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Apr 17 2018

Open Thread

These two entities Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac are not facing any kind of financial crisis. The more people exaggerate these problems, the more pressure there is on these companies, the less we will see in terms of affordable housing. - Barney Frank

Apr 17 2018

Daniel Hannan: As the Rich Get Richer, the Poor Get Richer

Democrats shriek that something must be done to prevent the rich from getting richer. They don’t mention that the poor are getting richer too, and at a faster rate. As countermoonbat MEP Daniel Hannan observes, this is due to something leftists aspire to destroy — the free market:

But then from the point of view of Bernie Sanders et al., it is better to keep the poor poor than to let the industrious keep the wealth they have created, because envy. I mean, because income inequality.

On a tip from Jester.

Apr 17 2018

Offensive Songs That Wouldn’t Be Allowed Now

Social justice warriors must be unable to find anything in today’s world that doesn’t cringingly conform to their bullying ideology, because they have been digging into history in search of thought crimes. Paul Joseph Watson has a laugh at moonbats who clutch their pearls over allegedly offensive songs of the past:

If historical figures like Robert E. Lee and even the Founding Fathers can be banished to the Memory Hole for not complying with the up-to-the-minute dictates of political correctness after all context has been stripped away, why not songs? Just to play it safe, maybe we should ban any song written more than a year ago.

On a tip from Lyle.

Apr 17 2018

Bearded She-Male Conchita Wurst Has HIV

Due to the fawning treatment it evokes from liberal cultural gatekeepers, there are many benefits to embracing the LGBT lifestyle, sometimes including fame and fortune. But a price may need to be paid, as Conchita Wurst has learned:

Wurst has revealed that she [sic] is living with HIV, after an ex-partner [i.e., ex-boyfriend] threatened to make the information public.

I’m guessing Conchita wasn’t born with the name Wurst. It means “sausage” in his language, which might be intended to augment his tastelessly ironic bearded she-male schtick.

Wurst, a drag queen who rose to international prominence when she [sic] won the popular European singing competition the Eurovision Song Contest in 2014, wrote on her [sic] Instagram profile she [sic] has been “HIV positive for many years.”

No doubt this struck everyone as a great surprise.

On the positive side, from the liberal point of view, every time a pop culture role model comes out with the virus that causes AIDS, it helps to destigmatize this horrific lethal disease — as well as the behavior that spreads it. This is an explicit goal of progressives, as Conchita confirms:

“I hope to build up courage and take another step against the stigmatization of people who have become infected by HIV, either through their own behavior or through no fault of their own.”

Ian Green of the Terrence Higgins Trust took the opportunity to praise Wurst effusively, and to spread the dangerous notion that people with HIV are not contagious so long as they are taking their medicine.

Among the goals of the Terrence Higgins Trust are to “empower and support people living with HIV” and to “amplify the voices of those affected by HIV across public and political arenas to eradicate stigma and discrimination.” Another goal is to “end the transmission of HIV in the UK,” but sometimes goals conflict, and you have to prioritize.

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Apr 17 2018

Homeless People on Tracks Slow California Trains

The Los Angeles Times reports that “L.A. County’s homeless problem is worsening despite billions from tax measures.” Rather than “despite,” they might have said “because of,” since the more taxpayer money is bestowed upon the homeless, the more will be drawn from around the country — and the world. The situation is so bad that California trains have been slowed down by all the homeless people on the tracks:

Trains along the popular Capitol Corridor are running later than before, and homeless camps are partly to blame.

Rail officials say more people have trespassed on train tracks in the last year, forcing engineers at times to hit the brakes to avoid a possible crash – and at times tragically unable to. That’s left trains loaded with commuters or freight grinding to a halt in the middle of nowhere. …

If a person is killed by a train, it may be held in place for two to three hours as coroners, police and track inspectors do post-mortem work, officials said.

This slows down all the traffic behind. Just braking because someone wandering around the tracks seems likely to step on the rails requires a 10-minute wait while the engine is reset.

Homeless encampments have been sprouting like mushrooms in California, including along train tracks. If the state ever finishes its multi-$billion overrun high-speed rail boondoggle, they may have to rename it low-speed rail.

Fortunately, technology provides us with a possible solution.

On tips from Jester, Bodhisattva, and Chuck A.

Apr 17 2018

Moonbat Calls the Cops over Pro-Gun T-Shirt

To get an idea of what you might be arrested for tomorrow, consider what moonbats will try to sic the police on you for today. In Benbrook, Texas, a woman called the cops because she didn’t like someone’s pro-gun t-shirt:

Troy Johnston and his two daughters, ages four and six, stopped at Castle Park on March 30, so the children could enjoy the park’s swings and maze, he told Blue Lives Matter.

