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Mar 24 2018

Planned Parenthood Infiltrates Schools

Planned Parenthood propagandists continue to infiltrate public schools:

Parents of Monrovia, California middle school students expressed outrage this week after learning that the abortion chain Planned Parenthood was invited to a student health fair.

Encouragingly, the school district apologized and promised to properly vet participants in the future.

Here’s why the parents were so upset:

The Monrovia community is just one of many places where the abortion giant has pushed itself into public schools. …

According to a CBS report, the parents said Planned Parenthood’s “Get Real” curriculum “encourages sixth graders to feel ‘comfortable and ready’ for sex. …

In 2014, Live Action release[d] an undercover video series showing Planned Parenthood employees encouraging young teens to participate in sado-masochistic sexual activities, including gagging, whipping, asphyxiation, shopping at sex stores and viewing pornography.

Planned Parenthood tells kids that it is their “human right” not to tell sex partners that they carry HIV. It holds that sex indoctrination I mean education should be inflicted on innocent children as young as 4 years.

Depravity is often an end itself for progressives, but Planned Parenthood has a more comprehensible reason for encouraging impressionable kids to have sex early, often, and divorced from meaning and responsibility. For the nation’s largest abortion provider, more degeneracy = more profits. That’s why so much of the taxpayer money it receives gets funneled back into the aggressively pro-degeneracy Democrat Party.

Meanwhile, as the media shrieks that the NRA is evil for defending the Constitution, the downright demonic and highly profitable Planned Parenthood continues to be coercively subsidized in the $1.3 trillion omnibus atrocity produced by our allegedly Republican government.

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