I’m sure the hopelessly optimistic conservatives and tea partiers out there are busy holding frenzied meetings to discuss the policy changes and GOTV efforts needed to stop Comrade Chairman’s machine next time around.

    I just spent all night on a conference call and everyone has suddenly become a damn idiot who believes that policy prescriptions or better voter outreach will get Republicans pumped enough to stop what is happening now (let alone what dependency is bound to be in four more years).

    I’m sorry to be the bearer of news, but Obama didn’t need a defined agenda, a debate win, or even enthusiasm among his base in order to win. Neither did Boss Tweed.

    The finer details of politics become irrelevant when enough people have become programmed to pull the left lever no matter what.

    Tweed went down when a higher authority hauled him away.

    Nobody is going to be hauling Comrade Chairman away for his treason.

  5. Alphamail says:


    You wish.

    You with a thoroughbred?

    That’s me out there on that yacht, watching a guy date a horse, while at the same time watching Rubio sweep the 2016 elections on my 60″ widescreen in the salon.

  6. Alphamail says:

    Just kidding… at your post. Sweet.

  7. AC says:

    The local Tea Party will be waving signs with graphs of the national debt on sidewalks at intersections. All of the halfway intelligent people driving by will honk and give the thumbs up.

    The TP members will then blog about their success and the positive response, all the while ignoring the area on the other side of the tracks where there are more stampers than we have entrepreneurs and doctors here on the right side.

    Go ahead, keep waving the signs, dummies.

    I fear for the future of conservatism. Too many movement conservatives simply don’t understand that fiscal responsibility has now become a minority viewpoint.

    Too many people no longer care about the arguments re: our fiscal situation. We can be right and it doesn’t matter a damn bit. The arguments are already falling on deaf ears, all the while the schools are busy socializing more students day by day.

    I can’t say I feel much compassion anymore for the good and decent people who won’t listen or appreciate the reality of the situation. The information is out there. Any person with critical thinking skills can reach the same conclusions. Those who don’t can suffer the hyperinflation for all I care. I won’t.

  8. AC says:

    Who is going to vote for Rubio? The tens of millions more stampers and jobless people ruined by Comrade Chairman’s policies? The millions of undocumented Democrats being imported from Latin America? How about the homosexuals and dopers who have been conditioned to believe that national politics revolves around their pet recreational activities? What about all the cheap dates who give up their ballots in exchange for $9 a month in free birth control?

    Right and wrong is now irrelevant. Start thinking in terms of will and won’t.

  9. Big Stupid says:

    It will be more like The Omega Man…holed up inside a condo with the last of the art, science, books, and good malt.

  10. AC says:

    Go ahead and argue about honor and experience with a bolt-nosed punk who wants a president who is “hip” and “in touch.” His vote counts as much as yours.

  11. AC says:

    Fresh off rekindling their radical anti-Second Amendment agenda on day one, Dingy Harry is using day two to talk about raising the debt ceiling to $18.794 trillion

    It’s going down.

  12. Python says:

    My deepest sympathies go out to the real Americans who voted against the evil that has taken control. Please pray that when our time here in Australia comes this time next year, that we get the right person at the wheel. Oh and as for the young girl who tweeted that she wanted to move here to Oz because we had a Christian leader – please, always do your homework before you go public. Our Prime Minister is an athiest, communist, unmarried, adulterous A-grade moron.

  13. Serena says:

    Damn you all to hell.

  14. Rodri says:

    Whenever I stand up for Obama and defend America, conservatives just insult me !

  15. F.D.R. in Hell says:

    Is that what Global Warming did to the Statue of Liberty?

  16. Canadian Hawk says:

    Maybe the drones you’ve put on your northern border will keep you from getting out rather than us getting in???

  17. Backbone 76 says:

    No matter how hard B.O. tries, with all of his loony left allies and vapid celebutantes in hollyweird, he will never be able to destroy this country in another 4 years. He’s gonna get nowhere again for another 2 years, and likely lose more senate and house seats in the mid terms. What the GOP needs is another Reagan to emerge in 2016. Someone with character, charisma, and strong conservative values who isn’t afraid to stand up. If the GOP tries to pander to special interest groups by nominating minorities just for the sake of it, they will lose. We need a real candidate who can take the fight to the left and beat them on their own turf, who can reach out to young voters and hispanics, and women and convince them that our way is the right way.

