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Feb 20 2014

Open Thread

Kerry’s WMD

Compliments of Stormfax.

22 Responses to “Open Thread”

  1. Eric says:

    As always. Imagine the worst possible scenario of who could be placed in the most important job/position in order to make life for every person on the planet as miserable as you can imagine.

    Then think of who would be the most likely person to make the action of that position/job the most destructive to the life of every person on the planet… There you will have your next “elected” official.

    Satan/Lucifer/Evil is alive and well in America, and has already taken over.

  2. Time To Close Our Borders says:

    John Kerry is a complete doofus !

  3. ODA315 says:

    Looking into a person’s eyes can often reveal a glimpse into their soul. I look into my wife’s sparkling green eyes and I see her laughing, kind, and gentle soul.

    Looking into Kerry’s eye’s reveals a dull emptiness and then nothing…..

  4. berlet98 says:

    Whoopi Goldberg, Role Model for the Misbegotten

    While discussing the Wall Street Journal’s James Taranto’s bizarre description of rape last week as a “collision” between two drunk drivers, ABC’s “The View” co-host Whoopi Goldberg explained to the show’s mostly-female audience of millions that, “If you don’t want this kind of attention, [i.e. getting raped] don’t get poop-faced.”

    To emphasize her insight, she elaborated, “Do not get poop-faced. Do not become so drunk you don’t know what is happening. When you say ‘x, y, z happened,’ you have no way of proving it. So both parties, if you don’t want the agitation, do not become so drunk you can’t figure out what the hell you’re doing.”

    Truer words of wisdom have never been spoken by a self-confessed, dyslexic, “high-functioning” drug addict who once stated on “The View” that women who abort their babies should be revered for some undisclosed reason and has effectively admitted she is a mass murderess after having had six abortions, a total which may or may not include self-aborting at the age of 14.

    Caryn Elaine Johnson’s misbegotten life has been a series of personal and professional failures and by virtual adulation by the liberal-leftist entertainment community in recognition as much for her lib-left political and social views as for her acting achievements thirty years back.

    Thrice married, mother of one child, Alexandrea, aka Alex Martin, aka Alex Dean, Goldberg became a grandmother at 34 when her then-sixteen-year-old Alexandra/Alex gave birth to her first granddaughter. (And, congrats to Alexandra/Alex for not following in her mother’s grisly footsteps–to date.)

    Rumored to have been the paramour of Ted Danson, among others, the 58 year old weeping, whooping whoopster Goldberg was once believed to be the highest paid actress in Hollywood. In 2011, she was racially incensed . . . (Read more at

  5. F.D.R. in Hell says:

    The Administration has taken “incompetence” to brand new lows.

  6. IslandLifer says:

    Exposing the commie filth

  7. dan says:

    Who Knew a Bottle of Red Nail Polish Might be Responsible for Saving Lives? (Video) VITAL INFO!!

  8. DJ says:

    Crime and the black politician: Former U.S. Rep. Mel Reynolds has pleaded not guilty in a Zimbabwe court to charges of possessing pornography

    “Reynolds will also have to enter a plea on a separate charge of breaking Zimbabwe’s immigration laws. Reynolds lost his seat representing Illinois almost 20 years ago after being convicted of statutory rape. Reynolds, who is 62, overstayed his visa and brought several Zimbabwean models and other women to his hotel room where he took photographs and videos. In Zimbabwe, Reynolds helped draw investment to hotel and office projects and is also known for his opposition to U.S. sanctions against President Robert Mugabe. Reynolds, a Harvard graduate and former Rhodes scholar, was once viewed as a rising star in the Democratic Party. He resigned from his congressional seat in 1995 after he was convicted by a jury of having sex with a former campaign worker while she was underage, and then trying to thwart the investigation. While in prison he was also convicted of bank and campaign fraud for concealing debts to obtain bank loans and diverting money intended for voter registration drives into his election campaign. He was in jail until his sentence was commuted by then-President Bill Clinton in January 2001.”

    H/T to Average Joe

  9. TED says:

    Witch one?

    The one that says liberal.

  10. Spurwing Plover says:

    They need a massive flash flood in Washington D.C. to clean out the trash

  11. True Blue says:

    What do you bet this doesn’t get half the media attention it would if he’d used a scary gun:

    Did it possibly have a ‘shoulder thingy that goes up’?

  12. Cameraman says:

    John could Land a Chopper On That Chin!!!

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