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Dec 01 2012

Open Thread


Via Liberal Logic 101, on a tip from Bob Roberts.

22 Responses to “Open Thread”

  1. Bob Roberts says:

    SANDY victims upset with FEMA.

    If Bush were in office this would be all about him. But since the ONE is in office, he gets little blame in the media BUT they do admit:

    Storm-ravaged New Yorkers say President Obama’s promise to cut red tape and get them aid in the aftermath of Sandy has proven to be hot air.

    Of course you only hear this because the source is FOX NEWS.

  2. Bob Roberts says:

    As far back as Greek times (between 900 and 600 B.C.) philosophers were already stating that it was wrong to murder an unborn child once it was recognizably human. Now with DNA testing we can tell that a fertilized egg is human before it even implants.

    There is some argument that before the egg implants abortion is not possible – that is to say if you prevent the egg from implanting you haven’t done an abortion.

    However, if you prevent an egg from implanting that would have implanted had you not interfered, I suggest you’ve potentially murdered that human life that was formed when the sperm and egg joined. The only reason I say potentially is that, because of your interference, we will never know if the egg would have successfully implanted and grown to term.

  3. Bob Roberts says:


    Unless it was featured in a thread here and I missed it…

    While serving as the Department of Planning and Development Commissioner, Jarrett once harassed a white business owner for not paying sufficient deference in print to the memory of the city’s first black mayor in the mid-90s. As Ellie Monty, one of two white owners of the small firm targeted by Jarrett saw it, it was a contrived racial incident. And while she maintains there was “never intended to be a political agenda,” Jarrett saw otherwise.

    Jarrett told The Chicago Defender, a local black newspaper, that she was “completely outraged” and was “thinking of seeking legal redress” against the company for failing to mention Mayor Harold Washington in an ad book for the city.

    “They printed this ad book that included the city logo, giving the impression that it was done with our consent when we did not,” Jarrett told The Defender’s Chinta Strausberg, who described Jarrett as “irate.” “What they have done is offensive and tantamount to fraud.” (Chinta Strausberg, “City Outraged Over ‘Bogus’ Ad Book,” The Chicago Defender, November 3, 1994.)

    Debt crisis is about give and take.

    The gauntlet is thrown down.

    I’d say it, but it would be racist, according to some, so I’ll let the picture speak for me.

  4. St. Gilbert says:

    Progress at West Point. Justified by misinterpreting and thoroughly twisting the cadet prayer.

  5. Ummah Gummah says:


    Rush was right:

    Obama Warns Congress: “I’ve Been Keeping My Own Naughty And Nice List”

    “Joe Biden was in Costco and he wanted to buy some of this stuff, but I told him he had too much work to do. I wasn’t going to have him building roller coasters all day long. Now, of course, Santa delivers everywhere. I’ve been keeping my own naughty and nice list for Washington, so you should keep your eye on who gets some K’NEX this year. There are going to be some members of Congress who get them, and some who don’t,” President Obama said Friday at a rally where he pushed Congress to avoid the fiscal cliff.


  6. Ummah Gummah says:


    It’s the Chicago Way..


  7. Sam Adams says:

    St. Gilbert says:
    December 2, 2012 at 12:50 am

    Progress at West Point. Justified by misinterpreting and thoroughly twisting the cadet prayer.

    The plan to destroy the US military is moving along. Conservative kids, the life-blood of the military, will be so repulsed at the military’s adoption of the gay agenda, that they will not sign up. The quality of people entering the military will continue to drop.

  8. Sam Adams says:

    BTW, time to attack affirmative action for the damage it does to women and minorities.

    You are laying on your back, waiting for the surgeon to operate on your eye. The surgeon is a minority or a woman. Are they qualified to operate on your eye; do they actually know what they are doing, or were they passed along; given a leg up over their more qualified competition? You simply don’t know.

    That is why everyone prefers a white male working on them, because they didn’t get a damn thing from the government. They had to earn their place at the operating table.

  9. Jodie says:

    That is so true and very sad Sam Adams. Add to that, Obama and the Demoncrats want to cut a trillion from defense spending. That can’t be good for morale! Each day, I am becoming more and more sickened by these things. I just want to get out of here!

