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Dec 18 2012

Open Thread


Via The Looking Spoon, on a tip from TED.

35 Responses to “Open Thread”

  1. dan says:

    drugs, fantasy killing computer games and the Hollywood movies of violence. How about before we ban guns, we start banning neuroleptic drugs, harsh computer games and violence in the movies.

  2. Dr. 9 says:

    Disarming America has been at the top of the Left’s agenda for decades. Generally speaking, those on the Right usually lack the fire and passion seen and used by the Left, which is why they are in control of the country.

    Make no mistake, there are ways around the 2nd Amendment. As an example, the govt. can simply follow the advise of NYC’s Queen Bloomberg and add a 150%+ “tax” on all guns, ammo, and any related items. Then, send an army of govt. lawyers (being paid by you) to court to fight any challenges to their new rules. In NYC, it costs almost $400. to get a CCP, and that’s IF you get it.

  3. Red Dawn says:

    Make no mistake – Today’s liberals are impelled by the same primitive impulses that impelled the Bolshevik socialists and the national socialists.

    The primitives’ war against civilization is perennial.

  4. Bo-Jangles says:

    From that far away planet called Mexifornia;

    (CNN) Los Angeles officials have asked that manufacturers, suppliers and contractors stop using the terms “master” and “slave” on computer equipment, saying such terms are unacceptable and offensive. The request — which has some suppliers furious and others busy re-labeling components — came after an unidentified worker spotted a videotape machine carrying devices labeled “master” and “slave” and filed a discrimination complaint with the county’s Office of Affirmative Action Compliance…

  5. Jim says:

    And spoons make you fat.

  6. johnnosk says:

    From the land downunder!

    New name adopted for outback Lake Eyre

    Given enough time, all of Australia’s landmarks, ports, cities and other cultural icons will be renamed to ease the feelings of some primitive stone age tribes!

  7. Highway Hospital Student says:

    I would add to this that today, more than 65 million gun owners did not shoot anyone.

  8. Bob Roberts says:

    But why did the lunatic do it?

    Keeping in mind how wrong the media have been about so much in this case, and others (they typically do their best to pin such things on conservatives/tea party members when in fact those claims are proven to be far from the truth in every case), word is his mom was on the verge of having him committed to an institution and she made the mistake of discussing it with him.

    The gunman who slaughtered 20 children and six adults at a Connecticut elementary school may have snapped because his mother was planning to commit him to a psychiatric facility, according to a lifelong resident of the area who was familiar with the killer’s family and several of the victims’ families.
    Adam Lanza, 20, targeted Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown after killing his mother early Friday because he believed she loved the school “more than she loved him,” said Joshua Flashman, 25, who grew up not far from where the shooting took place.

    And yet, as far as I know, the school continues to deny she had any connection – have we heard different? Initially they said she was a teacher and in fact that she was killed “in her classroom”. That turned out to be completely false – he killed her at home then went to the school.

    Switching gears, keeping in mind that the moonbat lunatic liberals are always talking about how Europe is so cutting edge, has such a better standard of living and how we should emulate them, let’s see where current European trends are heading.

    Belgium looks at euthanasia for minors

    Apparently while they would not necessarily approve of the exact way he went about it, the Belgians are considering murdering children, just in another way.

    They’re also considering putting those who suffer from Alzheimer’s out of our misery.

    And what other brilliant ideas are socialists recommending in Europe, right on cue and in line with Obama and his “death panels”?

    Report recommends France legalize ‘accelerated deaths’

    France should allow doctors to “accelerate the coming of death” for terminally ill patients, a report to President Francois Hollande recommended Tuesday.

    Hollande referred the report to a national council on medical ethics which will examine the precise circumstances under which such steps could be authorised with a view to producing draft legislation by June 2013.

    Because it’s so inconvenient, and so damn expensive, keeping those with terminal illnesses alive.

    Technically, since we’re all going to die eventually, we are ALL terminally ill in one way or another.

    So, technically, any of us could be chosen for “early termination”.

    Maybe they’ll start rounding us up in rail cars, shipping us off to centers, identifying us by different colored/shaped cloth marks on our clothes, etc. Those of us still fit to work will be worked until we aren’t. The rest? Well they’ll just sort of be marched into these rather ominous buildings and won’t emerge – except perhaps as a pile of ashes.


