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Mar 15 2012

Portrait of an Obamunist: Adam Eugene Cox

Count Dracula had wolves at his beck and call; Barack Hussein Obama has creatures like this guy:


A man described as a President Barack Obama fanatic pleads guilty to threatening to kill Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio.

Adam Eugene Cox appeared in a Tennessee courtroom on Wednesday. …

Cox threatened to kill the sheriff and his family.

Arpaio is of course hated by Obamunists for being a fearless countermoonbat.

Too bad Cox wasn’t arrested in Phoenix, where Sheriff Joe could host him at Tent City. He might like the pink underwear and 25¢ meals, and the hard labor would do him good.

It’s also too bad he didn’t dress appropriately for his mugshot; he could have joined the Obamatron Gallery. A few samples:


If anyone objects to the massive voter fraud Obama and Eric Holder have been laying the groundwork for in November, having an army of followers like these could come in handy.

On tips from J and SR.

19 Responses to “Portrait of an Obamunist: Adam Eugene Cox”

  1. FrankW says:

    I predict the return of the bad right guys list of lao.

  2. Hail The Amberlamps! says:

    1. Ever wonder what a Canadian self-appointed soviet political officer looks like? Yeah.

    2. The “12%-ters.” for more black national socialist good citizenship.

  3. czuch says:

    Kinda looks like he just needed a place to live. I mean after the tent city of occupy, 3 hots and a cot sounds pretty good.

  4. Tim from TK says:

    “FrankW says: March 15, 2012 at 7:36 am
    I predict the return of the bad right guys list of lao.”

    Lone wolf, nut case, joking, hyperbole, agent provocateur…


  5. Obama Nation says:


  6. Hail The Amberlamps! says:

    Just as collectivism destroyed the will, values and integrity of the vermin depicted above, it kills in the final stages with communicable and pest-borne diseases as the Central Planning Authority (Supreme Soviet, Democrat National Committee) runs out of other people’s money.

  7. liberal troll says:

    But! But! Crosshairs!!!!!!!

  8. AC says:

    Ever wonder what a Canadian self-appointed soviet political officer looks like?

    I did, but then I started reading the comments on Moonbattery, and sure enough, I found one.

  9. And now, a comment from Harvard Trained Police Detective Bill O’Reilly regarding Sheriff Arpaio’s Investigation

  10. Drury says:

    And if by some miracle 0bozo somehow loses this election, multiply those mug shots by the thousands and prepare for the riots…..


  11. Robert Peahl says:

    The thing that baffles me is contained in the rest of the article.
    “Cox will not go to jail. He will be placed on supervised probation.”
    Because… why? Making death threats was his first offense? Prisons are overcrowded so they don’t have room for such a “minor” offense? Or because his lawyers got him a plea bargain; we’ll keep you out of jail if you plead guilty?
    Very similar to the woman who threatened GOP legislators and their families immediately after the Wisconsin “union dues” situation. “Well, you know, she was just angry.”

  12. Hail The Amberlamps! says:

    Speaking of Soviet political officers, someone dug up Walter Duranty who now occupies the China desk at Washington Post.

    Somewhere a pointed-headed Canadian lights a candle….

  13. Wilberforce says:

    The coming deflection/defense/distraction attempt on this one oughtta be genius 🙂

  14. JamesJ says:

    I imagine lao looks just like that

  15. Robert Peahl says:

    As crazy as it sounds, I’ll take lao over this idiot RUKM who has shown up on other threads!
    Lao might have driven me crazy in the CRT debate, but it was an exchange of differing viewpoints, and in the end we reached a consensus agreement.
    This RUKM is nothing more than the standard liberal “I won the argument ‘cuz my insults are so much cooler than yours” mentality.
    He is obviously too insecure to rely on reasoned argument, and too immature to fashion a coherent and rational response to the issue being discussed. I hope he gets bored and leaves ASAP.

  16. KHarn says:

    “Robert Peahl says:March 15, 2012 at 1:29 pm”

    lao the commie resorts to mockery when he has no argument. He thinks “LOL!” and misspelling names is mature reasoning.

  17. Robert Peahl says:

    True, but at least he’s fun to pick on. This other one is boorish, obsessed with sexual fetishism, and a pseudointellectual bigot. Not even worth the typing time to respond to.

  18. Diverse Mix says:

    Aah, the face of diversity. Obama thinks this makes America look better. No? Mmm, I don’t think so either.

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