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Apr 30 2018

Poised for Victory, Democrats Endorse Ultra-Radicalism

Democrats are jubilant over the predicted blue wave backlash against Trump. We had better not let it happen. The ascendant ultra-radicalism of today’s Democrat Party is not something that Andrew Jackson, JFK, or even the Clintons could recognize. Obama opened the door to radicalization; now that door has been taken off the hinges.

Bernie Sanders, a communist who runs as a socialist and gets elected by Democrats, has gone openly Bolshevik, promising healthcare benefits and a $15/hour job to everyone as an entitlement. The Soviet Union collapsed because an economy that pays two people to watch each cow graze is not sustainable. No matter; Sanders is an expert at Marxist demagoguery, not economics or history — and Marxist demagoguery is what appeals to Democrat voters.

Scrambling to keep up, Senators and presidential hopefuls Kirsten Gillibrand and Cory Booker also back the economically insane notion of jobs as entitlements. Inflation alone would cause devastation if this lunacy were imposed, never mind the astronomical expense to taxpayers and all the jobs that would be destroyed because only the government can afford to pay $15/hour for work that isn’t worth it.

Dems haven’t figured out what to do about people who neglect to show up for the jobs they are entitled to, other than granting Labor Department bureauweenies power to “take disciplinary action if needed.” A vision of Vietnamese slaving in rice paddies with AK-47s poking them in the spine comes to mind.

Sanders-level radicalism has become mainstream among Dems. In addition to the $15/hour job as an entitlement lunacy,

Rep. Ro Khanna, D-Calif., said he was proposing a bill that would boost the Earned Income Tax Credit to almost double the current payout for families and tenfold for childless workers. He urged Democrats to go bold with big visions in response to the election of President Trump.

That is, the IRS would be turned into a firehose to blast other people’s money at Democrat voters.

Not to be outdone,

Andrew Yang, an entrepreneur and a Democratic presidential hopeful, told Fox Business Network [last] Monday that he is proposing $1,000 a month for all citizens between the ages of 18 and 64 as part of a universal basic income program…

Get ready for taxes and inflation to skyrocket; there’s more:

The Washington Free Beacon also reported that a wealthy Democratic donor club used an event attended by Democratic National Committee Chairman Tom Perez and former Virginia Gov. Terry McAuliffe to call for “reparations” — presumably to black people for slavery — along with other big spending projects.

Apparently the $trillions that have been wasted subsidizing poverty don’t count as reparations because the extravagant handouts don’t go exclusively to Persons of Politically Preferred Pigmentation.

“It’s 2022 and we are celebrating policy victories across the nation: Medicare for All and Free College, and next on the agenda is Reparations,” Democracy Alliance said in invitation to the event.

Other Democrats bark about impeaching Trump for no real reason other than because they don’t like him. This would place our system of government in jeopardy.

More radicalism:

“ICE operates as an unaccountable deportation force,” former Clinton spokesman and Democratic consultant Brian Fallon tweeted in January. “Dems running in 2020 should campaign on ending the agency in its current form.”

Combined with opening the open border still further, the gargantuan redistributive spending Democrats plan on would collapse the economy. Americans would quickly become a minority in a floundering Third World collectivist hellhole. A nuclear war might be less permanently devastating.

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