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Feb 29 2012

Portraits of Our First Post-American President

For the sake of Obama’s admirers, let’s hope the election season inspires more work from Dan Lacey, who is best known for painting famous people with pancakes on their heads and inspirational portraits of Obama with no clothes on, accompanied by a unicorn. Here we see the Manchurian Moonbat doing what he does best — vacationing:


It’s not all rest and relaxation, however. Sometimes Barack Hussein consults with Ben Bernanke on where the money will come from for his never-ending spending spree:


On a tip from Robert S. Pierre.

13 Responses to “Portraits of Our First Post-American President”

  1. StanInTexas says:

    Dave, I have three words for you…


  2. Ummah Gummah says:


    Very funny and high quality artwork too! Good job!

    Sorry for the OT below, but I know you guys will love this:

    Check out these Russians REFUSING to shake the won’s hand!!

    They got guts we sorely lack! I guarantee you they WON’T apologize either!


  3. forest says:

    Fantastic art. If my tax dollars aren’t paying for it, they should be!

  4. czuch says:

    Howcome those pictures make it look like teh won is about to recieve?

  5. Wilberforce says:

    I thought about posting this…”art” on an open thread not long ago, but couldn’t bring myself to do it.

    You’re a very bad man, Dave 😉

  6. IslandLifer says:

    These must be part of the ‘Bath House Barry’ collection

  7. Contessa61 says:

    I bet Barney Frank has a few of these pics in his house.

  8. Joe says:

    Yeah, and they’re all sticky….

  9. lao's mom says:

    laooooo….. remember to bring up your stained underwear when you come up from the basement.

  10. John Lewis says:

    Re the OT – on Bambi’s first visit to Russia, Vladimir Putin made a point of praising the Presidency of – George W. Bush.

    As for the pictures, what can we say but, “bloody sods”!

  11. Bath House Barry says:

    Yeah those get me super hot. They’re the tame ones though. I got the really saucy ones at my crib. Any o’ you guys wanna see them? Lao? They’ll get your pants wigglin’.

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