    So far, I see no one in the GOP who fits the bill. That is very alarming.

  18. Henry says:

    I blame it all on the damn, dirty ape.

  19. Stephan The Original says:

    “Our Prime Minister is an athiest, communist, unmarried, adulterous A-grade moron.”


    As for 2016, one thing is crystal clear – as repugnant as it is to someone who really is colour-blind – the Republican Party MUST run a black candidate, preferably a woman to head off the Dems off at the next pass (ie. first woman president). They simply do not have a choice on this. Remember who is voting nowadays, not what you think.

  20. AC says:

    No matter how hard B.O. tries, with all of his loony left allies and vapid celebutantes in hollyweird, he will never be able to destroy this country in another 4 years. He’s gonna get nowhere again for another 2 years, and likely lose more senate and house seats in the mid terms. What the GOP needs is another Reagan to emerge in 2016. Someone with character, charisma, and strong conservative values who isn’t afraid to stand up. If the GOP tries to pander to special interest groups by nominating minorities just for the sake of it, they will lose. We need a real candidate who can take the fight to the left and beat them on their own turf, who can reach out to young voters and hispanics, and women and convince them that our way is the right way.

    Boehner and the spineless RINOs aren’t going to stand up to the runaway deficit spending. Another Reagan in 2016 will be too late.

    The system is going to liquidate itself through national bankruptcy and hyperinflation. The nitpicking over the band’s music and the positions of the deck’s chairs will be irrelevant in 2016.

  21. AC says:

    Boehner just conceded that Obamacare is the law of the land and will not be obstructed.

    It’s all coming down, folks. Your choices no longer include whether to oppose it or how. The choice is now limited to choosing between a lifeboat and a place on the bottom of the North Atlantic.

  22. IslandLifer says:

    GOP is dead. Well, buried alive but it won’t be long now seeing all the big talkers sucking up the O2 supply. Hypercarbia has made them delusional talking about granting amnesty to millions of criminals. They’ve sold their soul long ago and gasping for life, need I go down the list? Conservatives need leadership and to distance themselves from the establishment. I will never compromise my beliefs (although I came close by voting Romney but only to buy us 4 years of life). The odds are stacked against us but I was born a fighter and shall die like one as well. Long live the True American spirit and may its message be spread far and wide through a network of like minded True American conservatives. Time to pull the weeds from our garden. Communism nor greed shall be spared.

  23. IslandLifer says:

    “We should never despair, our Situation before has been unpromising and has changed for the better, so I trust, it will again. If new difficulties arise, we must only put forth new Exertions and proportion our Efforts to the exigency of the times.”—George Washington (1777, just before the fall of Philadelphia and the brutal Winter at Valley Forge).

    “Honor, justice, and humanity, forbid us tamely to surrender that freedom which we received from our gallant ancestors, and which our innocent posterity have a right to receive from us. We cannot endure the infamy and guilt of resigning succeeding generations to that wretchedness which inevitably awaits them if we basely entail hereditary bondage on them.” –Thomas Jefferson (1775)

  24. Metrodorus says:

    Oh, good Lord, did you have to go there? Planet of the Apes?

    You know, Mr. Feral Irishman, only a few generations ago, the Irish were generally considered subhuman.

    Realize that you are doing the same to others that was done to your ancestors.

  25. Metrodorus says:

    But beyond this, I really think this blog is inciting violence.

    You gotta stop before some innocent person gets hurt.

  26. AC says:

    You mean like Kenneth Gladney, who was beaten by union goons for doing nothing more than standing on a sidewalk?

  27. IslandLifer says:

    HAHAHAHA !!!!

    Metrodorus says:
    November 8, 2012 at 11:00 pm
    But beyond this, I really think this blog is inciting violence.

    You gotta stop before some innocent person gets hurt.

  28. IslandLifer says:

    He can’t help it, the worms have gone past the blood brain barrier.

  29. Alphamail says:

    Metro Odor

    Issue after issue and threat after threat, have been clearly articulated here for four years and liberals like you respond the same way – by snottily looking down from your effete elitist pseudo-intellectual podium preaching to those who would preserve individual freedom and self-determination, without ever doing your research, fact-checking, or seeking the truth.