  10. Sam Adams says:

    Shoe’s on the other foot now…

    Reid wants to limit filibusters in the Senate, meaning that the minority party would have even less power to stop the tyranny of the majority.

    BTW, Harry still hasn’t brought a budget bill to the floor for a vote in over three years. And, apparently, has no intention of doing so over the next four years.

  11. Spider says:

    While we’re talking about unborn children, here’s a way they are used to infiltrate our country, drain it, and eventually control/destroy it from within. And, it’s all done with the help of our elected lying crooks who care far more about potential votes than they care about our country, and the corrupt and phony “laws” (i.e. anchor-baby “law”) they create. Of course, having a population of weak, gullible, sheep, only makes their task easier.

  12. Ummah Gummah says:

    St. Gilbert says:
    December 2, 2012 at 12:50 am
    Progress at West Point. Justified by misinterpreting and thoroughly twisting the cadet prayer.

    That just makes me want to RETCH. The enemies of America are watching this, rubbing their hands together.. won’t be much longer now..


  13. A. Levy says:

    “America has not yet reached the state of a dictatorship. But, paving the way to it, for many decades past, the businessman has served as the scapegoat for statist movements of all kinds: communism, fascism, or welfare statism. For whose sins did the businessman take the blame? For the sins and evils of the bureaucrats…” –-Ayn Rand

  14. Ghost of FA Hayek says:

    Part time Walmart employees next to loose coverage.
    Libs response…….
    While a shifting of Walmart employees to Medicaid rolls may increase the burden on American taxpayers, it is likely to be a better deal for the workers themselves.

    “The packages Walmart is providing for low-income people aren’t offering very much coverage except for catastrophes,” said Linda Blumberg, a senior fellow at the Urban Institute, a left-leaning think tank. “It’s likely they’ll be better off going with a government-sponsored plan.”
    Except (you dumb morons) for the fact that these same people you claim to “save” with O Care will have to pick up the tab for this more expensive coverage, through loss of a job, hours, and/or higher taxes.
    This goes back to what I posted yesterday…..that lib policy fails to address, how a third party payer system creates unlimited demand, and drives up costs making people LESS able to afford insurance on their own

  15. Bob Roberts says:

    Obama is a lot like Bill Clinton

    Bill Clinton would often avoid doing anything then take credit for what others did when things turned out right while retaining the ability to claim “I didn’t do that” if they turned out wrong.

    Obama punts to Congress over repercussions for UN Palestine vote

    Questions about repercussions are “better directed at the Congress than at us,” State Department spokeswoman Victoria Nuland said Friday. She said the State Department is still trying to release $495 million in pending funds for fiscal year 2012 that were held up following the Palestinians’ failed effort last year to become a full member of the U.N.

    NO money to terrorists. NO TAX DOLLARS FOR TERROR.

    Not another penny from the U.S. to so-called “palestinians”.

  16. Bob Roberts says:

    Part of Obama/Democrat plan to cut deficits?


    Going to restroom costs kids

    The mother of a 7-year-old Irving elementary school student says her son wet his pants in class after his teacher refused to let him use the restroom Thursday afternoon.

    “I was absolutely appalled,” Sonja Cross said. “I could not believe it.”

    “He tried to hold it as much as he could, but he just couldn’t,” Cross said. “He came home from school, and he was crying and really upset.”

    “Really, that’s just unhealthy,” Cross said. “I think that she had no concern for the children.”

    Cross complained to the teacher, but didn’t like the response.

    “Originally when I first spoke with the teacher, she was just going to show my son special treatment, but then I said, ‘That’s just not good enough. I need for you to stop this for all the children,'” she said.

    Cross informed school administrators, who quickly told the teacher to stop charging her students to go to the bathroom.

  17. Bob Roberts says:

    Apparently, according to this moonbat (and others), some gun just decided one day to start shooting people.

    We’ve come to accept our insanity. We’d prefer to avoid seriously reflecting upon the absurdity of the prevailing notion that the second amendment somehow enhances our liberty rather than threatens it.

  18. Bob Roberts says:

    Yeah, but is it 3-D?

