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Nov 24 2012

Open Thread


Via Liberal Logic 101, on a tip from TED.

31 Responses to “Open Thread”

  1. AC says:

    Astronomical call volume crashes NICS on Black Friday

    It’s almost as if the people don’t trust Comrade Chairman’s promises to respect the Constitution and cut crime by creating real, good jobs.

  2. IslandLifer says:

    Right Wing Extremists:

  3. Bob Roberts says:

    Warren Buffett may have managed to create one of the enduring myths of our tax debate: that the rich pay a lower rate than the rest of America.

    Nationally, the tax code is still broadly progressive. The more your make, the more taxes you pay as a percentage of your income.

    According to new data from the IRS, people who make $1 million or more had an average tax rate of 20.4 percent in 2010. Tax filers who earned $30,000 to $50,000 paid an average rate of 4.8 percent, while those who made between $50,000 and $100,000 paid 7.7 percent. Those making under $30,000 had a negative effective rate, meaning they paid no federal income taxes after deductions and credits.

    Put another way, millionaires pay a rate that’s more than four times that of the middle class.

    If top 5% paid 40% of taxes, what is their ‘fair’ share?

    Although Obama and his fellow Democrats repeatedly call on wealthier Americans to pay their “fair share,” they never specify what percentage of the nation’s tax burden the wealthy would have to bear. As matters stand, the top 1 percent of American households paid 39 percent of income taxes in 2009, according to the most recent data compiled by the Congressional Budget Office, and the top 5 percent of taxpayers paid 64 percent.

    But income taxes, taken in isolation, do not tell the whole story, because lower-income Americans do pay payroll taxes. But even taking into account all forms of taxation, the top 1 percent still paid 22 percent of federal taxes while earning just 13.4 percent of household income. The top 5 percent paid 40 percent of all federal taxes, despite earning only 26 percent of all income. No matter how you slice the numbers, it’s hard to understand why anyone would think the wealthy aren’t already shouldering a burden commensurate with their blessings.

    Even if Obama gets his way on all of his tax hikes on the wealthy, it still won’t make a dent in the $16.3 trillion national debt. Later in his term, once he has blown all of the new revenue with spending increases and goes back to this well for still more revenues, will the media let Obama get away with claiming the wealthy aren’t paying their “fair share” once again, without specifying what constitutes fairness?

  4. Bob Roberts says:

    Meanwhile, how are those Obama-supportin’ moonbats in LA LA land doing?

    Yeah, that’s where I like to get my caviar – from a VENDING MACHINE!

    Beverly Hills Caviar has unveiled its first touch-screen vending machine at the Burbank Towne Center, offering “a large selection of the world’s finest selection of caviar, truffles, escargot, bottarga, blinis, oils, Mother of Pearl plates and spoons, gift boxes and gourmet salts.”

    Prices range from under $50 up to $500, KNX 1070’s Vytas Safroncikas reports.

    Want to start a pool betting on how soon the machine gets stolen for the money/products inside?

  5. johnnosk says:

    Ad currently on Australian TV at the moment.

    The link redirects to a facebook page and the content is about the ‘discrimination’ suffered by; and I’m not making this up; Gay, lesbian, bisexual, transsexual and intersex people!

    I have to ask… What is intersex people? People who can’t workout what their gender is when they reach between their legs in the shower?

    As a real life leftie… I do not want to be associated with such people!

  6. Jay B. says:

    johnnosk says:

    The discrimination simply being “We just made up genders and are pissed off people can’t take them seriously”

  7. Joe says:

    I was talking to my wife about that ridiculous democrat constituency list that was on here a few days ago. We wondered what a Republican constituency list might look like. This is what we came up with:

    ( ) American

  8. JNN says:

    I wouldn’t say they are stupid, just childish. Traditional values require self-discipline, something that they aren’t too happy about.

