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Mar 28 2013

Open Thread


Compliments of Stormfax.

55 Responses to “Open Thread”

  1. Doug says:

    I bet Hell is Fabulous

    So des the troll “yourmotherwaswrong.”

  2. Dr.9 says:

    I’ll bet most of us can guess which way this is going to go. Here’s something else you can bet on. Once gays get this nod from the Supreme’s, there will be no end to their demands.

  3. Another 5 Letter Word For Fraud... OBAMA! says:

    The History of Political Correctness –

  4. Skyfall says:

    We’re only seeing the very beginning. Now that hell’s power has been unchained to reign free on the earth, the frenzy to destroy whats left of God’s people will begin in earnest.

    It always starts with mockery and humiliation. It already has slid into anger and threats. Soon it will be full-blown persecution of anyone that doesn’t roll over and admit that society has “evolved” into whatever perversion they will be demanding to be normalized.

    What makes me laugh (grimly) is the idea that it’s just freedom to do what you want. Oh yeah? Wait until you say “well, OK, but I don’t want MY kid doing that.” HOO HA! You are a HATER! A BIGOT! Your kid is going to get taught that this is normal, no matter what you want. Go against that? Go to jail.

    As for Christians, the only ones left free to practice will be “progressive” Christians. You know, the ones that perform homo marriages, thing drugs are OK, feel the Bible is “allegorical” (right, Mr. O’Reilly?) and generally accept everything that contradicts God’s word.

    Oh, it’s going to get REAL interesting very very soon.

  5. IslandLifer says:

    Silly faggots, dix are for chix!

  6. wingmann says:

    Help this project if you can…make sure and read the blogroll.

  7. IslandLifer says:

    Well Skyfall, not when there are guys like me around who don’t tolerate such behavior. I speak my mind openly and don’t hold much back. As long as there are people like me who get vocal and don’t let the scum think its acceptable then there is hope. What makes me worry are the ones who know its wrong but look away in hopes it will just go away. It won’t so I say face your enemy and call him out.

  8. Flu-Bird says:

    Liberal idiots probibly think hell is one endless party where the booze never stops flowing and where they can do what they please becuase most liberals are totaly braindead

  9. Jimbo says:

    Happy Good Friday, everyone – the day our debts were paid.

    But I have a question: How does Hawai’i, the most socialist liberal state in America, get by with making Good Friday a State Holiday? It seems like it should really chap the butts of tea-drinking liberals to know they are paying holiday wages for all state workers in the name of Jesus.

    I have to work. Good Friday is not a Capitalist holiday. (But I’ll go to evening services at church.)

  10. berlet98 says:

    The Ugly Beauty of Food Stamps

    “If a free society cannot help the many who are poor, it cannot save the few who are rich.” Thus said multimillionaire President John F. Kennedy during his 1961 Inaugural Address. And multimillionaire comedian Stephen Colbert recently elaborated on JFK’s sentiment by observing, “If this is going to be a Christian nation that doesn’t help the poor, either we have to pretend that Jesus was just as selfish as we are or we’ve got to acknowledge that He commanded us to love the poor and serve the needy without condition and then admit that we just don’t want to do it.”

    Without contradicting either Kennedy or Colbert, it could also be said that any free society which demonstrates its love for the poor by making them dependent on government largesse with food stamps is guilty of gross malfeasance as well as undermining any possibility that the poor will ever be anything else.

    Food stamps were never actually stamps but coupons of different denominations intended to help the needy purchase food products necessary to sustain themselves.

    Today, they are no longer called “food stamps” since such nomenclature tended to cast aspersions on their recipients, suggesting they were on the public dole receiving government charity at the expense of taxpayers–which they were. Instead, the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) issues debit cards euphemistically called Electronic Benefit Transfers which remove the stigma of the dole at the same time SNAP has massively increased the number of people in its program and contributed to long-endemic fraud and misuse of the program. . . (Read more at

  11. IslandLifer says:

    Good Friday to you too Jimbo. As far as the holdiday, it didn’t go uncontested. In fact it made its way to the Ninth Circuit where it was upheld 2-1. I’m sure it wouldn’t stand a chance today. I also think its part of the ‘Hawaiian Time’ lifestyle if you know what I mean. Heck, just look at this past Monday. In total there are 14 paid state holidays.

