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Aug 12 2017

Paul Joseph Watson: I Won’t Be Around Much Longer

Infowars is at risk of losing its redeeming quality. Paul Joseph Watson explains why it matters to anyone who uses the Internet that Google and its subsidiary YouTube are run by leftist radicals fundamentally hostile to free speech:

Alternatives to Google and its many tentacles need to be developed quickly. Tyranny isn’t necessarily imposed by the government.

On tips from FromNJ and Physicsnut.

8 Responses to “Paul Joseph Watson: I Won’t Be Around Much Longer”

  1. Eddie_Valiant says:

    I propose that, as an alternative to Facebook and Youtube, individuals such as Watson develop their own websites and have them all listed on a curated webpage to provide an accurate link to the site.

    The automated systems of Youtube and Facebook that are being manipulated by a series of fake users, run by a handful of leftists that can command dozens of PCs to start filing automated complaints. When a Watson is found, they unleash a torrent of automated complaints which are in turn, received by the automated systems at Face-Tube and react by taking down the page in question. Undoubtedly, when reviewed by a human, the censorship kicks into high gear. If the offending page is allowed back up, it is flagged for automated take-down in the future.

    Creating a webpage is not difficult at all these days. Dave’s Moonbattery was started at a time when webpage building was more labor intensive but nowadays, setting up a WordPress site takes only a little time. It’s supplying the content that requires many man-hours.

    Too many have come to rely on Face-tube because they are in place and are nearly effortless to use. Most of the best blogs however – this one included – are self-hosted and free of the censorship of the leftists. How to support those sites does become an issue. Ad-blockers are built-in to some browsers so turn them off and click the ads occasionally. That helps out guys like Dave to support the bandwidth bill.

  2. vladdy says:

    Tons of others to use. No need for more. On Firefox, go to add-on’s and click. Pages full — never-ending — hundreds…of search engines come up. Many don’t track, data-mine, work for the left, or are biased. I use DuckDuckGo.

    Some people don’t realize “google” is a brand, not a verb. If more people would say “search for it” ‘or “research it” or “look it up” it would help. Schools teach kids the first step to research is to bring up google! Horrible. They have 80% of the world’s searches. Too much power.

    Join the “google is not a verb” campaign.

  3. vladdy says:

    Powerline has a booklet for Dims about their plans, written before the inauguration. Horrible stuff like promising to impeach Trump and intimidate voters. It includes working with the above people.

  4. Torcer says:

    I’m going to have to check that out – do you have link by any chance?

  5. CrazyAuntJane says:

    Someone needs to give Facebook and YouTube some competition! Please!!!

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