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Feb 18 2013

Open Thread


On tips from G. Fox and TED. Via I Am the Tea Party.

43 Responses to “Open Thread”

  1. Xavier says:

    How many of you have actually seen Menendez screw a 16 year old Dominican hooker?

    Now, now many of you have seen Rubio drink water?

    Case closed.

  2. James says:

    OMG. When I read the news about Obama’s secret getaway vacation without Moochelle, I turned to my wife and said “I betcha he’s gonna go see Reggie Love.”


  3. IslandLifer says:

    Xavier you’re like the little kid that said “nah nah nah nah nah” but never got slapped. Well it’s never too late. Case reopened.

  4. Dr. 9 says:

    He was playing golf? Yeah, right! I wonder who’s club he was playing with?

  5. Xavier says:


    Knew I shoulda used a sarc tag. 😉

  6. brianguy says:

    left pic… huge controversy… many late nite gags followed. MSNBC ran the video like 140 times in 24 hours. right pic… never heard of him. 0 videos on MSNBC or late nite gags.

  7. IslandLifer says:

    Xavier, my bad 🙂 Lol

  8. St. Gilbert says:

    Colorado’s Democrat House okays four gun-control bills. Democrat Senate awaits bills.

    Related: MagPull will very likely move out of the state, taking 700+ jobs with them.

  9. Gunny G says:

    In the word of my fellow Gunny, Gunnery Sergeant Hartman, Menendez “looks like a fucking worm!”

  10. wth says:

    Under Menendez you can add taxpayers to.

  11. IslandLifer says:

    Students required to attend Van Jones lecture. Be careful where you send your kids…

  12. Restless says:

    I’m still laughing at the captions for this picture! Thanks for a good laugh… and a disgustingly accurate depiction of the ever-present MSM bias.

  13. Big Bad Bruins says:

    Patriots, flags at half mast on March 2nd, 2013 to honor CPO Chris Kyle.

  14. berlet98 says:

    Maine’s Governor Paul LePage for President!

    The following was received as an email. It is being posted here un-edited, verbatim to reassure all Americans but principally conservatives who may have given up hope after the last election that there is someone in a position of authority out there who still believes in our country and in our Christian values and ethics–and who has the testicular fortitude to publicly articulate them.

    Consider him Chris Christie unleashed.

    Maine’s 74th governor, 64 year old Republican Paul Richard LePage, is not your average politician, which is a gross understatement.

    Elected in 2010, LePage isn’t especially charismatic nor even a true politician in contemporary parlance (he hails from the private sector) and is not afraid to speak his mind and to speak the minds of the tens of millions who share his convictions but who rarely have the opportunity to express them as when he told an audience that when he became governor they could expect to read newspaper headlines blaring, “LePage Tells Obama To Go to Hell.”

    In view of the stranglehold our current president and his fellow leftists have on America’s mainstream media, the chances of Governor LePage winning the presidency in the near future are slim to none. However, it’s still good to know that at least one governor “speaks American.”

    But enough of my blabber. Let’s get to that email: . . . (Read more at

  15. wingman says:

    Saw james already posted but had to add….”oh reggie,I love your,,,

  16. AZRon says:

    That’s a trick question. There is no difference except for when the BIG money starts.

    It’s all a shakedown cruise, and we’re the idiots swabbing the deck for fish guts.

  17. Flu-Bird says:

    Belonging to the Tea Party is like belinging to the NRA you get black-listed by the leftists news media reptiles and no account sidewinders and cowardly polecats

  18. Bob Roberts says:

    That would be hilarious, Xavier, except for the fact that’s EXACTLY what moonbats everywhere are thinking!

    Higher taxes for thee, no taxes for me!

    Just last week, Democratic Sen. Mary Landrieu argued during a Capitol Hill hearing that the government needs more tax revenue.

    But in a twist of hypocrisy, the Louisiana senator and her husband appear to have not yet paid $1,206.95 in tax penalties to the District of Columbia government on their Capitol Hill home, The Daily Caller has learned.

    Well at least it’s not free skate passes.

    Get it? So they can “skate” on their legislative responsibilities?