    You are obviously so much better than the minions you allow to touch the hem of your garment, we have to thank you for stooping to entertain us.

    Your ignorance matches your arrogance. There are blacks, whites, asians, and hispanics on this site.

    Please go back to Omessiah-ville where you at home.

  30. Alphamail says:

    Rodri @ 9:41m

    Standing up for Obama and defending America is an oxymoron.

    Your problem, if I may be so polite, is that you have accepted the blatant, awful, unforgivable lies that this president has told you about his concern for you, and also the despicable untruths about conservatives.

    Obama is a liar of the highest order and if you took any time at all to research that, instead of listening to his hateful propaganda, you would change your opinion overnight.

    Also, if you looked past his lies about the right, you would see conservatives are the caring party, they are the giving party, they are the hard-working party, they are the responsible party, they are the God-loving party, and they are the ones who support the church, the military, and the family.

    Nasty gays, anti-military, the Communist Party, Fidel Castro, the violent New Black Panther Party, and La Raza – the Mexican group that wants to lay claim to American land from Mexico all the way up to Oregon – all love Obama.

    Hint, hint – does that tell you anything?

    Family groups, churches, small hardworking businesses operated by both men and women, and the majority of members of the military support conservatives.

    Hint, hint – does that tell you anything?

    People here call people names when they realize a person comes on this site and spouts BS when they haven’t done their homework and don’t know what they’re talking about.

    To come here and compliment Obama when he is a disgraceful failure and serial liar will earn you a deserved smackdown.

  31. Alphamail says:

    Metro Odor

    The stench of your stilted intelligentsia-speak is actually wafting out from my computer keyboard.

    Please don’t face the screen when you type.

  32. James says:

    It’s no accident that liberals like Metrodorus that see race in everything. Truth is, they are closet racists themselves. They are simply projecting their own racists thoughts onto us conservatives.

  33. Laurie says:

    “Dingy Harry is using day two to talk about raising the debt ceiling to $18.794 trillion”. “Boehner and the spineless RINOs aren’t going to stand up to the runaway deficit spending”

    As I see it, all members of Congress should be fearing for their safety right now. I’d personally like to see every one of those bastards not be able to do so much as go to their cars without bricks raining down on their heads. They caused this, and it’s up to us to stop it. And when they start getting punished for their misdeeds, they’ll think twice before passing legislation that screws the American people.

    Well, except for Metrodorus. He can get screwed up the arse as much as he likes.

    But for the rest of us, I say: revolt! Imprison all of Congress in damp dark cells, never to be seen again.

  34. Ummah Gummah says:

    Canadian Hawk says:
    November 8, 2012 at 9:50 pm
    Maybe the drones you’ve put on your northern border will keep you from getting out rather than us getting in???

    A Bait and Switch of sorts..

    The drones are there so they can say they are protecting the borders while keeping as little resources as possible on the southern border where they are really needed.


  35. Ummah Gummah says:

    Rodri says:
    November 8, 2012 at 9:41 pm
    Whenever I stand up for Obama and defend America, conservatives just insult me !

    That’s an oxy, moron! Obama and defending America are diametrically opposed.

    You’re either a complete moron or a complete cynic.


  36. Ummah Gummah says:

    AC says:
    November 8, 2012 at 9:24 pm
    Fresh off rekindling their radical anti-Second Amendment agenda on day one, Dingy Harry is using day two to talk about raising the debt ceiling to $18.794 trillion

    It’s going down.

    Who is still out there loaning money?

    And what’s the catch?


  37. Ummah Gummah says:

    AC says:
    November 8, 2012 at 10:45 pm
    Moonbat justice: Monster impregnates his 13 year old daughter, gets one year in prison



  38. Ummah Gummah says:

    Metrodorus says:
    November 8, 2012 at 11:00 pm
    But beyond this, I really think this blog is inciting violence.

    You gotta stop before some innocent person gets hurt.

    ZIP IT, libshit! You filthy libdrones always pull out the race card and the violence card when someone even dares utter thoughts which differ from the DNC platform.

    Let’s not forget that the Occutards have committed all the violence recently while Tea party rallies were well-organized, polite and CLEAN.

    As far as racism and violence of Obama supporters are concerned we have REAL evidence:

    as opposed to conjecture.

