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Nov 07 2012

President Jarrett Has Secret Talks With Iran

With the campaigning over, Obama can go back to golf while Valerie Jarrett continues running the country. An update on her foreign policy activities:

In the final presidential debate, President Obama dismissed reports about an agreement to hold one-on-one talks with Iranian officials after the election, but … fresh claims have emerged … this time tying senior Obama adviser Valerie Jarrett to alleged secret talks with representatives of supreme leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei.

Israel’s mass-circulation Yediot Ahronot newspaper cited unidentified Israeli officials as saying the talks had been led by the Iranian-born Jarrett, were held in Bahrain, and had taken place over “several months.” …

This is the second time in recent weeks that Jarrett’s name has been linked to alleged discussions with Iran. Last month, a former CIA operative who worked in Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps, Reza Kahlili, cited Iranian regime sources as saying Jarrett had held secret talks with senior Iranians in Qatar.

This gives an idea of what the secret talks will mean for Israel:

Kahlili said the Iranian team was headed by Ali Akbar Velayati, a former foreign minister. Velayati is a special advisor to the supreme leader on foreign affairs, and a potential candidate in next year’s Iranian presidential election. He is also wanted by Argentinian prosecutors in connection with the 1994 bombing of a Jewish community center in Buenos Aires.

Jews who voted for Obama will reap what they sowed.

Jarrett’s qualifications for being the president while Obama plays one on TV consist of sharing with the Manchurian Moonbat a communist background. Her qualifications for conducting foreign policy with Iran consist of having been born there.

President Jarrett with two subordinates.

On tips from A. Levy and Byron.

19 Responses to “President Jarrett Has Secret Talks With Iran”

  1. AC says:

    Israel has been lost. Iran will get the bomb.

  2. Winston Smith says:

    I almost hope the Iranians try and mess with Israel and the Israelis trigger their Sampson Option and nuke every significant city in the Muslim world. Almost…. For such as strike would have ramification worldwide.

    Much better to send crack Massad hit squads in to Iran to wipe out their leadership.

  3. jtm371 says:

    that fucking bitch will sell us and Israel down the river to the iranians you wait and she and don’t be surprised when the blind sheik is let go got make goat fuckers happy.enjoy!

  4. Geeknerd says:

    Jarrett should be beaten for showing so much skin on an open street.

  5. Geeknerd says:


    I don’t think Israel is lost; when Iran detonates her first nuke (on 12/21/12?) Israel will just stomp Iran flat with a return launch of a multi-megaton air burst over downtown Tehran.

    The only question I have is where will Iran’s first (and last) nuke will go off; in the Great Satan, USA, or the Lesser Satan, Israel?

  6. Jodie says:

    Hey Valerie Jarrett, you are a fool, a puppet, and a tool of your father the devil. Good luck with that revenge thing:

    “16 All the makers of idols will be put to shame and disgraced;
    they will go off into disgrace together.
    17 But Israel will be saved by the Lord
    with an everlasting salvation;
    you will never be put to shame or disgraced,
    to ages everlasting.

    18 For this is what the Lord says—
    he who created the heavens,
    he is God;
    he who fashioned and made the earth,
    he founded it;
    he did not create it to be empty,
    but formed it to be inhabited—
    he says:
    “I am the Lord,
    and there is no other.”

    Isaiah 45:16-18
    New International Version (NIV)

  7. Geeknerd says:

    Sampson Option? How about Operation Trifecta; nuke Mecca and Medina and bulldoze the Dome of the Rock in the same moment? When is the next haj?

  8. Ummah Gummah says:


    You guys are all nailing it her with your comments.. that picture speaks louder than a thousand words.

    Oh and how I fear for the Nation…


  9. jc14 says:

    The “lady-liberty-grieves” pic about says it all. Fight on, but know that we are now subjects of the government (if we weren’t that already), rather than the opposite, as originally intended; with Obamacare essentially non-repealable (esp. with the mental patient in charge of the Senate for at least two more long, long years), Islamo-nazi regimes being bowed-down to, real unemployment at 20% forever (the “new norm”), America as founded can call it a day . . .

  10. Jimbo says:

    It wouldn’t hurt my feelings if the first nuke was DC.

  11. Ummah Gummah says:



    Ideally when the won is addressing a joint session..


  12. born in 76 says:

    Jarrets face looks like she took a warhead straight on.

  13. Mr Evilwrench says:

    I do wonder now, when it will be that Israel drops the hammer. They have no other option if they want to survive.

  14. Steevo says:

    Great blog… for a virgin.

  15. KHarn says:

    “Steevo says:November 7, 2012 at 4:49 pm”

    Sex, race and religion; the regressives’ obsessions.

  16. Judith M. says:

    What’s Hillary doing? Reenacting how the bloody hand prints got on the wall at Benghazi? That would explain why Jarrett and Obama are laughing, I guess.

  17. Dr. 9 says:

    Referring to her as “President Jarrett” is a lot more factual than most people realize.

  18. Deadpool says:

    No wonder she has such a large security entourage, She’s the prime target. Hopefully, she will end up like Bhutto before its too late.

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