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Jul 29 2011

Polar Bear Champion Charles Monnett Accused of Scientific Misconduct

It will take more than a warm summer to keep the global warming hoax from continuing to crumble. Charles Monnett, the government bureaucrat/scientist who helped make polar bears the mascot of the envirocommunist movement, now finds himself on leave, having been accused of scientific misconduct.

It’s unclear whether Monnett’s “integrity issues” have to do with a 2006 article in which he claimed that four dead polar bears drowned as a result of the imaginary global warming crisis. The Latin name for polar bear is Ursus maritimus or sea bear; they are highly buoyant and can swim for hundreds of miles. The dead bears contributed to the absurd propaganda campaign mounted by Al Gore.

Myron Ebell, of the Competitive Enterprise Institute, said the case reinforces the group’s position that people should be more skeptical about the work of climate change scientists.

Even if every scientist is objective, “what we’re being asked to do is turn our economy around and spend trillions and trillions of dollars on the basis of” climate change claims, he said.

With $zillions of government funding on the line, scientists involved in the hoax are anything but objective, as the Climategate scandal confirmed.

Monnett’s duties included managing $50 million worth of the studies Big Government conducts with our money to prove that economic freedom makes it be too hot out.

Next global warming will cause dolphins to drown.

On tips from J, Jodie, G. Fox, and Psalmist.

24 Responses to “Polar Bear Champion Charles Monnett Accused of Scientific Misconduct”

  1. StanInTexas says:

    And the cries of “Fake, but Accurate” from the MMGW acolytes in 5… 4… 3…


    Monnett needs to lose his job entirly and have his paychecks deducted by 75% and polarbears need to be removed from the ESA and enviromentalists marooned in the south american rainforests for life

  3. A. Levy says:

    Good idea Plover, but a better idea would be to make people start to actually think, which would put all these climate con-artists out of business. The only tool you need to see right through them is common sense.

    Suppose someone walked up to you on the street and said, “hey, if you just give me your money, and total control over every detail of your life, i will change the weather“. Would you buy it? This is exactly what fat Algore and his fellow (rich) commies are saying. BTW, if you answered yes to the above question, you need to look-up, and look into, “Thorazine”.

  4. Fred C. Dobbs says:

    Maybe now we can stop hearing about how endangered polar bears are. Oh yes, they’re endangered all right. In fact, so endangered that their population has exploded in the last couple of decades. There are something like five times as many polar bears now as their were in the 1960s iirc.

    Meh, who am I kidding? These nuts will still push this bullshit on an ignorant public and many of the morons out there will continue to believe it. A man can dream though, right?

  5. Fred C. Dobbs says:

    Here’s a 2007 article from Newsbusters about the polar bear population explosion. People didn’t listen then either.

    Another one from NCPA from 2006, and we STILL hear about how endangered polar bears are.

    Another one from the Examiner.

  6. Dookiestain LaFlair says:

    Accused of scientific misconduct? That’s nothing compared to what he did to those poor polar bears.

  7. Garpin says:

    The article said polar bears float and can swim for hundreds of miles. How did this idiots assertion that they were drowning gain any traction in the first place?

  8. Wyatt's Torch says:

    Got ’em.

    You can lie but you can’t hide! The truth will out.

    Now, how many of you (like me) are going to flood the news orgs (aside from Fox) with demands that this get a lot of attention?

    Call me crazy, but I just don’t want my wealth re-distributed by these communist liars so that phony science data about phony global warming can save the phoney drowning polar bears and line the pockets of REAL One-World-Government thugs.

  9. Pete says:

    I like polar bears, very gracious animal, far superior to moonbats. Unlike moonbats they do what God told them to do, they are in contact with the Natural Order instead of fighting against it.

  10. Wyatt's Torch says:

    Well…hell, Pete. Can’t argue with that!

    Don’t get me wrong…I like polar bears. They are huge, unafraid, awesome carnivores. The ‘polar’ opposite of scrawny, fear-flinching, smelly vegans.

    (I also am enjoying the data from a NASA satellite…poetic justice if you ask me…that shows WAY more heat escaping earth than the “computer models” predicted. THERE IS NO GLOBAL WARMING!

    God is in control, not man. Wish these atheist idiots would learn that simple fact.)

  11. timberghstt says:

    off topic I reckon, but, what does Mr. Polar bear have in his front paws in that pic? Somebody’s backpack? lol

  12. Wyatt's Torch says:

    Make Money Now…if we find you, we’ll eat you like an over-warm polar bear.

