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Apr 13 2018

Penn State Eradicates Homecoming Kings and Queens

If it is traditional, wholesome, and reminds moonbats of a healthier America, obviously it has to go. That’s why Penn State University is eradicating homecoming kings and queens:

Instead of honoring one woman and one man, selected by campus vote, PSU will select two “Guide State Forward” award winners…

The two chosen winners may be the traditional man and woman or, next fall, two men, two women, two transgender students or any other combination, officials said.

That way it is “gender-neutral,” to placate social engineers who have decided that we must abolish the differences between the sexes so as not to offend militant transsexuals.

Piece by piece, they defile American culture and flush it down the toilet. If you want to see what future homecoming ceremonies will look like, watch an early John Waters movie featuring Divine. After a few years, everyone will stop showing up, and there will be no more homecomings. Another bit of Americana corrupted then erased; mission accomplished.

On tips from Heckrules, Stormfax, and ABC of the ANC.

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