    As I’ve mentioned here’s one case where it’s really hard for me to care he’s apparently terminally ill and suffering – in fact I hate to admit it, but I actually think it’s a form of poetic justice.

    Benghazi review finds systematic State Dept. failures.

    An independent panel charged with investigating the deadly Sept. 11 attack in Libya that killed a U.S. ambassador and three other Americans has concluded that systematic management and leadership failures at the State Department led to “grossly” inadequate security at the mission in Benghazi.

    That’s what you get when you put a affirmative action community organizer in charge!

  9. Clingtomyguns says:

    Barry writes Congressional Investigators a sick note for Shrillary. She’ll be too sick for a while and the dog ate her homework.

    Hillary Clinton has made her reputation on being a tough, resilient woman. If she were really so tough, she would insist on appearing before Ros-Lehtinen’s committee, even if she had to testify from the bathroom floor.

    The Benghazi scandal, as I have said before, makes Watergate — during which Clinton suffered her own first scandal, incidentally — look like cheating at tiddlywinks. Men died after a seven hour battle, and after their repeated pleas to Washington for help were rejected. In the wake of this horror, the Obama administration created a calculated cloud of conflicting half-stories in order to protect Obama’s re-election bid.

    Hillary Clinton is the highest-ranking member of the administration scheduled to testify, and her prospective testimony would be most pertinent — not because of what she would say, but because of what others would then need to say, or unsay, to remain consistent with her story.

    But she isn’t feeling well, and wants to stay home this week, so you should just forget the whole thing; goodness knows she’d like to forget it. (By the way, is this not the kind of fragility in the face of duty that ought to disqualify her as a presidential candidate?)

    And if you are wise you will follow John Kerry’s advice and dismiss any ideas about offering her a rain check.

    Read more:

  10. Bob Roberts says:

    PA moonbats try to move up the class ladder by providing fake dentistry.

    Authorities say a pair of crooked Pennsylvania dental office employees ran an after-hours, word-of-mouth operation where they performed root canals, pulled teeth and installed braces without proper training.

  11. Smorfia48 says:

    I think everyone saw this coming. Sandy Hook massacre the result of white male privilege, says professor:

  12. Zim says:

    Best be stocking up

  13. Momster says:

    Bob Roberts says:
    December 18, 2012 at 10:48 pm
    I ask once more..what is this lib/prog/commie fascination with killing helpless people?

    They scream bloody murder (pun intended) if a vicious killer is put to death—yet they advocate the killing of unborn babies, born children, frail elderly people.

    I guess it is because they actually like to kill, but are too cowardly to try to kill someone who might kill them back.

    THAT’S IT!! I think I have finally stumbled upon the answer to my own question. Supreme cowardess. Kill the most innocent (unborn babies and children), the most frail and unable to defend themselves–the elderly and sick, but G-d forbid they try to kill someone who can (and will) strike back.

    Yellow-bellied bullies.

  14. dan says:

    …….the training they have been receiving over the last five years, they have been taught that ANY engagement of an active shooter — even shots that don’t hit the shooter — are now believed among law enforcement to disrupt the shooter and force him to seek cover, during which his massacre is interrupted and delayed. Where police have traditionally been trained to “confirm your sight picture” of weapon sights on the target before pulling the trigger, that training is being modified in some cities where, in the context of a mass shooter firing off a large number of rounds, even returning so-called “suppressing fire” is now considered tactically acceptable until additional backup arrives. The idea now is to go in and engage the shooter, even if you’re just one officer on the scene.

    This is contradictory to previous training, and it goes against most cops’ safety rules which include, “always know what is BEYOND your target.” But tacticians in law enforcement are apparently now figuring out that the opportunity cost of NOT shooting back is much greater than the relatively small risk of hitting an innocent victim when laying down suppressing fire.

    Learn more:

  15. Winston Smith says:

    Two thug Yutes from da Hood finally arrested for killing a young mother who after demanding free cigarettes gunned her down.

