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Aug 22 2013

Open Thread


Via Michael Patrick Dunaj, on tips from G. Fox and The Only Other Conservative in Seattle.

78 Responses to “Open Thread”

  1. Obama's Son says:

    What u talkin bout Willis?
    U ask likes wees ignant or sump-in.

  2. Hans Peter says:

    Germany warns not to use windows 8 with no such agency backdoors built in:

  3. Heinrich Himmelfarben says:

    U.S. Navy specialist found guilty of attempted spying for Russia:

  4. Sam Adams says:

    Are one of your 13 sons next?

    Well….lemme see.

    Are your sons practicing to be gangsters?

    Are your sons playing the “Knock out” game?

    Are your sons inclined to pick fights?

    Are your sons going to try and open up a guy’s head against a concrete sidewalk?

    Well…yeah…they might be next.

  5. Anonymous says:

    89-year-old World War II veteran beaten to death by two black teens…

    SPOKANE, Wash. –
    WWII veteran Delbert Belton survived being wounded in action during the Battle of Okinawa only to be beaten and left for dead by two teens at the Eagles Lodge in Spokane on Wednesday evening.

    Belton, 89, died from the injuries he suffered in the beating Thursday morning at Sacred Heart Medical Center.

    Suspect Photos Released…

  6. Anonymous says:

    White Man Shot And Killed By Three Black Suspects In Memphis, Possibly In Retaliation For Death of Trayvon Martin…

    It also appears the authorities are trying to cover it up, does this sound like a “robbery gone bad?” The car drove past the victim, stopped and backed up, the suspect then exited the vehicle and shot the victim from 10 feet away, jumping back into the car and speeding off.

    Via The Blaze:

    It’s a senseless murder you aren’t hearing about.

    A young white male was walking to his car on a city street late at night on August 12 when he was confronted by a trio of black individuals. They shot him dead. Police have arrested three people and charged them with first degree murder. But some in the victim’s family can’t understand why the shooting is being called a failed robbery when they say the evidence suggests something possibly more sinister: a hate crime.

    David Santucci, 27, had just started his new job…

  7. F.D.R. in Hell says:

    Babs, it feels good to be down here, doesn’t it?

  8. Eleanor in Hell says:

    Indubitably, Franklin, indubitably.

  9. james says:

    so you want to kill trayvon but don’t want blacks to kill you back interesting. you liked what happened to rodney king and all white jury found cops not guilty so black people of L.A. took it to higher court the street! and found reginald denny GUILTY! don’t like it that they are going to kill a white person for every hair on trayvon martin’s head. TOO BAD! get used to it! no more killing with impunity you kill a black blacks kill bunch of white. what goes around come around!

  10. F.D.R. in Hell says:

    There’s going to come a time in America when the Living will envy the Dead.

  11. Eleanor in Hell says:

    Now, Franklin, you’re sounding just like Al Gore. 👿

  12. Bob Roberts says:

    13 “suns” by how many fathers, one has to wonder!

  13. Bob Roberts says:

    Uhhh… you can’t stop the signal Mal

    Chines luxury hotels leap over Great (fire)Wall to access Twitter and Facebook

    Guests at some luxury hotels in Shanghai, Beijing and other major cities have been surprised to access Facebook and Twitter – the social media services banned on the mainland for years.

    They connect to the services using mobile phones in the hotels’ lobbies, where Wi-fi is provided, or through laptops via high-speed broadband in their rooms. Guests at the Grand Hyatt and the Park Hyatt in Shanghai have reported success in connecting to the sites.

    This despite attempts by the Chinese government to ban or suppress said sites.

  14. Bob Roberts says:

    “There’s going to come a time in America when the Living will envy the Dead.”

    The Grateful Dead?

  15. Bob Roberts says:

    If you’re already pissed at what the NSA has been up to so far… JUST WAIT UNTIL YOU GET A LOAD OF THIS!

    Researchers are a step closer to being able to read people’s thoughts after creating a computer program that can identify what someone is looking at using brain scans.
    A team from Radboud University Nijmegen in the Netherlands used image and shape recognition software and a specially designed algorithm to assess changes in a person’s brain activity using functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) technology.
    During tests the scientists showed participants a series of letters and were able to identify exactly when, during the scan, they were looking at which letters.

    Suggested for those interested in this topic: Brainstorm (1983), Christopher Walken and Natalie Wood

    Brilliant researchers Lillian Reynolds and Michael Brace have developed a system of recording and playing back actual experiences of people. Once the capability of tapping into “higher brain functions” is added in, and you can literally jump into someone else’s head and play back recordings of what he or she was thinking, feeling, seeing, etc., at the time of the recording, the applications for the project quickly spiral out of control. While Michael Brace uses the system to become close again to Karen Brace, his estranged wife who also works on the project, others start abusing it for logical but morally questionable purposes.