    New Hampshire’s House is voting this week whether lawmakers should get free ski passes for Cannon Mountain.

    More businesses bash obamacare.

    High quality global journalism requires investment. Please share this article with others using the link below, do not cut & paste the article. See our Ts&Cs and Copyright Policy for more detail. Email to buy additional rights.

    US retailers and restaurants chains that employ millions of low-wage workers are considering cutting working hours or paying fines rather than enrolling employees in health insurance plans under Barack Obama’s landmark healthcare law.
    Employers are concerned that the law increases the cost of insuring employees on existing plans, partly by broadening the range of benefits. It also requires companies to insure some employees not previously covered.

    Scientists conclude Russian meteor was largest to hit Earth in a century, blame global warming.

    OK so I added “blame global warming”. But hey, they blame EVERYTHING ELSE on global warming. Next thing you know they’re going to blame homosexuality on global warming.

    The meteor that crashed to earth in Russia was about 55 feet in diameter, weighed around 10,000 tons and was made from a stony material, scientists said, making it the largest such object to hit the Earth in more than a century.

    Large pieces of it have yet to be found. However, a team from Ural Federal University, which is based in Yekaterinburg, collected 53 fragments, the largest of which was 7 millimeters, according to Viktor Grokhovsky, a scientist at the university.
    Data from a global network of sensors indicated that the meteor’s fiery disintegration as it neared earth near Chelyabinsk, Russia, unleashed nearly 500 kilotons of energy, more than 30 times the energy of the Hiroshima atomic bomb.

    It is the largest reported meteor since the one that hit Tunguska, Siberia, in 1908, according to the National Aeronautics and Space Administration. The U.S. agency’s new estimate of the meteor’s size was a marked increase from its initial one.

    “We would expect an event of this magnitude to occur once every 100 years,” said Paul Chodas of NASA’s Near-Earth Object Program Office. “When you have a fireball of this size we would expect a large number of meteorites to reach the surface and in this case there were probably some large ones.”

    I’m not kidding…

    As you probably already heard, they’re saying global warming is the cause of EVERYTHING – in this case BOTH MORE SNOW AND LESS SNOW.

    They actually try to come up with a half sensible explanation for how global warming causes both more snow and less snow, but only a fool who is ignorant about atmospheric processes & physics would buy it.

  19. And if the democrats get gun confiscation I am sure the party of screws underaged hookers (aka democrats) will have laws passed to lower the age of consent and start screwing young hookers here to save tax payer dollars.

  20. Ummah Gummah says:


    Here’s an excerpt from a manifesto written by a group of Bangla Deshis explaining why they decided to turn their backs on PIGSlam. I am posting this because of how eerily it describes the usurper in the White House:

    Muhammad was bereft of human compassion. He was an obsessed man with his dreams of grandiosity and could not forgive those who stood in his way…

    The statement continues,

    Muhammad was a narcissist, like Hitler, Saddam or Stalin. He was astute and knew how to manipulate people, but his emotional intelligence was less evolved than that of a 6-year-old child. He simply could not feel the pain of others. He brutally massacred thousands of innocent people and pillaged their wealth. His ambitions were big and as a narcissist he honestly believed he is entitled to do as he pleased and commit all sorts of crimes and his evil deeds are justified.”


  21. Ummah Gummah says:


    And speaking of PIGSlam, here’s yet another outrage perpetrated by the DHIMMI gubmit agains the English People:

    ‘Claim jobseeker’s allowance and plan holy war’: Hate preacher pocketing £25,000 a year in benefits calls on fanatics to live off the state

    Read more:

    This asshat “preacher” wouldn’t be collecting a red cent AND he’d be rotting in solitary for at least 25 years before being sent back home to his ancestral lands where he belongs to enjoy the rheumatism and arthritis he got from sitting in a dark moist cell without any daylight.

    But NOOOO, we have DHIMMIS in charge everywhere you look and PARASITES are lording it over the taxpayers, running their mouths. I wish the EDL run into him in a dark alley and handle England’s business the way it must be handled.


