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Dec 03 2012

Open Thread

beyonce obama

On a tip from TED.

54 Responses to “Open Thread”

  1. Dr. 9 says:

    Q: What do your investments have to do with health care?

    A: Nothing, but the IRS will still use them to bend you over, way over, and it ain’t for an exam either.

  2. grayjohn says:

    I didn’t know there were any tapes of his “Bathhouse Barry” days! Priceless!

  3. ? everything says:

    ah yes, the dancing queen….

  4. AC says:

    Moonbat educrats demand removal of “Men Working” sign for being “sexist”

    Next up, the “People Working” sign will be removed for being insensitive to those who don’t work, such as stampers and tenured humanities professors.

  5. Bob Roberts says:

    What next? THIS!

    Domestic spying.

    Well it’s not as if the government doesn’t already have it… the cops are just asking for access to it.

    Propaganda outlet having trouble surviving.

    Kurtz, Panelists Worry About Fate of CNN, ‘Last bastion of left wing propaganda’.

    They left out MSNBC, of course. And that’s not what they said – I corrected it to make it more honest.

    Get your flu shot if you haven’t already.

    Sex Ed up close and personal, live and direct.

    Only in San Francisco – until someone takes the idea national!

  6. Bob Roberts says:

    ? everything says: December 3, 2012 at 8:55 pm

    ah yes, the dancing queen….

    He said it, I added the link.

    For non-ABBA fans (like me) apologies in advance.

  7. Alxandro says:


  8. Bob Roberts says:

    Family Brutalized By Jovan Belcher

    The caller, who raised his family on Long Island, says his son attended school with Jovan, who regularly bullied and beat up his son.
    “We went to the police, we went to the Department of Education. We couldn’t do nothing about this kid. Around adults, he always acted like he was such a sweet little guy.”
    The caller eventually had to relocate his family to Florida, just to get away from Belcher.
    About Belcher, the caller said, “ He destroyed my family. He should have been dead 10 years ago.”
    Finally, the caller said, “I’d like to know where he’s buried, so I can go and pee on it.”

  9. St. Gilbert says:

    “Bottoms up for choice!” Holiday event to benefit DC Abortion fund.

    Apparently, funding abortions is all they do, as they proudly state on their website.

  10. Bob Roberts says:

    Since we are seeing this play out today here in America, it might not be a bad idea to check out this book or the supposedly forthcoming TV Drama Series derived from it.

    The series is set in 1920s and ’30s Berlin, an electrifying, chaotic city at the forefront of literature, art and science. The book’s accounts of American diplomats and correspondents who witnessed Hitler and the Nazis’ rise to power, set against the backdrop of the most sexually and artistically liberated city in the world. “Berlin during the 1920s and ’30s was so alive, so filled with promise, so incredibly modern — even today, much of what we think of as new or avant-garde was created then,” Herskovitz said. “And it’s equally important — in light of the dark forces in our world today — to understand how a group like the Nazis ever came to power.”

  11. Bob Roberts says:


    Phoenix police are investigating the death of a 43-year-old man who was stabbed by his wife.

    There’s more to it – I deliberately left some of it out. Read the link and THANK GOD for knives, eh?

    What’s the fuss about? Wasn’t he born that way? Don’t you understand he can’t help it? You all are just H8ERS!

    Vernon police have arrested a nurse practitioner and his assistant on suspicion of trying to recruit a patient and her daughters to be his sex slaves.

    On Oct. 28, Vernon police arrested JT Mohler-Avery, 44, and Candace Merriam, 46, of Hartford on charges they tried to have sex with an 18-month-old child.

    The twisted story started in mid-October, when Vernon police said an unidentified patient of Mohler-Avery told them he had tried to recruit her, as well as her four children, for sex.


    Connecticut joined Massachusetts as one of two states in the U.S. to perform marriages of same-sex couples on November 12, 2008. Connecticut was the third state to do so, but only the second where the decision was not repealed.

    Same sex marriage was imposed on the state by judicial fiat, activist judges legislating from the bench.