At least one parent expressed gratitude that there was someone in the park equipped to defend them in case of trouble. However, a moonbat was also present.

According Benbrook Police Department (BPD) Corporal J. Reese, a woman contacted the department at approximately 3:21 p.m., and reported a “suspicious person” with a “gun holstered to his chest,” was wearing a shirt that read “You control your kids, I’ll control my guns.”

Actually, the gun was on his hip. Lefties must learn about anatomy where they learn about guns.

“She was not scared of the gun,” Cpl. Reese said. “[She] was concerned about his t-shirt.”

For moonbats, the First Amendment is an even bigger problem than the Second. But they may have to get rid of the Second to get rid of the First.

The woman did her part to help the media stoke gun hysteria by warning passers-by not to come in the park because “there’s a man with a gun.” She never spoke directly to Johnston. No one else appeared to have a problem with his shirt or his gun. But the way the progressive ratchet works, it is often only necessary for one wheel to squeak to advance tyranny another notch.

“I cannot believe how the media has convinced so many people that guns are scary,” [Johnston] said. “This lady was having a literal panic attack.”

That is the intended effect of the “mainstream” media propaganda she has no doubt been overindulging in.

The creator of the shirt, a law enforcement officer, has been subjected to a stampede of hate from hysterical progressives:

“I’ve been having people accuse me of being responsible for the school shootings, of having blood on my hands,” he said. “They are conflating a shirt about constitutional rights and personal responsibility with horrific acts of mass murder.”

That’s what they have been doing, all right. The strategy is deliberate.

On a tip from Guy B.

Apr 17 2018

Dog Arrested for Chasing Deer

Most natural behavior is a violation of political correctness and therefore liable to become illegal. In Canada, it has reached the point that a dog named Finn was arrested for chasing a deer:

Fortunately, Finn has been released. No word on whether he will have to attend sensitivity training to learn how hurtful it is to traumatize deer.

On a tip from Anonymous.

Apr 17 2018

The New Yorker Denounces “Creepy Infiltration” of Chick-fil-A into NYC

Christian-owned Chick-fil-A has been opening branches in New Gomorrah itself, and the leftist snobs at The New Yorker are not happy about it:

New York has taken to Chick-fil-A. One of the Manhattan locations estimates that it sells a sandwich every six seconds, and the company has announced plans to open as many as a dozen more storefronts in the city. And yet the brand’s arrival here feels like an infiltration, in no small part because of its pervasive Christian traditionalism. Its headquarters, in Atlanta, are adorned with Bible verses and a statue of Jesus washing a disciple’s feet. Its stores close on Sundays. Its C.E.O., Dan Cathy, has been accused of bigotry for using the company’s charitable wing to fund anti-gay causes, including groups that oppose same-sex marriage.

Defending the sanctity of marriage from defilement — a position taken only a few years ago by Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton — is now regarded as a thought crime for which there must be zero tolerance.

The New Yorker does not like Chick-fil-A’s emphasis on the word “community,” which “suggests an ulterior motive” — namely, to convert people to Christianity by feeding them chicken sandwiches. It also doesn’t like the cows in Chick-fil-A advertising.

It’s impossible to overstate the role of the Cows—in official communiqués, they always take a capital “C”—that are displayed in framed portraits throughout the Fulton Street location. If the restaurant is a megachurch, the Cows are its ultimate evangelists. Since their introduction in the mid-nineties—when they began advising Atlanta motorists to “eat mor chikin”—they’ve remained one of the most popular, and most morbid, advertising campaigns in fast-food history, crucial to Chick-fil-A’s corporate culture.

This wicked corporate culture oppresses chickens on behalf of the coopted cows.

It’s worth asking why Americans fell in love with an ad in which one farm animal begs us to kill another in its place. Most restaurants take pains to distance themselves from the brutalities of the slaughterhouse; Chick-fil-A invites us to go along with the Cows’ Schadenfreude.

If only liberal elitists could acquire a sense of humor, they might not find regular Americans and their culture so incomprehensible.

As for the good Chick-fil-A does,

Defenders of Chick-fil-A point out that the company donates thousands of pounds of food to New York Common Pantry, and that its expansion creates jobs. The more fatalistic will add that hypocrisy is baked, or fried, into every consumer experience—that unbridled corporate power makes it impossible to bring your wallet in line with your morals. Still, there’s something especially distasteful about Chick-fil-A, which has sought to portray itself as better than other fast food: cleaner, gentler, and more ethical, with its poultry slightly healthier than the mystery meat of burgers. Its politics, its décor, and its commercial-evangelical messaging are inflected with this suburban piety.