  12. rainbows and unicorns says:

    Even for the most diehard American Democrat, the Obama strategy for destroying America should be quite clear by now.

    1. Destroy the American economy
    2. Import Jihadists
    3. Place known traitors at the helm of U.S. policy
    4. Dismantle the American military
    5. Destroy national security
    6. Turn law enforcement against average Americans
    7. Protect and fund Jihadists everywhere
    8. Rob Americans of their resources and rights
    9. Arm the FED for Civil Disobedience
    10. Disarm all law-abiding Citizens before they figure out what’s happening here

    Hat tip J.B. Williams

  13. Alphamail says:

    The brains of Ghost, the sensibility of Skyfall, the common sense of Doug and Dan, the creativity of Ted, the spirituality of Clingtomyguns, the wit of Xavier, the poignancy of Berlet, the wisdom of Sam Adams, the honesty of Flu-bird, the grassroots of Jimbo, the passion of Jodie, and the balls of IslandLifer…and of course, the dedication and heart of Dave…whoa, I love this place.

    This was spontaneous – forgive me if I left anyone out.

    Happy Easter weekend – Praise the Lord.

  14. IslandLifer says:


  15. IslandLifer says:

    That was clever Alpha 😉 Happy Easter to you and yours!

  16. Skyfall says:

    While I’m not as optimistic as Island (I think the “speaker-outers” will be the first to be served up to the Antichrist), at least if he goes down, it’ll be swinging!

    Then again, Christ’s resurrection shows us they will not prevail forever…so happy Easter everyone.

  17. Bob Roberts says:

    They have some of the strictest gun laws in the nation, and yet…

    Chicago, Los Angeles, New York Prosecuted Fewest Federal Gun Crimes

    The districts that contain Chicago, Los Angeles and New York City ranked last in terms of federal gun law enforcement in 2012, according to a new report from Syracuse University’s Transactional Records Access Clearinghouse, which tracks federal data.

    Federal gun crimes include illegal possession of a firearm in a school zone, illegal sale of a firearm to a juvenile, felon, or drug addict, and illegal transport of a firearm across state lines. In Chicago, the majority of gun charges last year were for firearms violations.

    These cities also have some of the nation’s most restrictive gun laws, as well as the most active mayors in championing gun control. New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg, Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel and Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa are all members of the national Mayors Against Illegal Guns campaign.

    D.C., which also has tough gun laws, was in the lower half of the list in 2012, coming in at 78th. In 2011, D.C. prosecuted a higher number of gun crimes, coming in at number 49.

  18. Laurie says:

    Why is this a problem? I see this as a high-profit opportunity.

    Queers are nothing more than emotion-driven knee-jerk liberals. They’ll buy anything with the word “gay” on it.

    When this passes (thanks to the spineless GOP) we can sell them gay weddings, gay rings, gay wedding dresses, gay catering, gay honeymoons, gay marriage toys, gay divorces, gay everything. Soak them of every last dollar they have by catering to their stupidity and leave them penniless and huddled together in a gay bathhouse somewhere, dying of the diseases they’ll bring upon themselves with all their gay activities.

    Sorry if I sound harsh, but I’m sick and tired of this crap. Since reason and common sense isn’t working, it’s time to take a different tack and exploit their sick habits.

  19. Stephan the Original says:

    Happy Easter guys. It is a special time and worth remembering that moonbattery will end one day.

    And I look forward to seeing Christ with my own eyes.

  20. the mean boy says:

    Get off the nutsack alphafail. We’ll hit the shower if we need a ballwash.

  21. DJ says:

    Two separate news reports about “Detroit’s finest”

    LOL! Can you spell affirmative action, libs?


    Detroit police officer Clifton Whatley [black] charged in robberies

    Read more:


    Detroit officer [black] known for helping teens faces criminal sexual conduct charges

    Read more:


    BTW, Alphie, in case you were wondering, the commenter that signed in as ‘the mean boy’ isn’t moi.