    You can stop peddling your false flags here and troll off to somewhere else until you are equally rebuked there.

    Your Marxist Messiah won, you will get your mortgage paid for, your food stamps and other bennies and I’ll be forced to pay for it all.

    What more do you want, stamper?


  39. Bob Roberts says:

    Obamacare learns how to keep costs down from the NHS!

    Give them a false negative test result and send them home to suffer and die:

    At the beginning of October, it emerged almost 80 breast cancer patients were being recalled by King’s Mill Hospital after being given inaccurate test results.

    About 120 women were given false negative results which meant some of them would have benefited from treatment different to what they were given.

    What treatment do you give to a person who is negative? NONE! Their press is “in the tank” too – they soft pedal it.

  40. BoHal says:

    Give it time, soon all libs will be aborted or not conceived because of planned parent hood or being gay, the Mexicans that took over all the black jobs will soon take over all their food stamps and welfare and the young libs, if any are left, will be too stoned to care. I give it 8 years. Time to plan the revolution.

  41. Should The Regime get ugly to these states —-

    “Yesterday, Barack Obama won the presidential election. But, the people of six states voted to take their freedom without federal “permission.”

    In ten states – Colorado, Montana, Oregon, Washington, Wyoming, Arizona, Arkansas, Florida, Massachusetts and Alabama – voters had a chance to resist DC and approve ballot initiatives which would nullify unconstitutional federal acts. Six of them passed.”

    Six States Noncompliant. Yippee!. More will follow. We are FREE and we will ACT FREE because we CAN! We are the producers. We are in charge of our money and we DO not abdicate power on how we use our monies and resources to The Regime. We hold the money and that makes us in charge. These six States and more, if the Regime comes after us, will, well secede. Don’t think your your petty, little civilian army will be able to touch Americans if our America unites with Israel. Israel gets instant land resources and populace increases (translates to more soldiers) and we get their nuclear protection against any efforts to force us back into the DSA (Divided States of Amerika). What a beautiful flag flying at the borders between the USA and DSA, one that is a combination of Israel’s and the Stars and Stripes. And we will protect our borders, you betcha, Dear Leader! We do not have to be slaves. We won’t be slaves. We will LIVE FREE.

  42. Ummah Gummah says:


    moslems the world over will be happy that imam obama is back..

    Here he is seen exiting his favorite house of worship..


  43. JuJuBee says:

    Throw in Charlton Heston exclaiming “Soylent Green is PEOPLE” and there you have it. Once Dear Leader’s fundamental transformation of the country is complete, there won’t be any food left except for the old folks. Hey, that takes care of that pesky Medicare funding problem!

  44. Tchhht!!! says:


    Don’t kid yourself about Washington State. Control of Washington is in the hands of far left moonbats who live on the west side. Conservative east siders are at their mercy. IMO, legalization of marijuana is just another way for progressive liberals to further weaken the moral fabric of our country right along with baby killing, homosexual depravity, dumbing down of education, etc, etc, etc. They are pushing a communist agenda.

  45. Highway Hospital Student says:

    How do we just accept a “president” bought by illegal foreign donations?

    Its one thing to accept that BO has a social security number that cannot pass E-verify, or a birth certificate that is an obvious forgery. Okay. Boys will be boys. I guess.

    But what about all the foreign money that bought BO? We just ignore that?

    Wait. no we aren’t going to ignore that. Here’s John McCain–diligently working to ferret out foreign money:

    —in the Romney campaign.

  46. Rodri says:

    @ Alphamail

    No actually it is you that have been blinded by despicable untruths about Obama.

    Obama is a centrist whi has had nothing to do with communist, racist or jihadist organizations.

    He is also a god-fearing man who holds high regard for god.

  47. Doug says:

    For your amusement, some anagrams of “Metrodorus”:

    Do Me Or Rust

    Red Moo Rust

    Our Most Red

    Morose Turd

    (my favorite)

    Romeo Turds

    In case you were curious, he is posing in a photo at the Hipster-Obama Victory Rave.

  48. Tchhht!!! says:

    Zo lays down a truck load of “I told you so”:

  49. yourfavoriteunkle says:

    PLEASE DO NOT FEED THE TROLLS!…. a public service message brought to you by YourFavoriteUnkle….

