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Jan 05 2013

Open Thread


Compliments of Metryq.

24 Responses to “Open Thread”

  1. Skyfall says:

    Politically, the Mayans were right, only it was Nov. 7, not Dec. 21.

    Nothing to do now but hold on and have faith in the Lord and allow the system to collapse in on itself.

  2. klae says:

    “Collapse in on itself”? But we’d be branded racists if we used the phrase “like a black hole.”

  3. Bob Roberts says:

    Obama: I Will NOT Take Your Guns Away

    “I just want to be absolutely clear. Alright, So I don’t want any misunderstanding when you all go home and you are talking to your buddies and you say, ah ‘He wants to take your guns away.’ You’ve heard it here, I’m on television so everybody knows it. I believe in the Second Amendment. I believe in people’s lawful right to bear arms. I will not take your shotgun away. I will not take your rifle away. I won’t take your handgun away.”

    Obama plotting broad attack on 2nd Amendment.

    In a memoir, Gen. Stanley A. McChrystal, the former American commander in Afghanistan, writes that tensions between the White House and the Pentagon were evident in the Obama administration from its opening months in office.

    Will the press ever give Obama tough coverage?


    You may recall it wasn’t that many years ago that China had an uber-cold winter… so this is on top of that, also.

  4. fabrique in chine (never) says:

    A glorious future awaits comrades. Happy days and revenge for all comrades who support the immaculate Hussein.

  5. Peter Franks says:

    Prisoners in NY state are now harassing guards by telling them they know where they live courtesy of the newspaper printing gun permit holders map:

    (hat tip Sherrie)

  6. justme says:

    Love that story Peter Frank: the law of unintended consequences playing out before your eyes. They are doing anything they can to pull out as many wooden sticks of a collective Jenga that they can to cause the whole thing to collapse.

    They are so stupid to have believed the lies they have been told about Utopia and have not read Thomas Hobbes. What they are collapsing in short will be replaced by brutality and nastiness with an ultimate outcome of something far, far worse than the comparatively just and civil society we have now.

  7. justme says:

    Just wait until they begin publishing lists of voters who voted Republican. The Social Justice mobs will begin an American campaign of necklacing that’d make Winnie and Nelson Mandela proud. It’s coming baby! Get ready…

  8. dan says:

    Can you imagine what Americans would have said if King George passed a law instructing us to give up our muskets
    ….oh , I guess we already settled this issue !
    Just say no to the the O’s gun gestapo ….
    although that should be followed by Molon Labe

  9. Dr. 9 says:

    This story should give legal gun owners and all those who believe in the 2nd Amendment an idea as to what’s coming. How far is the Marxist-in-Chief going to go? That he has NYC’s Queen Bloomberg as an “advisor” on gun control, should tell you all you need to know.

    The vice president said the White House group would consider a variety of proposals, including creating a new database that would (allow the ATF to track all gun sales)”

    (click the Washington Post link for more info)

  10. Jodie says:

    I’m afraid that Obama will get a bill passed which will mandate gun registration for all. He may not call for confiscation yet, but if he can somehow make registration mandatory – which will allow him to determine where the guns are – then he could work on confiscation – first through buy back programs – then possibly through an executive order or two.

  11. A. Levy says:

    If your home was on fire, and your family was in great danger, who would you want to repond, a highly-trained and qualified firefighter, or a former welfare recipient who couldn’t pass the entrance exam?

    In NYC, the FDNY, like the NYPD before it, has been ordered by a leftist judge to accept people who (are not) qualified, simply because they are “minorities”. (even though in NYC, Whites are the minority) Quality has been replaced by “diversity and affirmative action”. I wonder how many people will die because of it.

  12. C. S. P. Schofield says:

    The End Of The World has been delayed by regulatory paperwork. All persons alive at this moment can relax. Check back in two centuries.

  13. C. S. P. Schofield says:

    Glorious Socialist Utopia;

    “Comrade dear leader wants to be messiah for life:”

    I call bullish*t until and unless I see independent confirmation that ANY politician, even a Democrat, is that stupid.

  14. Bo-Jangles says:

    You don’t have to be stupid to believe the people (must) live as you say they should. You just have to be a socialist, like NYC’s queen Bloomberg. And, if you can’t see all the clear evidence around you of the socialist utopia, then nothing can help you.