  22. dan says:

    not that I’m wishing anything upon our fearless-leader
    ….I’m just sayin’ :

  23. DJ says:

    Lest we forget both of these traitorious vermin [Rubio and Menendez] are pro-amnesty for AT LEAST 11 million illegal aliens thus both of them are for turning the once great U.S.of A. into a third-world dystopia as fast as possible.

    Diversity is our weakness.

    Multiculturalism breeds contempt and chaos.

  24. Jodie says:

    The way history is being recorded these days, the stories will likely be that Menendez was trying to save young girls from the sex trade industry and that Rubio’s bottled water stunt was an intentional slap in the face to blacks – who used to have to drink from separate water fountains.

  25. Doug says:

    Gunny G: not “grabasstic amphibian shit”?

  26. St. Gilbert says:

    Idiotic Colorado Democrat legislator explains why women don’t need guns to stop rapists. Best to keep guns out of the hands of innocent women, apparently.

  27. M.Wilson says:

    Notification (such as sarc tags) is necessary when parodying Leftists, because no matter how ridiculous your parody is, a real Leftist somewhere has already said something dumber.

    Now you know, and knowing is half the battle!

  28. Sam Adams says:

    And now for a ray of sunshine.

    Pizza owner gives a 15% discount to those who bring either they open carry guns or a concealed carry permit into his place.

    Worth a trip there to show your support.

  29. Sam Adams says:

    Chicago teachers call for no more standardized testing “saying the process is the product of pro-corporate agendas.”

    Yes indeed. Why would schools want to give kids skills that could be used in corporate America in order to get a job and make money???

  30. Wilberforce says:

    “”I’m not much different from Andrew Cuomo. I probably agree with him on 98% of the issues.” -Chris Christie.

  31. Bob Roberts says:

    M.Wilson says: February 19, 2013 at 8:30 am
    G I JOE!

    North Korea presents threats of “final destruction at U.N. Disarmament Conference

    “As the saying goes, a new-born puppy knows no fear of a tiger. South Korea’s erratic behavior would only herald its final destruction,” North Korean diplomat Jon Yong Ryong told the meeting.

    Jon’s comments drew quick criticism from other nations, including South Korea, France, Germany and Britain, whose ambassador Joanne Adamson said such language was “completely inappropriate” and the discussion with North Korea was heading in the wrong direction.

    “It cannot be allowed that we have expressions which refer to the possible destruction of U.N. member states,” she said.

    Spanish Ambassador Javier Gil Catalina said the comment left him stupefied and appeared to be a breach of international law.

    “In the 30 years of my career I’ve never heard anything like it and it seems to me that we are not speaking about something that is even admissible, we are speaking about a threat of the use of force that is prohibited by Article 2.4 of the United Nations charter,” Catalina said.

    Democratic Socialism’s Greatest Hits!

    A German teenager looking for a job was told to report for duty in a brothel by the local labour office, the Augsburger Allgemeine Zeitung newspaper reported on Wednesday.

    The 19-year-old woman said she was horrified when she opened a job placement letter from the German Labour Office in Augsburg on Saturday informing her that it had lined up a waitressing job for her at the Augsburg Colosseum brothel.

    “I was looking for a decent housekeeping job – not working at a brothel bar,” the young woman told the newspaper. “I was totally shocked when I read the letter. My mother even started screaming out loud when she read the letter.”

    Apparently the agency should have first called the woman to check to see if she might be interested in the brothel job rather than simply sending her a letter demanding she report there for duty.

    Yeah, then it would have been fine. Right.

    NASA says the International Space Station has lost contact with NASA controllers in Houston.

    Officials say the six crew members and station are fine and they expect to fix the problem soon.

    NASA spokesman Josh Byerly said something went wrong around 9:45 a.m. EST Tuesday during a computer software update on the station. The outpost abruptly lost all communication, voice and command from Houston.

    SO now the station is just going where it wants to go, doing what it wants to do, not accepting commands from controllers, but hey, that’s just fine. No problem. Really.

    Yeah, but was he a moonbat?

