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Oct 20 2017

Paul Joseph Watson on Hollywood’s Decline

Hollyweird is among the primary pillars supporting the progressive establishment. Cracks have appeared in the pillar; soon it may topple:

Moonbattery is a form of corrosion that eats away at every structure it touches — weakening, undermining, eventually causing collapse. Tinseltown is not immune.

6 Responses to “Paul Joseph Watson on Hollywood’s Decline”

  1. Feet2Fire says:

    She then led her fellow moonbats in a thought-provoking chant of “No Trump, no KKK, no fascist USA!”

    “Thought-provoking.” –LMAO! :~D

  2. 127guy says:

    Hollywood has been pleasantly silent for two weeks. We should all be grateful and hope that it’s permanent.

  3. Artfuldgr says:

    Look up Otto Katz and things like the anti fascist league of the 20s, along with “innocents clubs”… but especially willi munzenberg (who Katz is assumed to have had liquidated)

    All news is lies and all propaganda is disguised as news.
    Willi Munzenberg

    Photography has become an outstanding and indispensable means of propaganda in the revolutionary struggle.
    Willi Munzenberg

    Münzenberg instructed his assistant, fellow Comintern agent Otto Katz, to travel to the United States to garner support for various pro-Soviet and anti-Nazi causes, as part of the 1935 Comintern Seventh World Congress’ proclamation of a “Peoples’ Front Against Fascism”, aka the Popular Front. Katz made his way to Hollywood, and in July 1936 he formed the Hollywood Anti-Nazi League with Dorothy Parker. Many artists and writers in the U.S. flocked to join the Popular Front, the Anti-Nazi League, and related groups such as the League of American Writers, and movie stars such as Paul Muni, Melvyn Douglas, and James Cagney all agreed to sponsor the Hollywood Anti-Nazi League.

    and since most dont know the history they dont look up:
    The Hollywood Anti-Nazi League (later known as the American Peace Mobilization) was founded in Los Angeles in 1936 by Otto Katz and others to organize members of the American film industry to oppose fascism and Nazism. Although it was a communist front organization, run by the American popular front, it attracted broad support in Hollywood from both members and nonmembers of the Communist Party USA (CPUSA). Like many such communist front groups, it ceased all anti-Nazi activities immediately upon the signing of the Molotov–Ribbentrop Pact in August 1939.

    To kick off his work, Katz held a hundred-dollar-a-plate fundraising dinner, which was attended by, among others, Irving Thalberg, Jack L. Warner, David O. Selznick, and Samuel Goldwyn. John Joseph Cantwell, Cardinal of Los Angeles, was on hand to bless the proceedings. Actress and artist Gloria Stuart was also involved in the League’s founding. Katz formed the HANL under the auspices of the “mother of all front groups,” the American League for Peace and Democracy.

    now how many know this? if you know hollywood you will recognize the names.

    Although the HANL was a communist front organization, its membership spanned the entire political spectrum. Stewart, Herbert Biberman, Robert Rossen, Francis Edward Faragoh, and Ring Lardner, Jr. were party members. The HANL had both liberal (e.g. Philip Dunne and Jo Swerling) and conservative (e.g. Herman J. Mankiewicz) members who were not in the CPUSA. The League claimed a membership of 5000, although Leo Rosten thought that this figure was exaggerated.

    By 1937 the board of directors of the HANL included Jack Warner and Carl Laemmle, as well as the head of the Hollywood division of the CPUSA, John Howard Lawson.

  4. Eddie_Valiant says:

    Alex Jones may be a tinfoil hat-wearing closet case, but he really redeemed himself by hiring Paul Joseph Watson. I have no doubt he will one day surpass the popularity of almost any conservative pundit we’ve seen, even Andrew Breitbart, may he rest in peace.

    Hollywood’s decline has been in motion for a number of years now, and the Weinstein revelations will hasten that. Part of the reason is the availability film (video) gear once only available to studios. By the way, almost no one uses film anymore. Most movies are shot on video. It’s overall cheaper and much easier to edit and distribute. If you haven’t been inside a movie theater in several years, all movies out of Hollywood are now delivered to theaters via the internet, not large reels of film.

    The time for independent filmmakers is here, which is why Netflix and other streaming services can afford to create their own content. Independents have never been able to crack the movie distribution cabal, so having streaming services is a plus for everyone.

    Weinstein’s crimes may cost him several years in jail, but I believe he has unintentionally thrown a hammer through a window of the glass house that is Hollywood.

  5. ICEvictim says:

    we’ve also grown tired of TV shows and movies with the social concept – “girl smart, boy stupid”. I don’t remember when it first started, but show after show moved to a woman of superior intellect and the guy as her room temperature IQ spear carrier.

    This why we love the NCIS franchise where men AND women get to be skilled and/or brainy and work as a team.

  6. Steve2 says:

    I’ve literally paid about 5 dollars this year for Hollywood material. Shadow of Mordor was on super sale on Steam and I just couldn’t resist. I know nothing of what movies are coming out I just don’t care. It’s been the same recycled, boring, liberal crap for years and years. I sincerely hope they go out of business, America and the world will be much better off without them.

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