  16. berlet98 says:

    Black Professor Admits Truth about the Murder of Chris Lane and Black Crime in America

    Columbia University Associate Professor John McWhorter addressed the senseless murder of Australian student Chris Lane by three Oklahoma teenagers in a Time magazine article titled, “Don’t Ignore Race in Christopher Lane’s Murder.”

    Subtitled, “The Association of Young Black Men with Violence Doesn’t Come Out of Thin Air,” McWhorter’s article is remarkable in a number of respects, notably because he is a black man, because he concedes ugly truths about black crime in America that few other African-Americans are willing to admit, and because his opinions were published in one of the most liberal-leftist magazines in the country.
    Far more typical of the always politically-correct Time was its news story that appeared on August 20, “3 Teens Charged in Slaying of Australian Player.” The online magazine reported Oklahoma officials’ account of the murder and the teens’ parents defense of their kids and featured a CNN video of a 911 call but neglected to report the critical details that two of the teens are black and that one had posted vile, anti-white racist comments on Facebook nor did Time provide any pictures of the confessed assailants.

    Time did, however, see fit to slip in a plug for gun control despite the fact a gun has never been known to shoot anyone of its own volition: “Former Australia deputy prime minister Tim Fischer criticized the National Rifle Association and asked Australians to avoid the U.S. as a way to force its Congress to act on gun control. . . .I am deeply angry about this because of the callous attitude of the three teenagers (but) it’s a sign of the proliferation of guns on the ground in the USA. There is a gun for almost every American.”

    Those intentional, PC omissions and the PC tendency to blame inanimate objects like guns for atrocities are reflective of what Prof. McWhorter bravely refers to in his “Don’t Ignore Race . . .” article. He also contrasts the reaction, the ”massive alarm,” over the tragic but defensible killing of Trayvon Martin by George Zimmerman with Christopher Lane’s premeditated murder and reaches the heretical (among professional black agitators) conclusion “that young black men are in fact more of a problem than people like Zimmerman.”

    So, too, are Christopher Lane’s killers, Chancey Allen Luna and James Francis Edwards, Jr., problems especially in view of Edwards’ April Twitter statements that. . . (Read more at

  17. Bob Roberts says:

    Boehner Plans Short-Term CR to prevent Obama/Democrats from accusing Republicans of “shutting down the government”.

    The president is desperate to get rid of the sequester . . . so desperate that he says he’ll shut down the government if Congress follows the law and funds the government at the levels his sequester mandates. The president’s threat to shut down the government if we implement his sequester is not a defensible position. The American people won’t stand for it, and we’re not going to be swayed by it. When we return, our intent is to move quickly on a short-term continuing resolution [CR] that keeps the government running and maintains current sequester spending levels. Our message will remain clear: Until the president agrees to better cuts and reforms that help grow the economy and put us on path to a balanced budget, his sequester — the sequester he himself proposed, insisted on, and signed into law — stays in place.

    We will also continue to implement the plan to stop Obamacare that I outlined last month. The delays the administration has been forced to implement in the health-care law have given us a golden opportunity to talk about fairness: “If big business gets relief from the president’s health-care law, families and small businesses should, too.” This message strikes a chord with Americans. When people hear it, it resonates. The president has already signed seven bills delaying or repealing parts of his health-care law. We’re going to keep the pressure on the president and Senate to act on the delay bills that passed the House in July with significant bipartisan support. You may have seen Shelly Moore Capito do this in Saturday’s GOP weekly address. We’re going to keep holding votes that chip away at the legislative coalition the president is using to force Obamacare on the nation.

    How about that! The GOP, under Boehner and no doubt others, has managed to get Obama to start the process of repealing obamacare!

    I’m still no fan of his, make no mistake, but he seems to be doing SOMETHING right – credit if/where due!

  18. Bob Roberts says:

    “Iron Dome” more of an iron sieve.

    And not a very good one at that – unless that’s just what they want the enemy to expect it will do!

    4 Katyusha rockets fired from Lebanon at western Galilee – according to the army’s initial assessments, global jihad elements in Lebanon, not Hezbollah, fired the rockets.


    No man, it’s really not funny – Israel needs to – and you know they will – kick some serious ass over this.

  19. ODA315 says:

    “13 “suns” by how many fathers, one has to wonder!”

    I’m guessing she’d answer 15.

  20. IslandLifer says:

    She probably wishes. She wants the spotlight like skinny thug’s greedy ass mom. 13 kids tells me everything I need to know. Parasite. The time will come when the host will have nothing left and these ticks will dry up and feed the worms. Ironic. I wouldn’t even let my dogs eat that.

  21. Bob Roberts says:

    We control the horizontal… we control the vertical…

    We control what you can… and can’t… do/see with your computer and perhaps can eavesdrop the whole time.