  22. DJ says:

    Excellent piece by the good Judge.

    pax vobiscum


    Hope for the Dead

    by Andrew P. Napolitano.

    What does freedom have to do with rising from the dead?

    When America was in its infancy and struggling to find a culture and frustrated at governance from Great Britain, the word most frequently uttered in speeches and pamphlets and letters was not safety or taxes or peace; it was freedom.

    Two acts of Parliament broke the bonds with the mother country irreparably. The first was the Stamp Act, which was enforced by British soldiers writing their own search warrants and rummaging through the personal possessions of colonists looking to see whether they had purchased the government’s stamps. The second was the imposition of a tax to pay for the Church of England, which the colonists were forced to pay, no matter their religious beliefs.

    The Stamp Act assaulted the right to be left alone in the home, and the tax for the Church of England assaulted the freedom to choose to support one’s own means of worship. The two taxes together caused many colonists to realize they needed to secede from England and form their own country in which freedom would be protected by the government, not assaulted by it.

    Today it seems the power of the government continues to expand and the freedom of the individual continues to shrink. The loss of freedom comes in many forms. Sometimes it is direct and profound, as when the government stops you from doing what you formerly had the freedom to do – like choose your own doctor and your own health care insurance or choose not to have health care insurance. Sometimes it is more subtle – like when the government prints money to pay its bills and, as a result, all the money you already have loses much of its value. And sometimes the government steals freedom without you knowing it – like when federal agents write their own search warrants, authorizing themselves to learn of your computer use or medical or banking records; and they never tell you what they’ve done.

    Freedom is the ability of every person to exercise his own free will, rather than be subject to the will of someone else. Free will is the essence of humanity, and humanity is God’s greatest gift.

    read more>>

  23. Steve says:

    AWESOME! Piers Morgan goes Speechless: Dana Loesch Schools Piers Morgan and Van Jones on Gun Rights in America

  24. TED says:

    I PRAY it finds out!

  25. Sam Adams says:

    Stephan the Original says:
    March 29, 2013 at 12:08 am

    And I look forward to seeing Christ with my own eyes.

    Hopefully not before you are ready, and at the appropriate time.

    Happy Good Friday to all. I, too, look forward to the day of Christ’s return.

  26. Sam Adams says:

    I’m declaring the great gun scare/grab officially over.

    Three weeks ago, 300+ people waited outside the local Sportsman’s Warehouse for an opportunity to buy 1 of 24 AR-15s that had come in the day before. Each person received a lottery ticket, and if their number was called, they could buy a gun, bulk ammo, or a 30 round magazine.

    Yesterday, Thursday evening, I went to Sportsman’s Warehouse. All their 223/5.56 ammo was gone but there were two AR-15 rifles sitting on the rack, waiting for anyone who wanted one to buy them. One was priced at 899, the other at 999. They also had two 308’s sitting there, waiting to be bought.

    I believe Harry Reid has given up on grabbing guns. The best he and his ilk can hope for is more background checks.

    Oddly enough, no one has said anything about keeping guns out of the hands of the mentally ill. Maybe next time.

  27. Jodie says:

    “the passion of Jodie”… I like that! Thanks Alphamail!

    It is such a huge blessing to be able to come here everyday and read so many clever, intelligent, funny, and educational comments. And of course Dave’s writing is the best!

    I pray for everyone here to have a very blessed Easter. But, one that is filled with the presence of Jesus – NOT THE EASTER BUNNY.

  28. DJ says:

    Here’s one for you, Jodie.

    (Sung in Arabic, beautiful)

    Wa Habibi, Good Friday Hymn sung by Fairouz

  29. dan says:

    I’ll second that ,Jody

    for those who miss the gentle humor of Charles Shultz (snoopy andPeanuts),here’s one on Choice:

  30. Ghost of FA Hayek says:

    The brains of Ghost,
    I am rarely ever accused of hoarding intelligence.
    Thanks (I think)

    Attempting to understand all the unique personalities here does open up an interesting dimension to the conversation.
    Which topics really light some of us up.
    Also when we step outside that box and begin to entertain topics previously left to others.