    I have a few observations I would like to share. Besides the obvious voter fraud, politics as usual etc… etc… etc.. I am of the opinion that very few persons actually understand what just happened and why. If you are one of those people that believe the struggle is left/right, conservative/liberal, democrat/republican and so on, NOW HEAR THIS!… YOU ARE WRONG! Now, you may say to yourself, “Unk, enlighten us and tell us what the struggle is”… I will. The struglle is: Urban vs. Rural. Now, you may be thinking, WTF??!!.. but let me explain. Persons living in urban areas DO NOT live the lifestyle those of us do in rural areas. Urban dwellers get their milk from stores, they don’t have to chop wood for heat, they don’t mow lawns etc… etc… in short, they do not participate in the same struggles that those who live in a rural setting do. They inherently are subscribers to the “Take” mentality and behave as such. Those few that live in the cities and are not “Takers”, are a rare exception. The Obama campaign realized this early-on and exploited it to it’s fullest potential. Until we people that live in rural America and vastly outnumber the urban population learn from this lesson, we will continue to be the victims of the “Taker” mindset.
    Just my 2 cents.

  50. Bob Roberts says:

    In an amazing turn of events, a very small victory in the larger war, which is admittedly being lost, federal government stops moonbats in their tracks, turns back assault on Sea World by PETA

    Obviously the orca involved injured itself. Why is another issue. But PETA moonbats tried to turn it into a weapon to force Sea World to release all their show animals, who arguably are much better off in captivity than they would be in the wild. Moonbats keep using the federal government to attack organizations like Sea World that are only giving us what we want, what we demand, what we pay for willingly. It’s a tiny victory in the larger war, but it’s something.

    It had to happen: Moonbats who say California’s ballot proposition system is a bad thing attempt to use it to eliminate it.

    The one thing I will agree with them about is that the majority does not always do the right thing – this year’s results on certain propositions proves that. While the system is thus subject to abuse by moonbats, and they abuse it often, it still is a form of pure democracy and thus proves the inherent weakness and even danger in direct democracy.

    Feds turn back ANOTHER moonbat assault, this one against nuclear power.

    They say they want green power but what they really want is cessation of all power production. Seriously, name a power production method and I’ll cite how they’re against it. Wind power: It kills birds and all those towers are ugly and ruin the view, ban it. Solar: Some toad or lizard is threatened, plus the solar farms blight the landscape, stop it. Hydropower: They hate dams. There is no method of producing power moonbats won’t fight tooth and nail to prevent/eliminate, plus the fight over the sunrise power link, the infrastructure needed to bring geothermal energy from the Brawley seismic zone to the consumers who need it, was epic. There you go, what’s wrong with geothermal? Will moonbats accept that form of energy production? Give them time, they’re probably going to find reasons to stop it, too and as noted they’re already fighting tooth and nail to prevent construction of the infrastructure vital to make it worthwhile.

    “Friends of the Earth”? If they get their way we’re going to go back to the old way of doing it – cut down every tree that exists to burn it for heat, light and power. That’s “Earth friendly”? Hardly!

    Moonbats go out of their way to try to influence the election.

    More of what moonbats call “civility”.

    Police in Southern California say someone left a dead pig in a Mitt Romney T-shirt outside a Republican campaign office.

    Manhattan Beach police say the pig carcass clad in a blue Romney T-shirt was discovered on the doorstep of the office.

    Witness Andy Gaeta told KABC-TV he thought the body was a dead human, but then realized it was a pig with barbed wire around its head.

    Where is PETA when you need them?

    Moonbats have a typical night out on the town.

    Welcome to the new reality of Obama:

    A lone witness tried to alert the bus driver that the rape was happening, but it continued for about 10 minutes until the suspect stopped and exited the bus.

    Scott says the 18-year-old woman has the mental capacity of a 10-year-old. After the alleged rape, she reported the assault to the driver.

    Based on surveillance video, authorities say the suspect is a black man who is 5-feet-10 inches tall with a medium build.

  51. Bob Roberts says:

    yourfavoriteunkle says: November 9, 2012 at 10:52 am
    Agreed, that is the best strategy, but you know, sometimes they say things that are so outrageous that they really demand answers.