    Marriage is a union of 1 man and 1 woman.

    A union of 2 men is not the same and therefore should not be called the same thing. Same for a union of 2 women.

    Why is this so hard to understand?

    Do we call apples oranges?

    No, we don’t. They’re different, so we have a different name for them!

  12. Bob Roberts says:


    “After raising taxes on the rich a little bit, the Democrats will come back for serious tax revenue,” he said.

    “In acts two and three, the Democrats will come back for the real money – an energy tax and a value-added tax that will impact everybody, especially the middle class.”

    Norquist insisted Democrats in Congress and the establishment press are playing an elaborate game designed to blame Republicans for budget deficits and keep serious discussion of spending cuts and entitlement reform off the table.

    “Congressional Democrats know raising taxes on the rich will not produce enough tax revenue to reduce significantly the trillion-dollar annual budget deficits being run by the Obama White House,” he said.

    “The reason the Democrats scream ‘tax the rich, tax the rich,’ is because they are going to pivot very soon to place a 3 trillion-dollar tax increase on the middle class, and they want ringing in the public’s ears that there wouldn’t have had to do this if the Republicans in Congress had acted right away to place a decent size tax on the rich.”

    Norquist believes the Democrat strategy risks a tax revolt.

    “The size of Tea Party Two is going to dwarf Tea Party One,” he predicted.

    Norquist contends Obama is “overstating his mandate.”

    “Four years ago, he was convinced he was king,” Norquist said. “He took a 70-percent approval down to 50 percent and lost a Democratic majority in the House of Representatives in the process. Now, Obama starts at 52 percent and he is going not only to spend too much but also too tax too much.”

  13. Bob Roberts says:

    Ha used wrong word (too, not to) in last sentence, 4th to last word.

  14. Bob Roberts says:

    A glimmer of hope for sanity in LA LA land:

    L.A. voters support pension changes over tax hike

    Los Angeles voters who cast ballots in last month’s election were more supportive of a major overhaul of the city’s pension system than in increasing the sales tax to boost city revenue, according to a survey conducted by Loyola Marymount University’s Center for the Study of Los Angeles.

    NOTE that the findings could change once those on the fence get off.

  15. IslandLifer says:

    That is a perfect animated pic of the female in charge!! Lol!!!! Don’t let the big moose see this, she would blow smoke due to the curved female body of her wife.

  16. Belfast says:

    Who supported israel at the UN?
    The USA and the Czechs, alone
    God bless both.
    See for a view from Australia.

  17. True Blue says:

    Funny, where was Costas when his former co-host OJ butchered two people with only a knife?

  18. Ummah Gummah says:


    @ True Blue:

    He was cowering in the corner..


  19. johnnosk says:

    Lawyer says Manning’s treatment ‘disgraceful’

    The spin begins…

    My favorite part:
    ‘In hearings at the Fort Meade military base last week, Manning spoke publicly for the first time, telling how he was made to sleep naked and admitting he had suicidal thoughts, believing he would die in detention’

    And hear I thought that having your cell tossed for anything that you could use to end your life, being stripped to your birthday suit and being placed into a specially prepared cell that is under constant surveillance was standard procedure for “Suicide watch”!

  20. Ghost of FA Hayek says:

    One of your links contains the perfect reply
    I don’t balme Bob Costas, I blame the microphone.

  21. Winston Smith says:

    Barefoot Homeless guy who got boots he hid isnt homeless after all all.

    “Barefoot homeless man immortalized in photo isn’t actually homeless

    For the past year, Jeffrey Hillman has had an apartment in the Bronx paid for through a combination of federal Section 8 rent vouchers and Social Security disability and veterans benefits, officials said Monday.”

  22. Ghost of FA Hayek says:

    Strawberry Fields – Forever?
    You didn’t build that ………. 332
    I built that ………………….. 206

  23. StanInTexas says:

    George Zimmerman is back in the news and thinks haven’t changed much…

  24. Sam Adams says:

    Running out of natural born citizens, Obama is rumored to be considering Anna Wintour as a new ambassador.