    Ultra HD is widely regarded as the next evolution in TV technology, but there’s currently a lack of content that takes advantage of the vast resolution, though Ultra HD sets are equipped to upscale lower resolution video.

    President’s Idea of a Negotiation Is Roll Over and Do What I Say

    BOEHNER: There is clearly a chance. But I’m going to tell you, I might be an easy guy to get along with — affable, obviously, I’ve worked in a bipartisan way on a number of agreements.

    But I’m going to tell you one thing, Chris — I’m determined to solve our debt problem. We have a serious spending problem and it’s going to be dealt with.

    WALLACE: And if the White House is unwilling to do it, are you prepared to say —

    BOEHNER: We are going to deal with America’s debt problem.

    WALLACE: And if they refuse to do it in the way that you find acceptable?

    BOEHNER: We’re going to deal with it.

    WALLACE: Sooner or later?

    BOEHNER: Sooner or later. We’re going to deal with this debt problem and we’re going to do it now. We’re not going to kick this can down the road again.

    Someone forgot to give them the memo – they are admitting bad weather is normal.

    The Napa River, north of San Francisco, a river with a history of flooding, was expected to top its banks some time Sunday afternoon.

    The Russian River, another river that frequently floods was expected to flood near the Sonoma County community of Guerneville Monday morning.

    They forgot to claim this is all because of global warming.

    THE health studies that conclude that people should sit less, and get up and move around more, have always struck me as fitting into the “well, duh” category.

    But a closer look at the accumulating research on sitting reveals something more intriguing, and disturbing: the health hazards of sitting for long stretches are significant even for people who are quite active when they’re not sitting down.

    Couple faces $97K in fines for using their own driveway

    The six-year dispute between Clearcreek Twp. and Howard and Lisa Gray shows just how complicated, combative and costly local land use issues can become.
    The Grays obtained permission from a Clearcreek Twp. official to use their residential driveway in Warren County to get to buildings on the Montgomery County portion of their land. The buildings house the Grays’ storage and landscaping businesses.
    But following complaints from neighbors, Clearkcreek Twp. ordered the couple to stop using the driveway to access their commercial area. A judge subsequently issued an order to that effect.
    The Grays say they have no other feasible way to get to that land, and they now face contempt of court charges and nearly $100,000 in potential fines for resisting court orders.

  19. Sam Adams says:

    Bob Roberts says:
    December 2, 2012 at 12:17 pm

    Part of Obama/Democrat plan to cut deficits?


    If some gas station started charging to use their restroom, there would be a public outcry. But if a unionized teacher charges “Boyd Bucks” well, that’s just part of the reward program. Apparently no disciple of the teacher is planned.

    It does, however, serve to teach our kids about an oppressive government, if they want to learn the lesson.

  20. Bob Roberts says:


    They’ve apparently removed the comments, but I got notifications. Here’s what moonbats are saying in response to my post, wherein I noted that the gun itself didn’t kill anyone – it was the person who USED it that did – and even if we didn’t have ANY guns the guy still would have committed murder with some other weapon and would have at least attempted suicide – the gun was just a tool he happened to use and it could have been anything else:

    canuck24 said
    Reading these militant posts proves exactly the point that the majority of Americans have neither the intelligence nor integrity to be granted the “right” to bear arms.

    dogboneman said
    Oh, and It is a gun control issue as much as it is a family issue, or bad parents or everything else…you gun guys will never once, just once say that their is an issue with guns? It is everything else. Please, just say it, guns are just as much to blame as all of the other factors. You won’t though, because being a gun owner is like being in a cult.

    dogboneman said
    @Sketti good lord….talking to you right wingers is like talking to the wall…have a nice night……I hope someone you love never gets killed by some nut job with a gun….

    [You know what he’s really saying is he hopes right wingers and their loved ones DO get killed by guns.]

    dogboneman said
    @Sketti I know, you righties are more god loving, more american and wear more flag lapel pins than any of us on the left….we are just here to serve you…what is it like to be chastized by just about everybody in America? Have Ted blast his mouth off some more…makes you guys look really good…

    Look, I don’t have a problem with guns, it is your right to own them…but you have to say that their are a bunch of nut jobs that own them and it is way to easy to buy them, right?