    Windows 8, the touch-screen enabled, super-duper, but sales-challenged Microsoft operating system is outright dangerous for data security. It allows Microsoft to control the computer remotely through a built-in backdoor. Keys to that backdoor are likely accessible to the NSA – and in an unintended ironic twist, perhaps even to the Chinese.

    The backdoor is called “Trusted Computing,” developed and promoted by the Trusted Computing Group, founded a decade ago by the all-American tech companies AMD, Cisco, Hewlett-Packard, IBM, Intel, Microsoft, and Wave Systems. Its core element is a chip, the Trusted Platform Module (TPM), and an operating system designed for it, such as Windows 8. Trusted Computing Group has developed the specifications of how the chip and operating systems work together.

    Its purpose is Digital Rights Management and computer security. The system decides what software had been legally obtained and would be allowed to run on the computer, and what software, such as illegal copies or viruses and Trojans, should be disabled. The whole process would be governed by Windows, and through remote access, by Microsoft.

    Now there is a new set of specifications out, creatively dubbed TPM 2.0. While TPM allowed users to opt in and out, TPM 2.0 is activated by default when the computer boots up. The user cannot turn it off. Microsoft decides what software can run on the computer, and the user cannot influence it in any way. Windows governs TPM 2.0. And what Microsoft does remotely is not visible to the user. In short, users of Windows 8 with TPM 2.0 surrender control over their machines the moment they turn it on for the first time.

  22. F.D.R. in Hell says:

    The Who?

  23. Bob Roberts says:

    Snowden/WIKILEAKS damage ongoing.

    Britain runs a secret internet-monitoring station in the Middle East to intercept and process vast quantities of emails, telephone calls and web traffic on behalf of Western intelligence agencies, The Independent has learnt.

    The station is able to tap into and extract data from the underwater fibre-optic cables passing through the region.

    The information is then processed for intelligence and passed to GCHQ in Cheltenham and shared with the National Security Agency (NSA) in the United States. The Government claims the station is a key element in the West’s “war on terror” and provides a vital “early warning” system for potential attacks around the world.

    The Independent is not revealing the precise location of the station but information on its activities was contained in the leaked documents obtained from the NSA by Edward Snowden. The Guardian newspaper’s reporting on these documents in recent months has sparked a dispute with the Government, with GCHQ security experts overseeing the destruction of hard drives containing the data.

    The Middle East installation is regarded as particularly valuable by the British and Americans because it can access submarine cables passing through the region. All of the messages and data passed back and forth on the cables is copied into giant computer storage “buffers” and then sifted for data of special interest.

    Information about the project was contained in 50,000 GCHQ documents that Mr Snowden downloaded during 2012. Many of them came from an internal Wikipedia-style information site called GC-Wiki. Unlike the public Wikipedia, GCHQ’s wiki was generally classified Top Secret or above.

    The disclosure comes as the Metropolitan Police announced it was launching a terrorism investigation into material found on the computer of David Miranda, the Brazilian partner of The Guardian journalist Glenn Greenwald – who is at the centre of the Snowden controversy.

    Scotland Yard said material examined so far from the computer of Mr Miranda was “highly sensitive”, the disclosure of which “could put lives at risk”.

  24. Eleanor in Hell says:

    Not The Who, The Grateful Dead.

  25. SandyS says:

    Woman, learn to spell and two you should have sewn your knees together long time ago. How many daughters do you have? Statistically there has to be at least three or four.

  26. SandyS says:

    Duplicate, my ass, you didn’t take my post the first time. I was sayin’……

    Woman, learn to spell and two you should have sewn your knees together long time ago. How many daughters do you have? Statistically there has to be at least three or four.

  27. SandyS says:

    My computer’s slow, but Moon, yours is worse.

  28. Bob Roberts says:

    You have to wonder… what was he thinking?

    A foreigner who agreed to sell undercover Homeland Security agents 1000 tons of yellowcake uranium for shipment to Iran was arrested yesterday when he flew into the United States with uranium samples hidden inside the soles of shoes in his luggage, The Smoking Gun has learned.

    A 15-month sting operation concluded Wednesday afternoon with the arrest of Patrick Campbell inside a terminal at John F. Kennedy International Airport. Campbell, 33, traveled to New York from Paris on an Air France flight. It is unclear where Campbell is being held, or when he will make an appearance in U.S. District Court in Brooklyn.

    In communications with an undercover agent, Campbell said he was affiliated with a Sierra Leone firm that mined and exported uranium, chromite, gold, and diamonds from the western Africa nation.

    Campbell was arrested for knowingly brokering material that was destined for Iran in violation of the Emergency Economic Powers Act and the Iranian Transaction Regulations, according to a felony complaint filed today. When taken into custody, Campbell had a connecting ticket to Miami, where he had arranged to meet with an undercover agent.

  29. Bob Roberts says:

    Looks like sideshow Bob, AKA Filthy Feelin’er’s circus may come to a premature end.

    I’m thinking this is just him posturing, hoping it will derail the recall effort.

