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Oct 25 2011

OWS Economic Policy: Replace Money With Hugs and Kisses

The amorphous blur of moonbat ideology motivating the Occupy Wall Street movement is coming into the focus now. The revolutionaries have even devised an economic policy. What we need to do is abolish money and replace it with hugs and kisses. From

Instead of a money economy: based upon corruption, opposition, selfishness and greed: create your own self-sufficient communities and economies based upon cooperation, trust and fun.

If you give someone a million dollars: are you helping them? No. They just gave you some pieces of worthless paper…

If someone wants to help you by giving their time and energy and resources, and sharing what they have with you, and you share your time and energy and help them: neither of you need to exchange paper to do this. Human society functions because it is based upon cooperation.

Instead of a paper economy: create an economy based upon hugs&kisses . Have everyone pay for whatever they receive with hugs and kisses. Do you want to be rich in paper money, or rich in hugs and kisses?

Most of us will opt for money. Yet these same collectivist moonbats won’t allow us to keep our own.

There you go, moonbats. Now leave me alone on April 15.

On a tip from GoY.

29 Responses to “OWS Economic Policy: Replace Money With Hugs and Kisses”

  1. Jimbo says:

    And flea-baggers wonder why disease is rampant among them. Are liberals morons or what?
    OT subject – check this science story about the ‘inflating volcanoe’ in Bolivia – it’s not the story that is so entertaining, but the replies at the bottom. Algore gets no respect – even on science websites!

  2. Mickey Shea says:

    What are they, like three years old? Check out these moonbat retards trying to take all the fun out of life:

  3. Artfldgr says:

    give them another 500 years and they will learn that you cant trade fish parts for a ipod… and so will invent money, so that labor can be exchanged as a quantity itself rather than through what it makes directly.

    there used to be a barter company that relied on that, but alas, the third party which is not technically there in capitalism, the state, still wanted its taxes on the exchange!!!

    ie… mutually benificial exchange is what capitalism is

    ie… mutually beneficial exchange with a tribute to the state is what we have…

    and by the way, when did taxes turn into a carrot and stick, or a level of social control…

    despite it not being in the original constitition, and the amendment making it for the common man… there is nothing in there that says that they can make up arbitrary impingments as a means to control outcomes in the economy, educqation, civil, or even familial systems.

    if ya cant hold them to X then why bother having X?

  4. AC says:

    If their monetary policy “experts” get their way, hugs and kisses will be worth more than our devalued currency.

  5. ant says:

    Brilliant! I’m assuming hugs and kisses are edible?

  6. Obama Nation says:

    This hair brained thinking is so reminiscent of the type of mindlesss babble I use to hear growing up around hippies in the 1960’s and 70’s. The followers of the Guru Maharaj Ji use to talk like this all day long.

  7. Henry says:

    What? No blow jobs?

  8. Henry says:

    LOL. This just reminded me of something:

    Butters’ Bottom Bitch

  9. Kevin R. says:

    Guess they’re not familiar with the Francisco d’Anconia speech about money in Atlas Shrugged.

  10. Penny says:

    “Hugs and kisses.”

    Hmmm. So that’s what they’re calling it these days.

  11. Mickey Shea says:

    The voters tossed out this Dem after only one term, so the moonbat is suing his opponents for loss of livelihood!

  12. Ed says:

    They tried this on two (2)occasions: first at Jamestown, which resulted in near famine (collective farming)before the settlers went with capitalism (grow your own and barter the fruits of your labor); and second,in the 60’s until they realized how awful they smelled. They called them ‘Communes’.

  13. Mr. X says:

    They’re not moonbats. They’re childish, obnoxious, spoiled and creepy ritilan brats who take themselves serious because creepy adults keep encouraging them to show off and pretend.

  14. whotothewhat says:

    Hugs and kisses…huh? So theory goes at the end of the week my boss would stop by my office give me a big hug and say job well done, then I would go home but I stop at the store to big up a loaf of bread and as I check out, I would lean over and kiss the cashier as payment for my bread. OK And then a great big rainbow shoots out my ass and a unicorn whisks me off to magic mountain of gum drops and good dreams.

  15. Artfldgr says:

    you should see the sticker shock when they find out what you have to do for a ferarri..

    but dont worry, its nothing that women (and some men) havent done before…

  16. AC says:

    The economy of Jonestown ran on hugs and kisses.

  17. Jester says:

    Methinks that the Left’s own tax-collection thugs (the immortal IRS) aren’t gonna go for this, hm?

  18. HypocrisyHunter says:

    I find a glaring flaw in this system.

    Exhibit A: Dallas Cowboy Cheerleader
    Exhibit B: Filthy, STD ridden, OWS hippie

    Who are YOU going to want to trade your goods and services to, for hugs and kisses?

    OWS still loses.

  19. Joe says:

    Does anybody take these dopes seriously? Yesterday, I heard some stinking bitch in Frisco (I think) giving a speech. She said people should have the right to print their own money. Yeah, that would work out well. I’d be a billionaire in just a couple hours. But so would everybody else, so who would want my money? They just can’t think beyond the reach of their own odor.

  20. Ghost of FA Hayak says:

    The currency they will inevitably end up with is the same as in all the other utopian collectivist experiments
    Extreme poverty


  21. Amnesty Alert! says:

    Union President Testifies: ICE HQ Ordered Agents Not to Arrest Illegals–Including Fugitives

  22. Austin says:

    Kiss this (_o_)

  23. Ex-bat says:

    the very thought of my new boss (female corn-fed Commie) hugging and kissing me is enough to make me want to vomit!

  24. KHarn says:

    >If someone wants to help you by giving their time and energy and resources, and sharing what they have with you<

    Great! Is your labor and resources worth a million dollars?

    "Ed says:October 25, 2011 at 12:41 pm"

    That was the Plymoth colony. One winter the prosperous Virginia colony sent food to them to stave off starvation.

  25. James McEnanly says:

    This may work for bonobos, a vanishing subspecies of chimpanzee, but for us humans, I think we’d rather have something we can take to the bank. You cannot store a hug, or lock away a kiss until you need it.

  26. Archonix says:

    James, you can, but it tends to get you arrested.

  27. Auntie Sam says:

    This proposed exchange system would be discriminatory against autistic people, introverts, sexual assault victims, Muslims, the Amish, etc. I don’t think it passes the twinkle test.

  28. Bloodless Coup says:

    Donald Trump: Obama Birth Certificate Issue Not Put To Rest; Very Important Issue;_Very_Important_Issue.html

  29. Bob Roberts says:

    Well this helps explain the “WILL WORK FOR SEX” sign I saw at the Occupy San Diego “protest”.

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