    They didnt use an assault rifle so I guess they will be treated like St. Skittles. Did Barry go to her funeral service? What about the nearly 500 victims of urban thugs that used mostly handguns in Chitcago? Barry should walk the Hood without secret service protection and do some old fashioned Community Organizing to get in touch with his Roots. No chance of any crazed white guys with assault rifles being in those slums.

  16. Welly Welly Well says:

    Jihadist Leaders of Obama-Backed Libyan Rebellion Fought Against U.S. in Iraq:

  17. Ummah Gummah says:


    Could it be the English are waking up to the no-so-stealth moslem invasion into their country:

    Oh, it’s so raaaacist and so eeezelahmbeophooobic.. They may want to think WHY the English – and others – don’t want them around.

    Not a very introspective bunch, I’m afraid.


  18. Ummah Gummah says:

    @ Smorfia48


    Good one!


  19. Bob Roberts says:

    You know you live in a Country run by idiots if…

    You can get arrested for expired tags on your car but not for being in the country illegally.

    Your government believes that the best way to eradicate trillions of dollars of debt is to spend trillions more of our money.

    A seven year old boy can be thrown out of school for calling his teacher “cute” but hosting a sexual exploration or diversity class in grade school is perfectly acceptable.

    The Supreme Court of the United States can rule that lower courts cannot display the 10 Commandments in their courtroom, while sitting in front of a display of the 10 Commandments.

    Children are forcibly removed from parents who appropriately discipline them while children of “underprivileged” drug addicts are left to rot in filth infested cesspools of a “home”.

    Hard work and success are rewarded with higher taxes and government intrusion, while some slothful, lazy behavior is rewarded with EBT cards, WIC checks, Medicaid, subsidized housing, and free cell phones.

    The government’s plan for getting people back to work is to provide 99 weeks of unemployment checks (to not work).

    Being self-sufficient is considered a threat to the government.

    Politicians think that stripping away the amendments to the constitution is really protecting the rights of the people.

    The rights of the Government come before the rights of the individual.

    You pay your mortgage faithfully, denying yourself the newest big screen TV while your neighbor defaults on his mortgage (while buying iPhones, TV’s and new cars) and the government forgives his debt and reduces his mortgage (with your tax dollars).

    Being stripped of the ability to defend yourself makes you “safe”.

    You have to have your parents signature to go on a school field trip but not to get an abortion.

    An 80 year old woman can be stripped searched by the TSA but a Muslim woman in a burka is only subject to having her neck and head searched.

    Using the “N” word is considered “hate speech” but writing and singing songs about raping women and killing cops is considered “art”.

    You can write a post like this just by reading the news headlines.

  20. Bob Roberts says:

    Ask any moonbat, they will tell you, Obama not only singlehandedly saved the auto industry, but we made a hefty profit off the deal in the process.

    Reality is a bitch.

    Seriously, the moonbats really believe that GM already paid us back, with lavish interest, paid every penny of tax dollars they were given without OUR advice or consent.

    The U.S. Treasury — after more than a year of refusing to say when it might start selling its remaining stake in GM — said it will announce a written plan in January to shed its remaining 300 million shares over the next 12 to 15 months — likely in a series of small stock sales.

    The Treasury’s move is intended to minimize the impact of the stock sale on the share price.

    The exit plan may prove to be a boost to GM’s lagging stock price and to some car buyers, who have avoided GM because of the “Government Motors” label.

    Oh, so THAT’S the current excuse? It isn’t that because of government meddling the best that GM has been producing has been the equivalent of Edsels and Trabants.

    And the truth about the money?

    Taxpayers will almost certainly lose billions of dollars in the $49.5 billion GM bailout. If the government sold the rest of its stock at current prices, taxpayers would lose more than $13 billion.

    And look, a voice of reason, too little, too late:

    “The government should not be in the business of owning stakes in private companies for an indefinite period of time,” Assistant Treasury Secretary Tim Massad said. “Moving to exit our investment in GM within the next 12 to 15 months is consistent with our dual goals of winding down TARP as soon as practicable and protecting taxpayer interests.”

    As for moonbat claims we made money on the auto bailout:

    Last year, the government exited Chrysler Group LLC and booked a $1.3 billion loss on its $12.5 billion bailout.