    Now that everyone thinks he’s going to resign they won’t be so hot to continue giving/getting recall signatures.

    Or he may really finally realize the jig is up – but the City Council hasn’t agreed yet AND the people haven’t had their say either.

    San Diego Mayor Bob Filner has agreed to resign as part of a deal reached this week with city officials, NBC 7 News has learned.
    Filner, spotted leaving City Hall with packing boxes Wednesday night, will formally vacate the office following a closed session of City Council Friday, according to several sources.
    Filner’s attorney has a letter of resignation drafted for his signature upon approval of the tentative settlement by councilmembers.

  30. Bob Roberts says:

    OMG just when you thought America couldn’t sink any lower!

    Duck Dynasty was Wednesday’s top cable program, with a 4.5 adults 18-49 rating

    No, I haven’t watched it…

    Quick poll:

    1) Have you?

    2) Should I?

  31. Bob Roberts says:

    Oh, and I left out that FAMILY GUY took spots 3, 4 and 12, The Big Bang Theory took spots 6, 7, 8, 9 and 13 and Robot Chicken took spots 10 and 14 while HERE COMES HONEY BOO BOO took spot 17, so I guess there’s SOME hope left, maybe.

  32. Bob Roberts says:

    OBAMA: DO you think they’re noticing how we’ve frozen the federal debt even though it’s obvious we’re still spending?

    Actually the story is about how Obama is trying to strong arm schools to lower their costs when it is federal interference in education that is behind the spiraling increase in college education costs.

    When the government will fund any dollar amount in student loans requested without any sort of progress toward degree or GPA requirements and tries to cap repayment, what do you expect?

    There were three colleges in Abilene, TX, who colluded to conspire to raise their rates in lock step up to the maximum, then slightly beyond it, that the government would pay. They did this because of the large military base population, the active duty folks, who got most of their tuition costs subsidized by Uncle Sugar.

    No matter how much they raised the rates, and I think I remember them almost tripling over a few short years, the government kept paying the lion’s share.

  33. Bob Roberts says:

    “The most transparent administration in history” announces more secret sessions, this time on bisexual issues.

    The White House will hold a closed-door roundtable discussion on issues facing bisexuals Sept. 23.
    The event, described in an invitation by White House LGBT liaison Gautam Raghavan as a session focused on “issues of importance to the bisexual community,” was first reported Thursday by the Washington Blade.

    “Participants and administration officials will discuss a range of topics including health, HIV/AIDS, domestic and intimate partner violence, mental health and bullying,” Raghavan wrote.

    NOTE: The White House pays someone to be a LGBT liaison.

    Your tax dollars at work.

    How much do you figure this person gets, annually?

    And do they have to use obamacare, or do they get the same plan as Obama/Congress?

  34. Bob Roberts says:

    Obama proves he’s a sexist bigot once again!

    When is he going to visit the “Men’s Rights National Park”?

    That’s right.


    Because there isn’t one.

    And he doesn’t care.

    And there’s also no “Men’s Equality Day”.

    And again, he doesn’t care!


    President Barack Obama is visiting Women’s Rights National Historical Park in Seneca Falls, New York, according to the most recent pool report.

    “Ahead of Women’s Equality Day on Monday, the President will make a stop in Seneca Falls to visit the Women’s Rights National Historical Park Visitors Center.

  35. Bob Roberts says:

    Well, at least it’s not the gun’s fault any more!

    Organizing for Action blames Congress for mass shootings.

    Organizing for Action, the Obama-themed organization dedicated to promoting the administration’s agenda, has sent an email to its distribution list exploiting the 1999 Columbine High School Massacre.

    WTF – Obama was still officially a foreign exchange student in 1999, wasn’t he?

    WTH are they going back to 1999 to try and usurp our 2nd Amendment rights for?

    Congress didn’t authorize the purchase by Klebold and Harris of explosives, arms and ammunition!

  36. Bob Roberts says:

    Rewriting Reality

    Note a malevolent, stylized EVIL Zimmerman, in a standing, aggressive shooters stance, is shooting poor innocent Martin, though with his face empty in a sort of “insert your face, or anyone’s, here” (note the woman who puts her face in there) in the back of the head, execution style.

    Painted by Miami artist Huong, pictured above, the mural depicts a standing and uninjured George Zimmerman firing at a hooded figure whose face is replaced by a mirror. It also features a bleeding Martin Luther King Jr. and the phrase “we are all Trayvon” written in several different languages.

    Huong is a Vietnamese activist affiliated with Dream Defenders, a group that is protesting the verdict that acquitted neighborhood watchmen Zimmerman of all charges in the death of Florida teen Trayvon Martin.

    How is protesting the appropriate verdict in the trial even remotely related to defending ANY dream?

    Someone needs to firebomb this mural. Seriously.

    And yes, that’s way out of character for me. But it’s true.