    Just wondering…..Anna….most life insurance policies don’t cover acts of terrorism. Maybe she will go to a country like the UK where Muslims haven’t taken over completely yet, so she might get a bit of respect.

    Or maybe not.

  25. Sam Adams says:

    Anna Wintour is the editor of Vogue Magazine.

    Any bets on whether Vogue comes out on its spring line of women’s head scarfs?

  26. Bill T says:

    Bathhouse barry Dancing With The RahmenDales

  27. jim says:

    We tend to concentrate on the bad actors in sports ( they get the coverage after all. I suspect most of the pro players are a lot more like this young man:
    maybe I’m a little biased by the fact that my brother is his father-in-law ( frighteningly my brother actually likes him)

  28. SR says:

    Moonbat Ashley Judd exploring Senate run against Mitch McConnell

  29. SR says:

    “Illinois poll of Hispanics finds agreement with GOP on guns, gays, abortion”……….Still voted Democrat!

  30. Bob Roberts says:

    Senate Democrats line up behind denying VETERANS their 2nd Amendment Rights.

    Sen. Tom Coburn, Oklahoma Republican, wants veterans who have been deemed “mentally incompetent” to have their cases adjudicated by a judge — rather than the Department of Veterans Affairs, as happens currently — and argued that veterans who simply cannot support themselves financially are needlessly given the label and, as such, cannot buy or possess firearms.

  31. Bob Roberts says:

    Well what do you know, a Democrat talking sense. Must not have got the memo.

    Are they really on the table, or is this just talk?

    Entitlement cuts should remain on the table as party leaders seek to hash out an end-of-the-year budget deal, Rep. Steny Hoyer (D-Md.) said Tuesday.

    A number of Democratic leaders — including Reps. Nancy Pelosi (Calif.), John Larson (Conn.) and Xavier Becerra (Calif.) — have said they would support some spending reductions in Medicare, but that cuts to direct benefits should not be a part of the negotiations. Along with Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.), they also maintain that Social Security reform has no place at all in the “fiscal cliff” talks. But Hoyer, the Democratic whip, warned that taking entitlement benefits off the table is a bad place to start the negotiations. Such entrenched positions are little different, he said, than the Republicans’ refusal to consider hikes in tax rates — a central element of President Obama’s deficit-reduction proposal.
    Hoyer said GOP proposals to raise the Medicare eligibility age, make wealthier seniors pay higher Medicare rates and limit the cost-of-living increases for some federal programs are legitimate ones, even as he warned he might not support them.

  32. Bob Roberts says:

    In an interview with Bloomberg’s Julianna Goldman, President Barack Obama stated, “I think America is poised to take off.” The main obstacle, in Obama’s mind, however, is political dysfunction.

    Yes, I agree, Obama’s mind is full of political dysfunction.

    Thanks to him and the Democrats, America IS poised to take off… right over a fiscal cliff into depression.

  33. Bob Roberts says:

    More of the truth comes out.

    The digital photo shows a bloody-nosed Zimmerman with a scratch on his forehead as he sat in the backseat of a police car.

    Zimmerman’s supporters say the photo backs up his claim of self defense. He said Martin attacked him as they encountered each other in a Sanford subdivision, forcing the shot that killed Martin.

  34. 762x51 says:

    The bare shoulder look is a dead giveaway. I always suspected he wore Big Mama Michelle’s clothes when she’s away.

    This is what Barry was doing the night of Sept. 11 while men were dying in Benghazi. All that is missing is the music.

  35. Bob Roberts says:


    Why was an audiotape created of what was supposed to be an off-the-record interview with just four people in the room, which General Petraeus himself said several times was off the record? I certainly saw no recording device, nor did I give my permission for the interview to be taped. So who taped the interview? Why did they keep it hidden away for the last 18 months? Why was it released at this time to a Washington Post reporter? That is surely more interesting than two people, neither of them politicians, joking around about the presidential campaign. Indeed, this is why they call it the silly season.