    Sequoyah County authorities say a man who died in a fire at his home may have spontaneously combusted. Lockhart said the remains were in the kitchen and there was no other damage in the home. The sheriff says there was no apparent source of the fire. Supposedly he was a heavy smoker and drinker. Maybe he was so pickled the smoking set off the alcohol?

    Mo. House Bill Makes Proposing Gun Control Illegal

    They say it has no chance of passing, but I think it’s a great idea! Make it a felony to propose or vote for gun control legislation? I think we need that bill before every legislature in every state!

    Rep. Mike Leara said Tuesday that he considers his bill a statement of principle. It would make lawmakers guilty of a felony punishable by up to four years in prison if they introduce legislation restricting gun rights.

    Moonbat Ted “Red” Turner’s own son trashes him!

    Turner the candidate is anti-tax, opposes same-sex marriage and questions whether global warming is real. In other words, everything his billionaire father is not.
    “Yes, I’m Teddy Turner. You can’t pick your parents,” he introduced himself to a Republican gathering at Hilton Head Island recently, acknowledging up front what everyone in the room was thinking.

    The same day in Beaufort, Turner joked about nightmarish Thanksgiving get-togethers and called out his father for his liberal environmental views — tweaking him as a hypocrite who drives a green car only to hopscotch around the country on his CO2-spewing private plane.
    “I’m like, ‘Dad, you can’t drive the Prius to the jet,” Turner said.
    And in an interview with Fox News’ Bill O’Reilly, Turner joked that his father’s “take is that he owns a lot of trees so his carbon footprint is pretty limited.”

    Military divorce in need of reform.

    Rescind the 1982 USFSPA. It was pushed and passed by militant feminists, never was fair and now hurts a growing number of women.

    Latest moonbat anti-rape strategies

    The University of Colorado at Colorado Springs Department of Public Safety has updated an online statement advising female students to consider a variety of unusual actions if they are attacked, including vomiting, urinating and claiming that they are menstruating. “Tell your attacker that you have a disease or are menstruating,” and “Vomiting or urinating may also convince the attacker to leave you alone.”

    This action came after a bill passed the Colorado house that will assure when lunatics or criminals come to victimize Colorado State students they will not face any armed opposition.

    Democratic state Rep. Joe Salazar made comments during Friday’s debate arguing that students should not have access to guns to protect themselves from being raped. “It’s why we have call boxes, it’s why we have safe zones, it’s why we have the whistles,” Salazar said.

    Yeah, a box, a “safe zone” and a whistle are going to stop rapists. Right.

    Moonbats busted for selling cheap parts as brand name to NY Taxis and repair outfits.

    “We’re concerned this could put the lives of drivers and passengers at risk,” said Fernando Mateo of the New York State Federation of Taxi Drivers.

    Since October 2011, two defendants operated a sham company in Paterson, N.J., that repackaged generic parts to look like name-brand products so they could sell them at higher prices, according to court papers. The third man ran a similar scam out of Easton, Pa., that also supplied shops with parts that ended up in New York City cabs, the papers say.

    The parts included “brakes, brake pads, brake shoes, ignition coils, water pumps, window regulators, suspension sway bar links, wheel hubs, anti-lock braking sensors, control arm bushings, transmission filters, pitman arms, tie rod ends, and suspension air springs,” the papers add.

    How do I know they were moonbats? Easy – they were lying, trying to pass off nonsense as good, claiming the ends (their enrichment) justified the means, like moonbats always do.

    Moonbat show jinxed?

    Mindy McCready is the FIFTH contestant from Celebrity Rehab to die in the past two years.

    Show’s track record is pretty bad – not a good idea to agree to be on it!

    Afraid of moonbats, choosing arms, but what is their stand on gun control?

    We need protection! Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt show off guns at home admitting they feel unsafe from crazed fans

    Clive Davis proves you can change your sexual PREFERENCE.

    Strictly straight for decades, he changed to bisexuality then changed again to strict homosexuality.

    “For over 50 years I never had sex with a male. It wasn’t repressed. I had very good sexual relationships with women.” Since the end of his second marriage in 1985, he has been sexually involved with men. At first with both men and women, Davis said, but for the past 20 years with two male partners: A doctor for 13 years and for the past seven, with another man he does not name.