  15. Spider says:

    Firearms Refresher Course

    1. “Those who hammer their guns into plows will plow for those who do not.”~Thomas Jefferson

    2. “Those who trade liberty for security have neither.” ~ John Adams

    3. Free men do not ask permission to bear arms.

    4. An armed man is a citizen. An unarmed man is a subject.

    5. Only a government that is afraid of its citizens tries to control them.

    6. Gun control is not about guns; it’s about control.

    7. You only have the rights you are willing to fight for.

    8. Know guns, know peace, know safety. No guns, no peace, no safety.

    9. You don’t shoot to kill; you shoot to stay alive.

    10. Assault is a behavior, not a device.

    11. 64,999,987+ firearms owners killed no one yesterday.

    12. The United States Constitution (c) 1791. All Rights Reserved.

    13. The Second Amendment is in place in case the politicians ignore the others.

    14. What part of ‘shall not be infringed’ do you NOT understand?

    15. Guns have only two enemies; rust and politicians.

    16. When you remove the people’s right to bear arms, you create slaves.

    17. The American Revolution would never have happened with gun control.

    I love this country, it’s the government I’m afraid of.

  16. Comrade Kulak says:

    Glorious Marxist Indoctrination Centers (College):

  17. Ummah Gummah says:


    Les Tonton Macoutes.. they’ve been practicing already.. using Twitter and Facebook to threaten and intimidate, to co-ordinate attacks on white people and businesses via so-called “flash mobs”.

    They’re using OUR technology for logistical support.

    They’re handy with an old tire and a lighter, both of which were invented by..

    You figure it out..

    Obama can put his feet up on the White House furniture, but he’d never know how to design it, nor how to build it.

    So when everything goes to pot.. gonna be an awful lot of “folks” – as the Onederchild likes to say – left out in the cold.

    I wouldn’t piss on him if he were on fire.


  18. Ummah Gummah says:


    You can put your feet on that furniture, OBAMA.. but you did NOT build that!


  19. Bob Roberts says:

    Actually yes, guns ARE the answer.

    A Georgia mother hid her two 9-year-old twins and shot an intruder, Paul Ali Slater, several times during a home invasion on Friday, according to multiple media reports.
    The Loganville mother said she didn’t initially answer when someone knocked on her door around 1 p.m. Friday. When the visitor began repeatedly ringing the doorbell, she called her husband at work, according to the Atlanta Journal Constitution.
    He then dialed 911 and his 37-year-old wife gathered their 9-year-old twins and hid them in a crawlspace inside the home.
    According to the report, the intruder then forced his way into the home and started “rummaging” through the family’s belongings.
    When the suspect went into the closet where the family was hiding ,the woman fired six bullets at the suspect, five of which hit alleged suspect Paul Ali Slater in the face and neck area.

    Ontario Gun Show Draws Thousands Looking to Stock Up, Send a Message

    With supply low and demand high, gun owners flocked to the Ontario Convention Center this weekend to stock up on ammunition at the state’s first gun show since a mass shooting at a Newtown, Conn., elementary school reignited the dormant gun control debate and increased sensitivity across the nation to firearms.

    Some 6,000 people had filled the center by Saturday afternoon, and more than double that figure is expected to attend the event, which is open to the public and ends Sunday. The massive turnout is something even the Crossroads of the West Gun Show promoter didn’t expect.

    “Nationally manufacturers can’t keep up demand for firearms or ammunition,” said Bob Templeton, with Crossroads of the West Gun Shows. “There’s no ammunition at stores, I’m understanding, anyway.”

    Rep. Jose Serrano reintroduces bill to repeal presidential term limit

    The push to make Obama “president for life” begins…

    We’re still a couple of weeks from the inauguration, but Rep. Jose Serrano (D-N.Y.) is already looking forward to 2016 and beyond. The congressman yesterday reintroduced a bill to repeal the 22nd amendment establishing term limits for the president.

    Serrano introduced the same bill last January and it died in committee.

    It does come up quite a bit. It’s interesting that so many who consider the First Amendment inviolable believe the Second Amendment is outdated and the usefulness of the 22nd Amendment changes every few years depending on which side wins.

    I didn’t want either Reagan or Bush to get 3rd terms, for instance. Yet some would have loved Clinton getting one and you know there’s going to be a hard push to give Obama one.

    French economist Esther Duflo has been nominated by US President Barack Obama to help shape US global development policy.

    Duflo, who was raised in a “left-leaning Protestant” family, said she became aware of economic divides and social injustice at a very early age.

    [If by “left-leaning” you mean HARDCORE MOONBAT!]

    Would be better helping Europe resolve economic chaos caused by failed European economic policies.

    No, wait…

    Still, better NOT helping us – we already see what nonsense European economics is causing in Europe.