  37. Bob Roberts says:

    Oh, wait, she didn’t insert her face… she’s just got a hoodie on and is sitting so it almost looks like he’s shooting her. My bad.

  38. Bob Roberts says:


    Moonbats against reality

    The dialogues will “allow students to talk about the world view that prompted George Zimmerman to confront Trayvon Martin,” and “allow students to speak honestly about the ‘Stand Your Ground’ laws that could give one person an unfair advantage over another and the pros and cons of their perceptions,” according to the proposal.

    The full proposal calls for forum participants to explicitly condemn “stand your ground” laws, which permit citizens to use force to defend themselves in dangerous situations instead of retreating.

    Moonbats don’t only want to BE sheeple, they want to FORCE US to be sheeple!

    The sponsors of San Diego’s Trayvon Martin dialogues, however, believe the resolution of the case has produced in teenagers “feelings of fear, anger, and skepticism that they will live in a just society,” according to The College Fix.

    In the wake of the verdict in the Trayvon Martin shooting, several teachers said they would invoke mob justice, vigilantism and the idea that Florida law allows people to hunt and kill black kids when discussing the case with their students.

    “The thing is, I see Trayvon Martins everyday,” wrote the teacher. “I worry about young black men and their prospects in a world where a man is able to kill one without being convicted of something. Even if it isn’t as simple as that, kids will see it that way. Rednecks are holding their heads a little higher and tapping the guns on their holsters eager for a stand your ground moment.”


    Dr. Imani Perry, a Princeton professor who said her two black children cried when they heard Zimmerman had been acquitted — and feared that he was coming to kill them — expressed the view that kids need to be educated about racial inequity in the context of the verdict.


    “I believe that if children are guided honestly through the reality of the world in which they live, it will help them build resilience,” wrote Perry.


    This just in – green energy causes… wait for it… CANCER!

    At least that’s what the subheading claims…

    Ginger Thompson, a Manzanita tribal member, owns a home less than a football field away from the turbines. Since the construction of the wind farm, Thompson and her neighbors have complained about serious health issues. Thompson recently had part of her kidney removed after being diagnosed with kidney cancer. She and a handful of her neighbors were invited to participate in a Cal State San Marcos medical study to determine if their ailments are linked to the turbines.

    Apparently no actual valid scientific evidence, just people looking for a huge out of court settlement so far.

    Epidemiologist Dr. Samuel Milham, adjunct professor at Mount Sinai School of Medicine and author of Dirty Electricity, visited the Manzanita Reservation twice to measure ground, air, and building stray voltage. He found that those living on the reservation are exposed to levels of transient voltage a thousand times higher than normal in their air and soil. Milham reports that the turbines produce enough dirty energy to sufficiently increase the risk of cancer, diabetes, heart disease, and attention-deficit disorder.

    Dr. Samuel Milham dreams of a world without electricity, oil, gas, coal, where you can’t burn trees and can’t eat meat. A world free of processed metals, plastics, wood and paper products. No fabrics, and of course no using animal skins for clothing – what would PETA say!

    Apparently, anyway.

    So what else does this woman blame on the turbines?

    “Since the turbines, my granddaughter and I are tired all the time. My allergies are heightened. My eyes are watering constantly. When I get off the mountain to go on vacation, after a couple of days away from the [Sunrise] Powerlink and the turbines, I’m back to normal.”

    Despite her concerns, Thompson plans to stay put. “I can’t afford to move. My house is paid for. Besides, I love my property. I am surrounded by relatives. My heritage is here.”

    She can’t afford to move, but she CAN afford to go on “vacations”.

    You’re convinced the location is a death warrant, yet you insist not only on staying, but on keeping your granddaughter there too?

    And just look at what else moonbats believe:

    “I worry that this stuff is getting in my water, the air, the dirt in the ground. Am I safe in my home? When I go to bed, I unplug everything, because of the extra energy coming through. If you are sleeping next to an outlet, that energy enters the body. It might be extreme, but why take chances?”

    Dr. Nina Pierpont, MD, PhD — she was educated at Johns Hopkins and Princeton — coined the term “Wind Turbine Syndrome” to describe symptoms experienced by many who reside near windmill installations. Side effects include: headaches, vertigo, ringing of the ears, nausea, panic attacks, sleep disturbance, and memory and concentration issues. California State San Marcos researcher Arcela Nuñez-Alvarez found that 68 percent of those living on the Manzanita Reservation suffer from chronic sleep disorders and other problems associated with Wind Turbine Syndrome.

    Of course, nobody mentioned they all had those problems, for the most part, well before the turbines were installed.

    San Diego Democrat mudslinging machine already taking aim at gay (potential) candidate in next Mayoral election.

    Never ones to waste a crisis, or to fail to manufacture a fake one, seeing as how much this damaged Filner in particular and Democrats in general, Democrats are now suddenly coming up with claims about gay potential mayoral candidate Carl DeMaio.

