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Dec 28 2012

Open Thread


Via Liberal Logic 101, on a tip from TED.

39 Responses to “Open Thread”

  1. Agnostic Conservative says:

    Those in favor of “gun control” are not really in favor of gun control.

    If they were, their argument would be, “let’s get rid of all guns/assault weapons.” And in that case, it would be appropriate to start at the point where there is the maximum concentration of guns/assault weapons – i.e. the government.

    But that is not what they are arguing for! What they are arguing for is the monopolization of guns/assault weapons in the hands of the government.

    When you explain this clearly to any 3rd party viewing the debate, the “gun control” argument basically collapses. “Gun control” is basically a propaganda phrase to mask the fact that it means a state monopoly.

    Also, Europeans usually will be more open to the idea of government monopolizing guns/assault weapons because they have lived with it for their entire feudal history – where aristocrats, Lords, Knights, Dukes and Barons had a monopoly on weapons and the serfs were content with it. Americans don’t accept the monopolization of gun power because of the history of the nation’s foundation and the reality of its expansion in the West.

    Stefan Molyneaux does a great job explaining the history and context of gun control and the argument put forward by advocates for the monopolization of gun power.

  2. Agnostic Conservative says:

    The argument of “gun control” advocates basically collapses because they ascribe opposite moral standards to two different sets of people.

    The claim is that guns in the hands of the government is good where as in the hands of the citizenry is bad.

    And this is obviously false especially considering that the difference between those in government and citizenry is mere paperwork.

    I think its important to stop calling it “gun control” and start calling it what it really is – the monopolization of guns in the hands of the state.

  3. Sam Adams says:

    IslandLifer says:
    December 28, 2012 at 11:02 pm

    200 Utah Teachers To Be Given Concealed Weapons Training

    Response from the training session (6 hours in length…and free) was very positive. Some who attended suggested that all school teachers and administrators should attend….not so that all teachers would be convinced to carry a firearm, but so that everyone is one the same page and has the same understanding of what to actually do in an emergency.

  4. Sam Adams says:

    Wait!!!!! Obamamessiah is loved by the masses. He don’t need no Secret Service to protect him. Just like he didn’t need the 40,000 police and military folks who guarded him at his first inauguration.

  5. Alphamail says:

    Just take away their hookers and their booze and they’re neutered.

  6. Jimbo says:

    Zero, the bathhouse pussy, has ever even held a firearm – yet he will dictate policy. Typical.

  7. Bob Roberts says:

    Bloomberg: Keep 2 subway push deaths in perspective.

    Bloomberg: Maybe we should ban subways. No, wait, maybe we should ban hands! Yeah, that’s it!


    That will put a stop to subway push deaths!

  8. Bob Roberts says:

    $1 Trillion Obamacare Tax Hike Hitting on Jan. 1.

    And that is WITHOUT any agreement on the cliff, WITHOUT any action at all by Congress.

    Norquist: Raising Taxes Isn’t Compromise.

  9. Bob Roberts says:


    We warned you moonbats.

    You didn’t listen.

    Now we have to suffer along with you.

    Americans are living in an Orwellian state argue Academy Award-winning director Oliver Stone and historian Peter Kuznick, as they sit down with RT to discuss US foreign policy and the Obama administration’s disregard for the rule of law.

    Both argue that Obama is a wolf in sheep’s clothing and that people have forgiven him a lot – and at this point they prove they’re still suffering from Bush Derangement Syndrome so I just skipped that part.

    “It is an Orwellian state. It might not be oppressive on the surface, but there is no place to hide. Some part of you is going to end up in the database somewhere.”

  10. Bob Roberts says:


    So we are going into the second administration that is living outside the law and does not respect the law and foundations of our system and [Obama] is a constitutional lawyer, you know. Without the law, it is the law of the jungle. Nuremburg existed for a reason and there was a reason to have trials, there is a reason for due process – ‘habeas corpus’ as they call it in the United States.


    If you look at his transparency – he claimed to be the transparency president when he was running for office. There has not been transparency. We have been actually classifying more documents under Obama than we did under Bush. All previous presidents between 1970 and 2008 indicted three people total under Espionage Act. Obama has already indicted six people under the Espionage Act. The surveillance has not stopped, the incarceration without bringing people to trial has not stopped. So those policies have continued.
    Then there are war policies, militarization policies. We are maintaining that. We are fighting wars now in Yemen, Afghanistan, we are keeping troops in Afghanistan. We have not cut back the things that we all found so odious about the Bush administration and Obama added some of his own. The drones policy – Obama had more drone attacks in the first eight months than Bush had his entire presidency. And these have very dubious international legality.

  11. Bob Roberts says:

    Kurtz Scolds DC Police for Investigating NBC David Gregory.

    PSSST! He’s on our team! You’re supposed to look the other way! Didn’t you get Obama’s memo via Holder?

  12. Bloodless Coup says:

    First comes registration, then comes confiscation, last comes re -education and/or extermination of political dissidents.

    This is the Neo-Marxists 3 part plan.

    1. gun registration
    2. gun confiscation
    3. re-education or extermination of all political dissidents.

  13. Bloodless Coup says:

    If the Federal Government can’t identify, round up, and deport 11 million illegal aliens, how in the world will then identify and round up 300 million “illegal” gun owners?

    If the Federal Government can’t win the “war on drugs”, how in the world will our tyrannical Government the win the war on citizens?

    Why do they want to start a war with tax paying, law abiding citizens who are simply exercising their Constitutionally protected right to bear arms anyway?