It isn’t just the food that is good (at least by fast food standards). The company itself is good. You can’t expect The New Yorker to approve.

On a tip from Jester.

Apr 16 2018

Open Thread

It is not true that Congress spends money like a drunken sailor. Drunken sailors spend their own money. Congress spends our money. - Arthur Laffer

Apr 16 2018

If You Think Dianne Feinstein Is a Moonbat, Try Kevin de León

Californians have options. They can choose between far left and even farther left, since nothing else will get elected in the aftermath of the state’s demographic transformation. Those who find anti–Second Amendment fanatic Dianne Feinstein too reasonable can opt instead for Kevin de León for Senate:

Socialized medicine, 100% green energy, open-borders sanctuary lawlessness. What could go wrong?

Fans of Kevin de León will enjoy watching him demonstrate his profound knowledge of the firearms that would no doubt further restrict:

Idiocracy isn’t just the name of a prescient movie. It’s also a form of government: rule by morons like Kevin de León.

On a tip from Jester.

Apr 16 2018

David Clarke: Cops Are the Good Guys

Former Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke reminds us that with rare exceptions, the police are the good guys. That is true by definition, because their job is to protect us from bad guys. Aside from rogue outliers, only in dictatorships and cities that are hopelessly corrupt are cops the villains.

Then again, from the point of view of the bad guys, the good guys are the bad guys, and vice versa. That’s why the media sides with criminals and Black Lives Matter against law enforcement.

On a tip from Lyle.

Apr 16 2018

Top Democrat Senators Want to Shut Down Sinclair Broadcast Group

We are told that the current condition of the GOP will result in a blue wave in November. Let’s hope not. An alarming letter from top Democrat Senators to the Chairman of the Federal Communications Commission regarding Sinclair Broadcast Group indicates what is a stake.

Sinclair is the largest operator of television stations in the USA in terms of total coverage and number of stations. It is perceived as right of center in its orientation, so Democrats want the FCC to pull its broadcasting licenses.

The letter was signed by familiar characters including Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren, Cory Booker, and Patty Murray. It applies pressure on the FCC to pull the plug on Sinclair on the vague grounds that it has been “distorting news.” To the radicalized Democrat Party, anything to the right of PBS is a distortion.

The sanctimonious rhetoric is both hilariously hypocritical and terrifying. The authors repeatedly cite the First Amendment while proclaiming that Sinclair must be silenced “to serve the public interest.” It leaves no doubt that these top Democrats have zero respect for the right to express views inconsistent with their ideology. When they have the leverage, they will impose their will.

On a tip from Dragon’s Lair. Hat tip: Frontpage Mag.

Apr 16 2018

Global Warming and the Boston Marathon

Looks like runners in the Boston Marathon had to deal with some brutally hot weather today. They had better get used to it; thanks to global warming caused by economic freedom, it will be too hot to make good time from now on:

When the gun went off for the elite women’s race at 9:30 a.m. ET, it was 70 degrees Fahrenheit, and by the time the winner crossed the finish line on Boylston Street 2 hours 21 minutes and 52 seconds later, the mercury had creeped into the low 70’s. The average high for Boston in April is 56 degrees F. …

But this year was not an aberration. Last year’s starting temperature was also high, hitting 71 degrees F. The 2012 race began at 65 degrees and 2015 at 61. And as scientists have pointed out, high temperatures could be the new normal for this famous race, meaning its days of breaking running records could become much rarer.

According to a Boston University professor, running when it is too hot out “leads to cramps, dehydration and heat exhaustion, and can sometimes even result in a runner’s death.” David Buckel may have been the first, but he won’t be the last casualty of global warming.

Wait a minute. Sorry. That article about the Boston Marathon was from last year. As for 2018:

Desiree Linden splashed her way through icy rain and a near-gale headwind to win the Boston Marathon on Monday, the first victory for an American woman since 1985. …

Linden and [men’s winner Yuki] Kawauchi led a field of 30,000 runners through a drenching rain, temperatures in the mid-30s and gusts of up to 32 mph on the 26.2-mile trek…

Sounds unpleasant. I’ll wait here in Phoenix until global warming shows up for real.

How many wrong predictions can warmists make before people stop taking their hysterical doomsaying seriously?

On a tip from Just a Thought. Hat tip: The Deplorable Climate Science Blog.

Apr 16 2018

R.I.P. R. Lee Ermey

America mourns the loss of former Marine Corps drill instructor R. Lee Ermey, who died yesterday of complications from pneumonia.