    In the election campaign, a letter was sent to DeMaio’s staff about Filner’s mistreatment of women. But DeMaio never used the information. “It could have been mutually assured destruction. If DeMaio raised it, Filner could have trumped it,” said UCSD political scientist Steve Erie in the story.

    DeMaio’s spokesman termed the report “absurd and ludicrous.”

    It sounds like this was a prepared lie intended to try to deflect appropriate criticism of Filner. The local Democrats ALL KNEW FILNER HAD BOUNDARY ISSUES WITH WOMEN YET STILL SUPPORTED HIM. I’m still suggesting, along with others, that any money the city/taxpayers have to shell out be promptly collected, by lawsuit if necessary, from the local Democrat machine.

  39. Bob Roberts says:

    Get ready for a witch hunt!

    All too often in cases like this the person who dies misleads some other person as to their true sex and, after establishing a relationship, often a one-night-stand where money is exchanged, decides the time is right to reveal the deception and the deceived party lashes out in a violent rage. In another variant the relationship becomes a longer term one before the deception is revealed, with the same result.

    The transgender star of an online reality series was found beaten to death in her apartment in Fontana, Calif., on Tuesday afternoon, KNBC reported.

    Witnesses said they saw a man in his late 20s or early 30s leaving the residence in the victim’s car, a black 2004 Mercedes Benz C240.

    What are they talking about “she”, “her”, he’s a guy PRETENDING to be a girl. Oh, yeah, I don’t speak moonbatese. Sorry.

  40. james says:

    glad to see trayvon being revenged. its about time! its not so much fun for you racists when the other side has gun and can shoot! lets hope they were calling the whites the same names you have been calling trayvon!

  41. DavidD says:

    Please tell me that’s a photoshop. No one’s spelling can be that bad.

  42. born in 76 says:

    Just how deep is this rabbit hole?

    “”Staggering: Mich. Family Violently Targeted After Standing Against Teacher Who Molested Their 8th Grade Son

    The Janczewski family is fighting the local school district in Rose, Michigan after it emerged that a male teacher molested their 8th grade son and then — unbelievably — six other teachers spoke out against the 15-30 year sentence the man received.

    “Neal has plead (sic) guilty for his one criminal offense but he is not a predator,” Harriet Coe reportedly wrote. “This was an isolated incident. He understands the severity of his action and is sincere in his desire to make amends…”””

  43. Fiberal says:

    I have been characterizing the ongoing attacks against whites as a de facto “war” against whites.

    I now believe this was a mistaken characterization.

    A war implies two warring sides. Rather, the word that best defines the current black-on-white violence is pogrom.

    Here, the pattern is that one side attacks while the other side is attacked.

    Wikipedia defines pogrom as a violent massacre or persecution of an ethnic or religious group, particularly one aimed at Jews. The term, a Yiddish variation on a Russian word meaning “thunder”, originally entered the English language to describe 19th and 20th-century attacks on Jews in the Russian Empire; similar attacks against Jews at other times and places also became retrospectively known as pogroms. The word is now also sometimes used to describe publicly sanctioned purgative attacks against non-Jewish ethnic or religious groups.

    Certainly this is an apt description of what is happening to whites in the U.S.:

    >violent massacre,
    >persecution of an ethnic group,
    >publicly sanctioned
    >purgative attacks.

    “Publically sanctioned” is especially revealing since there has been clear cover-up by the media of black violence. There has been no defining of the murder of Australian Chris Lane as a racial-hate crime.

    You can imagine the official outcry if the races were reversed.

    Then there are the zealous and tenacious efforts by the establishment to prosecute “hate” cases involving whites; the latest of which being the innocent George Zimmerman.

    When the Fragile-X ‘president’ expresses sympathies for Trayvon Martin but remains silent about the recent atrocities committed against whites across the country (no doubt-someone here will publish a recent list of the slaughtered, that includes Lane and “Shorty”), that is certainly a form of “public sanction”.

    Then there’s the great steaming, writhing, vile mass of American liberals; who apparently have no problems with black violence as long as whites are on the losing end.

    Most concerning however, is that this American pogrom will not get better. There are no sufficient deterrents in place. In the absence of any manifest civil, moral or legislative impediments that can stop it, the pogroms can only get worse.

    Fueling the situation, if through nothing else by providing enough strategy time, is greater and greater poverty. And abject poverty is certain to spread into the near and distant future since the U.S. is assuredly looking at decades of dimocratic victories at the local, state and federal levels. (That is, if the re-election of BO and the socialization of NY, CA and other dimocratic states are any indication. And incredibly, reprehensible thug-liberal, Terry McCauliff, has taken the lead in the VA governor’s race).

    Moreover, there are too many blacks now in the population all too willing to join the pogrom and too few to mount any meaningful objection.