  9. -Sepp says:

    The entire strategy libs use to push their crap is, “if you can’t defend your ideals with principles or, facts…just shout louder and make a bigger spectacle than the person who’s reasoning skills are sharper than yours.”
    …and if that fails just point and scream “RACIST” as loud and as often as possible.

  10. KHarn says:

    “Porsche 911 Carrera S Cabriolet 2013 says:November 25, 2012 at 8:44 am”

    I was not going to buy a Porsch (I can afford one) but because of this spam, I will now encourage others NOT TO buy one either!

  11. KHarn says:

    I have asked regressives what they will do about the muslim threat when they have complete control. Most would not even acknowledge the threat, but the ones that do have said that they will “teach them” that there is no god and that religion is a con game.

    Well now, that is going to be a neat trick since the regressives have supported “HATE CRIME” LAWs (In order to destroy American freedoms) that makes it a CRIME to offend muslims by criticising their god and beliefs.

    Off with their heads!

  12. Hey Guys please ( I hope ) don’t get offended but I thought this fit well with the threads picture of Liberal ‘family’ beliefs versus well us hate mongering Conservatives.

    I have a kick Starter Project that I just launched.

    I need everyone’s help to get a conservative book created, it will be the second in my series of books and this is the first time I am using kick starter to create the project. The first is Called ‘The Fisherman’s Catch : A Conservative Bedtime Story” and it centers around businesses and innovation and how Government can mess up a good thing thorough taxation and welfare.

    The second will be called “The Cobblers Magic! A Conservative Bedtime Story” and takes place in a land of magic just on the other side of imagination. The concepts it will teach will center on Deficit Spending, Inflation, and that it is okay to say ‘No’ in a world of infinite wants, but limited resources, the word ‘no’ is how we budget. It compares an intelligent cobbler elf named Silvia against the fairy council that simply does everything that the other faeries want.

    Ultimately the fairy council casts a dark and terrible spell to try to fix everything, they try to ‘make magic’ which is the currency of the land. This does not work and instead they simply dilute everyone’s magic and cause a whole new set of problems to take place and quickly spirals out of control.

    I need Conservative Support for this. Liberals have been working on our children for years, they have blocked conservative attempts to reach children with important messages. We need support like yours to break through this cycle. The project does not need much money, but it needs to reach its intended audience. I know you can help make this happen. Please forward this to as many people as you think will be interested.

    Thank You,

    Thomas Wright

    Author of “The Fisherman’s Catch : A Conservative Bedtime Story”


  13. St. Gilbert says:

    West Point grad and formerly Jesus-obsessed, Laura Cannon, unwittingly makes the case for keeping women out of military combat.

  14. Ghost of FA Hayek says:

    Meanwhile in America, we wait while the left recycles old grievances and dreams up new victim groups we have discriminated against.
    And this is not limited to skin color or sexual orientation
    Got college debt ?
    The multinational corporation requires you to know something besides how to loot. They should pay
    Not able to retire after the first week on the job under the Golden Arches ?
    The “greed” of Capitalism, of course.
    We now live in a world where it is honorable to steal the good will of others to capture that much sought after label of “disabled”
    He points out that the percentage of people working in goods-producing jobs — manual laborers with greater chances of injury than those at desk jobs — is down to 14% of the workforce from 25% in 1973. But Ablin doesn’t mention that desk-bound workers suffer repetitive injuries such as carpal tunnel syndrome and tendinitis.

    Ablin argues that “disability also stems from mental health too, but it is hard to see how such ailments could have gotten worse over time.” That minimizes the stress afflicting people worried about job security.

    Get that ?
    Carpal tunnel, tendinitis, and the “stress of job security” alone qualify you for a free lifetime pass to the easy life.

  15. Ghost of FA Hayek says:

    From your link:
    and improve the lives of most patients, for example by avoiding the need to find child care during appointments, Health Minister Dr Dan Poulter said last week.
    Doc to semi conscious bleeding patient via skype
    Sorry sir, I cant sew up that laceration online.
    But your kids look well.

  16. AC says:

    It starts like everything else as a good idea. There are certain cases where a phone consult is appropriate. Skype merely takes that to the next level.

