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Mar 15 2018

Portland City Council Helps Make Housing Unaffordable

Why is homelessness getting to be such a problem on the Left Coast? Moonbat-ruled Portland helps demonstrate. Unanimously imposed by the City Council:

The renter protection policy requires landlords to pay relocation costs ranging from $2,900 to $4,500 to tenants subject to no-cost evictions or who choose to move if their rents are raised more than 10 percent a year.

Rent will have to rise by enough to cover this. Otherwise, how are landlords expected to stay in business?

In another unanimous decision, the City Council…

…turned down a proposal to build hundreds of more apartments in the Pearl District. Although they would have been in a high-end 17-story tower, economists argue that increasing the total supply of housing will help bring costs down.

Yes, creating more housing units lowers the cost of housing. But if liberals grasped basic principles of economics, they would not be liberals.

The new apartments were nixed for allegedly infringing upon a greenway. Similar priorities prevail in California, resulting in housing prices and the homeless rate exploiting in tandem.

That is a major reason California has the lowest quality of life in the nation. The same ideology will produce the same results up the coast.

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