  21. Bob Roberts says:

    Another alleged victim of the false great anthoropgenic extinction event shows up alive.

    Moonbats have come up with a false narrative about a great anthropogenic extinction event, which they say dwarfs events in which 70%, 80%, 90% of all life on Earth was wiped out.

    Meanwhile, species they’ve too hastily declared extinct keep showing up making fools of them.

    “The living pygmy right whale is, if you like, a remnant, almost like a living fossil,” said Felix Marx, a paleontologist at the University of Otago in New Zealand. “It’s the last survivor of quite an ancient lineage that until now no one thought was around.”

  22. Bob Roberts says:

    Another great example of that civility moonbats are constantly demanding:

    Actress Marg Helgenberger: ‘One can only hope’ NRA members get shot

    Fortunately moonbats often tend to go after their own, for some reason, when they snap.

    Just ask Gabby Giffords. She’ll tell ya!

  23. Bob Roberts says:

    The Harry Reid link, above, was indirect. Here is a more direct link.

    Democratic Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid in 2010 Extolled the Virtues of Guns: “I had a lot of bad people after me and I carried a gun every place I went. . . But for me, guns are more than that. In fact, the most important part of guns as far as I’m concerned in my personal life is the recreational aspect of guns.” (about Self-Defense) – Video 2010

  24. Bob Roberts says:

    Most outrageous “reporting” of 2012.


    “The land on which they [the Founders] formed this Union was stolen. The hands with which they built this nation were enslaved. The women who birthed the citizens of the nation are second class….This is the imperfect fabric of our nation, at times we’ve torn and stained it, and at other moments, we mend and repair it. But it’s ours, all of it. The imperialism, the genocide, the slavery, also the liberation and the hope and the deeply American belief that our best days still lie ahead of us.”
    — MSNBC host Melissa Harris-Perry on her eponymous July 1 program, delivering what she called “my footnote for the Fourth of July.”

    The categories alone are worth a look, even if you don’t actually watch the videos.

    The “true but false” award… CLASSIC!

    “The audacity of dopes”. HILARIOUS!

  25. Tax Slave says:

    The Connecticut school shootings will be used by gun grabbers in the same way the Nazis used the Reichstag fire.

  26. Bob Roberts says:

    Only in moonbat-dominated Canada:

    French psychiatrist whose patient hacked an elderly man to death was found guilty of manslaughter on Tuesday.

    Canarelli was handed a one-year prison sentence and ordered to pay 8,500 euros to the victim’s children.

    Gaillard, the one who actually committed the crime, was not held responsible for his actions and was freed under medical supervision.

    Parents who lose children in accidents may be able to clone “copies” to replace them within 50 years, a British scientist who won this year’s Nobel prize for medicine has predicted.

    Although any attempt to clone an entire human would raise a host of complex ethical issues, the biologist claimed people would soon overcome their concerns if the technique became medically useful.

    “Medically useful”? Like maybe we clone ourselves and keep the result on a special “farm” or isolated community somewhere in case we need a limb or organ perhaps?

    Female US cop caught on tape giving two women body cavity search during routine traffic stop… and ‘using the SAME gloves on both’

    Biden 2008: If Obama ‘tries to fool with my Beretta, he’s got a problem’

    “I guarantee you Barack Obama ain’t taking my shotguns, so don’t buy that malarkey,” Biden said to voters during a campaign stop in Castlewood, Virginia on September 20. “Don’t buy that malarkey. They’re going to start peddling that to you.”

    Biden informed the crowd that he was the proud owner of two guns.

    “If he tries to fool with my Beretta, he’s got a problem,” Biden added, referring to Obama.

  27. Ummah Gummah says:


    CNN’s Ashleigh Banfield Attacks God For Allowing Newtown Massacre…

    Yes, libs think it’s God’s fault. I’m more inclined to suspect it was Allah, but that’s just me..


  28. Anne says:

    from Iberia Parish (Louisiana) school system… (This is a bit old. It has to do with Obama’s reelection.)

  29. Clingtomyguns says:

    “Tolerant” liberals gush over lezbo weddings, but cannot condone prayers at West Point:

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