    And Dave does a great job of mixing it all up.

  31. Wilberforce says:

    Hey, everybody! Look what passes as “research” and “science” on the Left.

    “New research confirms that most homophobes are self-loathing, repressed homosexuals.”

  32. Mr Evilwrench says:

    My fiancee, who’s religious, reminds me it’s Good Friday. May those of you to whom that has significance ponder the meaning and grow in your faith, and happy Easter! I plan to celebrate the day with a new 1911, looking at a Dan Wesson Valor.

  33. born in 76 says:

    His Manager found shot dead months ago, now….

    40+ Officers & ATF Agents Raid Home of Youtube Gun Personality FPSRussia

    Bogus raid? A point being made? Is the round up of pro-gun advocates advancing? Or maybe he just broke the law. This is one to keep an eye on.

  34. DJ says:

    “I plan to celebrate the day with a new 1911”

    Don’t feel left out, Mr Evilwrench. I a different sort of way, you’re celebrating this day as a holy day too. Call it St. Sam Day. “God made man but Sam Colt made them equal.”

    Sam Colt took an abstact construt and gave it re

    God made man

  35. TonyD95B says:

    RE: Alphamail says at March 28, 2013 at 10:37 pm

    Ypp – and we know we can count on Alphamail in our never-ending struggle against all things Moonbat.

    He’ll also duke it out with the racist element that occasionally tries to push it’s agenda as somehow “conservative” on these threads.

    Alpha also seems to share my disdain for the tinfoil-hatter FEMA-camp troofer secret Halliburton railcars-with-shackles and 20,000 Spetznaz troopers secretly camped out in suburban Virginia secret Army training manual revealed anti-gub’mint black-helicopter crowd……..some of whom are just Mobys trying to mark this site and paint us as “Right Wing Paranoids”, and some of whom (unfortunately) are real…..

    RE: Ghost of FA Hayek says at March 29, 2013 at 6:40 am:

    “…..Attempting to understand all the unique personalities here does open up an interesting dimension to the conversation.”

    As I commented to Jodie a few weeks ago, we are all part of a, “vibrant and diverse community” here on Moonbattery………if I want to amp up the irony of using Leftie-speak I guess we’re a “Faaaaabulously Vibrant and Diverse Community”, although I probably would not look good with a feather boa.

    RE: Sam Adams says on March 29, 2013 at 4:22 am:

    “Happy Good Friday to all. I, too, look forward to the day of Christ’s return.”

    Ditto that, Sam – and until He does return, it’s up to us.

  36. DJ says:

    Oops! Bad editing on that last post. 🙁

  37. Jodie says:

    DJ says:
    March 29, 2013 at 6:06 am


    The visuals were beautiful, but I don’t know about the song, because I couldn’t understand the words.

    I appreciate the sentiment though. I carry the crucifixion of Jesus in my heart at all times. I also carry it in the area right below my rib cage, where I imagine that he was pierced. I always have a pain there and it reminds of a small part of Jesus’ pain and I feel blessed.

  38. Sam Adams says:

    I have a sad confession or two to make here. First, I own several firearms that I have never fired. Maybe it is the fact that it has been a long, cold winter. Maybe it is the fact that ammo is in short supply and more expensive. (I’ve actually hoarded quite a bit of ammo, but how much do I want to use, in case I have difficulty replacing it? I have a bunch of brass waiting for the day or reloading…a day that, like Christ’s return…may be some time in coming.)

    How can I consider myself ready for Christ’s return or the Zombie Apocalypse, whichever happens first, when I haven’t even sighted in these guns?

    Second…it ain’t happening on Sunday. I enjoy going to Church, celebrating with my fellow believers. Yes, there are a couple of Moonbats there, but I’m working on them, too. Going to Church is a good way to bond with your family, too. A key to a happy marriage is shared spiritual beliefs. Having a wife that has both the same sort of beliefs, as well as the same level of interest adds to a happy relationship. Spiritual things become even more important as you get older.