    There were some INTELLIGENT comments too:

    SFCHEMO said
    So a Browns team employee hung himself (which is also a tragedy) at the Browns training facility. Guess we need to ban rope….?

    Jagfannn said
    Why should we?????? My guns haven’t and will never commit any crimes. What exactly will taking them from me do? The guns don’t do anything NEVER HAVE idiots and criminals do, that is your ONLY constant.

    Sketti said
    @dogboneman Your argument is senseless. More people are killed by cars than guns, where is your outcry to prohibit them?

    Jagfannn said
    So now you’re saying that if I think you’re COMPLETELY wrong i’m just sticking my head in a hole? Wow the statistics show that legal gun ownership actually REDUCES crime……… So who’s head is in a hole?

    ElmoColt45 said
    Jason , From this day forward,I want you to write about all the killings in the black community and why they happened. Go to Chicago, Detroit,Cleveland,Gary Indiana and other towns that have a high kill rate among black teens and adults. Did the organization have any idea this man had a problem? Did he buy this gun from a legal gun dealer or did he buy from a friend who was a felon? You will have to quit blaming an inanimate object for this tragedy and if you own a firearm and have a wife and children,you will have to choose what to do when you go over the cliff.

    Jagfannn said
    Wow and you hip and edgy guys just love to portray us gun owners as uneducated. You’re just precious

    Jagfannn said
    @dogboneman @Sketti
    If I would have been there to catch that movie I may have very well prevented the majority of what that freak did. THAT is the difference between legal responsible gun ownership and NUT JOBS

    Sketti said
    @dogboneman Here is a little fact for ya, there are MILLIONS of gun owners in the US and last night none of them use their firearms to kill anyone!

    bipolarkermit said
    Guns don’t kill people, people kill people. How many times do I have to keep telling you that. If it wasn’t going to be a gun, then he would have just strangled the poor woman. Or hit her over and over with a rock, or an axe, or whatever means necessary. Guns are just a tool. The problem is with society and our culture. Not so much as guns.

    Sketti said
    @dogboneman I know it’s hard for your little liberal mind to understand but if someone wanted to kill you and couldn’t get access to a gun they’re still going to kill you. They can use a car, knife, bat, etc etc. Guns aren’t the issue, nuts are!

    thayguy_78 said
    Folks, I see the same topics here being re-hashed over and over. What you are chatting about is the difference betweeen liberals and conservatives. Here’s a brief summation of those differences:
    If a conservative doesn’t like guns, he doesn’t buy one. If a liberal doesn’t like guns, he wants all guns outlawed.
    If a conservative is a vegetarian, he doesn’t eat meat. If a liberal is a vegetarian, he wants all meat products banned for everyone.
    If a conservative sees a foreign threat, he thinks about how to defeat his enemy. A liberal wonders how to surrender gracefully and still look good.
    If a conservative is homosexual, he quietly leads his life. If a liberal is homosexual, he demands legislated respect.
    If a black man or Hispanic are conservative, they see themselves as independently successful. Their liberal counterparts see themselves as victims in need of government protection.
    If a conservative is down-and-out, he thinks about how to better his situation. A liberal wonders who is going to take care of him.
    If a conservative doesn’t like a talk show host, he switches channels. Liberals demand that those they don’t like be shut down.
    If a conservative is a non-believer, he doesn’t go to church. A liberal non-believer wants any mention of God and religion silenced.
    If a conservative decides he needs health care, he goes about shopping for it, or may choose a job that provides it. A liberal demands that the rest of us pay for his.
    If a conservative slips and falls in a store, he gets up and is embarrassed. If a liberal slips and falls, he grabs his neck, moans like he’s in labor and then sues.

    Zeus said
    I bet when Jason is out a night he’s not looking around in case some law abiding American with a carry permit is stalking him. He’s looking for some fatherless gang banging punk, with a weapon tucked into his junk waiting for him to turn his back so he can jump him and take his Air Jordan’s like the rest of us. Ask Chris Rock who he looks for when he’s at the ATM.