    At first, patients might use it for routine questions (“Any side effects to report? No? Good”), then it will expand to other things. Eventually, the bureaucratic parasites will discover that it can be abused, and consequently, barriers will be erected to face to face visitions, just as wait lists, quotas, and rationing have been used to deter socialized citizens from seeking and receiving other services.

    When it comes to the US, Comrade Chairman will promise us all that if we like our doctor, then we can keep him on our buddy list.

  17. utopia is banished says:

    Too many victims, not enough oppressors. (hat tip to Victor Davis Hanson)

  18. Ghost of FA Hayek says:

    When it comes to the US, Comrade Chairman will promise us all that if we like our doctor, then we can keep him on our buddy list.
    Or in Doc Theo (and others like his)case “if you like your doctor, you can call him from his retirement home in the Caribbean”

  19. Bob Roberts says:


    Friday morning, Bill Simon, Wal-Mart’s U.S. president and chief executive officer, reported in a press release that, “only 26 protests occurred at stores last night and many of them did not include any Wal-Mart associates.”

    Apparently Wal-Mart employees generally like and even value their jobs, GO FIGURE! The protests are people who DO NOT work at Wal-Mart making trouble because they don’t like the idea of a company that actually provides jobs that employees appreciate.

    Republicans threaten to filibuster over filibuster.

    Here’s what Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid is considering: banning filibusters used to prevent debate from even starting and House-Senate conference committees from ever meeting. He also may make filibusters become actual filibusters — to force senators to carry out the nonstop, talkathon sessions.
    Republicans are threatening even greater retaliation if Reid uses a move rarely used by Senate majorities: changing the chamber’s precedent by 51 votes, rather than the usual 67 votes it takes to overhaul the rules.
    “I think the backlash will be severe,” Sen. Tom Coburn (R-Okla.), the conservative firebrand, said sternly. “If you take away minority rights, which is what you’re doing because you’re an ineffective leader, you’ll destroy the place. And if you destroy the place, we’ll do what we have to do to fight back.”

    For 15 years, teachers in three states paid Clarence Mumford Sr. — himself a longtime educator — to send someone else to take the tests in their place, authorities said. Each time, Mumford received a fee of between $1,500 and $3,000 to send one of his test ringers with fake identification to the exam. In return, his customers got a passing grade and began their careers as cheaters, according to federal prosecutors.

    Authorities say the scheme affected hundreds — if not thousands — of public school students who ended up being taught by unqualified instructors.

  20. Bob Roberts says:

    California Kinky!

    Women were shocked to learn that they were being secretly videotaped while using the restroom at a Vallejo Long John Silvers restaurant. Police say a 17 year old manager at the fast food restaurant was capturing their every move.

    Obama getting a taste of his own medicine from moonbats

    President Barack Obama’s administration is in the process of drawing up a formal rulebook that will set out the circumstances in which targeted assassination by unmanned drones is justified, according to reports.

    The New York Times, citing two unnamed sources, said explicit guidelines were being drawn up amid disagreement between the CIA and the departments of defense, justice and state over when lethal action is acceptable.

    Human-rights groups and peace groups opposed to the CIA-operated targeted-killing programme, which remains officially classified, said the administration had already rejected international law in pursuing its drone operations.

    They’re just upset because Obama is following the lead of GW Bush and Israel.

    The global economy is likely to be stuck in the “twilight zone” of sluggish growth in 2013, Morgan Stanley has warned, but if policymakers fail to act, it could get a lot worse.

    Are you ready?

  21. Bob Roberts says:

    Arafat was murdered by arabs, not Israel.

    Allegations of foul play have long surrounded Arafat’s demise. He died in a Paris hospital in November 2004, a month after being flown, seriously ill, from his headquarters in the West Bank town of Ramallah.

    Did you see the latest picture of the Loch Ness monster?

    What sort of idiots do these people think we are? What sort of idiot would possibly think they could convince someone with this?