  52. Bob Roberts says:

    Hey Mr. Blount – did they CC you the memo they sent to Drudge?

    What do you think of it? Is it time we stopped admitting that race is a HUGE factor in our social and criminal problems, or not?

    Is it time for everyone to start ignoring the truth or will we continue to just let liberals do that?

  53. Bob Roberts says:

    Edith Hamilton:

    Responsibility is the price every man must pay for freedom.

    In the end more than they wanted freedom, [the Athenians] wanted security. When the Athenians finally wanted not to give to society but for society to give to them, when the freedom they wished for was freedom from responsibility, then Athens ceased to be free.

    Alexis de Tocqueville:

    The American Republic will endure, until politicians realize they can bribe the people with their own money.

    Benjamin Franklin:

    When the people find that they can vote themselves money, that will herald the end of the republic.

    Guess what. We’ve arrived – we’re there. As several of you have noticed and commented…

  54. Bob Roberts says:

    From the comments in my last link (as were a couple of the above quotes):

    TO: Thought Recon
    RE: Indeed

    When gangs of white people start raping and beating lone black people
    walking down the street, knocking out unsuspecting black people from
    behind, mobbing unsuspecting businesses etc. Drudge will start posting
    the many articles that exist out there covering such stories. — Thought Recon

    As someone in, of all places San Fran, put it….

    Nobody really thinks whites are as evil as portrayed by white liberals and black demagogues. If they really thought so, they’d be too afraid to ever leave the house, since a) there are a lot more whites, b) those whites are much better armed, c) they’re more likely to be veterans of the Army’s and Marine Corps’ ground gaining combat arms, and d) they have an historically demonstrated cultural aptitude for mass, organized violence.


    [The Truth will out…..]

  55. Bob Roberts says:

    You want to see what is in store for us?

    Greece still going down fast, despite bailouts.

    Who is going to bail the U.S. out?

    Unrest in socialist Argentina

    Only in moonbat infested east coast:

    Government admits own incompetence, asks government to step in.

    In the end, incompetence may have played a role.

    There is no one reason why Romney lost. Sure, election fraud/voter fraud/voter intimidation all played parts in it. But there’s plenty of blame to go around and not all of it goes to the lunatic left.

  56. Bob Roberts says:

    If this doesn’t beat it all!

    New York getting ready to send Sandy victims to…

    Seriously, this is good, and every time I think I’ll never see something more ironic the lunatic liberal left goes and does something like this to prove me wrong!

    Anyway, they’re going to send Sandy victims TO PRISON!

    I kid you not.

    They voted for Obama, many of them, no doubt.

    Can’t say they don’t deserve it!

  57. Bob Roberts says:

    Of all the things displaced moonbats are crying about not having, this one takes the cake!

    They’re running out of hooch!

    Liberal “1%” crowd has no Cristal to drink to ease their suffering while the power remains out.


    I’m all broke up!

  58. Bob Roberts says:

    Equality? It seems SOME of us are MORE EQUAL than others.

    How do you think we ever got the first affirmative action mulatto president?

  59. Bob Roberts says:

    Mark Steyn with Hugh Hewitt (Apparently I’m the only caller known to ever make Hugh laugh.)

    Reality doesn’t need to get a majority. Reality can get 2% of the vote, and it will still trump everything else. And America’s rendezvous with reality is coming, and that doesn’t matter how many attack ads you make about Big Bird or binders or anything else.

    Mark Steyn Explains To Fox’s Doocy How Dems Win: They “Bribe People With The Obama Phone”


    Mark Steyn: Biggest Big Government can’t keep lights on

    Let Them Go Hungry

    Live Free . . . Or Die

    Psychological Barrier

    Yesterday was apparently National Dance For Obama Day. In Manhattan it attracted all of twelve dancers.

    Bret Baier Special On Libya: “Death And Deceit In Benghazi”

  60. Bob Roberts says:

    PART 1 of 2:

    Carney (what a fitting name!) says Obama will take questions from the press “soon”:

  61. Bob Roberts says:

    PART 2 of 2:

    When reporters press him to be more specific, to tell them “when” “soon” is, this discussion ensues:

  62. Bob Roberts says:

    And, of course, since we have a guy who is 1/2 white as “the first black president” it is fitting that, in the movie clip, a white guy in a black costume is playing the role of Obama.