Ermey may be best known for essentially playing himself in Full Metal Jacket. He also starred in one of Geico’s best commercials…

…but Geico dropped him for speaking out against Obama:

Glock didn’t mind:

Ermey volunteered to star in an ad for Trigger the Vote:

He hosted two programs for the History Channel and appeared in several movies. Gunny will be missed — though not so much by moonbats.

On tips from Scott D and Troy H.

Apr 16 2018

Sri Lankan Refugees to Collect Jackpot Justice After Starving Their Own Baby

It is not as if Third World “refugees” pour into the West just for the welfare benefits. Some come for the jackpot justice:

The Sri Lankan family of a brain damaged child is set for a multi-million-pound NHS payout because midwives didn’t explain the importance of feeding their newborn, a judge has ruled.

Nilujan Rajatheepan’s parents are Tamil refugees who spoke little English when he was born in a good condition at King George Hospital in Goodmayes, Essex, in July 2009.

Now Nilujan has cerebral palsy and severe physical and cognitive impairment as a result of not being fed.

Judge Martin McKenna blamed British medics for failing to overcome the language barrier so as to inform the refugees that you are supposed to feed babies, which evidently is not done in their own exotic culture.

You certainly can’t blame the parents who starved their child; that would be racist. So McKenna holds the National Health Service responsible.

‘No one had ever given [the mother] a clear and understandable explanation of the importance of feeding – still less how she should respond if she had concerns,’ he said.

Bend over, British taxpayers; here it comes again.

On a tip from Jester.

Apr 16 2018

Gender Dysphoria Made Worse by Transsexual Transformation

For reasons too depraved for a healthy mind to comprehend, the liberal establishment aggressively encourages people to undergo procedures that transmogrify them into parodies of the opposite sex. We are told that these grotesque transformations cure people of gender dysphoria. Jamie Shupe knows better:

Unlike many journalists who blindly speak or write about gender dysphoria and transgender military service, I am both an Army veteran and a patient who has received these experimental medical treatments.

Fortunately for Shupe, he opted not to undergo surgical mutilation, due to the high rate of complications. But he went far enough to regret it.

I needed extensive hair removal on my face and body, breast augmentation, and facial feminization surgery to even remotely begin to look like a stereotypical female. I also suffered numerous mental and physical health complications from taking the prescribed hormone treatments.

His gender dysphoria was made worse:

While I went into the transition process “feeling different” from my male peers and believing that I shared the feelings biological females experience, once I was formally diagnosed with gender dysphoria and indoctrinated to believe that I was actually a female, I then had the crushing pressure of having to actually look like one.

No wonder the suicide rate among transgenders is stratospheric.

The disease of gender dysphoria is in the mind; that is where it must be cured.

It certainly will not be cured by encouraging people to indulge in delusions. “First, do no harm” has gone out the window in favor of social engineering objectives that would deform society as horrifically as sex change procedures deform people’s bodies.

On a tip from Jester.

Apr 15 2018

Open Thread

When the government pays, health care's lack of affordability becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy. In health care, as in other things, government is the high-cost producer. - Arnold Kling

Apr 15 2018

SJW Outrage over Nonbuying Blacks Expelled from Starbucks

To the many benefits of black privilege, we can now add using the restrooms at Starbucks without making a purchase:

Philadelphia’s police commissioner on Saturday defended the arrest of two black men as they sat in a Starbucks coffee shop, and said his officers had to act after Starbucks employees told them the pair were trespassing.

According to staff, the two wanted to use the restroom, which is only for paying customers. They refused to leave, so police were called. Nobody is pressing charges, so the trespassers were released. None of this would be newsworthy if they were white, but since they are black, Starbucks must be racist.

Police Commissioner Richard Ross [who is black himself] said he knew the incident had prompted a lot of concern, but said his officers “did absolutely nothing wrong.”

But the baristas who called the cops instead of kowtowing to the troublemakers of color sure did wrong.

Later in the day, CEO Kevin Johnson released a personal apology to the two men, adding that Starbucks had begun “a thorough investigation of our practices. In addition to our own review, we will work with outside experts and community leaders to understand and adopt best practices.”

How about giving your coffee away for free to black people? Maybe that could stave off the consequences.

A sample of the sentiment on Twitter, where #BoycottStarbucks has drawn an enraged mob of SJW nitwits:

The preferred story is that the two were there not to use the bathroom, but to wait for a friend. No matter; in a free country, it would be up to the proprietor of a business whether people can use the restrooms or hang out without buying anything. But that is hardly likely to resonate with moonbats, who hold property rights in contempt.

Neither will the mob’s rage be ameliorated by Starbucks’ reputation as one of the most obnoxiously politically correct companies out there. Live by moonbattery, die by moonbattery.

On a tip from Bodhisattva.

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