    I think the Federal Government better think long and hard before they start another war they simply cannot win.

    They work for us, and yet they think they own us.

    Time to clean house in Washington DC.

  14. dan says:

    Where’s the outrage…more children were murdered at Waco than at Sandy Hook :
    Ban cs gas and ban the FBI, ATF and prosecute those responsible

  15. wingmann says:

    Hypocrisy is the cornerstone, snd indeed the entire foundation, of Liberalism.

  16. Ted says:

    There is a petition running at the White House petition site to, and I quote.

    “Eliminate armed guards for the President, Vice-President, and their families, and establish Gun Free Zones around them”

    After all what is sauce for the goose should be sauce for the gander as well.

    Petition is here.

  17. Londoner says:

    While we’re at it, it looks like he could use some more incompetent diversity hires in that detail too.

  18. Dr. 9 says:

    “Some people are wondering what takes so long for the negotiations about the “fiscal cliff.” Maybe both sides are waiting for supplies. Democrats may be waiting for more cans to kick down the road. Republicans may be waiting for more white flags to hold up in surrender…”
    Thomas Sowell

  19. Ummah Gummah says:


    I wonder what’s going to be “ongoing” longer, Hillary’s Hangnail or the David Gregory Police Investigation.

    Should we start taking bets?


  20. Ummah Gummah says:

    Ted says:
    December 29, 2012 at 7:48 am
    There is a petition running at the White House petition site to, and I quote.

    “Eliminate armed guards for the President, Vice-President, and their families, and establish Gun Free Zones around them”

    After all what is sauce for the goose should be sauce for the gander as well.

    Petition is here.

    LOL the Whitehouse petition page is turning into the new Moonbattery!

    I guarantee you, they’re furiously brainstorming on how to make that one go away.


  21. Bob Roberts says:

    We all know Europe is famous for moonbat related thoughts and deeds.

    However, even Europe gets it right now and then.

    French attempt to soak the rich declared unfair and unconstitutional.

    Yer dern skippy it’s unfair and unconstitutional!

    Centerpiece of François Hollande’s election campaign goes down in flames.

    It’s unfortunate our courts were not as enlightened, though I understand it’s time we learned that elections have consequences and if we keep allowing moonbats into office, even if we didn’t vote for them, we’re going to have to suffer the results.

    Stinging rebuke to François Hollande

    Gérard Depardieu is, naturally, celebrating.

    Meanwhile here in moonbat central:

    Firearm injuries, deaths fall sharply as gun sales jump – in California!

    And here is today’s “leftist civility” report:

    Construction site arson is union sabotage in Philadelpia!

    The site where Chestnut Hill Friends Meeting is building a new meetinghouse was damaged by arsonists during Christmas week, and police are now “absolutely” sure the attack was the result of a dispute between members of a Philadelphia construction union and the project’s nonunion contractor.

    And finally, this:

    Well Obama and his family gotta eat, ya know!

  22. Bob Roberts says:

    dan says: December 29, 2012 at 6:42 am
    Now there’s an interesting point.

  23. Bob Roberts says:

    IslandLifer says:
    December 28, 2012 at 10:59 pm

    California Sneaks New Law Making it Easy To Inseminate
    OK now follow me here…

    Arizona passes laws to ensure federal immigration rules are upheld and the obamunists take them to court over it.

    California passes laws to openly violate federal rules and…


  24. Ghost of FA Hayek says:

    A brilliant move on behalf of Hollande
    Draft a clearly unconstitutional tax bill, get it passed, then struck down by the courts.
    A win win
    Hollande stays in good with his Marxist zombie looters, plus he will not have to run for reelection amidst a collapsed economy, complete with Greek style riots.
    Plus the added benefit of now being able to make a case to the EU to loot Germany.

  25. Ghost of FA Hayek says:

    It’s time to tax the bat snot out of the hopey changie crowd
    They want the free sh**
    Why give them a free ride ?

  26. Ghost of FA Hayek says:

    24 spots were opened up in a free firearms-training program
    450 school employees showed up
    More than 70 percent of the school employees who have applied are teachers, about half of whom work in elementary schools, he said.

  27. Mr Evilwrench says:

    The drug war isn’t meant to be won, any more than the war on poverty, or the TSA war on terror. These exist merely to make a show of “doing something” and militarize the police, with a bonus side effect of wasting vast quantities of our money. Look at how blatantly incompetent they seem. When they really want to get something done, don’t anticipate Barney Fife; expect a SEAL team.

  28. Ummah Gummah says:


    Russian security forces show how it’s done:

    Russian police free child hostage, kill seven militants in Dagestan

    Suck it UP, libs! SEVEN of your pet savages KIA and the child they had held hostage ALIVE!!

    SUCK on it libs!

    Now if only we can get Americans to deal with terrorists in the same way again..

    2016.. maybe..


  29. dan says:

    Just a thought…has anyone ever just run Zero’s fingerprints ?

  30. Ghost of FA Hayek says:

    Chitcago celebrates reaching 500 gun death mark.
    Meanwhile Jackson blames target ranges in Newtown, and otherwise throws the kitchen sink of blame to deflect from the truth.

  31. John says:

    What evidence is there that Obama wants to take away people’s guns? Really. There is none.

  32. numnut says:

    “Just a thought…has anyone ever just run Zero’s fingerprints ?”

    That would be illegal,in fact just talking about it is illegal.
    Any questions?

  33. jinks says:

    I find it funny how the first people called to a shooting incodent for help is people with guns to stop it.

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