    Meanwhile, whites will continue their soul-searching and quest for a social meaning in all of this, carefully picking around and avoiding the fundamental causative factor of race.

    Taken together, these factors strongly suggest that black-on-white progroms will escalate and proceed in a manner similar to pogroms that have historically occurred in Germany and Russia, where thousands of submissive victims were brutalized and murdered.


    As a footnote, this is one reason why I think that it was important for the country to rise in an en masse demonstration in support of George Zimmerman and in an affirmation of a right to a safe living area.

    It didn’t of course, and now I’m afraid, will suffer the consequences of its lassitude in a very big way.

  44. DJ says:

    If justice is to be served, Trayvon’s lowlife parents should be charged with perjury. They deliberately and knowingly lied on the stand for the purpose of convicting a perfectly innocent man.

    Sorry but I’m not buying the ordure the MSM is selling. The MSM want’s the gullible to believe that Trayvon’s parents acted with “grace and dignity” throughout the trial.

    Sorry, but actively participating at every step of the way in the rouge prosecution of an innocent man does not fit my definition of “grace and dignity”.

    BTW, I highly recommend Zimmerman sue Trayvon’s lowlife parents for ALL the damages inflicted on him by both them and their thug son.

  45. DJ says:

    This almost exactly correlates with the distribution of IQ amongst the black population in AmeriKWA. Which again, proves the theses in The Bell Curve correct.

    Latest ACT Test Results Reveal Huge Race Gap as Only 1 in 20 African Americans Students ‘Fully Ready’ for College

  46. Mickey Shea says:

    Rumble in the jungle….spook cage match on city bus in Detroit.

  47. DJ says:

    It’s been open season on white Americans ever since Brown v Board.

    Note: the following piece is 18 years old thus informs us the pandemic of black on white violence occurring now is not a new phenomenon. Paradoxically the race war against whites is mainly being facilitated by white and Jewish progs.

    Justice Department Statistics About Black On White Race Violence
    ‘The Race War Of Black Against White’ by Paul Sheehan The Sydney Morning Herald, Australia (20/5/1995)

    The longest war America has ever fought is the Dirty War, and it is not over. It has lasted 30 years so far and claimed more than 25 million victims. It has cost almost as many lives as the Vietnam War. It determined the result of last year’s congressional election.

    Yet the American news media do not want to talk about the Dirty War, which remains between the lines and unreported. In fact, to even suggest that the war exists is to be discredited. So let’s start suggesting, immediately.

    No matter how crime figures are massaged by those who want to acknowledge or dispute the existence of a Dirty War, there is nothing ambiguous about what the official statistics portray: for the past 30 years a large segment of black America has waged a war of violent retribution against white America.

    And the problem is getting worse, not better. In the past 20 years, violent crime has increased more than four times faster than the population. Young blacks (under 18) are more violent than previous generations and are 12 times more likely to be arrested for murder than young whites.

  48. DJ says:

    Here’ what the right leaning liberal, Bill O’Reilly, says about the Chris Lane murder: ‘I Don’t Think This is a Racial Crime’

    Billy O is either a liar or a coward or is really that ignorant….or perhaps he’s taking orders from his prog bosses on how he must spin this obvious black-on-white hate crime. If it’s the latter, then it would make him all three: a coward, a liar AND ignorant..

  49. DJ says:

    Well looky here!


    The Black George Zimmerman the Media Doesn’t Want You to Know About

    Did you notice during the George Zimmerman trial how the media kept repeating the salacious question “What if Trayvon Martin had been white?” They acted as if this question was the perfect response to Zimmerman defenders. They pretended that this was a question without a “safe” answer, but in reality, the question had already been answered.

    Image: Roderick Scott

    In April of 2009 Mr. Roderick Scott awoke at 3am to the sounds of three young men breaking into cars on his street. He called the police and went down to the street to make sure the young men did not flee before the police arrived. He shouted at the three to “freeze” and told them that the police were coming soon. The three boys stood before the big man obviously considering what they should do.

    That’s when Christopher Cervini (17) rushed at Mr. Scott uttering “I’ll get you” or “I’ll get him.” Roderick Scott fired twice, killing the teenager. The trial that followed was again a case of prosecutorial overreach, as they tried to charge Mr. Scott with manslaughter. Fortunately for Mr. Scott, a jury of his peers agreed with him that he did only what was needed to protect himself.


  50. Wizard45 says:

    Hmmm, if the planet this woman inhabits has 13 “suns” it would go a long way in explaining the deep tan.

  51. Flu-Bird says:

    Screw Trayvon and all his idiot supporters

  52. Jodie says:

    “Are 1 of my 13 suns next?”

    Yeah, probably so. Then another one and another one. Several will go to prison for years. Another will father many “chillins” out of wedlock. And it WILL be YOUR fault for being such a fool.

  53. Shecky Spilker says:

    @ Mickey Shea Detroilet played knockout king and lost, the area code of Detroilet is also its net worth.