    While Duflo’s nomination will likely be viewed with a sense of pride in France, it comes as Obama’s leadership continues to be dogged by unflattering comparisons in the media to European-style socialism. Just Friday, the cover of financial news magazine The Economist depicted Obama wearing a beret, red neckerchief and a striped mariner shirt, under a headline that read “America turns European”. The article criticised the country’s recent fiscal-cliff deal as “lousy”, saying its mismanagement bore striking similarities to the “mess in the euro zone”.

    Occupy Steubenville: Anonymous vs. the Sheriff

    On Friday evening, Abdalla was declaring war against Anonymous. He had previously expressed his concerns about the information being distributed by the hacking group — the names of the accused, who are being charged as minors; the classmate and fellow Steubenville High athlete whose video went viral and now may be in trouble with Ohio State University — but not to this level. Abdalla told WTRF in a new interview that he was “coming after” Anonymous.

    Welfare recipients take out cash at strip clubs, liquor stores and X-rated shops

    Your tax dollars at work… supporting drunks and deviates everywhere!

    Mass. can’t find thousands of missing welfare recipients, Gov. Patrick reacts

    If they bothered to check the voting rolls they’d find a lot of their democrat/Obama voters can’t be found either!

    Governor Deval Patrick is downplaying the Department of Transitional Assistance admission that it could not locate 19,000 people who have either been receiving welfare benefits or have applied for them, saying the number represents a “broader class of people than those who are actually on the rolls today.”

    This was discovered after nearly half a million letters were sent out to settle a lawsuit filed against Massachusetts last year in part by the liberal think tank, “Demos.”

    Liberal think tanks (well, their lawyers, the driving force behind them) growing rich by suing the state. Taking money that could actually be used to help those that need it.

    Predicted obamacare driven health insurance rate increases hit with a vengeance.

    Health insurance companies across the country are seeking and winning double-digit increases in premiums for some customers, even though one of the biggest objectives of the Obama administration’s health care law was to stem the rapid rise in insurance costs for consumers.

    Particularly vulnerable to the high rates are small businesses and people who do not have employer-provided insurance and must buy it on their own.

    In California, Aetna is proposing rate increases of as much as 22 percent, Anthem Blue Cross 26 percent and Blue Shield of California 20 percent for some of those policy holders, according to the insurers’ filings with the state for 2013. These rate requests are all the more striking after a 39 percent rise sought by Anthem Blue Cross in 2010 helped give impetus to the law, known as the Affordable Care Act, which was passed the same year and will not be fully in effect until 2014.

    In other states, like Florida and Ohio, insurers have been able to raise rates by at least 20 percent for some policy holders. The rate increases can amount to several hundred dollars a month.

    The proposed increases compare with about 4 percent for families with employer-based policies.

    The above despite repeated and well documented promises obamacare would drive rates down, not up.

    But we knew better…

    Q: Will this new insurance regulation drive up my health insurance costs?
    A: No. Provisions of the Affordable Care Act aim to make health insurance premiums more affordable.

    yeahRITE! How anyone can claim that the way to drive health care costs down is to insert a massive layer of government interference is beyond me.

    A federal court has ruled that South Carolina was the prevailing party in the unnecessary Voter ID litigation, and therefore the Justice Department is liable for paying the state’s costs.

    “The state Attorney General’s Office blamed the U.S. Department of Justice for the high cost of the case. They accused the federal government of delaying the case by 120 days by filing numerous frivolous motions, including challenging the 12-point font size on a document the state filed.

    “The Department of Justice in Washington, D.C., bears responsibility for the litigation costs,” said Mark Powell, Wilson’s spokesman. “The decision was so emphatic, even the Department of Justice and Interveners did not appeal it. South Carolina was forced to pay a hefty price because a handful of Washington insiders refused to do the right thing.”

    One small victory in the larger war.

    All of this raises the question — will Perez and Colangelo be held accountable for what amounted to an expensive use of the Justice Department to energize President Obama’s political base? As we now know, there was no merit to the objection. A federal court approved the law. The many career staff who looked at it said the South Carolina law did not discriminate.

    Congress might get answers if they haul DOJ Voting Section Chief Christopher Herren before the House Judiciary Committee for answers. The Democrats could hardly object — after all, they dragged Bush-era Voting Section Chief John Tanner before the Democrat-run House Judiciary Committee to answer questions about Georgia Voter ID. There is precedent. Democrats could hardly object when the Voting Section Chief during the Bush administration was made to dance the dance before the Committee.

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