    Then again just over half of us were allegedly convinced to vote Obama again.

    Any normal individual understands liberalism is a psychosis.

    Obama has been re-elected for a 2nd term by an illiterate society and he is ready to continue his lies of less taxes while he raises them. He gives speeches of peace and love in the world while he promotes wars as he did in Egypt, Libya and Syria. He plans his next war is with Iran as he disgraces then fires or demotes his generals who get in the way.

  22. Bob Roberts says:

    Obama applauds reporter’s question, then ignores it

    “That was a great question, but it would be a horrible precedent for me to answer your question just because you yelled it out,” Obama said. “So, thank you very much, guys.”

    What do you know…. DEMOCRAT AL Lawmaker Pushing For Allowing Guns At Work

    The Montgomery Advertiser reported Friday that state Sen. Roger Bedford, D-Russellville, said the bill is aimed at increasing personal safety.

  23. Bob Roberts says:

    The Ugandan newssite New Vision reports President Yoweri Museveni celebrated Uganda’s 50th anniversary of independence from Britain at the National Jubilee Prayers event by publicly repenting of his personal sin and the sins of the nation.

    “We confess these sins, which have greatly hampered our national cohesion and delayed our political, social and economic transformation. We confess sins of idolatry and witchcraft which are rampant in our land. We confess sins of shedding innocent blood, sins of political hypocrisy, dishonesty, intrigue and betrayal,” Museveni said.

    “Forgive us of sins of pride, tribalism and sectarianism; sins of laziness, indifference and irresponsibility; sins of corruption and bribery that have eroded our national resources; sins of sexual immorality, drunkenness and debauchery; sins of unforgiveness, bitterness, hatred and revenge; sins of injustice, oppression and exploitation; sins of rebellion, insubordination, strife and conflict,” Museveni prayed.

    Care to guess the race/ethnicity of the Md. Woman Charged With Stabbing Brother With Fork At Thanksgiving Dinner?

    Police say 27-year-old Shenika Allsup stabbed her half brother, 23-year-old Deonte Wallace, in the neck with a serving fork after the two got into a heated argument at the table.

    51 year old woman pummeled in pumpkin drive by, rushed to hospital with significant injuries.

    ‘Unskewed Polls’ founder sets up site claiming Obama stole the election

    The website,, identifies four “black states” Chambers claims were stolen by President Obama through massive voter fraud and suppression operations. According to the website, Democratic ballot stuffing was the reason Obama carried the critical swing states of Ohio, Pennsylvania, Virginia and Florida.

  24. Bob Roberts says:

    The scary thing is there are still way too many people stupid enough to believe this nonsense.

    Christiana Figueres, who leads the United Nations negotiations to get governments to reduce carbon emissions in the world, regards Hurricane Sandy as “yet another wake-up call” for Americans to get on board with her climate change policy.

    Why is she worried about us. China is far and away the biggest “polluter”, and I’m not just talking about carbon dioxide.

    Still no solution in the EU – those demanding they get everything for free aren’t ready to compromise. Those expected to pay for it all are letting them know the well is running dry and soon they’ll be out of luck. This is us a short time from now.

    Looks like he’ll never be king!

    Poor Charlie. He’s going to be passed over. In 2008, he became the longest-waiting heir to the throne in British history, overtaking his great-great grandfather, Edward VII. “Impatient? Me? What a thing to suggest! Yes of course I am.” He added: “I’ll run out of time soon. I shall have snuffed it if I’m not careful.”

  25. Bob Roberts says:

    Embassy in Cairo reporting trouble in the streets around compound, rocks and molotov cocktails falling in area.

    Obama insists it’s all about some nonsensical video by some guy in CA.

  26. Bob Roberts says:

    A graphic look at estimates of world human CO2 production by nations

    Note, however, that humans as a whole produce FAR LESS CO2 each year than nature does.