    Just food for thought. Who knows…maybe some time at the range tomorrow. The grass doesn’t need fertilizer that bad, does it?

  39. Mr Evilwrench says:

    I don’t feel left out in the least. I’m not confronted or offended by the faith of others, and in fact I am gratified when the people of true peace and inclusion find what they seek. The people of submission, not so much.

    John Moses Browning, man, he was the renaissance man of firearms; I think he invented a variation on just about everything that existed at the time, as well as a few new ones. That they’re still in use after more than a century is rare indeed these days.

    I too have a few I haven’t fired/sighted in (yet), so don’t feel so bad. I plan to get all that resolved soon. Thinkin I need some real nice glass for the 7mmRM.

  40. Alphamail says:


    I didn’t think it was you, you’re smarter than that.

    Happy Easter to you and yours.

  41. DJ says:


    I’m glad you enjoyed it.



    Happy Easter to you and yours too.

  42. Xavier says:


    It’s very flattering to be included in that list. Happy Easter to you and all here.

  43. Doug says:

    Happy Easter to you too Alphamail!

    And to the trolls, try not to choke on your own bile for once.

  44. Clingtomyguns says:

    Obama and EPA regs to drive up the cost of gasoline on the most vulnerable Americans, some say. Studies predict that women, minorities, seniors, blacks, illegal aliens and homosexuals will feel it the most in their pocketbooks from proposed more stringent EPA regulations!

    “How could he do this to us, we voted for this piece of (bleep) as a bloc! I was fine with it when he said he was only going to tax those making over $250,000, but now he’s punishing us vulnerable folks with this gas tax! WTF!!! I am so flabbergasted I could scream, and we’re mad at hell at (bleep) Obama for (bleep) betraying us, mother-(bleep) (bleep) wipe, and it’s going to hurt the LGBT community the most.” screeched one transgendered pedophile ex-con school public school principal who identified herself as an Obama voter from Massachusetts.

    I’ve taken a little liberty with this, but this is exactly how the Republicans need to frame everything coming out of this Regime.

  45. Clingtomyguns says:

    Alphamail says:
    March 28, 2013 at 10:37 pm

    Just saw this. Thanks, and same to you, Happy Easter, and to all patriots who visit this site, and to Dave for being an excellent moderator!

  46. Clingtomyguns says:


    Dr. Benjamin Carson told MSNBC’s “Andrea Mitchell Reports” on Friday that he would be willing to step down as commencement speaker at the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine after faculty and students signed petitions asking that he not speak.

    “I would say this is their day, and the last thing I would want to do is rain on their parade,” Carson told Mitchell.

    The petitions began after Carson told Fox News Channel’s Sean Hannity, “My thoughts are that marriage is between a man and a woman. It’s a well-established, fundamental pillar of society and no group, be they gays, be they NAMBLA, be they people who believe in bestiality — it doesn’t matter what they are — they don’t get to change the definition.”

    One of the petitions, quoted by The Hill read, “We retain the highest respect for Dr. Carson’s achievements and value his right to publicly voice political views. Nevertheless, we feel that these expressed values are incongruous with the values of Johns Hopkins and deeply offensive to a large proportion our student body.”

    Dr. Carson, to be accepted by the elites in the GOP, and the eggheads at Johns Hopkins, and so on, you gotta learn your place on the liberal plantation for all America’s negroes, boy. Can’t no colored man talk about no queers like that or try to “thump your Bible” at the pop culture in our fundamentally transformed Amerikkan Mogadishu.

  47. dan says:

    I ‘m praying but it isn’t working…they haven’t burst into flame and there isn’t a thunder cloud in sight
    (It ain’t the smoke, it’s the fire that gets the burnin’ done
    If it wasn’t for the bullet, nobody’d fear the gun
    It ain’t the bark, it ain’t the growl, it’s the bite that hurts
    Thunder’s just a noise, boys, lightnin’ does the work)

  48. Flu-Bird says:

    Send all liberals to PLEASURE ISLAND where they can drink,smoke,play pool,break windows vandalize and eventiualy turn into donkeys

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