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Mar 06 2018

Post-Parkland Blitzkrieg by Progressives Drives Up Interest in NRA Membership

On behalf of the NRA, we owe special thanks to CNN, Tinseltown, David Hogg, and the rest of the liberal media establishment and its teenage Parkland pawns:

The Daily Mail reports that Google searches for “NRA membership” rose “4,900 percent” since the Florida attack.

This is not due to the Parkland killings themselves, but to the liberal media reaction to the killings, which in addition to the usual contemptible posturing by professionally protected Hollyweird glitterati included a shocking Two Minutes Hate spectacle staged by CNN.

CNN’s February 21 gun control town hall highlighted the media’s animosity towards the NRA, as it featured survivors from the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School shooting confronting Republicans over NRA affiliation.

Liberals’ proclivity for producing unintended consequences comes to the rescue, as the ham-fistedness of their attempts to exploit the Parkland killings to advance an authoritarian agenda hits them in the face like the handle of a stepped-upon rake.

But a large swath of the American populace is equating these various attacks on the NRA with attacks on the Second Amendment, and others see the attacks as proof of “media bias.” The result is an explosion in NRA memberships.

Why else would progressives attack the NRA, if not because it defends the Constitution? That is the sole purpose of the NRA.

On a tip from Byron.

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