    Take your spam and f-off.

  13. Grunt says:

    “Unlike moonbats they do what God told them to do, they are in contact with the Natural Order instead of fighting against it.”

    Amen. We get that…but just as a rib, I haveta wonder:

    “How many polar bears…are gay?”

    LMAO. Sorry…I couldn’t resist.

    More on topic, it’s interesting, because my spouse and I were just talking about AGW a day or two ago and I was talking about the faked photo of the polar bears on the ice floe “stranded” in the peril of drowning from their need to swim “exhaustive” distances between resting spots. BAM. Next day there’s an article about GW on here. (The NASA satellite and science one, and it led me where I needed to go) What great stuff! Saved the links and article this time.

    Horifically, my Beloved was considering seeing the Horny Poodle’s film to see why it caused such an uproar…my suggestion was to do so at one’s own risk, then explained what data are available (NASA, NOAA, and other sources), and told of “Climategate”. On one or more of my Computers here, I’ve got all the East Anglia emails…and there are MANY…

    Anyway, thanks for having timely (as usual!) info ready to reach!

  14. Dave H. says:

    “It is error alone which needs the support of government. Truth can stand by itself.” -Thomas Jefferson


    Theres a movie out called ROADKILL its about these bunch of youths driving accross ireland and chased around by this big scary monster bird calls a SIMUROC lets feed him to the big big birdie

  16. J. R. Ford says:

    I think most people are missing the gist of the situation. Follow the money. In this case, $50,000,000.00 of taxpayer funds.

    Perhaps the polar bear story is involved but my instincts tell me otherwise.

  17. Bob Roberts says:

    Hey, maybe we found out who’s the sock puppet that is behind the animal porn postings:

    Dookiestain LaFlair says: July 29, 2011 at 9:18 am
    Accused of scientific misconduct? That’s nothing compared to what he did to those poor polar bears.

    Garpin says:
    July 29, 2011 at 9:58 am The article said polar bears float and can swim for hundreds of miles. How did this idiots assertion that they were drowning gain any traction in the first place?
    Because it was true that a small group of polar bears swam out far from land on a day that there was a storm blowing up that they apparently were unaware of or didn’t worry about (as far as bears have the capability to detect or be concerned about shuch things, I don’t know) and in the resulting swells and such they were overcome.

    Even a gold medal winning olympic swimmer might drown if the conditions are bad enough.

    Those who picked up on the “bears drowned” story failed to mention the drastic conditions in which the event occurred and falsely claimed that it was the distance the ice had receded from land, which was not significantly more than usual, that was alone to blame for the drownings.

  18. Bob Roberts says:

    Wyatt’s Torch said:


    Now now, that’s not true. The globe warms and cools every day, every year and also goes through decadal warming and cooling.

    There is no significant human contribution to climate change either with regards to warming or cooling.

    There certainly is “global warming”, but not “anthropogenic global warming”.

  19. Bob Roberts says:

    Grunt says:

    How many polar bears are gay?

    Homosexual behavior in the animal kingdom is primarily if not universally agressive dominance behavior. Simply put such homosexual displays among animals are rapes, nothing more, nothing less.

    And gay humans point to animal homosexuality as justification for what they do!

  20. Grunt says:

    *Snickers softly*

    Thanks for answering, even though it was more of a joke to see if SquareD*ck (Eric) Made good on his promise. 😀

    Yeah, we all know this–that is, anyone with common sense. Interestingly, it’s normally a response due to an unavailability of mates as well as a few other reasons…but so far, just about every circumstance I’ve read about in the past several years has been due to environmental stressors and changes outside of the norm.

    That is, among the higher species. Just like in virtually every case of how these geniuses use “animal nature” as an excuse to give a “natural nod” for perverted human behaviour that neither nature nor genetics can justify, it takes a severe warp in the standard to create aberration.

  21. Grunt says:

    …On the note of a “natural nod”….

    Animals don’t pay taxes, either… :DD

  22. Maudie in Mandeville says:

    And ANYONE believes that the OBAMA ADMINISTRATION is prosecuting this global warming scientist??? He’ll probably be found innocent and placed into text books. This is a bullshit story.

  23. Jodie says:

    Maudie in Mandeville says:

    You’re right! And if they even terminate him, you can bet he will get a wonderful severance package, full benefits and retirement.

  24. Ragnar Danneskjöld says:

    Maybe they should be call the “Slame’n Butt weasels”

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