    Pretty damn good job, too, if you ask me. He pretty much nailed Obama. To a “T”.

  63. Bob Roberts says:

    Wait, Colorado went for Obama.

    They deserve it.

  64. Bob Roberts says:

    1mi² = 640ac

    Colorado covers 104,100 square miles

    Under the plan, 677,000 acres in Colorado, Utah and Wyoming would be open for oil shale exploration.

    Assuming 1/3 of the area is in Colorado (and that is likely a very GENEROUS estimate – most of the areas in question are likely in Utah and Wyoming), this proposal covers about .34% of the land in Colorado. It would likely bring the state millions, if not billions, in revenue, jobs and tax revenue.

    And moonbats say no.

    Colorado deserves this, but Utah and Wyoming don’t.

  65. Bob Roberts says:

    Entitled… to a job?

    Guess again.

    Thousands of people waited in line for hours Friday morning at Kennedy-King College, to attend a job fair hosted by the city of Chicago, but many of those people left upset, when they found out the job fair wasn’t quite what they were expecting.

    WBBM Newsradio’s Bernie Tafoya reports the line for the job fair went down 63rd Street, around the corner, and about a half block north on Halsted Street, and many of the people in line said they were expecting to be interviewed for jobs with the city and its sister agencies, not simply find out how to apply.

    Rodney Booker said, “I stood in line for four hours. They better give me a Wal-Mart gift card, or something.”

  66. Bob Roberts says:

    Another historic first for Obama, who is apparently sulking because he actually had to work to get re-elected:

    Obama became the president in recent history not to hold a press conference following their reelection. Ronald Reagan held a presser the morning after his victory. Clinton held his a few days after his victory. And George W. Bush held one two days after winning a second term.

    Obama held his last press conference in June at the G20, when he answered only six questions from three reporters.

  67. Bob Roberts says:

    Obama won ‘by suppressing the vote’

    (among other things).

    Hard to believe, but apparently all that talk about race riots if Obama lost hit home with a lot of white voters.

  68. Bob Roberts says:

    In Oliver Stone’s new book — “The Untold History of the United States” — the filmmaker, along with historian Peter Kuznick, argues that, “The country Obama inherited was indeed in shambles [a 100% false starting premise, but just go with it for a second], but Obama took a bad situation and, in certain ways, made it worse.”

    “It’s scarier,” said Stone. “I grew up under Eisenhower … and it’s gotten scarier… now I find Obama scary in a way that I had not done in 2008.”

    “The president, himself, has become judge, jury and executioner around the world,” said Kuznick.
    The gloomy vision provided by both Stone and Kuznick during the interview prompted Stone to, at one point, jokingly ask, “You’re depressed by hearing us? I understand…”

    Hey, lunatic lefty lib-tards said we needed a dictator and they’ve managed to give us one.

    We can just do our best to survive this.

    Unlike lib-tards, we accept reality as a starting point and move on from there.

  69. Bob Roberts says:

    This piece is apparently taking social media and e-mail by storm right now. Thought I’d pass it along as it sums up some things quite well.

    The irony of the left being the most hateful and intolerant group of people on the planet is not lost on conservatives and libertarians.

  70. Sam Adams says:

    Bob Roberts says:
    November 9, 2012 at 3:01 pm

    Obama isn’t wasting any time getting around to punishing states that voted for Romney.

    The Interior Department on Friday issued a final plan to close 1.6 million acres of federal land in the West originally slated for oil shale development.

    FYI, there are 2 trillion barrels of oil trapped in this shale. At $100 per barrel, that has a cash value in the range of $100,000,000,000,000. (That’s 100 trillion dollars).

    Marxists have zero economic sense. Maybe they will sell it to the Chinese.

  71. Bob Roberts says:

    Sam Adams says: November 9, 2012 at 5:37 pm
    That’s funny – earlier today I was discussing with a friend how even anyone who’s had the most basic of economic overview courses would know more than your garden variety moonbat, yet they keep billing themselves as being intellectually superior to conservatives. I guess they need to believe that so that’s why they keep insisting.

  72. Bob Roberts says:

    We have a saying: If you have to keep reminding everyone else how smart you are, it’s a pretty clear sign you’re wrong about that.

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