    The FBI has the e-mails of nearly all US citizens, including congressional members, according to NSA whistleblower William Binney. Speaking to RT he warned that the government can use information against anyone it wants.

    One of the best mathematicians and code breakers in NSA history resigned in 2001 because he no longer wanted to be associated with alleged violations of the constitution.
    He asserts, that the FBI has access to this data due to a powerful device Naris.

  36. Bob Roberts says:

    Tonight’s “Guess the race/ethnicity” and of course you already know.

    Judge orders deadbeat father of nine – with six women – to stop procreating.

    And if he doesn’t?

    Castration? Or just make him a “ward of the state”?

    The Wisconsin man, who has fathered nine children with six women, was ordered yesterday to cease procreating until he can support his numerous offspring.

    At Curtis’s sentencing yesterday for bail jumping and failure to pay child support, Circuit Court Judge Tim Boyle told the 44-year-old Racine man that his frequent breeding was to be curbed as a condition of his three-year probation term.

    Curtis owes about $90,000 total in back child support and interest to the mothers of his children.

    Court records show that Curtis has been arrested and charged with failure to pay child support on numerous occasions over the past 11 years. His rap sheet also includes convictions for passing bad checks, criminal damage, and burglary.

    Previously, a Kentucky judge ordered a deadbeat dad (12 children with 11 women) to refrain from having sex in an attempt to keep him from adding a 13th dependent. The country’s most famous deadbeat dad, Tennessean Desmond Hatchett, has fathered more than 20 children (with 11 women). But Hatchett’s procreation rate has slowed significantly over the past 40 months due to the convicted felon’s status as a ward of state’s Department of Correction.

  37. Bob Roberts says:

    I don’t have to tell you to guess the race/ethnicity, do I? OTHER DEADBEAT DADS MENTIONED IN LAST POST:

    KY case – Luther Crawford


  38. Bob Roberts says:

    Chevy Volt sales crater after election.

    The November number is barely more than half the October total.

    Swiss spy agency warns U.S., Britain about huge data leak

    Secret information on counter-terrorism shared by foreign governments may have been compromised by a massive data theft by a senior IT technician for the NDB, Switzerland’s intelligence service, European national security sources said.


    The U.S Board of Immigration Appeals has agreed to reopen the immigration case of Onyango Obama, delaying the deportation of the 68-year old Kenyan who violated an order to leave the United States in 1992.

    U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), a division of the Department of Homeland Security, confirmed to on Tuesday that Obama, who is the president’s uncle, was granted a rehearing last week and his case is being re-opened.

    WHY? He was supposed to leave. He didn’t. How does that earn him the right to be reconsidered?

    And what about Obama’s brother? Still living in a shack? Obama still NOT his keeper?

    The Cleveland, Ohio-based immigration law firm of Margaret Wong and Associates, which is handling Obama’s case, said the delay may allow the Kenyan national to apply to stay in the U.S. permanently.

    More proof MOONBATS HATE DOGS!

    One eyewitness, Charlene Dezego, told FOX 32 News that she heard the officer warned Phillips about the dog being loose, but the officer never sounded like he was in danger.

    “All of sudden I heard him say, ‘get your dog,’ and then the next statement was ‘get your dog,’ and then he just pulled out his gun and shot twice,” says Dezengo.

    Can you say HUGE LAWSUIT? Sure you can!

    Costas admits mistake.

    Belcher had a boozy dinner with another woman and spent the night at her apartment before killing the mother of his child then himself.

    Anderson Cooper, obviously blind to the truth, actually temporarily blinded to everything else.

    In a nutshell, he was shooting out at sea, and sunlight reflecting off of the water burned his retina:

    “I wake up in the middle of the night and it feels like my eyes are on fire, my eyeballs and I think oh maybe I have sand in my eyes or something. I douse my eyes with water. Anyway, it turns out I have sunburned my eyeballs and I go blind. I went blind for 36 hours.”

    Maybe it was a sign from God?

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