  54. Keith in Seattle says:

    13 KIDS?! Wow, how much welfare does that buy you these days?

  55. Shecky Spilker says:

    @ troll Lames we don’t give a shit about Ashtrayvon here or your god the government and we wipe our asses with your copy of the communist manifesto. You got some attention troll turd POS now be gone.

  56. StanInTexas says:

    Trayvon Martin was a punk and a wanna-be thug. He is dead because he was STUPID.

    James, I know no one has spoken to you or tried to engage you. That should tell your your race-baiting is BORING!

  57. I wouldn't see that for a dollar says:

    Kentucky theater owner who trained pilots in the Nam won’t show oprah movie because Hanoi Jane is in it:

  58. JustAl says:

    Maybe one of their 18 daddies will be next?

  59. 404 msg says:

    @ Ted image not available (noid browser settings)

  60. switch sides Johnny the Rat says:

    RINO POS bartender Johnny Boner warns other republicans against shutting down government over sobamacare:

  61. This Note's for You says:

    Lames this is for you enjoy:

  62. berlet98 says:

    Exposing Martin Luther King Jr.’s “Dream” Part One–The Speech

    Reverend Martin Luther King Jr.’s “I Have a Dream” oration
    delivered to a massive crowd gathered in front of the Lincoln Memorial on August
    28th, 1963–fifty years ago this week–was a memorable speech, an iconic address
    that capped off King’s equally massive March on Washington for Jobs and

    Notable attendees included religious leaders, labor leaders, black
    community organizers, political figures, and actor and future head of the
    National Rifle Association, Charlton Heston, all of whom marched together from
    the Washington Monument to the Lincoln Memorial and listened to songs of social
    unrest from Bob Dylan and Joan Baez.

    Half a century later, and 150 years after President Abraham Lincoln
    issued the Proclamation of Emancipation, it’s more than appropriate to parse
    King’s words and to evaluate how well those words succeeded in inspiring and
    motivating blacks in America to achieve their unalienable rights to life,
    liberty, and the pursuit of happiness, and how America has delivered on its
    “promise,” as King called it, to African-Americans, and to “cash a check,” to
    redeem America’s defaulted “promissory note” to blacks for undisclosed

    King praised the Emancipation Proclamation as a “momentous decree
    [that] came as a great beacon light of hope to millions of Negro slaves who had
    been seared in the flames of withering injustice” and “as a joyous daybreak to
    end the long night of their captivity.” He observed, however, that “the Negro
    still is not free. . . still sadly crippled by the manacles of segregation and
    the chains of discrimination. . . in the midst of a vast ocean of material
    prosperity. . . . an exile in his own land.”

    [King failed to mention that the Emancipation Proclamation
    represented little more than an ineffectual war measure only aimed at freeing
    slaves living in the Confederacy and that Lincoln intended to end the exile of
    slaves by returning them to Africa since he didn’t believe they could peacefully
    co-exist with white Americans.] . . . (

  63. Xavier says:

    Here you go, lames. I r a racist!

    The White Race has made many mistakes throughout the course of history – the greatest mistakes involving our interactions with black folks. We have allowed them to integrate into our societies and destroy almost every powerful Caucasian empire in history. Even today, we foolishly trust this sadistic race of devils who only seek to exterminate us from this planet. In our passionate love for the black race (our historical archenemy) we are desperately naive and suicidal. We love the very race that murders our babies, destroys our culture, and commits countless acts of genocide against our people worldwide.

    This comment was approved by the DHS.

  64. SandyS says:

    DJ, you are correct. Trayvon’s parents could be sued for damages that Trayvon inflicted as he was a minor. Zimmerman should just to shut them up.

  65. Sam Adams says:

    Don’t let your kid hold your cup of beer in AZ.

    Wonder what would have happened if dad had handed him his joint?

  66. Sam Adams says:

    Here’s a thought. If the NSA’s data collection works so well, then why didn’t they know that three guys were planning on shooting a guy who happened to be from Australia?

  67. Coldwarrior57 says:

    Ok besides the obvious errors. 13 really. I may get punted for this but WTH. Doesn’t that qualify her as a cum dumpster? 13 in today’s age? How many parasites did she have ? Who supports them ?

  68. Vic Kelley says:

    Justifiable homicide is justice, you skank. Lurn to spayel.

  69. Mannie says:

    If one of your kids jumps me and puts my life in danger, then yes, he may be the next Trayvon. I will defend myself with deadly force against criminal attackers.

    Have you raised your kids to be thugs?

  70. Alxandro says:

    Solar Dozen
    It’s gettin’ hot in hrrrrrr

  71. jc14 says:

    Well, idiot, since I’m paying for the upkeep of your 13 suns (or is it “sons”?), I guess I have every right to tell you what I think of your parenting skills (as well as your use of the English language): FO, bitch!

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