  27. Bob Roberts says:

    By Benghazi Illogic, Try This Absurd Headline: “CIA Finds Hurricane Sandy Caused By Obscure Anti-Gore Video”

    First, you got a president who originally promised to heal the planet and slow the rise of the oceans, and then just days before the election, WHAMMO, that storm hits, causing possible doubt in some quarters that he was entirely successful.

    He couldn’t really blame Bush for this, or global warming either. According to the United Kingdom’s national weather Meteorological Office (MET), although temperatures have gone up and down, there hasn’t been any statistical average temperature change over the past 16 years. On top of that, the frequency of major U.S. hurricane strikes over the past several decades is down about one-third compared with the first half of the 20th century. And as for those of Category 3 or higher, only one (Gloria in 1985) has made landfall in our nation’s Northeast since 1960, while five occurred in that region during the 1930s through 1950s. Sandy was a Category 1.

    The CIA must have known about all of that. They’re really smart; and they have calendars. There’s obviously something else operating here. Something that was leaked to the New York Times…which is the go-to-place if you want to leak some really secret government information.

    And there it is. We now find out that the CIA commissioned a study by the National Research Council (NRC) which was released just 10 days after the storm hit. And although it cites global warming as a contributing factor, the report concludes that there were other influences as well. As lead author John Steinbruner stated in a Times article: “You can debate the specific contribution of global warming to that storm. But we’re saying climate extremes are going to be more frequent, and this was an example of what they could mean. We’re also saying it could get a whole lot worse than that.”

    Ahaaa! So other contributing factors are involved…like what? Hmmm. Well, what about that blasphemous anti-global warming religion U Tube video…the really offensive one made years ago which recently turned up again. Yeah, the one which portrays high priest Albert Gore as a sinister figure who brainwashes penguins and bores movie audiences by blaming the Mideast crisis on evil fossil fuel use. Obviously, that must be what stirred up the climate gods. The CIA wouldn’t have missed this clear connection, and certainly must have reported it to the White House as a top security matter.

  28. Bob Roberts says:

    Climate Change at the National Academies: Misleading a Nation

    This Nov. 16 announcement from our National Academies is a great example of propaganda promoting fear of catastrophic global warming from burning fossil fuels. Just in time for Congress in this lame-duck session to be influenced to pass bills supporting these allegations such as the wind production tax credit (TPC).

    It would take years to respond to all this material taking normal weather events occurring the past 50 years when atmospheric carbon dioxide levels have steadily risen 25 percent and show the same events happened when carbon dioxide levels were not increasing. Past history shows very little, if any, linking of atmospheric carbon dioxide changes to weather, or climate, events.

    One of their papers discusses changes in Arctic sea ice from 1979 to present measured by satellites. September 16 we had the smallest Arctic sea ice area measured over the 33-year period of satellite measurements. They will not mention as of November 14, Arctic sea ice has recovered more than 2 million square miles of ice since the low of 860,000 square miles September 16. This is the fastest recovery of sea ice from summer lows recorded by satellite measurements.

    In addition, for 2012 Antarctic sea ice levels are at record highs. This is verified by going to the University of Illinois website showing all satellite sea ice measurements. Past records by mariners show Arctic sea ice in late summers a century or more ago was probably smaller than the 2012 low.

  29. Bob Roberts says:

    After one of the busiest years for tornadoes in 2011, tornado numbers in 2012 have come crashing down to historic lows. Story does not have direct link. At time of post, it was in middle column and you have to scroll down for it.

    In 2011, there were 1692 twisters – second most on record. This year, only 882 tornadoes have touched down. (Tornado records date back to 1950).

    What’s especially remarkable about the year’s depressed numbers is that tornado activity got off to a red-hot start. Through mid-April, tornado counts were highest on record. But then, an extended tornado drought struck and the count ranking plummeted.

    Although 6 weeks remain in 2012, it’s unlikely there will be enough tornado activity for the year to rise significantly in the historic rankings. November and December are the 3rd and 4th least active months of the year for tornadoes, with a combined average of 70 to 80 tornadoes.

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