    Clearly he spent much of his life as heterosexual but then changed his PREFERENCE, as proven by his behaviors. Now he identifies as bisexual, and indeed there was a period where he did CHOOSE that lifestyle, but his behaviors prove he’s actually homosexual.

    Pink slips being printed as Congress vacations

    Obama’s endgame is in sight:

    Hundreds of Pentagon-related companies large and small are preparing to lay off thousands of employees as Congress takes a recess this week, so far unable to agree on how to undo automatic military spending cuts set to begin March 1.
    BAE Systems Inc., a global giant that provides an array of goods and services for the military, estimates that it will have to lay off as many as 4,000 workers this year, including technicians who work on aircraft, ships and vehicles and who earn an average of $50,000 a year.

    He’s counting on mass unrest and the ability to suspend the Constitution, one half of his two pronged “either destroy the Constitution outright or find an excuse to suspend it” strategy and, with the Constitution out of the way, we won’t need elections for quite some time either.

    Moobats know moonbat policies of Obama/Democrats are hurting the lower and middle clases…

    … but apparently, other than whining about it a bit, they don’t seem to care enough to wake up and stop putting them in powerful positions!

    Struggling Postal Service had to suspend Saturday deliveries so they could afford to spend $2.2 million on San Francisco conference

    The struggling United States Postal Service, which has been pushing to end Saturday deliveries as a last-ditch way to save money, is spending over $2 million to send 400 employees to a San Francisco conference next month.

    Documents obtained by local California TV station KTVU reveal that Postal Service will end up spending $2.2 million on the four-day National Postal Forum conference at the Moscone Center in March.

  32. Bob Roberts says:


    U.S. traffic deaths last year rose about 5 percent to about 36,200, according to a preliminary estimate released Monday by a nonprofit group that tracks auto safety.

    The increase would be the first time in eight years that road deaths increased, and coincides with a jump in the number of miles Americans drove in 2012.

    The National Safety Council also said crash injuries requiring medical attention rose by an estimated 5 percent since 2011 to a total of 3.9 million.

  33. Bob Roberts says:

    Another business touted by Obama as proof his policies and ideas are working closes.

    Last week, it was announced that Ray’s Hell Burger just outside Washington, D.C. would be closing its doors. A fan of the burger joint was President Obama, who had visited the location with his Russian counterpart.

    Well, it’s happened again. In August, Obama visited Star Brewery in Dubuque. And now a local publication reports that the business is closing its doors.

    Well, he visited them. Maybe wasn’t so blatant about saying they owed their success to him. But you can bet part of why they closed is directly attributable to the ideas and actions of him & his ilk!

    Changes In Tax Structure Creating Angst Among Low, Middle Class

    New changes in Michigan’s tax law mean many Michigan residents will be paying more taxes this year.

    Jason Kassab, who owns four Liberty tax offices in metro Detroit, said everyone from low to middle earners are finding they owe more tax or getting less back.

    “The returns I’ve done, I haven’t seen anyone get more [than] they’ve gotten in years past,” he said.

    That’s the dirty little secret about taxes: You can talk all you want about making the rich pay their fair share, but until you really sock it to the middle and lower classes you really won’t get that big a boost in revenue.

    And you’ll never guess his race/ethnicity

    A local doctor took his own life while facing allegations he took pictures and videotaped his patients without their knowledge. Police searching his home say they found an extraordinary amount of evidence.

    Kagan disappoints moonbats.

    As the obamacare decision shocked conservatives, Kagan’s stand on this matter was no doubt a bitter disappointment for moonbats, who were sure that the court was swaying their way on all issues. Hopefully when defending marriage is up for consideration the law, rather than political correctness, will prevail and traditional marriage will triumph.

  34. Glorious Socialist Utopia says:

    Comrades these brilliant hispanics will get us back to the moon and create innovative inventions. They just want to turn America into a third world shit hole so it reminds them of the glorious homeland. Don’t be rayciss and criticize these wonderful hispanics. Here Gabacho enjoy a dog shit taco fresh from a La Raza kitchen.

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