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Dec 16 2017

Poland Versus Germany at Christmas Time

To ensure a merry Christmas, spend it in a country that does not encourage massive Islamic immigration:

At least there haven’t been any yuletide terrorist massacres in Germany this Christmas season — not yet, anyway.

On a tip from The Lieberal Media.

6 Responses to “Poland Versus Germany at Christmas Time”

  1. JackisBack says:

    The White German mothers and fathers must hate their children, much like White American Democrats.

  2. Take The Red Pill says:

    I doubt it, for the most part; White American Democrats propagandize their children in their Leftist PC stupidity from an early age and over-indulge them as well.

  3. Take The Red Pill says:

    People who insist upon indulging themselves in their PC stupidity, need to pay the price; it’s the only way that they’ll learn.

  4. shpongl3 says:

    Multiculturalism! Yay! Self inflicted…..

  5. magic1114 says:

    In Germanistan, nothing says “Merry Christmas” like the business end of an MP5 in your face…

  6. Taters says:

    The inspiration behind the Women’s March on DC, Linda Sarsour, has been accused of enabling the alleged sexual assault and harassment of a woman who worked for the feminist activist, according to the victim and two sources directly familiar with the matter. CAIR will now surround the wagons to protect her and her male Muslim friend from criminal indictments. .

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