    Jagfannn said
    Mr Twitlock, don’t you realize it is our EVIL 2nd amendment right that protects your precious 1st amendment right to spew the garbage you call sports reporting? Talk about biting the hand….

    JimPell said
    @dogboneman @Jagfannn @canuck24 Of course they do. In spite of the hunting and shooting sports, and in spite of legitimate political principles, and because of abuses by Hollywood and the MSM, in the public’s eye, guns are associated with deadly force, domination, control and revenge. Life-or-death gets people’s attention, especially people with, shall we say, limited cerebral capacity. Eliminating guns wouldn’t eliminate stupid.

    HappyCracker said
    Okay, let’s be candid. While this whole sorry scenario is horrible, the root cause is not the Second Amendment. The root cause is black culture of unwed, baby Daddy’s, with a culture of lawlessness. What is the #1 cause of death among young blacks? Other young blacks. Anyone who reads a newspaper or even modestly follows the news knows that. The only thing missing here is that, sadly, Jovan committed suicide, rare for blacks. But everything else was in right in line. Oh and don’t blame the messenger.

    Mike_From_Florida said
    @irons2nd @Johnep714Whitlock doesn’t have opinions, he has agendas. As one other poster here noted, check out his other work. Race is interwoven through everything he writes. If FOX Sports is all about race baiting, then yes, Whitlock is perfect fro their staff. However, if FOX Sports is about ‘sports’, then Whitlock should get his walking papers tomorrow morning after his bosses look at the public response to this ridiculous article. As I noted previously, Whitlock is far better suited to driving a broom than writing a column for a national sports network.

    NormaRae said
    Jason, did you hear about the young man who killed his father last week with a bow and arrow? I suppose you’d like to abolish bows and arrows, too? HappyCracker (who posted below) is right on the money. If you want to know what killed this young man, listen to the lyrics of the hip hop garbage coming out of the black culture in this country. The violent black culture killed him. Please leave the 2nd Amendment alone.

    pigybank said
    Guns made him kill? Yeah… and spoons made me fat!

    JerseySeamus said
    Mr. Whitlock, please read Professor John Lott’s book, “More Guns, Less Crime.” Firearms are used over a million times a year in the United States for self-defense purposes. Despite what you have claimed above, firearms are used far more often for lawful purposes than they are ever used in the commission of crimes. Bottom line: Guns save lives.

    RattlingBones said
    Hey Whitlock, do we blame your computer for the idiocy of your columns?

    djhoward78745 said
    Further proof of the fallacy of liberal intellect – yet another clown portraying a journalist making an emotional leap in judgement in apparent ignorance of common sense. As usual – the gun was the problem, never mind he could have killed himself in any of a thousand ways, for the mindless ideologues pretending to be journalists (and of course, their liberal enablers) it’s always the gun… until it’s something else.

    The unethical, integrity challenged unprofessional clowns in the media playing ‘journalists’ are quite bad, their breach of the public trust borders on the treasonous – so called ‘sports journalists’ are typically the bottom of the intellectual and professional barrel, their topics irrelevant to begin with, they’re even more pathetic than their intellectual coward cousins at the ‘news desk’.

    Funny – to the left, ‘progress’ always seems to require stripping the American people of rights these intellectual cowards have decided we don’t need and, of course, since they’ve deluded themselves into believing they’re morally and intellectually superior simply by virtue of being liberal they don’t bother to listen to reason.

    CRITman said
    What about the news story this past week regarding a man who killed a relative with a knife and then killed himself with the knife. Should we ban knives also? Phoenix, AZ and the entire state of AZ has unlicensed open and concealed carry. The number of gun deaths in the Phoenix Valley are less than half of Chicago, Ill, which bans guns. Let Mr. Whitlock explain that.

    Dizzle said
    Because 75% of Black children are born out of wedlock, because Blacks make up 35% of the US prison population, because Blacks commit 85% of all US violent crimes and on and on you are going to blame the 2nd Amendment?

    The problem is your fellow Blacks and your culture. Look inside and you’ll find the answer.

    I need my 2nd Amendment gun rights to protect myself from your fellow out of control Black Americans.

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